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Adlode Continent


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— Faeris —


Kaa-sama… it’s been long time.

I hope you are fine… but I’m different.  Anyway, I’m doing fine.

To stand in front of Kaa-sama like this, is it since I left the village on that day? It’s been more than five years since that day.

There were many things happened since I left the village.

It’s simple, but I would like to tell you.


First, I met Tou-sama.

In the beginning, he was somewhat cold, but he was just as Kaa-sama said. There are times where he is in ‘blaze’, but I am proud of Tou-sama who manages the country splendidly.

Tou-sama thought he was hated because he left Kaa-sama, but I properly solved the misunderstanding. When Tou-sama knew about Kaa-sama’s real feeling, he felt relieved and he really regretted at the same time. That is because he loved Kaa-sama very much.

I also received message from that Tou-sama.

‘Thank you for relying on me.’  He still loves you… even now. I am probably a bit jealous.


After I went to Elysion, I was able to meet my Nee-sama.

Although she is a wonderful person who will become the next queen of Elysion, she is a splendid older sister who warmly watch over me and dearly treats me since I am her only little sister. I’m sure Kaa-sama wanted to meet her, and we could have a tea party together.

Other than that, Senia and Melt-san who are around her, were helping me a lot.


After that, I went to school, and I also made friends.

Her name is Emilia. She is a silver wolf tribe girl. She is strong, gentle and her silver hair is very beautiful… she is somehow a very congenial child. She is an attendant of a certain person. Although she has a bit strong passion towards her master… right now, she is my precious friend.

That Emilia has a naughty little brother, Reus. However, when I realized it, it feels really nostalgic because he is really like a little brother. We look like a family… and that makes me really happy.


And… I also found the person that I like.

That person is Emilia’s and Reus’ master, Sirius-san… He is really amazing person.

He is amazing person who knows everything; he is a good cook and always take care of us. I understand very much that he is the person that Emilia yearns from the bottom of her heart. And I am also the same…

As Kaa-sama told me that Tou-sama was your fateful destiny, I think Sirius-san is the person of my destiny.

I still can’t forget about the night when I was ‘kidnapped’, and I have warm feelings and feel excited every time I remember it.

Anyway, I also strangely yearn for Sirius-sama, and my eyes naturally will look at him. Kaa-sama… I wonder if you felt like this too?

Now, I have become just like Kaa-sama, I am traveling together with Sirius-san.

I was going to visit Kaa-sama’s grave even though our destination was Adlode Continent, so I stopped at this village.

Please don’t worry since I am together with these friendly people. It is because I also become stronger, and everyone is stronger.


“… Have you finished with the greetings, Reese?” (Emilia)

“Yes. Well then, please.” (Reese)

“Alright. I’ll be the first. Nice to meet you, my name is Emilia. As for me, Reese is my best friend…” (Emilia)

First of all, Emilia began with the introduction, but when she said I am her best friend… I feel embarrassed. It’s the way I am.

I was embarrassed listening to Emilia’s greetings and when she was done, it was followed by Reus.


“Next is me. Uhmm, hello, I am Nee-chan’s little brother and my name is Reus. Reese-ane always takes care of me.” (Reus)

Same like Emilia, Reus was saying something that made me embarrassed. Unlike Emilia’s greetings, he told embarrassing stories like eating a lot or something.

It’s not that I don’t understand him telling about what’s happening every day, but I will surely punish him after this. Emilia also nods, she doesn’t mind if I do it.

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

Not good, I shouldn’t forget about Hokuto. His appearance probably looks scary, but he is a very strong, cute and reliable wolf. I felt so comfortable when touching him, Kaa-sama also surely wanted to feels him.


And the last one is my…

“Nice to meet you, Laura-san. I am called Sirius, and I am taking care of your daughter.” (Sirius)

…Eh? The words are ordinary, but the air of Sirius-san is slightly different. Whether he has made the decision, he was looking at Kaa-sama’s grave with an earnest expression.

