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As a Parent, As an Attendant

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“Look, it’s here.” (Sirius)

“Nyaa!” (Noir)

Few days after Noir declared that she wanted to become Reus’ attendant.

After today’s business was over, I left the cleaning up to Dee, and returned to the living room which was the living space of the shop. And then, I played with Noir.

There are plenty of ways to make friend when the hostility against me has disappeared. I was able to make friend with her by luring with foods and talking about Reus, until I could play with Noir.

“Alright, this time is here.” (Sirius)

“Nyaa!” (Noir)

“Sirius-san…” (Reese)

“What is it?” (Sirius)

“That… I think that is somehow strange or is it my imagination?” (Reese)

I was playing with Noir by waving a green foxtail, but why did you say it was strange? Noir was having so much fun trying to catch the tip of the green foxtail.

“But Reese-nee, Noir seems enjoy this a lot, so isn’t it good?” (Reus)

“Looking at cute Noir-chan makes me want to play with Sirius-sama, how envy I am.” (Emilia)

“It’s not that I don’t understand the feeling, but I feel something different…” (Reese)

It doesn’t require a lot of running, but for the siblings, they think it’s similar to Frisbee playing.

While continuing to play for a while and trying to get used to this new toy, Noel and Dee came.

“Sirius-sama, can we have a talk… eh? Oh you Noir-chan, I’m glad you’re playing with Sirius-sama.” (Noel)

“Yeah, I don’t understand why, but it is really fun! Okaa-san, do you want to play too?” (Noir)

“I also want to play, but before that, I have important things to talk, so that will be later. Talk… between Sirius-sama… and us…” (Noel)

Although Noir was listening like an adult, too bad, her eyes were nailing the ball that I was rolling. Since she continued looking at it for a while, when I rolled it over Noel’s feet… her instinct went beyond reason.

“Nyaa!” (Noir)

“Noir-chan! It’s here!” (Noel)

It became a heartwarming scene where a mother and her daughter happily kittened on the ball together.

Well… as the mood got better, I thought about getting to the point.

“Sirius-sama. I have something important to discuss… but would it be better to have that later?” (Noel)

“No, it’s fine now, so just say it. The thing is we consider to go on a trip soon.” (Sirius)

“”Eh!?”” (Noel/Noir)

Dee was somehow realized it, but Noel and Noir were surprised to the point they stopped playing the ball. Leaving the ball, Noel came close to me with sorrowful eyes.

“It hasn’t been half a month, isn’t it!? Although you made a friend with Noir with great pains, please stay a little bit more.” (Noel)

“I’m not in hurry, but I feel I can’t leave if it’s too long. I want you to understand that.” (Serius)

“That’s… right. It is Sirius-sama’s dream to travel around the world…” (Noel)

Noel seemed to be convinced when she said it with such a serious expression.

Noel thought of me as a family, and because of that, she wanted to stay together with me all the way. However, when Noel remembered the things I wanted to do, she realized that she shouldn’t become a hindrance.

Anyhow, rather than Noel, the child, Noir was not able to understand. Although she was young, she was aware about farewells. She ran and jumped into Reus’ chest while crying. At that moment, let’s not see that Dee’s eyebrow was moving slightly.

“Reus-sama… are you going to leave?” (Noir)

“It’s not going to happen soon, but yeah.” (Reus)

“I don’t want it. It is difficult to be an attendant… but I don’t want you to leave.” (Noir)

“I’m sorry. I am Aniki’s disciple and attendant, and I never think about separating from him.” (Reus)

“Auu…” (Noir)

Noir buried her face on Reus’ chest as she continued crying, but after a while, she fell asleep with a quiet sleeping breath. The gloomy mood was slightly became better with the cuteness of her sleeping face.

“I’m sorry Reus-kun. I will properly persuade Noir-chan later.” (Noel)

“I leave it to you, Noel-nee. But you know, I understand Noir’s pain. If I separated from Aniki… I just do not want to imagine it.” (Reus)

“I think I also can’t stand it. Sirius-sama, please don’t disappear as you please.” (Emilia)

“As long as you guys do not want to leave, I have no plan to be gone on my own.” (Sirius)

The siblings was relieved at those words. Well, I had declared in the past that I won’t leave them until I died.

