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Chapter 107: Celestial Dan Pool

“You have already condensed a Destiny Symbol?”

In the room which had turned deathly quiet, Grandmaster Ruo’s voice rang out as disbelief surfaced on his face.

Unlocking one’s Niwan Palace was an integral step in Mental Energy cultivation while condensing a Destiny Symbol was the most important step of all. Even Grandmaster Ruo, who held high hopes for Lin Dong, had never expected that in a few short months, the latter had not only unlocked his Niwan Palace but in addition condensed a Destiny Symbol!

Even with an old man’s wealth of experience, the news still caused him to lose his calm demeanor in a flash.

Shock also bubbled up in Manager Su’s and Xia Zhilan’s eyes. Even the rather prideful Xia Zhilan now viewed him in a different light. A 1st Seal Symbol Master possessed the ability to contend against a Heavenly Yuan Stage expert, a level of strength that was worthy enough for her to re-evaluate her judgement. Furthermore…even a haughty person like her could not help but acknowledge that this Mental Energy potential was rather terrifying.

“Hehe, Master Ruo, it seems like your appraisal is extremely accurate.” Xuan Su’s bountiful bust gently swelled as if trying to suppress the shock in her heart. Moments later, she then turned to look at Lin Dong with a peculiar glint in her eyes as she sweetly smiled.

“You…you had a method to condense the Destiny Symbol?” Grandmaster Ruo was still in slight denial as he stared at Lin Dong and asked.

“Thanks to a series of fortunate events, I managed to procure a method to condense the Destiny Symbol.” Lin Dong softly replied. Promptly, with a flick of his mind, a wave of Mental Energy emerged and crystallized into a Destiny Symbol with an odd luster. He was not worried that his Destiny Soul Symbol might be recognized. After all, if the symbol did not warp itself, nobody could tell if it was any different.

“It is indeed a Destiny Symbol!”

When he saw the symbol made from Mental Energy, the doubt in Grandmaster Ruo’s and the two ladies’ eyes completely dissipated.

“We have completely underestimated you… it has not even been a year since you started Mental Energy cultivation and yet you have reached the 1st Seal Symbol Master level. The amount of talent and potential you possess surpasses anyone I have ever known! ” Grandmaster Ruo stroked his beard as he sincerely exclaimed.

“Grandmaster Ruo is too kind. I was just lucky.” Lin Dong chuckled as he recalled his Destiny Symbol.

“Haha, Xuan Su, right now both of you should have no doubts regarding the strength of this young one right? Since he is a 1st Seal Symbol Master, there should not be much difference between his and Song Qing’s strength.” Grandmaster Ruo looked at the two women behind him as he smiled and said.


This time, not only was the red-clad lady in complete agreement, even that slightly colder lady in green was forced to acknowledge this fact.

“Grandmaster Ruo, what is the matter you approached me for? I am not that powerful thus I am afraid I can’t be of much assistance.” Lin Dong remained calm and collected as he looked to Grandmaster Ruo and spoke.

“Heehee, young one. It is not good to be too humble.”

A wave of a fragrance assaulted his senses as Lin Dong gazed at the beauty approaching him. Manager Su’s facial features were indeed exceedingly beautiful. At least, she was the most beautiful lady that Lin Dong had ever met. Her mature and elegant charm was truly soul enrapturing. After a glance at her, he immediately lowered his eyes.

“Have you ever heard of Celestial Dan Pool?” Xuan Su looked at the young man before her as she said.

“I haven’t.” Lin Dong honestly shook his head.

When she saw Lin Dong’s response, Xuan Su suddenly went mute. Soon after, she gently chuckled, not minding it as she continued: “This so-called Celestial Dan Pool is actually an exceedingly rare natural formation. These Celestial Dan Pools contain an extremely pure Yin and Yang Energy. If one is able to absorb the energy within, not only would one be able to swiftly congeal a Yuan Dan, but the Yuan Dan formed will also be at least 6 stars.”


Lin Dong’s heart suddenly skipped a beat. He never knew that there was such a miraculous thing in this world. Since it allowed one to swiftly advance to Yuan Dan Stage, it would definitely be highly coveted.

Deep in the mountains on the east side of Yan City, our Thousand Gold Association discovered a ‘Celestial Dan Pool’. However, at the same time, men from the Blood Wolf Gang also discovered it.” When she mentioned the Blood Wolf Gang, the smile on her face slightly weakened. Evidently, there was a significant grudge between the two parties.

“The Celestial Dan Pool has limited benefits for elite Yuan Dan practitioners. However, for younger generation members at Heavenly Yuan Stage, it is practically a godsend. Therefore, both factions are very keen to acquire this ‘Celestial Dan Pool’.”

Lin Dong silently nodded. If this ‘Celestial Dan Pool’ really had such a miraculous effect, then whoever managed to absorb the energy within would practically give their faction another Yuan Dan Stage practitioner, substantially increasing the power of their faction. Furthermore, the person would possess a high quality Yuan Dan and his or her strength would surely surpass that of an ordinary Yuan Dan practitioner. Thus, even though the Thousand Gold Association and the Blood Wolf Gang were amongst the three top factions in Yan City, neither was willing to give up on this ‘Celestial Dan Pool’.

“Though this ‘Celestial Dan Pool’ is truly magical, there is no way for it to be shared between both parties. For this reason, our Thousand Gold Association and the Blood Wolf Gang have fought over this issue. In the end, we negotiated and proposed a ‘Celestial Dan Pool Duel’.”

