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Chapter Nine Hundred and Fifteen – The Ending

Wei Sheng and Lin Qian faced off in the sky.

Almost the moment Lin Qian came forward to deliver the challenge, Wei Sheng flew out. For Wei Sheng, his main mission was to guarantee the safety of Gongsun Cha, Bie Han and the others. The only true threat to Gongsun Cha and the others was Lin Qian.

The two faced off in an empty jie.

"This place is suited for our final battle," Wei Sheng said gravely.

Lin Qian smiled. "There is no need to harm the innocent in the battle between us. An empty place like this is a good battlefield."

"You care about harming the innocent?" Wei Sheng laughed coldly.

"As long as it has no benefit for Kun Lun, I have no interest in killing people," Lin Qian said honestly.

Wei Sheng's eyes lit up. "As expected, you had a breakthrough."

"A step slower than you." Lin Qian shook his head. His expression didn't show any pride. "Kun Lun's greatest mistake was probably how we handled the Wu Kong Sword Sect."

Wei Sheng said, "Kun Lun's greatest mistake is its single-minded focus on itself. Are we the only ones to oppose Kun Lun?"

Lin Qian was silent.

Then he laughed and flicked the Immemorial Shen Sword with a finger.

The clear hum of the sword could be heard all over the jie.

"In the end, there aren't so many rights and wrongs!" Lin Qian stood up straight, the smile on his face faded as his eyes became sharp. "Only victory and defeat!"

Wei Sheng shook his head. "Many things have nothing to do with victory and defeat."

"Then what else is there?" Lin Qian smiled dismissively.

Wei Sheng's eyes held an reminiscent light. His heart was completely serene. "Belief!"

Lin Qian did not argue but nodded. "True, however, you have your beliefs, I have mine! Let's use the sword to determine victory and defeat!"

Lin Qian raised the shen sword in his hand.

"Yes!" Wei Sheng also raised the shen sword in his hand.

Liang Wei was most skilled in sneak attacks but a sneak attack of such a scale had never occurred before.

Actually, this could not count as a sneak attack.

When the allied yaomo army appeared on the territory of Kun Lun, all of Kun Lun sank in terror.

Liang Wei shook his head inside. If Kun Lun had known the Mo King who had just united the yaomo was Zuo Mo, they wouldn't have dared to gambled it all.

The power of the two sides were not on the same level.

Compared to Lin Qian, King had much better cards.

When he thought of this, Liang Wei couldn't help but still. He pondered it but he didn't understand. When did King's cards get so good without him realizing it?

He shook his head and pushed away his stray thoughts. They had nothing to do with him.

This battle had no difficulty for him. Lin Qian's counterattack had required almost all of Kun Lun's manpower. Along the way, they did not encounter any resistance, only panicked and hopeless crowds.

"Do not stop! Speed up! Push forward at the fastest possible speed!" Liang wei ordered.

The yaomo army swept Kun Lun like a wind.

"What!" Xue Dong's face was ashen, his extremities cold. He murmured. "An allied yaomo army! They … … weren't they about to start fighting?"

His voice trembled.

In the tent, everyone had pale expressions. They all knew what this meant.

They did not fear that Mo Cloud Sea would attack their rear. Every xiuzhe faction was against them, no one could escape. But the invasion of the allied yaomo army meant that Kun Lun had powerful enemies their front and back.

Kun Lun's local defense brigades had little fighting power. They could not stop the advance of the allied yaomo army.

Even worse was that the news the yaomo army invasion would demoralize the army.

This was not a trained or elite army. The great majority of them were conscripts who had never even stepped on the battlefield half a month ago. Once they discovered that their families were in danger, then … …

Thinking of the terrifying consequences, Xue Dong shook. He immediately reacted and said harshly, "Send an order down, take away all sound tablets! No one is allowed to hide sound tablets! No one is allowed to communicate with the outside … …"

Before he finished, a figure stumbled in.

"Not good! Not good … …"

The outside was already a mess.

The already pale faces of the commanders became bloodless.

"The Heavens want Kun Lun dead!" Chao Xin murmured. He threw up a mouthful of blood and sank into unconsciousness.

"People of Kun Lun, if you surrender, if you return home, we promise not to harm your family and guarantee your property… …"

The sound tablet repeated the words that urged for surrender.

The same content was broadcast all over the Four Realms.

Even Mo Cloud Sea was astounded by the sudden occurrence. The secret that Zuo Mo was the Nether King was something only a select few in Mo Cloud Sea knew. The other people only knew that Zuo Mo would return soon.

Zuo Mo's identity being exposed with an announcement was a fatal blow to Kun Lun's forces.

Originally, Kun Lun had gathered the last of their strength  to fight Mo Cloud Sea. Because they thought that if Kun Lun went all in, they could kill Mo Cloud Sea before dealing with the yaomo.

But the Nether King had actually been Zuo Mo. When this secret was exposed, all of Kun Lun sank into hopelessness!

All of them understood that they had no chance left.

Not one at all.