“From now on, we are going to go around the world together with Reese. But, there is no need for you to worry. Please be assured because I will always protect your daughter, Faeris.” (Sirius)

I realized that my face was blushing the moment I heard those words. What should I do… The face is really hot. Other than that, what are you going to do? Rather than telling about stories, is that a… pro-… propo-… (-se)…

“Is Reese-ane alright? Her face is red, you know.” (Reus)

“That’s natural if Sirius-sama said that. That’s manly, Sirius-sama.” (Emilia)

“Auuu…” (Reese)


Kaa-sama… they are my friends.

I am surrounded by my best friend and the person I like, it is fun and fulfilling.

That’s why, please don’t worry, and watch over us.

Someday, I will get married, and show you your grandchild… am I slightly impatient?

Ehehe… yeah, forget it for now.


But… someday..


After that, the burning sensation on my face calmed down, but I was still full with happy feelings.

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— Sirius —


After we finished visiting the grave of Reese’s mother, Laura-san, we immediately resumed the trip after staying overnight in that village.

It was alright to stay for few days since it was Reese’s hometown, but Reese said she was sorry for delaying the trip because of her reason. Although I was not in hurry for the trip, there were various places that I already thought of, so I decided to agree with her decision.

After moving for few days, we arrived at the port city that provided regular service to Adlode Continent.

As I expected of port city, it was overflowed with liveliness. After we finished checking in for the accommodation and left the carriage, we were walking around the town while the focus of attention gathered at Hokuto. Incidentally, we already used to see wolfkin prostrating here and there.

While browsing through stores, I came to see the harbor where many ships were lined up, and Reus was looking here and there with an awkward face.

“Say Aniki, what are we going to do with the carriage? It can’t get on a small ship.” (Reus)

“Yeah. It is already become our house, so I can’t bring myself to leave it.” (Emilia)

“I already think about it, of course. Here, look at this.” (Sirius)

“Aah, that is Ane-sama’s…” (Reese)

What I took out was a referral letter. The insignia of Elysion was stamped on it, and if we show the letter, we would be given a preferential treatment to ride on a ship. Previously, when I discussed about it with Lifell-hime and Cardeas, they handled the matter very fast.

“If we show this, we can ride a large ship that can even carry the carriage. It is a favor from the royal family, so let’s make use of it without hesitation.” (Sirius)

“As expected of Lifell-ane. If I think about it, isn’t this the first time for us to board on a ship?” (Reus)

“Yeah, I’m looking forward to it.” (Emilia)

The moment when I met Lior and Fea, was because I was running across the sky. That looks like a cheap trick, so this time, we are genuinely travel to Adlode Continent on foot.

We strolled through the harbor for a while, and when we found a big ship embellished with the insignia of Elysion, I began discussing along with the referral letter.

The result was… we were easily granted the permission. Rather, it seemed they were waiting for us to come.

“Your characteristics coincide with what we have heard, there is no mistake that you are Sirius-sama. I’ve been waiting. Since this was a direct request from the King of Elysion, it is our responsibility to bring you to Adlode Continent.” (??)

“Aah… Sorry about that.” (Reese)

Reese apologized to the captain with small voice. There was no mistake that she felt sorry because they seemed to be forced by her relative.

The departure is tomorrow morning. It seems if we can bring the carriage tomorrow at that time, and ride on the ship immediately.

“The ship will bring you guys, one accompanied beast and one carriage. Do you know the size and weight of the carriage?” (Captain)

“Although it is made from iron, it is not too different from normal carriages. In the worst case scenario, the carriage can float since there is tool called a floating wheel, so it is alright to be pulled by the ship.” (Sirius)

“…What kind of carriage is that? Well, anyhow, it seems there is no problem. Please came again tomorrow morning.” (Captain)

“Understood. Also, what have you heard about our features?” (Sirius)

“Although the cloak is the proof for anything, it is written in this one that arrived earlier.” (Captain)

In the letter that the captain showed us, our features were certainly written, but… it was summarized like this.

‘A black haired man with a big wolf and two silver wolfkins as attendants.