Even if I disappear somehow, I feel that the siblings are likely to find me no matter what. With the sister that abnormally sensitive to my odor, and combined with the abnormally sharp intuition of the brother, wouldn’t they easily find me? On the contrary, she also said not to run away.

Dee was sadly stared at me after hearing about parting, but he nodded with a serious look. Yeah, as a backbone of the family, you can’t show the depressed appearance.

“Sirius-sama, please feel free doing whatever you want. While protecting Noel and the rest, I am looking forward to see you again.” (Dee)

“Yes, we will come back again. Noir will grow big at that time, so I am expecting her to be a splendid attendant.” (Sirius)

“Yes! I will bring her up so that she won’t be an embarrassment wherever she goes, please look forward to it.” (Dee)

After that, we discussed for a while and we decided to begin a trip in five days.

Honestly, I was ready to go on a trip anytime. It’s possible to depart in a day if we take over the carriage deposited in the Galgan Company, but there is a reason for doing it on the fifth day.

They were surprised as if they were caught off guard when I told that I won’t leave until I completed that, but they were pleased about the matter.

I started preparing for the upcoming arrangement while watching Noir rested peacefully.

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“Fuuhh… Is it something like that?” (Noel)

Two days passed since then, and we were working in the kitchen.

There was armful of iron plates in front of us, and I was in the middle of drawing magic formations on the plates.

“Dee-nii, I will take out this old shelf outside.” (Reus)

“Please. Alad, hold that cooking wares.” (Dee)

“Understood. Reus, I will help since it’s heavy… eh, with one hand!?” (Alad)

“I will start cleaning after the place become less crowded.” (Emilia)

The [Erina’s Dining Room] was closed for today, and a large renovation work was done in the kitchen.

There was no fatal defects since it was built for few years, but I thought about doing the refurbishment in order to reduce Dee’s burden.

As for me, who had seen restaurants in the previous world, I found there were some unnecessary parts and inefficiencies when I was helping in the kitchen of this world. Then, I gathered them together and informed it to Dee, and suggested to remodel the kitchen.

Actually, Dee himself also seemed to worry about it, but it took time and money to do the construction. Plus, he said he gave up because a large amount of gold coins were necessary even with just specialized magic formation and stoves.

If that was the case, I planned to remodel it with our own hands. Far from ordinary, since I was specialized in drawing magic formations and had Reus taking charge of the physical labor, I thought it could be done in a day if it was only a kitchen.

Thus, the owner, Dee gave his permission and the remodeling of the [Erina’s Dining Room] began.

Oversaw by Dee, Reus and Arad took out the big things outside, Emilia  was entrusted with cleanings and chores while Reese and other women went out to buy minor items.

In the meantime, a woman with a chisel and a hammer talked to me when I was drawing magic formation on a plate outside the shop.

“Sirius-kun, I’ve made it.” (Stella)

“Aah, good work. You’ve made it fast.” (Sirius)

“Since I live on this, I will be embarrassed if I don’t finish things as ordered soon.” (Stella)

I was worried to leave the remodeling to the amateurs, so Stella, who was Noel’s mother and who work in building industry, had helped me this time.

Even though she was busy with work, she gave immediate reply when I went to consult with her. She said it was natural to help with her daughter and her son-in-law’s store. She was a very reliable being as she came and laughed heartily.

I asked her to make the ‘pillar’ of the kitchen, which was the stove, and she seemed to make it in few hours.

I was guided by Stella-san to see the sculpture of a big stone and to examine the stove, and it seemed that there was no problem as long as I could see the balance of the stove body and its height.

“As what you had ordered, I made it higher than before and made a groove… so what do you think?” (Stella)

“It’s perfect. That’s what I want.” (Sirius)

She had properly made it according to my instruction, and it was finished without complaints.

In order to arrange it immediately, I called Reus who finished carrying the shelves outside.

“Reus, come here. Bring this to the kitchen.” (Sirius)

“Got it, Aniki. One, two…!” (Reus)

I thought the weight of the stove was probably several hundred of kilograms, so Reus and I activated [Boost] and carried it.

