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Chapter 140: Tacit Understanding

Rossetti had a bad premonition. She immediately sent her flying carpet further upwards to stall for time.

“Where are you going?!” Shaw’s mana surged, and the Thousand-legged Centipede’s temper flared!

Its body began to transform!

Its body, which was originally two to three meters long, began to grow. As a result of its growth, its number of legs had also increased, and each new leg was sharper than the previous ones!

Much to the audience’s excitement, the centipede had grown to at least 300 meters long!

Its huge body, combined with its beautiful brown armor and glinting blade-like legs had made for a rather impressive sight!

“This is so cool! We should take pictures of it as a memento!” The audience took out their phones and began to take pictures.

“Oh my God…” The sweat on Lawrence’s forehead was pouring down profusely.

Rosetti was constantly maneuvering in the air, in an attempt to find a safe position.

“Did you think you can escape?” Shaw looked like a hunter that had encountered a prey that had fallen for his trap.

“Thousand-legged Whirlwind Slash!”

Shaw shouted and activated his ultimate skill!

“Boom… !”

The centipede began to twist its wide and long body, completely sealing off Rosetti’s escape path!

It gradually closed in on the flying carpet!

Realizing that the centipede would reach their Battle Beasts before long, Rosetti unleashed a large amount of mana and created the strongest barrier that she could muster!

The Centipede wrapped its body around the barrier, and it began to emit a cracking sound!

Although the barrier was very sturdy, it was only a matter of time before it was destroyed.


After a dozen or so seconds, the barrier had been broken once more!

While they plummeted, a white two-headed snake suddenly appeared beside them and used a spatial-type ability to return the Battle Beasts and their masters to the preparation area!

Everything had happened in a matter of seconds. Most of the audience members did not even realize what had happened!

“Locke! “Rossetti looked at the handsome young man in front of her with great delight.

“I’m sorry. I ate too much yesterday, and as a result, I got an upset stomach…” Locke rubbed his stomach and smiled.

Following this, the referee announced, “Alpha Federation University wins the first round!”

The referee announced Shaw’s victory, and he was no longer allowed to pursue them.

Shaw’s dream of owning a surname was shattered. He gritted his teeth and glared at Rosetti!

“Please send in the next participant from the Federal Academy. If no one steps up, I will have to declare Alpha University as the defending champions!” The referee looked at Locke and urged.

“Be careful. They are stronger than the opponents we faced yesterday!” Lawrence said worriedly as he stroke Mike who was in pain.

Locke maintained a calm expression as he walked towards the opposite platform.

“Young master! Locke is here!” Shaw immediately turned to look at Andre.

After throwing the cigar on the ground and stamping it out, Andre immediately jumped onto the platform together with another team member.

“Is this a three-on-one?”

“No problem, this is in accordance with the rules…”

“Now that Andre is here, this match is in Alpha University’s bag…”

“It feels a little unfair to me though…”

“What’s unfair about it? It’s the Federal Academy’s fault for losing two members at the start! They can only blame themselves for their powerlessness…”

There were very few people in the audience who sympathized with the Federal Academy.

Locke commented, “That’s nice, this’ll save me some time…”

Upon hearing this, Andre’s expression changed drastically. “You might be strong, but we’re fully prepared!”

With that, two new Battle Beasts appeared on the dueling platform!

“It’s Andre’s Deadly Scorpion and Augustine’s Killer Wasp!”

The audience immediately recognized the two famous Battle Beasts!

Locke commented, “So, Alpha University specializes in using insects, huh…”

“They’re Battle Beasts! Excellent ones at that!” The man named Augustine immediately corrected Locke.

Upon saying those words, the trio then put on protective equipment.

After all, all of their Battle Beasts specialized in using poison. Although they would not be harmed by their own Battle Beasts, the same could not be said for their allies’ Battle Beasts.

Eager to end the match quickly, Locke launched forward with the aid of Gale Wings and smashed his fist into the centipede’s body!

Through contact, he had also learned the stats of his opponent’s Battle Beast.

[ Battle Beast Name: Thousand-legged Centipede ]

[ Battle Beast Grade: Purple (Rare)]

[ Battle Beast Type: Forest Series ]

[ Battle Beast Attribute: Poison ]

[ Battle Beast level: Stage 2, Level 1]

“Trash…” Locke withdrew into the air and gripped the Fire God’s Spear in his hand. After a few stylish swings of the spear, the centipede’s body had broken apart.

However, each broken part of the centipede had grown new bodies, and all of them were as huge as the original.

“Hahaha! I bet that you didn’t expect this, right? This is the special trait of my centipede!” Shaw laughed loudly.

Augustine made his move.

His massive Killer Wasp raised its tail and directed it at Locke.

A flurry of poisonous stingers were unleashed!

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang…

Infinite Fire Element had turned into a shield to protect its master from the barrage.

[ Battle Beast Name: Killer Wasp ]

[ Battle Beast Grade: Purple (Rare)]

[ battle Beast Type: Forest Series ]

[ battle beast attribute: Poison ]

[ battle beast level: Stage 3, Level 6]

Although it was a Stage 3 Battle Beast, that would invite the envy of many normal citizens, to Locke, it was still a piece of garbage.

Just as Locke was about to launch his counterattack, a large purple scorpion suddenly appeared behind him!

A huge pincer came at his body!

“It’s pretty fast…”

Locke flipped over, and while using its body as a launch pad, Locke leaped into the air!

Despite missing its attack, it suddenly appeared behind Locke again!

After dodging another huge pincer, Locke asked, “It’s a spatial-type, huh?”

The System’s interface automatically appeared before him.

[ Battle Beast Name: Lethal Scorpion ]

[ Battle Beast Grade: Orange (Epic)]

[ Battle Beast Type: Space-type ]

[ Battle Beast Attribute: Poison-type ]

[ Battle Beast Level: Stage 3, Level 1]

It was the first appearance of an epic rank beast in the competition.

“Locke, don’t think that you’re the only one who owns a spatial-type Battle Beast…” Andrew crossed his arms, and gave Locke an arrogant look.

The giant scorpion constantly teleported behind Locke, whereas the Killer Wasp constantly fired stingers at Locke.

Moreover, the centipede was constantly sealing off Locke’s escape paths.

It was obvious that the three of them had gone through a lot of training together. After all, they were completely in sync with one another.

The audience was amazed by the trio’s cooperation, and they immediately grabbed their phones to record the intense battle.

Secretary-general Peter was slightly worried for Locke. Without even realizing it, he had already clenched his his fists.

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