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I’ve changed myriads and manifestations to elephant for our Little Elephant King Zhou Ze, please let me know in the comments if I missed any ty~

Chapter 1015

Unsheathed Blade


Majestic and terrifying Yuan Power fluctuations swept over the sky like a torrential ocean. The entire Immeasurable Mountain trembled under the impact of this Yuan Power.

Countless pairs of eyes gravely watched the sea of flames spreading in the sky and the ten thousand feet large saint elephant. Anyone could feel just how powerful these skills of Tang Xinlian and Zhou Ze were.

“That Xu Xiu is the number one on the rookie list. It is not strange for him to force Zhou Ze to such an extent. However, who is the one fighting Tang Xinlian? He is also so powerful…”

Some puzzled voices sounded within the hearts of a number of people. This competition was really unpredictable.

Mo Luo’s eyes were calm as he watched the Immeasurable Mirror in the sky from the main hall of the Flame Divine Hall. However, the hands placed behind his back slowly clenched tightly.

As Tang Xinlian’s master, he was naturally well aware of the strongest skill the former possessed. If even this ‘Flame Divine Life Transforming Skill’ was unable to stop Hua Chen, this fight would likely have a conclusion.

This was clearly also the case for Zhou Ze. The Sage Elephant Indestructible Body could be considered a top martial art even within Thousand Elephant Mountain.

“Are they still not going to make an appearance…”

Mo Luo’s keen eyes seemed to tear apart space itself as it scanned the area while a gloomy expression flashed across his face. He had yet to sense any Yimo fluctuations even till now. However, he could vaguely detect evil and merciless gazes watching everything that was happening in this place from the depths of space itself.

“These wretched things, they have become increasingly cunning.” Mo Luo muttered. All he could do was continue to watch the Immeasurable Mirror.


A sea of flames while a figure lightly walked out from the within. A pair of huge flame wings gently flapped behind her. The scorching heat caused the temperature of this realm to rise rapidly.

At this moment, Tang Xinlian’s aura was undoubtedly much stronger than before. Crimson flames surrounded her body. These flames were filled with an extremely great destructive power.

Quite some distance away, Zhou Ze had already turned into a giant, and his skin emitted a jade like radiance. The ten thousand feet large giant elephant behind him stood in the sky in an extremely domineering fashion.

Everyone was a little anxious as they looked at the two individuals who had unleashed their final techniques. They could vaguely sense that the subsequent clash would determine the victor of both battlegrounds.

Mu Lingshan’s large eyes looked at the sky from one of the peaks. Her small hands were tightly clenched while her small and exquisite face was covered with anxiety.

Compared to Mu Linshan’s anxiety, Lin Dong’s young face by the side seemed to be as calm as the deep abyss. His eyes slowly closed after glancing at the sky.

“Big brother Lin Dong.”

Mu Lingshan turned her head to look at the young man whose body was as straight as the scepter in his hand. She could vaguely sense that the rate of the energy being gathered within the latter’s body was becoming even quicker.

“I will absolutely not hand the Thunderbolt Ancestral Symbol to you wretched things!”

In the sky, flames gathered within Tang Xinlian’s pretty eyes. However, the expression in her eyes was bone piercingly cold. The blazing wings on her back abruptly flapped and her body shot towards the clouds like a phoenix while flames that seemed to cover the sky spread.

“Flames of Nirvana!”


A sea of flames spread while a clear and icy phoenix cry echoed in the sky. Countless pairs of gazes were lifted and they saw a huge blazing phoenix shooting downwards in a straight line. The flames on its body burned fiercely as if intending to incinerate the land, and it gave off the feeling of bravely charging forward!

“Sage Elephant Indestructible Body, Sage Elephant Fury!”

A low and deep roar had also resounded from another part of the sky at this moment. The giant that Zhou Zhe had transformed into and the ten thousand feet large sage elephant behind him both released a furious roar towards the sky. Boundless white light spread as the space itself began to shudder. The giant rode the sage elephant as they suddenly charged forward. In that instance, space distorted and it felt as though ten thousand elephants were charging together. Its power could destroy mountains!

This sight caused the hearts of countless onlookers to tremble.

“He is indeed worthy of being one of the top three on the rookie list…”

Hua Chen stood in the air. He lifted his head to look at the brilliant phoenix that was rapidly magnified in his eyes. Fatal danger was lay under its brilliance.

“However… this is still not enough…”

Black light seemed to surge from deep within Hua Chen’s eyes. A smile slowly took shape from the corners of his mouth as he slowly took a step forward.