Their army had no purpose. Even if they could fight into Mo Cloud Sea, there was no meaning!

The two sides were on completely different levels of power.

The effect of the trump card that Zuo Mo had hidden for so long was great. If Zuo Mo had shown it prematurely, what he would have faced was a Kun Lun that had hidden in its turtle shell.

If Zuo Mo was going to bite through, he would have lost a few teeth.

Yet he kept on leaving Kun Lun hopes of victory, let Kun Lun gather the bravery to gamble everything, and at the last moment, delivered a fatal blow.

Kun Lun didn't even have the chance to retaliate.


Complete chaos!

The rear was being swept through by the allied yaomo army. The army of two million four hundred thousand turned into a mess. The glory of Kun Lun seemed to completely disappear in this moment. Even if Xue Dong had ordered the patrols to kill deserters, they could not stop everyone.

Entire battalions were fleeing or surrendering.

They only wanted to return home, they only wanted to reunite with their family.

Fear spread like a plague!

This ocean of people that suffocated people's hope had collapsed like an avalanche of snow.

Inside the tent, the wooden crowd of battle generals slowly recovered their spirits.

Xue Dong's face was still pale but his gaze was so sharp it could stab through a person. "We have failed, Kun Lun has failed, we have no chance of victory. Let those that want to surrender surrender."

He stood, and adjusted his shen equipment. His expression was dignified and solemn.

"If surrender becomes the image of Kun Lun's final moments, it will be a great humiliation."

"Oh Kun Lun! Even if you disappear, you need to be more brave to live up to your name."

Mu Xuan stood up. Everyone else silently stood up.

They walked out of the tent. Outside the tent, there were only a few that were still standing outside.

Seeing Xue Dong and the others walk out, these xiuzhe started to organize into their ranks. There was no sound. From beginning to end, it was complete silence.

They stood in neat rows like rows of standing spears.

An enormous troop was moving towards them from the horizon.

The sword energies of the two continued to collide in the air!

The ripples of shen power caused the sky and earth to crack wherever they passed.

They were splitting the earth. Cracks appeared in the sky, and there were countless cracks in the ground. Earth fire sprouted up and rampaged.

The two sides did not hold back.

The two were covered in wounds but they did not seem to feel pain.

They had fought for ten days and nights without a moment of rest.

Suddenly, the two stopped.

The two of them looked into the distance.

People were coming!

Both sides knew whichever side was being reinforced had won. Only the victors would have the spare time to come.

When Lin Qian saw Zuo Mo at the lead, his face turned ashen, and his presence immediately disappeared.

They failed!

Kun Lun had failed!

He forced himself to steady his wavering body. After fighting at full power for ten days and nights, he and Wei Sheng were at the end of their rope.

Both were just being supported by a breath.

There were many people behind Zuo Mo. A Gui, Zong Ru, Ceng Lian'er, Luo Li Wo Li, Lan, the old man. Each of them were pseudo god-level.

Zuo Mo had brought along all of Mo Cloud Sea's pseudo god-level.

Lin Qian had a powerless grimace.

This meant the battle outside had finished, completely finished. Only then would Zuo Mo dare to bring all the experts.

Kun Lun … … in his hands … …

Lin Qian lowered his head to look dazedly at the Immemorial Shen Sword … …


A teardrop landed on the sword and turned into smaller droplets that flew up.

"Master, sorry … …"

The tears dropped onto the sword and fell along the sword.

"Master, sorry … … sorry … …"

He cried like a child.

Sky Moon Jie

Wu Kong Mountain.

The Wu Kong Mountain was covered overrun by weeds and overgrowth covered the ruins.

Zuo Mo and Wei Sheng looked at the weeds that had grown taller than they were. Without a word, they began to cleaning.

Soon, they had cleaned up all of Wu Kong Mountain.

The mountain was still here, but the people were gone.

"Shidi!" Wei Sheng suddenly spoke.

"Hm?" Zuo Mo turned his face.

"I plan to build a house and live here." Wei Sheng had a reminiscing expression. "Let's call it Sword House!"

"Alright!" Zuo Mo nodded. "Don't forget to come my wedding to A Gui."

"Haha! I want good wine!" Wei Sheng laughed.

The two exchanged a smile.

The end.

Translator Ramblings: And it's over! Fang Xiang seems to always build up and then it never pays off. It's more like a balloon slowly deflating than one that shoots out air and flies around.

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Editor's note:

So I imagine people will think this ending was rushed and lacked excitement, but honestly the outcome was more or less set in stone after Zuo Mo became Nether King and conquered the Mo Marshall Alliance. So to me at least, everything after that battle has been a 20 chapter epilogue.

An amazing effort by Wyhcwe: two and a half years, one a day every day and never missed a day. I can't make the same claim as I joined the team around chapter 70 (?). I also missed 1 chapter because of a silly counting mistake, I fixed it a few hours later but not sure that counts anymore. The experience has been amazing. The community has grown a lot over this time and there have been some big events, but our readers have been great the entire time. I can't recall any negative interactions with readers. So, thank you for that.

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