And, a woman who has both tolerance and kindness suitable for a saintess, with hair bluer than the sea.’… Those were written in it.

It is not wrong to be called a saintess, but I want you to think about this a bit. Since the praise for Reese was written differently compared to others, it was probably written by either Princess Lifell or Cardeas.

Whatever it was, it didn’t change the fact that Reese held her head under arms. It went without saying that she wrote and protest about the present situation in a letter, after we got back to the inn.

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The next morning.

After asking the Galgan Company’s branch to send the letter to Elysion, the ship that carried us and the carriage ventured forth into the sea.

While the weather was fine and comfortable sunshine pouring down, I grasped the ship railing and I was leisurely looking down on the sea while feeling the sea breeze.

“Uhyoo-! This is the best!” (Reus)

Reus was in high spirits, shouting loudly at the top of large mast that stood in the center of the ship. Reus was making an imposing pose on a unstable spot which had no safety rope attached, but there was no problem for Reus in terms of his sense of balance.

Hokuto was sunbathing at the corner of the deck. Since this ship provided regular services, there were other passengers and sailors looking interestingly at Hokuto, but no one was approaching him, maybe they were scared? His fur was messed because of winds, I guess I have to brush him later.

Reese stood next to me, she closed her eyes and she seemed delighted while enjoying the breeze. Reese’s fluttering blue hair because of winds was lovely. It made me charmed a little bit. If I take a photo of this scene and send it to his father and sister, I wonder if they will die in agony?

Reese, whose line of sight matched with mine while I was thinking about such silly things, clapped her hands as if she remembered something, and threw a question

“Come to think of it, I heard from Tou-sama that people taking a ship for the first time will get seasickness. Why are we alright?” (Reese)

“You don’t feel uncomfortable at the moment, right? In the first place, the seasickness is…” (Sirius)

To explain it simply, seasickness is a symptom that occurs when the sense of balance goes wrong due to the shaking of the ship. My disciples are training even the sense of balance, so the possibility of getting seasickness should be extremely small. Reese nodded many times while raising the voice of admiration, due to my explanation.

Nevertheless, she is a really enthusiastic child when it comes to disease and treatment. She is an expert in treatment magic. If she keeps learning, she probably will be able to become a doctor known throughout the world. I am not sure what she wants to be, but if she has discovered a goal, I will give her my full support.

“…I see, I will learn it. But Emilia seems to be different.” (Reese)

“Emilia, is it? She certainly looks strange.” (Sirius)

“Yeah. She seems doesn’t feel good after we got on the ship, and she is somehow absentminded or… look, over there.” (Reese)

Emilia stood on the other side of the railings opposite to us. Normally, she will stand by me, but today, she kept watching the sea vaguely away from me.

There was sorrows ‘floating’ around her, so I left Reese and stood next to Emilia. Reese was doing taking a guts pose behind my back.

“Aah… Sirius-sama” (Emilia)

“What happened, Emilia? Are you alright?” (Sirius)

“Such a thing is… No, that’s right, isn’t it? In fact, I think I am the one who is miserable.” (Emilia)

“Can you tell me the reason?” (Sirius)

Emilia nodded quietly and she began to talk sporadically while looking at the horizon.

“Our target is the settlement of silver wolfkins that we lived in, right?” (Emilia)

“That’s right. I am planning to make graves for your parents, but I want to give my greetings above all. Reese is a bit different but, your master is Sirius… right?” (Sirius)

“For you even want to do that for our sake, I am really happy with Sirius-sama’s feeling. But… although it is my hometown, although it was a place where I lived with my parents that I loved… I do not know where it is. I feel miserable…” (Emilia)

“It can’t be helped. Emilia had hardly going out from the village, am I correct?” (Sirius)

“Yes. I understand that I am over thinking and selfish. However, we’re the ones who should lead you… so I am somehow feel miserable. I’m sorry.” (Emilia)

For her to fret over and becoming unusually sad, that was the reason she became unstable since she worried about returning to her destroyed hometown. Even if it’s not a big deal, she is probably worrying more than necessary.

