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Chapter 537 – Making friends

“Young Master Li wants to ask us out for golf? I’m not going!”

“Why? I thought you said you had a good time chatting with him?” Fu Guangzheng curiously asked.

“I don’t know how to play golf!” Damn. Feng Yu had never played golf in both his lifetimes. Currently, only the Guangdong province had a golf course in China, and it was also catered to Hong Kong businessmen. Feng Yu had never stepped foot on a golf course in his lifetime! Golf was a stupid sports! Swimming was a better choice anytime!

“Hahaha, I forgot that no one plays golf in China. How about bowling, billiard or snooker?”

“I am not good at it, but I know how to play.” Why were there no 8-ball or 9-ball pool?

“Then we shall go bowling. The 3 of us can play together. I will book the place and let you know the address later.”

Young Master Li does not have intentions to venture into China. This was why Fu Guangzheng was not worried that Feng Yu would become closer to Li Zekai and drifted away from him and the Fu Family. The Li Family had started to venture into China, but the scale for their investment was still small.

Fu Guangzheng was willing to help both of them to become closer.



Feng Yu’s eyes opened wide. It was his first ball, and it was a strike! He had only played bowling a few times in his previous life, and this was the first time he was so lucky.

Li Zekai clapped and walked over: “Brother Feng is a professional bowler? If I know you are so good, I would suggest we play snooker. I think both of us will be losing very badly.”

This meeting, both of them were closer and had changed the way they addressed each other. Only thing was Li Zekai’s pronunciations. Li Zekai’s Mandarin was not as good as Fu Guangzheng, as the latter had been in China for quite some time.

“Hahaha, this is luck. I had heard from Brother Fu that you are really good at bowling.”

It was unknown that Feng Yu was lucky, or Li Zekai and Fu Guangzheng did not perform well. Feng Yu had actually won the first game with a high score.

The 3 of them played for a while and sat down for a drink.

“Guangzheng, Brother Feng, the last time we chatted, the both of you wanted to invest in my company. Are both of you serious?” Li Zekai smiled and asked.

Fu Guangzheng kept quiet and looked at Feng Yu. He was following Feng Yu. If Feng Yu does not invest, then he would only invest a small amount into Li Zekai’s company.

“Huh? Brother Kai agree to let me invest? Then how much can I invest and how much shares can I own?” Feng Yu’s eyes sparkled.

“10 million USD for 5% shares.” Li Zekai showed his index finger.

Before Feng Yu could say anything, Fu Guangzheng said: “That’s not right. I remembered that the capital of your company should not have such high value. I remembered that it is not even worth 100 million USD, right?”

Even if they were friends, they should not be taking advantage of each other. Fu Guangzheng was not Feng Yu. Feng Yu could ignore the number of shares he received as long as the whole deal could be expedited. Fu Guangzheng would fight for what he deserved.

When Feng Yu heard what Fu Guangzheng said, he frowned. The shares he will get for this deal was too little, and he still has to pay a premium price for it? He thought if he should reconsider his decision to invest.

Li Zekai patted Fu Guangzheng’s back: “Guangzheng, we have known each other for so long and do I look like the type who take advantage of friends? This company is currently worth 100 million USD, and I do not include the value of the technologies. My father has agreed to invest 80 million USD into the company. That’s why I am offering both of you 10 million USD for 5% shares. I will never take advantage of my friends.”

Fu Guangzheng looked at Li Zekai puzzled. Superman Li will be investing 80 million USD in your company, and why was he still asking both of them to invest? If he was really short of that 20 million RMB, he could just tell his father. He had already given you 80 million USD, he would not mind giving you 20 million more. Li Zekai could also look for his elder brother. He will definitely help you with the remaining 20 million.

Feng Yu does not care about all these, and he laughed: “Then I will ask my staff to transfer that 10 million USD to you tomorrow, and we can sign the contract.”

Superman Li was willing to invest in Li Zekai’s company, that means it was impossible for this company to fail. Superman Li had never suffered losses from his investments. There were rumors that the Queen of England wanted to award him the title of Duke, but he rejected the offer. He was not willing to be British.

This proves that Superman Li was a powerful tycoon even in England. In Feng Yu’s previous life, Superman Li was the wealthiest tycoon in Hong Kong and had held the title of the richest man in Asia for a long time. He was also one of the top ten wealthiest people in the world.

With Superman Li’s status, one word from him, Li Zekai’s company shares will shoot up!

Fu Guangzheng saw Feng Yu agreed and immediately told Li Zekai: “I will be going to your company tomorrow to sign the contract. The money will also be in tomorrow!”

Li Zekai laughed and asked: “The both of you does not want to ask me what my company is doing and look at the development plans?”

Feng Yu shook his head: “We do not need to be so troublesome. You can ask Brother Fu. We had cooperated on several occasions, and we settled the details with only a few sentences.”

Fu Guangzheng also laughed: “That’s right. I am still worried that you will not call me along when you invest. But truth be told, I had never suffered any losses when I invested with you. Even if I were to suffer losses once or twice, I also would not mind. I am where I am today is all because of partnering you.”

“If you did not bring your men to help manage those companies, I would not be so free. Actually, you are the one who cares the most about those companies.” Feng Yu said.

This was the truth. Without Fu Guangzheng, Feng Yu’s businesses would not grow to the existing scale. Just the overseas sales distribution channels would be a headache for Feng Yu. Feng Yu would need many years to develop those channels. Also, the negotiations with the local authorities for their new factories. Without Fu Guangzheng, Feng Yu would have to do everything himself.

Although Feng Yu had to let Fu Guangzheng owns some shares, Feng Yu does not need to worry over lots of things. He could enjoy his life and do whatever he wants.

“The both of you can stop praising each other. Have you all rest enough? I did not perform well just now. Should we play 2 more games?” Both of them had agreed to invest in Li Zekai’s company, and his father will surely invest too. Li Zekai was over the moon.

“No problem. I also did not put in my best effort just now!” Fu Guangzheng agreed immediately.

After bowling, the 3 of them had dinner before going their separate ways. When Feng Yu was on his way home, Fu Guangzheng called him.

“Brother Feng, why are you so interested in Li Zekai’s Pacific Century Group?”

“Does it matter? I have already agreed to invest.”

“You are not afraid that you will lose your investment?”

“Lose my investment? Just be it. It does not matter. Most importantly, I am now friends with Young Master Li!”

Fu Guangzheng: “……” You invested 10 million USD just to be friends with Young Master Li, and not because his company had the potential to make money?

Damn.  Why did I invest too? I am already close friends with Li Zekai, and even without this investment, it will not affect our friendship. But this investment should not be losing money. Even Superman Li had invested. This investment must not make losses…. If not, the reputation of the “investment god of the younger generation” I built over the years will be gone. How can I brag to others in the future?

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