After finished arranging it, I brought the iron plate that was drawn with my magic formation and fitted into the groove.

The stove that I made this time wasn’t only had traditional functions, but also an improved heat magic formation that I learned in the school and with the addition of electric stove that was in my previous life. This wasn’t for heating, but for keeping the warmth of the pre-made dishes.

It is enough to absorb the mana in the atmosphere for keeping a warm temperature. However, when it comes to the amount of heat used for cooking, the amount of mana is intense and it is useless unless you keep supplying mana. Instead of me, if an ordinary person uses it, they won’t last for a single day.

If the magic stove doesn’t work like an electric stove because the magic formation is deteriorated and unusable, I made a reusable cartridge type just by replacing the plate drawn with magic formation.

Of course I sold this technology and magic formation to the Galgan Company, so the magical cooking stove and the replacement plate would be on sale. In this regard, I discussed with the Galgan Company along with Dee, and it was decided that this store would be the pilot store that used magic stove. Since I was more or less received some money, I made fine adjustment to the furnishings of the store.

After that, I increased the base of the fire so that they can put the pot at the same time, and reproduced the convenient mechanism seen in the previous life’s restaurants. Therefore, it should have been much more efficient than the kitchen yesterday.

When Reus and I finished arranging the stoves together, Emilia immediately came and started cleaning up. Since they planned to use it on full scale tomorrow, I arranged it so that it can be use at anytime soon.

Stella-san was impressed when she looked at us.

“Hmmm… I thought it would take two or three days at the earliest, but indeed it would seem to be completed in a day. I’d like to make my kids learn the strength and the skills of your hands.” (Stella)

Stella-san muttered it while watching Arad, who was exhausted by physical labors, in a glance. I think that’s normal, because we are abnormal.

“Hehe, I won’t be called as Aniki’s disciple if I can’t do this much.” (Reus)

“In my opinion, Stella-san is the amazing one.” (Sirius)

“Hahaha, what are you talking about to an Obaa-san who gave her job to the juniors? Ah, can you hold this?” (Stella)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

No, this person was really amazing. She made the shelves to attached to the wall, and that contributed to the factor of getting assistance from Hokuto who gathered awe and reverence.

Since Hokuto skillfully used his forefoot to hold the board, an indescribable scene was displayed.

Meanwhile, Emilia finished cleaning up, and I was called by Dee, who was testing the ease of use of the new stove, and he told me his impression.

“This is good. Compared to the regular stove, this one has more uniform fire distribution and the heat adjustment become easier.” (Dee)

“There seems to be no problem. Shall I make lunch for everyone at once?” (Sirius)

“That’s right. I will prepare the ingredients right away.” (Dee)

We’d been working throughout the morning, so it was good to prepare the lunch soon.

I began preparing the lunch together with Dee, and the ladies, who went out for shopping a while ago, came back.

“I’m back.” (Noel)

“Welcome back. Did you get all the necessary stuff?” (Sirius)

“All good, Sirius-sama! Ah, is that the new stove? Besides, this smell… is it a curry!?” (Noel)

“Ooh, I’ve prepared the sweet one for Noir. I will finish it soon, so wash your hands and wait.” (Sirius)

“Yeay!” (Noir)

Since Noir obediently replied to my words, she was also someone I wanted to entertain. I proceeded with the preparation while looking at the mother and daughter who went to wash their hands, without knowing which one was the child.

When I cut made toppings such as small cutlets and hamburgers while stewing the curry, Dee was watching me with a wondering look.

“Sirius-sama. Although it is a curry, is it necessary to make a variety?” (Dee)

“No, these are for the toppings. Before you prepare the curry, take each person’s request and put it on their curry.” (Sirius)

“I see, that is to meet the customer’s request, isn’t it?” (Dee)

“Besides, it might be a good idea to make a survey such as day for curry dishes, or put the best selling on the regular menu.” (Sirius)

“…I’m learning something.” (Dee)

I think Erina’s Dining Room will still be prosper even if he doesn’t do that, but… there is no loss to teach him various surprise methods. Dee nodded with the good idea, and he took notes in a hurry.

Originally, I started thinking that it would be lonely only with curry, but since he was unusually absorbed in, I just rode along with him.