As for her, it is a mental trauma because of the tragedies with her family in their hometown. It is probably can’t be helped when the parent were eaten before her, but this is not something I can say.

Emilia has to overcome the trauma herself.

I do not know what will happen to Emilia when the time comes, but… I guess it’s too early to worry. Let alone the hometown, we still haven’t reach the continent yet.

Anyway, let’s calm her down. When I stroked Emilia’s head like usual, her tail was slightly waving . Since her tail waved slightly, she still not in the usual condition.

“Even if you feel miserable or else, you have to cherish yourself more. If you are depressed like this from now on, you will collapse before you return to your hometown. I am bothered if that’s happens.” (Sirius)

“Bothered… is it? Fufu, I am unworthy as an attendant if I make my master worry. Erina-san will get angry.” (Emilia)

“That’s true. Hey, think more about pleasant things, and boost your mood. Do you want anything?” (Sirius)

“Really? If that’s so… please stroke more.” (Emilia)

“That’s fine. But, do you not get tired of this? I stroke almost every day, isn’t it?” (Sirius)

“Nope. I can feel Sirius-sama’s kindness from this, and there is no way I am tired of it.” (Emilia)

Since her tail swung like usual, it seemed she finally regained her usual tone. When I looked at the back, Reese was nodding and smiling. She appeared to be satisfied.

After that, I fulfilled her requests for a while.

“Sirius-sama, may I borrow your shoulder?” (Emilia)

“There is no need for you to hesitate.” (Sirius)

“Sirius-sama, will you brush me later, please?” (Emilia)

“That is in my plan.” (Sirius)

“Sirius-sama, would you let me bite your shoulder?” (Emilia)

“…Stop it. I will bleed if you bite me now.” (Sirius)

“Yeah. I’ll give up.” (Emilia)

…That was dangerous.

For a moment, I thought of giving her the permission, but I was glad that I refused her.

She gave up her request, and when I stroked Emilia’s head who was leaning against my shoulder, Reus’ loud voice rang out.

“Aniki-! There are big fishes swimming on the other side! It’s amazing!” (Reus)

The mood suddenly disappear, Emilia was slightly in bad mood, but she immediately smiled and hugged my arm.

There is sufficient possibility that she’ll be upset when looking at the wrecked hometown, it is a trial that they must face one day. I want her to overcome it somehow.

If not, I…

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Unlike Melifest Continent, there are vast forest here and there on Adlode Continent.

There are numerous beastkins of the continent’s population ratio, and wide varieties of tribes are living there compared to Melifest Continent. Roughly speaking, if Melifest Continent has majority of human population, Adlode Continent has more beastkins population.

Besides that, there are fewer large cities like Elysion compared to Melifest Continent, so it can be that there are numerous small villages and settlements on Adlode Continent.

It was in the early evening when we arrived at the only entrance to Adlode Continent, Meziluna. (TLN: The name in raw is メジルナ)

Since it was already too late to gather information about the silver wolf tribe, we decided to take our time to rest after showing the referral later from the ship’s captain at the inn.  Since the disciples were not used with the ship, they fell asleep as soon as they got on the bed.

No… except for Emilia, I had to stroked her to make her sleep, and I could only sleep after finishing that difficult task.



On the next day, we left the carriage at the inn and strolled around the town while gathering information.

The day reached afternoon after showing up our faces at the adventurer guilds and looking through stalls with rare ingredients and magic tools. And then, we entered a nearby dining room, ordered meals and summarized the information gathered.

“This is delicious, but I think the taste is quite manipulated because of spices.” (Reese)

“It is not the taste of the ingredients themselves, but it seems the main flavor are from the spices. Unlike Sirius-sama’s dishes, the delicacy here is missing.” (Emilia)

“Well, it is different between cultures and continents. The spices and seasoning used are quite different. Perhaps, this is… shall we look it up later?” (Sirius)

“Ooo! Aniki, are you coming up with new dishes again?” (Reus)

“Maybe I could. Wait for a while.” (Sirius)

“””Yes.””” (Emilia/Reese/Reus)

I finished eating while being amazed at my disciples who responded like a child, and then, I decided to organize the information gathered while drinking fruit juices ordered.

