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Chapter 1055: Chat


“Can big brother break this Deep Dark Ghost Seal?” Joy immediately surged on Little Flame’s face when he heard these words.

Lin Dong smiled and nodded. He possessed the Devouring Ancestral Symbol after all. Although a seal such as this that had submerged deep into the body was rather thorny to deal with, it was not impossible for him.

“Then that is what we will do. Once we manage to break the Deep Dark Ghost Seal in the bodies of those five fellows, they will definitely join us in dealing with Xu Zhong. They already have a huge grudge against Xu Zhong over the years due to the control of the seal.” Little Flame heartily laughed.

“Are you planning to act half a month later?” Lin Dong asked.

“Yes.” Little Flame nodded. A cold smile flashed across his tiger eyes as he said, “I am aware that even if I do not act this time, it is likely that Xu Zhong will be unable to endure any longer. He has been stuck in the perfect Profound Death Stage for far too long. The only shortcut to break through this bottleneck is to obtain the other half of the essence blood in my body…”

“According to my estimates, he has nearly completely refined the half he had obtained over the past year…”

Lin Dong pursed his lips. Looks like he had arrived at the right time. If he came a little later, it would be difficult to predict just who would come out on top if Little Flame and Xu Zhong fell out with each other. This caused Lin Dong to rejoice somewhat.

When Little Flame was facing his greatest difficulty, he as the big brother, must stand behind the former and support him through that great storm which could devour him.

“I will secretly make sure that everything is ready. At that time, big brother and I will proceed to Deep Lightning Mountain to finish off that fellow!”

Little Flame grinned and continued, “With us brothers cooperating, it doesn’t matter whether the other party is a demon commander. Besides death, there is no other fate that awaits him!”

Little Flame was overflowing with murderous intent towards that Xu Zhong to begin with. If it was not because Little Flame had some tricks up his sleeve, he would have long been killed by the latter countless times over the past year. Despite this, he still had to endure and use his power to fight for the latter…

Now, it was finally time for all of his anger to erupt…

Lin Dong nodded slightly. He immediately said, “Have you managed to contact Little Marten after being in the Demon Region for such a long time?”

“Second brother… I did not have the time to head to the Celestial Demon Marten tribe to look for him. Given second brother’s character, if he is fine, he will definitely search for me within the Demon Region. However, I have not heard anything for such a long time. Hence, I believe that he should have ran into some trouble. He was the most gravely injured back in Unique Devil City. Igniting his clan symbol is not something that one can easily recuperate from…” Little Flame scratched his head and said.

Of course, other than this reason, Little Flame also had his own thoughts. He understood that if he headed to the Celestial Demon Marten tribe and met Little Martern, he would definitely have a much better time in the Demon Region. However, this was not what he wanted…

He wanted to rely on his own strength to become stronger, instead of being sheltered under Lin Dong and Little Marten’s wings.

Therefore, he did not head to the Celestial Demon Marten tribe during this past year. Instead, he remained alone in the Beast War Region. Even though this place was filled with danger, he had never given up.

Lin Dong frowned slightly. It seemed that Little Marten’s injuries were extremely serious this time.

“Big brother, do you have any way to contact second brother?” Little Flame asked.

Lin Dong rubbed his chin. Soon after, he seemed to have recalled something. With a clench of his hand, an extremely dim light appeared.

“This is the Yuan Spirit Communicator that Little Marten left me when he brought you along and departed from the Dao Sect back then… however, this thing is almost at its breaking point after such a long time. I do not know if it will be able to send out any messages… all I can do is try.”

Lin Dong flicked his finger and a black light shot from his fingertip into the light. After which, the light shook violently. This continued for a moment before it shattered with a bang. However, space faintly rippled when it shattered and something was transmitted out…

“This is its limit… whether Little Marten receives it will depend on luck.” Lin Dong shrugged his shoulders and felt somewhat helpless. After all, it had been far too long since this thing had been used. The imprint that Little Marten left inside had also gradually faded.

Little Flame smiled and nodded. He said, “Big brother and I should be able to resolve the matter here. It doesn’t matter if second brother isn’t here. Things won’t be as fun if his Celestial Demon Marten identity is revealed.”

Lin Dong also smiled. The Celestial Demon Marten identity did indeed possess quite an intimidating effect in this Demon Region.

“Will big brother temporarily remain in the Nine-tail village? Why don’t you return with me?”

Lin Dong thought about it and shook his head. He said, “I am not familiar with the situation of Deep Lightning Mountain and such matters shouldn’t be an issue for you. All I need to do is to follow you to Deep Lightning Mountain when the time comes.”


Little Flame did not have any objections when he heard this. If Xu Zhong was to learn that Lin Dong had left with him, it was likely that the latter would investigate the matter and become cautious. This was not helpful to their plans.

“It is also just as well that you remain here. However, big brother should take note that although the current Nine-tail tribe is weak, they are not simple.” Little Flame hesitated for a moment and said.