I made it too much… and I didn’t think about it at all. Anyway, there are three who ate a lot in the house. If I’m going to take a request, there will be no difference if I take it altogether.

Then, it was time for lunch, and I asked for the request from everyone who sit on a table in the dining room…

“Cheese and egg please.” (Emilia)

“Uhmm… Karaage!” (Noir)

“””Everything!””” (Reus/Reese/Noel)

… Hey.

I prepared for the curry while bitterly smile at the three people, Reus, Reese and Noel, who raised their hands as if breaking through the sky

All of them were lined up on the table, and Stella-san was sighting with an astonished look when looking at Noel who began eating pleasantly with the full volume of curry.

“Noel… can you really eat it? You had a couple of bread this morning.” (Stella)

“I am fine if it is this much, Okaa-san. Since Sirius-sama and your dishes are delicious, I will eat as much as possible.” (Noel)

“Yeah! And Obaa-chan too, right?” (Noir)

“Hahaha, Noir is right. It is tasty.” (Stella)

Stella-san gently brushed her granddaughter’s head with narrowed eyes. But when she looked at Noel, her astonished look returned.

“It is fine for Noir since she is a child, but aren’t you are over eating? You’ll get fat, you know?” (Stella)

“Eh!?” (Noel)

Noel’s movement stopped at the right moment, but the spoon started moving again, probably because she couldn’t resist the charm of the curry.

Stella-san shook her head without saying anything more, but Dee was answering with a firm look.

“It is alright, Stella-san. Even if she is fat, Noel is still Noel.” (Dee)

“Dear… is that an assumption that I will get fat?” (Noel)

“…If you continue as it is, I think that is probable.” (Dee)

“Gafuuu! T-this is bad. But I can’t stop when it is tasty! What should I do, Sirius-sama!? (Neol)

“Hey, do you think I’ll be the one in trouble?” (Sirius)

Well, it was because I cook the dishes, and since I felt like giving some ideas, let’s just went along with it.

“Were you begin eating alot recently? And how much did you eat previously, Noel?” (Sirius)

“Previous, it was enough with a plate.” (Noel)

“Hmmm… you have already eaten two plates, but are you going to eat more?” (Sirius)

“Yes! Although this is delicious, it can’t be helped since I am hungry.” (Noel)

Ordinary person will have enough if they pull all of the toppings on their dishes. Even though the inhabitants of this world have huge meal consumption, it seems to be abnormal when it is increased nearly twice as much as before.

Dee was probably still worried, and I was the only one hearing him when he slowly muttered.

“Sirius-sama, maybe Noel is sick?” (Dee)

“There are two people who eat a lot in the vicinity, so I see nothing but someone who eats a lot…” (Sirius)

The standard went out of order when looking how much Reus and Reese ate. In the first place, is there any sickness that make you eat a lot?

I remembered the sickness, but I hadn’t do any physical examination on Noel and others since I came here. Since they were a healthy family who appeared had no collection with an illness, I just checked with [Scan] after meeting them.

Dee appeared to be worried, so let’s do thorough [Scan] this time.

“Noel, I will check whether there is no abnormality, so do not move a bit.” (Sirius)

“Eh, there are no painful places, but go ahead. Oh, I’d like to ask for another helping in the meantime.” (Noel)

“Dee-nii, I want more.” (Reus)

“Dee-san, another please.” (Reese)

“Wait a sec.” (Dee)

While Dee prepared the helpings for the gluttons in another place, I focus my senses and invoked [Scan]

Simple [Scan] which I normally do is like viewing the entirety, the one that I used this time was to thoroughly examine the cells of the internal organs, and from the head to the toes.

As I spread a serious atmosphere, everyone stopped eating and kept watching breathlessly. Although they were looking at me, there were two people who didn’t stop their eating hands… but i didn’t mind.

“…I see.” (Sirius)

“Uhmm… why are you making such a serious face?” (Noel)

“You don’t have to worry because it is not a sickness. Rather than saying you are hungry, didn’t you happen to eat a lot recently?” (Sirius)

“That’s right. But, it is because Sirius-sama’s dishes are tasty.” (Noel)

What left to me was that since I had compared the present conditions with the knowledge of a book that I checked in the past… it seemed there was no mistake.