And the result of listening at the adventurers guild and gathering information in the town in half a day…

“There is almost no information about silver wolf tribe at all…” (Sirius?)

“There are settlements in the forest of the east or the west… but it is merely ambiguous information.” (Emilia?)

Although the number of population is definitely not small, but because they live in the depths of a forest, there is almost no information at present.

Other than that, even though Hokuto gathered attention when we walked in the town, there were also a lot of people paying their attention to Emilia and Reus. Some of them seemed to be slave merchants, and among them also asked me to negotiate.

“The Onii-san over there, aren’t you really managing those silver wolfkins? Can you sell them to me with your asking price?” (Slave Merchant 1)

“They are wearing unusual collars. Besides, the breed is also good… so thirty for the girl, and twenty for the boy, how about that?” (Slave Merchant 2)

“Oi you. I’m not sure what kind of noble are you, but that silver wolfkins are… buhhh!?” (Slave Merchant 3)

It looks like the chokers worn by Emilia and Reus  seems to be a kind of collar, so apparently, they think the siblings are my slaves.

I clearly refused to those who were polite, but for those who were rude, I casually beat and drove them away.  Even though they are my disciples and attendants, they are thought to be slaves. The siblings are surely feel frustrated…

“Eh? If I am seen as Sirius-sama’s slave, I don’t really mind about that.” (Emilia)

“If I can stay around Aniki, anything is good.” (Reus)

They acted usual like always. We gathered information while some irritating bunch focused their attention at Hokuto midway, we couldn’t obtain reliable information about silver wolf tribe.

“Nevertheless, there were a lot of stories in general that they were seen the western forest. Let’s gather information like this just a little bit more and if there is nothing, we can head over there tomorrow.

“Is it our turn now?” (Emilia)

“Just as you said. Let’s search with your intuition and smell. It is likely that they will appear from the other side because of similar tribe.” (Sirius)

“Leave it to me, Aniki.” (Reus)

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Our plan from midday after going out from the dining room was to go to slum area of the town. The possibility of getting involved with foolish bunch increases dramatically, but unexpected information can be obtained like this, and there are information shops lurking around.

Although I brought the disciples across the continent at such age, I intended to let them learn new things, and that’s why I brought them here. Since there are unique rules in such places, never get close if you don’t understand, or if you want to go, never go alone.

“If you go ahead, you’ll see more troublesome bunch. Do not get close unless it is necessary.” (Sirius)

“Understood. By the way, Sirius-san, where did you get such experience? “ (Reese)

“…I had it a lot. We can talk about that later. Anyway, don’t leave me… what’s wrong, Emilia?” (Sirius)

“Sirius-sama, the smell from over there is…” (Emilia)

“Nee-chan too? Well, there is no mistake then.” (Reus)

When I tried to step into the slum, Emilia and Reus didn’t move while looking at certain direction.

Since sanitation was not prepared for the slum, the unpleasant smell spread around, but the siblings didn’t seem to be affected since they were having serious expression. As we were entirely guided by the siblings, we followed after them while watching the surroundings.

We continued walking for a while, and came to a building that was slightly away from the slum. Even if say it, the place where we were was accessible from a passage between buildings. The siblings were stopping and staring at one point, where people would usually rarely pass through that place.

“…Is there anything here?” (Sirius)

“Yes. I’m sorry for doing this arbitrarily. However, I am attracted to this place.” (Emilia)

“Aniki, over there.” (Reus)

There were garbage scattered at the passage which people rarely pass by, and Reus was pointing at a lump of garbage. No, it seemed there was a human leg that can be seen from inside the trash. That person appeared to be alive because the leg moved a bit.

