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Chapter 1010

Sha Li


A blood light undulated on Sha Li’s body and it was filled with a rich and bloody scent. At the moment, with a wicked smile on his face, he was staring at Lin Dong, who had just ascended to the peak. Meanwhile, the red glow in his eyes were filled with brutality.

Towards someone who dared to attack them previously, he clearly possessed murderous intent towards him.

Lin Dong also frowned slightly when he saw Sha Li, whose body was wrapped with a blood glow. He did not expect that this person would actually choose this peak as well. Moreover, even Qing Teng was defeated by him.

Lin Dong was aware of how powerful Qing Teng was. Additionally, the latter was extremely quick. Based on Lin Dong’s estimates, Qing Teng would definitely be able to obtain one of the ten positions, if no accidents occurred. However… Qing Teng’s journey to the peak came to an end because of Sha Li’s presence.

The fact that he could defeat Qing Teng proved how powerful Sha Li was. A member of the Blood Demon Shark Clan, he indeed lived up to his reputation.

“Are you alright?” Lin Dong lowered his head and asked Qing Teng.


Qing Teng forcefully picked himself up from the ground. Wiping off the trace of blood on the corner of his lips, he looked at Lin Dong, who had hurried over. His expression was a little complicated as he shook his head and said, “There is something wrong with this fellow. Originally, we were quite evenly matched. However, his strength suddenly soared…

“Ignorant fool. This is my Blood Demon Shark clan’s secret technique. It vaporises the blood in my body to boost my strength. Although there are some long-term effects, it will be fine as long as I kill the both of you and absorb the essence blood in your bodies.” Sha Li parted his mouth into a smile. His teeth gritted together and emitted a frightening cold glint.

Sha Li twisted his neck. His bones emitted a clear cracking sound as he extended his finger and curled it towards Lin Dong. “Little fellow, didn’t you act in a very arrogant fashion previously? Why don’t you come and give it a try now?”

His head turned towards another peak after his words sounded. He laughed in a strange fashion. “It is likely that Sha Ling has also clashed with that little girl from the Immortal Sage Whale clan by now. Hehe, that little girl should wound up in a rather miserable state.”

A sharp cold glint flashed across Lin Dong’s narrowed eyes after he heard this. He spoke softly, “You will be disappointed by the results.”

The young lady called Sha Ling was indeed quite powerful. In fact, it was likely that she possessed the qualifications to enter the top ten of the rookie list. However, Mu Lingshan was not some soft persimmon either and even Lin Dong was unable to fully decipher the secrets within that little girl. Therefore, he did not believe that Sha Ling could easily defeat Mu Lingshan in a real fight.

“Is that so?”

Sha Li curled his mouth in disdain. He waved his hand and said, “Forget it, let’s not talk about them. I want to claim your puny little life first. If that little girl manage to survive, I will throw your corpse at her. It is likely that her expression will be quite pleasant to look at.”

“Brother Qing teng, why don’t you hand this opponent over to me?’ Lin Dong softly said to Qing Teng.

“I have already lost. Naturally, you will have to do the fighting. Be careful.” Qing Teng nodded with a bitter smile. A ferocious expression flashed across his eyes as he spoke in a dense voice, “Cripple this bastard!”

“That is my plan.”

Lin Dong smiled at Qing Teng. His hand slowly tightened the grip on his Lightning Emperor Scepter. Lightning light came pouring down a little at a time as a sizzling sound buzzed continuously.

“Two homeless strays. None of you shall escape!”

Sha Li laughed in a dense manner. Red light suddenly surged within his eyes. He clenched his hand and it was possible to see a red coloured scale appeared on the surface of his body. Both his hands were curled before they transformed into two ferocious blood bone blades. A cold light flowed over his bone blades and the space itself seemed to stir slightly.


Sha Li was currently like a monster covered in scales. His scarlet eyes stared straight at Lin Dong. Suddenly, after releasing a strange laughter, his body flashed before a red beam cut through the air and shot straight towards Lin Dong.

Swish swish!

Blood red blade lights directly tore through the air at this moment. It pierced towards Lin Dong’s throat with an indescribable speed.

Lightning glow surged on the Lightning Emperor Scepter. It quickly transformed into countless shadows that shot forward and ruthlessly struck precisely onto the point where the two blade glows intersected.


Metallic sound appeared before wild and violent gusts swept forward. The huge stones on the surrounding ground were struck by it and exploded into dust.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

Wild gales swept forth before a bloody light figure appeared behind Lin Dong in an instant.

“Shark Teeth Rip!”

Blood lights spluttered forth like a thunderstorm. Every ray of blood light transformed into an extremely sharp shark tooth that was filled with a shocking sharpness. In fact, it was so sharp that even an advance Profound Life Stage expert had difficulty guarding against it.