“ Simply put, this ‘Celestial Dan Pool Duel’ is a battle. However, for this duel, both factions will nominate three individuals for which there is a restriction. That is, we can only send out younger generation members. This is the reason why we have approached you.” Xuan Su gently smiled as she said.

“You want me to represent you and fight for the ‘Celestial Dan Pool’?” Lin Dong furrowed his eyebrows before he promptly shook his head and said: “The Thousand Gold Association is powerful and massive. It should be a simple feat to find someone stronger than me. I think it’s best we drop this issue…”

“You are too humble. Based on your current strength, even amongst the younger generation members in Yan City, you can definitely be considered the top few. Initially, we had already planned our roster. However, one of the members, Zhilan was strongly opposed. Therefore, we had no choice but to try this last-minute swap.”

Xuan Su was a person who could commanded this large auction house. She was naturally experienced and wise in the ways of the world. When she heard Lin Dong’s words, she immediately understood that this youngster before her was merely fishing for a reward first. Instantly, she chuckled before speaking: “If you want any rewards, feel free to ask.”

A 1st Seal Symbol Master was able to match up against a Heavenly Yuan Middle Stage expert. Amongst the younger generation, his strength was considered impressive. Thus, she was reluctant to let him go.

When he heard the word ‘reward’, Lin Dong’s eyes slightly narrowed before he turned silent for a while. Suddenly, he gave his reply: “Sure, as long as I am allowed to soak in that ‘Celestial Dan Pool’ once we are done…”

That ‘Celestial Dan Pool’ was truly a magical natural formation. Therefore, its powers caused even someone like Lin Dong to be highly interested. After all, this opportunity was not something that he could buy with Yang Yuan Stones alone.

“You are too greedy! There is only a limited amount of energy in the ‘Celestial Dan Pool’. How can we simply let anyone soak in it!” When she heard these words, Zhilan, who was standing nearby, involuntarily shouted out in a frosty voice.

“Furthermore, this time we are merely asking you to make up the numbers. If we attain two consecutive victories in the first two rounds, then perhaps you don’t even need to show yourself for the final round. If so, how can we possibly allow you to soak in the Celestial Dan Pool?”

Lin Dong’s face was calm as he glanced at Xia Zhilan. Promptly, he turned to look at Xuan Su, whose eyebrows were now slightly furrowed, and said: “If I do not have to fight, then can do without the compensation. However… what if you fail to emerge victorious in the first two rounds?”

Xia Zhilan was dumbstruck and at a loss for words. If it were so easy to deal with these Blood Wolf Gang members, their Thousand Gold Association would not have such a hard time looking for a suitable member.

“The energy in the Celestial Dan Pool is limited. However, if you make a significant contribution during the Celestial Dan Pool Duel, we can consider your request.” Xuan Su was silent for a moment before she slowly said.

“Aunt Xu!” When she realised the meaning behind Xuan Su’s words, Zhilan immediately shouted out. However, the former turned and glared at her, causing her to reluctantly shut her mouth.

When he heard these words, a smile surfaced on Lin Dong’s face. He could tell that this Xie Zhilan was at Heavenly Yuan Late Stage. In a manner of speaking, she was considered quite powerful. Therefore, it seems like the younger generation members in the Blood Wolf Gang should be around her level as well. However, to Lin Dong who had killed Gu Ying previously, these opponents should not be much trouble.

“Haha, you brat. You actually managed to force Xuan Su to concede. What a rare sight.” After he witnessed the negotiations conclude, Grandmaster Ruo could not help but shake his head as he smiled and said.

Lin Dong released a dry laugh. This was a rare opportunity after all. If he did not make full use of it, he would never have a chance to enjoy this magical “Celestial Dan Pool”.

To one side, Xia Zhilan gave a stared daggers at Lin Dong. She clearly never expected that this decent-looking fellow was actually so devious.

“When will the competition commence?” Ignoring her gaze, Lin Dong looked straight at Su Xu and asked.

“In three days time.”

Xuan Su lightly smiled as she continued: “If you would like to, during this period of time, you can stay with us at the Thousand Gold Association. Also, if you require anything, feel free to ask.”

“No need. In three days, I will come back here to find you.” Lin Dong shook his head. He had his own secrets to hide and since there were many people here at the Thousand Gold Association, he was afraid of the consequences should his secret be unveiled. Furthermore, he wanted to use these three days to practise the Secret Spirit Skill that he just purchased. That way, he would have another hidden ace up his sleeve.

After finishing these words, Lin Dong briefly discussed strategies with Xuan Su and the other two before he took the initiative and left.

“Aunt Xu, are you really agreeing to let that brat enter the Celestial Dan Pool? The amount of energy inside the Celestial Dan Pool is only sufficient for a few people…” As she gazed at Lin Dong’s departing figure, Xia Zhilan somewhat regretfully asked.

“Haha, back to what I said before. It all depends on his contribution. If you do not want to share with him, shouldn’t you just strive for two consecutive victories?” Xuan Su smiled in an indifferent as she replied.

Upon hearing these words, Xia Zhilan gently gritted her teeth. With a soft chuckle: “Alright, at that time, I will make him understand that he merely here to make up the numbers! Humph, that brat really thinks he’s something!”

To one side, upon hearing her snort, Xuan Su involuntarily smiled. Her beautiful eyes lingered at the spot where Lin Dong had disappeared. In her heart, she felt that this fellow was probably highly skilled…

“Whether he is a donkey or a horse, we shall find out in three days…”

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