“That person has similar smell to us. Perhaps… I think that person is the same silver wolfkin like us.” (Emilia)

“Aniki, that person is…” (Reus)

“Aah, do whatever you want.” (Sirius)

“Thank you very much.” (Emilia)

When they saw me nodded, the siblings approached that person. That person was a female silver wolfkin who had silver wolf’s ears and tail. The age was about late twenties, there was no evidence being roughed up, but she was considerably debilitated due to slavery collar attached. Maybe, she ran away from a slave merchant. She was barefooted and there was blood flowing from behind the foot.

There was a boy about five years old by her side, and from their similar faces and hairstyle, it seemed that they definitely a mother and son.

Such mother-and-son of silver wolf tribe were surprised at us who came suddenly, and the mother hugged her son to protect him while alert in tears.

“Who are you!?” (Mother) (TLN: I simplify the female as mother since it is too long to write silver wolfkin mother)

“Excuse me, I’m sorry. We didn’t come to harm you, so please rest assured.” (Emilia)

“Look, we are not having any weapon, right?” (Reus)

“You guys… are similar to us?” (Mother)

“Yes, we are a silver wolfkin. Would you please explain the situation, so that we can help you?” (Emilia)

“Aah… I am grateful. I do not know who you are, but I have a favor to ask. Please, somehow bring this child to a safe place…” (Mother)

The mother was relieved because Emilia and Reus were the same tribe, but her face immediately became serious, and then she was trying to hand the child she held in her chest to Emilia…

“I don’t want it! I want to be together with Okaa-san!” (Child)

“No, you can’t! Even if you are alone, you should run away!” (Mother)

The child was desperately clinging on his mother because he didn’t want to be separated.

According to the situation, the mother herself realized that she couldn’t escape because of the slavery collar attached, and she depended on Emilia even if her child escape alone.

For her to depend on Emilia even though they just met for the first time, that was because of the strength of the bond to the same tribe which was the characteristic of the silver wolf tribe.

Emilia continued to look closely at the mother-and-son duo who didn’t stop looking at each other.

“…Okaa-san” (Child)

“Nee-chan, anyway, for now…” (Reus)

“Yeah. Well, we are not only going to help the child, but we also want to help you. Can you please calm down and explain the situation?” (Emilia)

“We’re not in a situation where we can calm down. If we’re not hurry, those guys will…” (Mother)

When the mother raised her voice, I felt a presence of people approaching, so I invoked [Search]. As expected, I felt five reactions approaching here.

“Reus… which one do you want?” (Sirius)

“The more the better. Since I feel irritated.” (Reus)

“That way then. I’m just saying this, but don’t kill them, you know.” (Sirius)

“Understood.” (Reus)

Reus went to the direction where we came from while I went to the other side to protect Emilia, the mother-and-son. Reus had three while I had two at the same timing.

“What are you guys? Don’t stand in the way, move quickly.” (??)

“I don’t know about that. You guys go back.” (Reus)

“What’s with this brat? No, isn’t this guy a silver wolfkin? If I look closely, there is also another at the back, isn’t it? And she is a woman.” (??)

“That’s good. It’s perfect for the client’s requirements.” (??)

When I looked at the hands of those guys, there was a small tattoo carved. According to the information that I got when I sneakily got out yesterday night, there was no doubt that tattoo was representing the underground organization based in this town.  It was too much of trouble to suddenly involve with the underground, but I was a bit concern about few things.

The men approached while smirking. They stopped, drew their weapons, and I asked them a question.

“I have a question, are you guys the member of  [Deathless]?” (Sirius) (TLN: The raw says 『ドートレス』, any other suggestion?)

“Heh, you know, huh. That’s right, we’re the member of the number one organization in this town. If you understand, give me that that mother-and-son silver wolfkin. If not, you’ll be the enemy of the downtown, you know?” (??)

“The question is not over yet. No matter how I look at those mother-and-son, aren’t you kidnapping them? Is this the organization’s decision?” (Sirius)

“Whatever it is, it doesn’t matter. Before seeing painful experience…” (??)

“Sorry, that is important. I will force you to tell.” (Sirius)

Honestly, this hooligan organization, assuming they are big and with backings, is not our enemy.

