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Chapter 13 Innocent being hijacked

  "Find a white one." "

Du Shaofu brows moved, must be as soon as possible to cultivate the work of the law, will jade bottle and two boxes stuffed into the arms, Du Shaofu decided to go overnight to find a white, see that old man know whether the Purple sun after the place put."

left the room, Du Shaofu is straight to the Tibetan building and go.

du family has a guard, but also has a strong, but Du Shaofu in the dark or familiar around a lot of the courtyard directly to the Tibetan martial arts building.

"How can you still hear the flute here, in the end where it came from?" "

just to the Tibetan building outside, Du Shaofu is also faintly heard the recent often heard flute tone, that flute sound like the murmur of water endless, and as crisp and cheerful as Chun Chun, tune a turn, suddenly and then grudges mildly up, imitation if the girl in the confide, miss the lover."

The sound of the flute seemed to be more and more mournful, and more and more large, as if it were coming slowly from afar.

Although the faint sound of the flute is quite strange, but Du Shaofu also did not pay too much attention, directly into the Tibetan martial arts building, volt a white has been living in the first floor of the Tibetan building behind the room, but there is Du Shaofu really rarely go.

Du Shaofu into a white room, the room is very neat, because there is not many things, completely messed up, but there is no white shadow.

"Where did the big night run?" "

room is not big, a glance can be seen over, the room does not have a white shadow."

"sniffing. "Behind the

seems to have a fluctuation, Du Shaofu suddenly turned around, the way:" Old white, you just go where ... "

Du Shaofu Voice has not fallen, turn around the face is solidified up, behind is not a white, but a woman, a very beautiful woman, looks like more than four, Dressed in a plain palace dress, light blue ribbon slightly fluttering, appears extremely uncirculated and elegant, as if there is a natural expensive, let people look at, not by the heart of a bit of awe.

"Who is Your Excellency? "

Du Shaofu stunned after a while is immediately alert up, this beautiful woman is not du family, and Musashi building is du forbidden land, a strange woman appeared in Du's Forbidden land at night, Du Shaofu have to be vigilant.

"Who are you, a white man? "

woman dressed very ordinary, but born with a kind of expensive, crisp cold bitter words fell in the ears of Du Shaofu, as if to make Du Shaofu can not refuse the general, immediately replied:" I am a white big ... Friends. "

Du Shaofu originally wanted to say is a white brother, but also promised to volt a white, in front of people but to give him face, so immediately changed to say is a friend."

"Are you his friend? "The vegan woman looked at the Du Shaofu, her eyes slightly fluctuating, and then the eye of the toner was covered with elegance, and the smoky microwave look forward ripple radians, sighing:" He is indeed able to do such things. " "

" elder sister, are you an old white friend?

Du Shaofu opened his mouth and asked, from the tone of the woman, it seemed that she knew the white one, but wondered when he knew such a temperament, and did not even hear the presence of the woman in vain, nor did she ever hear a white mention of anyone other than herself.

woman simply did not pay attention to Du Shaofu, autumn eyes like water, eyes in a white room swept a glance, and then hook Lips, said: "Unexpectedly you and he related, he dodged me, then I have to take you away." "

Voice fell, Du Shaofu even did not see the vegan woman has any movement, suddenly around the space seems to suddenly solidify the general, simply can not move, even the body meridians in the Xuan gas for its solidification stagnation, and then a slender hands is landed on the shoulder."

"Huh." "

when slender hands fell on the shoulders of Du Shaofu, the woman in the eyes of the lady of the autumn has erased a little unexpected color, but then the figure a sweep, is disappeared in the room."

Haoyue hovering the sky, Starlight Dot.

mid-air, Du Shaofu by the vegan woman grabbed the shoulder, clearly is that slender hands powerless, but the body is uncontrollably was taken into the air, hurriedly across the shicheng continuous vast building, and finally appeared in an endless mountain range.

Mountains winding ups and downs, endless, Yuehua projection, but also Lin Hai wild, "strong, absolute strong." "

mid-air, Du Shaofu face by the wind blowing pain, but can not help a face of shock, floating, such strength even uncle and uncle seems unable to do, as long as the legendary Xiuwu strong can have such an enviable means of strength."

Lin Hai, a mountain pulling land thousands of feet, dangerous peak all rocky, rocks phosphorus HK, a huge cliff upright, straight into the hillside, potential as Canglong head.

woman with Du Shaofu fell on the tip of the mountain, also readily let go of Du Shaofu, but slender hands in Du Shaofu chest above a little, Du Shaofu uncontrollably is open mouth, a Dan medicine appearance is ejected into the throat, finally uncontrollably fell into the abdomen.

"Big ... Seniors, what did you give me to eat? "

Du Shaofu face big change, with the hand want to have just ejected into the throat of the Dan Medicine to buckle out, but tears have been buckled out, that Dan Medicine is no response, as if it has melted in the abdomen."

woman did not pay attention to Du Shaofu, lotus Step lightly move a few steps, in a clean blue stone began to knees and sit, autumn eyes looking at the distance wild Mountains, also do not know what is thinking.

"Seniors, I and Volt white that old man actually has nothing to do with, if you and he feud, afraid of catching the wrong person ah." "

Du Shaofu originally thought this beautiful woman will be a white friend or something, but now it seems that this beautiful woman and volt a white have a deep hatred, the heart has been silently will be a white family greeting again, their own this is able."

The beauty of the woman turned back, looking at Du Shaofu, said: "If you have nothing to do with him, then leave you also have no effect, then now kill you first." "

cold bitter voice so Du Shaofu Listen, suddenly heart a tremor, immediately a turn, the way:" The predecessors, I and the old white is nothing to do, but we have a life of friendship, once built a bed, a total of a pair of trousers. " "

" As long as you don't want to run, you will still be alive and well, but if you don't come to save you, it's hard to guarantee. "said the beautiful woman to Du Shaofu.

"Old White will certainly come, this in the Stone city is far away, old white if come over, afraid of at least 10 days half a month, we have more and so on, old white must come back." "

Du Shaofu a positive face to the beautiful woman said, but the heart is long tears, around should be Stone City outside the Barbarian mountains, rumors that this is the world of demons, first don't say whether a white will come to the barbarian mountains, even if it is coming, The old man, who would only dig his nest, was afraid that he would not be able to save herself from the initiates and powerful beautiful woman in front of him.

Beauty woman looked at Du Shaofu, after all, there is no speech, long sleeves a shake, slender hands in the emergence of an antique flute, slightly lips, then the flute sound suddenly like the sound of the voice of heaven.

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