Sha Li was no kind-hearted individual and his attacks were merciless. Clearly, he was intending to kill them.

“Lightning Barrier!”

Lin Dong’s eyes sunk as he detected the shocking sharp wind from behind. Suddenly, he slammed the Lightning Emperor Scepter in his hand heavily onto the ground. Soon after, bright lightning spread crazily before they transformed into a lightning barrier that protected him.

Bang bang bang!

The blood light ruthlessly smashed against the lightning barrier and a shocking thunder spread. Although such an attack caused countless ripples to appear on the lightning barrier, it was ultimately unable to break the barrier. Evidently, Lin Dong’s offence and defence grew closer to perfection after he obtained the Lightning Emperor Scepter.

Ripples spread across the lightning barrier. At a certain moment, a cold glint flashed across Lin Dong’s eyes. The Lightning Emperor Scepter in his hand suddenly shot forward. It was like a lightning that tore through the night sky as it penetrated the lightning barrier and the countless bloody light attacks. Finally, it struck heavily against the phantom like figure behind.


A muffled thunder spread and the figure trembled intensely. The attacks in the sky disappeared as a figure took a couple of steps back. There was a lightning occasionally flashing over the body covered in blood light.

“A decent offence and defence…” Sha Li smiled ferociously. He rubbed his chest, which had been struck by Lin Dong’s Lightning Emperor Scepter. That spot had turned charred back. However, after he wiped that spot with his hand, the charred spot disappeared. Instead, the blood coloured scales under it, were emitting a firm and indestructible aura.

“Even though your scepter is quite powerful, it is unable to break my ‘Demon Shark Scale Skin’.”

Lin Dong’s eyes narrowed as he looked at the strange layer of scale on Sha Li’s body. A blood red light continuously flickered mysteriously. At the moment of contact previously, Lin Dong could clearly sense that the enormous strength transferred onto Sha Li’s body had been scattered and broken down by the layer of scale skin. That object was quite mysterious indeed.

“Lin Dong, that Sha Li’s scale skin is a secret technique of the Blood Demon Shark clan. It is not a martial arts. Instead, it is formed from hundreds of millions of Blood Demon Shark Ants. Those ants are able to devour various kinds of energy and it is extremely difficult to break through!” Qing Teng behind cried out. Previously, he had suffered tremendously because of this.

“That scale skin is actually a living creature?” Lin Dong was secretly startled. No wonder he felt that this scale skin was exceptionally strange. It was actually made by gathering those so-called Blood Demon Shark Ants together.

“Your attacks are useless against me. However, my attacks can claim your puny lives!” Sha Li laughed towards the sky. His body once again shot out before a sharp attack was unleashed, surrounding Lin Dong in the process.

“How can mediocre humans like you compare with members of my Blood Demon Shark clan?”

Lin Dong’s eyes were indifferent. He ignored Sha Li’s arrogant laughter as he also rushed forward and dodged Sha Li’s attack. The Lightning Emperor Scepter in his hand drew a strange arc and once again smashed towards Sha Li.

“Like I said, you are unable to hurt me as long as I have my Demon Shark Scale Skin!” Sha Li mocked upon seeing this.

The force behind the scepter in Lin Dong’s hand did not diminish. A cold smile was lifted on his face just as his scepter was about to strike onto Sha Li’s body, “In that case, all I need to do is to break your shark skin!”

“With your strength?” Sha Li ridiculed.

Lin Dong’s eyes were icy cold. A thought passed through his mind. One could see a strange palm size light formation suddenly appearing on the tip of the Lightning Emperor Scepter. The formation rotated before a strange force suddenly erupted.

Chi chi!”

A mysterious ray of light shot out from the light formation and struck against Sha Li’s chest. After the light ray reached its target, one could see the Demon Shark Scale Skin on Sha Li’s body emitting a miserable screech. Under the illumination from that ray of light, a fist-sized hole actually appeared on that tough and seemingly indestructible scale skin. In fact, it looked as though the scale skin was disintegrating.

“Without your scales, what are you?”

Lin Dong stared at a Sha Li, who expression was drastically changing before he parted his lips and smiled. Promptly, with a jerk of his arm, green dragon light symbols emerged. Following which, together with a wild and violent force, the Lightning Emperor Scepter in his hands ruthlessly struck on the hole, that was eroded on the Demon Shark Scale Skin.


A deafening low sound reverberated across the mountaintop. Sha Li’s body flew backwards. After which, he spat out a mouthful of blood and landed heavily onto the ground. His body left a hundred metre long deep ditch on the ground before it was implanted between a huge rock…

His appearance was exceptionally tragic.

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