“Yes, I know.” Lin Dong smiled a little. In the distant past, the Nine-tail tribe was a powerful tribe comparable to the four great overlord tribes. Although they are currently weak, they were definitely not simple…

“I will meet up again with big brother half a month later.” Little Flame did not say much upon seeing this. He understood that Lin Dong was even more cautious than himself. There were many things that Little Flame only needed to mention briefly for Lin Dong to understand.

Little Flame stood up after speaking. His huge body gave off a rather oppressive feeling.

Lin Dong nodded and chuckled. His smile was a little cold. “I really wish to meet the demon commander who dares to plant the ghost seal on you…”

Little Flame grinned. His ferocious smile was ferocious akin to a man eating tiger. He was finally able to act after enduring for a whole year. This caused the blood in his body to boil slightly.

“Relax big brother, at that time, we will ensure that he repays his debt properly.”

When Lin Dong and Little Flame exited the building together, the originally noisy area outside quickly became much quieter. Those young ladies from the Nine-tail tribe were crowded together in groups. The girls who were normally bold enough to step forward and greet Lin Dong did not dare approach the two at this moment. The reason for this was the metal tower like man standing beside him.

“Young brother Lin Dong.” Aunt Xin hurriedly stepped forward. She glanced at Little Flame and spoke respectfully, “Sir General Yan.”

“Chief Xin is too polite. It is thanks to your Nine-tail tribe that big brother was able to arrive at this place and reunite with me. I still need to thank everyone.” Little Flame cupped his hands together and spoke in a deep voice.

The surrounding people, who had heard of this number one general of Deep Lightning Mountain, involuntarily looked to each other after his words sounded. To think that the person who was rumoured to have become numb to killing, and was infamous for his brutality, would actually thank others?

“Feel free to come look for me if your Nine-tail tribe meets with any trouble in the future. There is also no need to pay the annual tribute.” Little Flame said.

“In that case, thank you esteemed one.” Aunt Xin delightfully replied. The tribute that they had to pay each year was quite a big burden to them. Being able to do away with it was naturally an extremely joyous matter for them.

Little Flame waved his hand. He turned around to look at Lin Dong and said, “Big brother, I will be heading back first.”

“Okay. Be careful.”

Little Flame nodded. Without further ado, his body moved and he rushed out of the Nine-tail village and arrived at the Tiger Devouring Army, which made the village feel very uneasy. The army unleashed a monstrous baleful aura like a ferocious awakened tiger.

“Let’s go!”

Little Flame landed in the army. He cried out sternly and the army began to move like a machine. As the land trembled, a black torrent was like a tornado that swiftly ventured into the distance while accompanied by a baleful aura that seemingly covered the land and sky.

Lin Dong looked at the black torrent which had disappeared into the horizon and could not help but nod a little in approval. Perhaps it was because Little Flame had given this Tiger Devouring Army some of the essence blood inheritance, allowing their aura to merge perfectly. That feeling was as though a tiger king was leading a group of ferocious tigers and charging forward…

A feeling akin to one that stood haughtily as he looked down on the world.

If Lin Dong was to fight with this Little Flame who controlled the Devouring Tiger Army, it was likely that he would have difficulty obtaining much of an advantage even if he was to use all his techniques…

After Little Flame and the Tiger Devouring Army left, the black clouds which seemed to have covered the area also disappeared. Those young ladies of the Nine-tail tribe swarmed towards Lin Dong, their chirping voices filled with allure.

“Sir Lin Dong, is the General Yan really your brother? How amazing…”

“Hehe, Sir Lin Dong is also extremely mighty…”

Aunt Xin looked at Lin Dong who was smiling helplessly while being surrounded by many young ladies. She smiled and gently rubbed Xin Qing’s small head beside her. Soon after, she softly exhaled and seemed to have made a decision.

The moon hung in the sky like a silver plate. Cooling moonlight scattered downwards and covered the land along with the endless mountain range.

Lin Dong sat on a bed. Both of his eyes were shut. Black vortexes would form on the surface of his body from time to time. They devoured the surrounding thick Yuan Power at a shocking speed.

A slender young lady was standing in the courtyard outside of the room as Lin Dong cultivated. She bit her small mouth with her teeth and occasionally clenched her small hand tightly, indicating the unease within her heart.

At this moment, moonlight sprinkled down and shined on her bright and exquisite little face. She was Xin Qing.

She stood there for nearly two hours. Only after she felt the Yuan Power undulations within the room gradually weaken did she lifted her small face and deeply inhale a breath of air. A self mocking look flitted across her clear eyes. Without hesitating, she slowly stepped forward and gently knocked the door.

“Sir Lin Dong…”

“Come in.” Lin Dong’s ordinary voice was emitted. There was a trace of undetectable helplessness within it.

Xin Qing gently clenched her teeth. With gentle push of her small hands, the door creaked open and she slowly walked in.

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