I slipped into the bosom of the guy who didn’t understand the difference in power, and hit his belly to the extent that he didn’t faint. The remaining guy approached to rescue his friend, but Hokuto interrupted and easily sank him by hitting with the forefoot.

When I was done, Reus’ side also over. At the same time as opening, Reus struck two men with his partner, [Silver Fang], and they were hurled and sank into a building. Reus kicked the wrist of the remaining man, who drew his sword, flipped the sword, punched the face, and it was finished.

Whether he was irritated at those men, I heard a sound of breaking bones, but there would be no problem because they were alive.

I ordered him to tie the fallen men, I forcibly raised his face by grabbing the hair of me who was still groaning.

“The ones who felt painful were that way. Now, let’s hear one more time.” (Sirius)

“Gehoo… to do such thing… just…” (??)

“Just answer the question right away. Is it the organization’s decision or your decision to kidnap the silver wolfkin? Your life will end here if you don’t answer quickly, you know?” (Sirius)

“Gohoo… guhh… it was a request. It was a direct request to us… asking for female silver wolfkin.” (??)

“…Understood. Go to sleep.” (Sirius)

This time, I gave a blow that ‘reap’ his consciousness, and the man was completely silenced. After securing the safety, when we turned our head, the mother-and son made a tiny scream, but Emilia got in the between and calmed them down.

“It’s alright. That person is our master, and the other one is my little brother. As you can see, they have defeated those men, and since they will never harm you, please calm down and listen to what we say.” (Emilia)

“Y-yes… who on earth are you? Besides, your collar is…” (Mother)

“This is just an accessory. Besides, please look at me. Does my appearance seems to be someone who is treated with cruelty?” (Emilia)

“Y-yeah. It doesn’t seem to be that way. And, you look very happy.” (Mother)

The mother regained herself when she looked at Emilia’s smile. She released the child she embraced and stroked his head.

Yes, I am happy to serve that person. It seems you have calmed down. So first, let us remove that collar.” (Emilia)

“Emilia, I found it.” (Sirius)

“Thank you very much. This is…” (Mother)

I checked the bosom of the fallen man, and found the key to the collar. Then, I handed it to Emilia.

Emilia’s hand immediately removed the key, and the collar fell down to the ground with ad dull sound. The mother tightly hugged the child while crying, and they confirmed each other’s safety.

Emilia looked at those mother-and-son as if she was seeing something dazzling.

“That was great, Sirius-san. As expected, it is no good if the mother is not together with her child.” (Reese)

“Aah… but it’s going to get more troublesome.” (Sirius)

While sighing, I looked down at the men who were tied by the hands of Reus.

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When I heard their story, it seems that it was directly requested to kidnap the silver wolf tribe. Therefore, there is a possibility that their organization is not involved. Rather, if their organization allows it, they are deserved to be called as a foolish organization.

This town is not a big town, but if you are an organization that controls this town, you should understand the danger of putting your hands on the silver wolf tribe. Thus, these men are basically doing things on their own.

Since disposing them was troublesome, we planned to leave them around there, but it seemed there was a possibility that those guys would tell funny stories when they returned to their base.

Although it seems better to put up a face as for the repayment of these men, including the meaning of confirmation, it is better to listen to the stories from the mother-and-son before that.

The mother-and-son were hugging each other, but Reese noticed about the mother’s foot. She went to Emilia’s side and asked the mother whether she could treat her.

“Uhmm… I am a human, but can I treat your foot if you don’t mind?” (Reese)

“This person is my friend, so you can trust her. Since I am also worry about your injuries, will you accept the treatment?” (Emilia)

“Y-yeah. It seems I can trust her because she is your friend. Then, can you help us please?” (Mother)

“Yes!” (Reese)

It was probably because of a persuasion from the same tribe, the mother obediently received the treatment.

While looking at the spectacle of water that was released by Reese’s magic covering her foot, I slowly approached them so they won’t become cautious.

“I am sorry to ask this during the treatment, but you are kidnapped, am I right? Will it be alright to ask you for the detail?” (Sirius)

“Ah… yes. We…” (Mother)

According to the story of the mother, there was a settlement where the mother-and-son live in the western forest, and they seemed to have been stroll through forest to find ingredients such as fruits.