Monstrous black light gushed out from within Hua Chen’s body like a black waterfall at this moment. It seemed as though the entire land had darkened due to this black light.

A kind of dark and sinister evilness quietly reverberated over the entire land.

While monstrous black light surged out from Hua Chen’s body, in another part of the sky, Xu Xiu extended his hand in an indifferent manner. His arm began to turn black at an astonishing speed while a strange fluctuation was emitted.


The phoenix’s wings were spread as it flew across the sky at a shocking speed like a crimson meteorite. In the blink of an eye, it appeared in the air above Hua Chen’s head. Its heat caused some of the trees on Immeasurable Mountain to spontaneously burst into flames.

Hua Chen gazed at the blazing phoenix as the black light in his eyes intensified to the extreme. He suddenly clenched his hand as an unusually dark and cold voice was emitted, “Great Sky Demon Body!”


Countless black lights whistled out. A faint but brutal roar seemed to emerge from within the black lights. Hua Chen’s body swelled at lightning speed as the black lights squirmed and a pair of black bat wings that were covered with sharp bones suddenly spread out from behind him. Many strange black symbols also covered his body.

A terrifyingly evil ripple spread outwards.


The enormous creature within the darkness howled at the sky. It subsequently clenched its large fist and a punch was thrown. Black light gathered under the punch and strange black flames appeared.

Xu Xiu looked at the giant and sage elephant that were madly charging towards him. Those diamond pupils of his seemed to widen at this moment. Soon after, he lifted his now black arm and gently waved it as a hoarse voice slowly spread.

“Devouring Demon Abyss!”

A several thousand feet large black line split open space as Xu Xiu’s black finger drew across the air. Its edges swiftly split open as an incomparably huge, dark and deep abyss appeared from nowhere.

The deep abyss appeared like the huge mouth of an ancient demonic beast. Black light churned and suddenly extended outwards. Subsequently, it clashed against the sage elephant and giant that were charging towards it.


Four terrifying attacks collided. In that instant, a loud indescribable sound rumbled across the sky and land like thunder of the nine heavens. Frightening energy waves rippled and spread outwards, causing signs of collapsing to appear on the giant peaks.

Strong resplendent light was emitted, causing the eyes of countless horrified individuals to slightly narrow. Soon after, their eyes were forcefully opened and they quickly looked towards the distant sky with great anxiety.


Another phoenix cry sounded. However, there seemed to be a additional mournful sound within the phoenix cry. After which, everyone watched as a huge cluster of flames flew backwards. The blazing phoenix crumbled inch by inch, and in the end, a beautiful figure was revealed. However, the soft armour of the figure had cracked and fresh blood seeped out, causing the Flame Divine Hall’s Flame Fairy to appear rather miserable.


A low and furious roar spread from the deep black abyss. The deep abyss churned as the giant was flung out. Finally, it smashed heavily into one of the mountain peaks, causing it to fall apart due to the terrifying resultant force.

Silence filled the sky.

The interior of the Immeasurable Mirror and Fiery Flame City had fallen into a stifling silence. Numerous gazes looked at the two miserable figure within the Immeasurable Mirror in a dazed manner, and no one spoke for a time.

Tang Xinlian and Zhou Ze were defeated.

The Gu Mengqi trio stood on a pavilion as they gently bit their red lips before softly sighing. This ending was somewhat unexpected. However, there was nothing they could do. These two individuals were really too powerful…

Mo Luo from the Flame Divine Hall watched this scene as the hands behind his back trembled slightly.


The First Elder of the Flame Divine Hall sighed. Was the plan about to end in failure. Even Tang Xinlian and Zhou Ze were unable to stop those two. Who else was left within the Immeasurable Mirror who would dare to fight Hua Chen and Xu Xiu?

“Is it over…”

Mo Luo’s fist was tightly clenched. His eyes were filled with an unresigned expression.

The First Elder of the Flame Divine Hall was about to utter some words of comfort when his expression suddenly altered. At the same time, Mo Luo also lifted his head. Those eyes of his were somewhat surprise as he looked at the Immeasurable Mirror.


Some exclamations suddenly rose like a wave and spread within Fiery Flame City. Many pairs of eyes contained shock as they looked at the Immeasurable Mirror. They could suddenly sense a surging and majestic battle aura piercing through the heavens.

This aura was like a blade being unsheathed from its scabbard. Its sharpness was astonishing.

Countless pairs of startled eyes shifted. After which, they watched the skinny figure who had been previously seated on one of the mountain peaks like a rock, slowly stand up with the Lightning Emperor Scepter in his hand.

Wind and lightning appeared at that moment.

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