However, they couldn’t find it easily, and then, they encountered those men when they went a bit far. The men targeted the child, and it seemed they were caught because they were outnumbered.

Although the slavery collar was put on, she made a surprise attack when she was brought to this town and ran away, But, the mother, who was weakened by the collar, exhausted here.

“The child was safe because there was only one collar, but I couldn’t leave him…” (Mother)

And she wanted her child to escape even by himself, that was why she asked for our help when we appeared.

We had no problem saving the mother-and-son. Although it was imprudence, it was thanks to Emilia and Reus that we got the clues to the silver wolf tribe’s settlement. It was a reward for working hard today, I guess.

As I earn the commitment from the victims, with this, it seems I will go to their base without reservation.

“Thank you very much. We will escort you to the settlement tomorrow, so please rest at the inn.” (Sirius)

“Why are you helping us?” (Mother)

“Please listen to the details from Emilia. Emilia, Reese. Take care of them.” (Sirius)

“Understood. Sirius-sama, where are you going?” (Emilia)

“Do you mean that we can’t go?” (Reese)

“There’s still some cleanup. We have to take them to rest quickly, and Reus, guard these two to…” (Emilia)

When I think about it, I came until to the slump areas to study about the underground society.

I really don’t want Emilia and Reese to be involved, but it would be better for Reus to have such experiences, and let’s make him not do the escorting.

“No, Reus will be with me. Hokuto, take care of the girls.” (Sirius)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

“Is it alright for me to go together, Aniki? Hehe, I got it.” (Reus)

If anything, I would be glad if you can understand about woman. Hokuto, who got the instruction, went before the mother-and-son, and barked asking them to ride on his back.

“T-this  person, could he be!? I can’t do such terrible thing! I-I can walk, so…” (Mother)

“I understand your feeling, but you are considerable tired, so it’s better not to push yourself.” (Emilia)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

“Hiii!? U-understood, please let me get on!” (Mother)

…On the contrary, she didn’t feel relieve, but don’t think too much of it.

Since Emilia and others already left to the other side, shall we get to the business at once?

It seems that the mother-and-son were caught yesterday, and they probably were thought to be delivered by tomorrow.

I wonder what kind of their faces I will see.

“Well then, shall we head out, Reus?” (Sirius)

“Ouu!” (Reus)

Reus was unusually happy carrying those men, and I started looking out for the base of [Deathless].

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Extra/Bonus 1


“Lifell-sama, the letter from Reese-sama has arrived.” (Senia)

“Really!? Oh wow… he said words like a propose. It seems you’re doing well. Besides… let me leave this  just a bit.” (Lifell)

“Hime-sama, where are you going?” (Senia)

“Otou-san’s place. Otou-san, look at this!” (Lifell)

“What is it, Lifell? You didn’t even knock. What! From Reese!? Let me see… humph! If it’s me, I will give more passionate words!” (Cardeas)

“That’s not it. No, that is important, but quickly look at the end.” (Lifell)

“Hmmm… what? We overdid it!? It was splendidly written, but… as expected, you’re not happy with the ‘saintess’?” (Cardeas)

“If ‘saintess’ is no good… it should be ‘Angel’! Because that child is our angel!” (Lifell)

“That’s it!” (Cardeas)

“Reese-sama… she’s going to have a hard time.” (Senia)

“I can’t stop them. I’m sorry, Reese-sama.” (Melt)

The criminal was not one, but both of them.



Extra/Bonus 2


One day, it suddenly came to me when I was brushing Hokuto.

Hokuto… can he swim?

And then, I made a demonstration for him, but…




A violent splash of water was made, Hokuto was swimming and it was entirely like a motorboat.

Although it wasn’t up to the speed of the real machine, the moment of water splashing wasn’t lose at all.



“After all, it is because of dog paddle, huh?” (Sirius)

It was a cute appearance if you close your eyes at the speed and splashes of water.

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