The situations where a beastkin’s meals consumption increases were varied, but from the reaction that I felt from Noel’s stomach was…

“Congratulation.” (Sirius)

“Fuee!? (Noel)

“Si-sirius-sama? Could that be…” (Dee)

“Yes, there is a new life in Noel’s stomach. Congratulations Noel, and Dee. That is your second child.” (Sirius)

She probably had it even before we came or stayed, and she didn’t realized about it since it was in the early stage. Besides, since she felt nostalgic about my dish, she misunderstood the reason why she ate a lot.

The two, who listened to the matter of the new baby, hardened for a while. Instead of them, the family member, Nokia, Emilia and the rest were reacting first.

“Congratulations, Onee-chan. Dee-san. There are new family member.” (Emilia)

“That’s great, Noel-nee! Dee-nii! Today is a celebration!” (Reus)

“Congratulations, Noel-san, Dee-san. Haa… I am somehow seeing an amazing situation.” (Reese)

“Congratulations, Aneki! That’s really great, Dee-san!” (Alad)

“Hey, are you listening, Nee-chan!? It’s the second one, you know. The second one!” (Nokia)

“I-I’m listening. Err… is it true?” (Noel)

She looked at me as if she couldn’t believe it, but I nodded and made a smile.

Whether Dee finally could understand the reality, he suddenly lifted Noel up and spun around.

“Yeay… that’s great Noel! You did well!” (Dee)

“Wawaa!? Oh you… my dear. Yeah… I did it!” (Noel)

It was unusual to see Dee in frenzy appearance until now, but he was very happy.

He was spinning around for a while until he noticed that it became a burden to Noel, so he hurriedly put her down. Since it was still in the early stage before the body became slumped, it was not necessary to be impatient.

He explained to Noir, who vaguely understood what was going on, while still embracing Noel.

“Okaa-san will give birth to Noir-chans’s brother or sister. In short, Noir-chan will become an Onee-chan.” (Dee)

“Onee-chan… I am an Onee-chan!?” (Noir)

“Yeah! Banzai!” (Noel)

“Banzai!” (Noir)

Noir was somehow understood it, she and Noel happily raised their hands together.

They were in high spirits for a while and when it became calm, Noel returned to her seats as if she remembered it, and began eating another helping of curry with a refreshed feeling.

I wanted to be amazed at her who could began eating immediately while having a child, but she had sufficient reason.

When a human carry a child, it is common that the eating habits changed and their physical condition deteriorates, but in the case of beastkin, they will eat anyway.

It is almost unrelated to morning sickness, and their physical condition getting poor during pregnancy is much lighter compared to the human. Anyway, it seems they are afflicted with hunger, but all the nutrition they eat almost all flows to the child.

Whether that will be good for each person, neither will change the hardship.

“I missed Sirius-sama’s dishes and I was wondering why the amount of meals increased more than usual. When I think about it carefully, it was a situation similar to before.” (Noel)

“Well, since the symptoms are coming out, you will eventually notice it in few days even if you don’t want it. Whatever it is, eat without hesitation.” (Sirius)

“Yes! I am really happy, with my husband and my master who makes delicious meals.” (Noel)

There seems to be quite a lot of beastkin who are having premature babies due to insufficient nutrition, but looking at Noir, there is no need to worry about that. It is an evidence that Dee was working hard.

He has to think about balancing the volume and nutrition for the meals in the future. When I was thinking about teaching Dee about meals with high nutrition, Stella-san, who didn’t say anything, approached Noel and put her hand on Noel’s head.

“Goodness… Although the second child will be born, you will not change…” (Stella)

“Excuse me! I have changed! After giving birth to Noir, don’t you notice that I am gleamed and overflowed with maternal instinct?” (Noel)

“From my point of view, it’s still too early. Oh well… Congratulations, Noel. Since it’s going to be hard when the number is increasing, it is likely that I will have more opportunities to come here.” (Stella)

“Aah, I saw Okaa-san’s motive. If you want to see your grandchild’s face, it is fine to just come to see unreservedly. You’re still trying to pretend in front of me, huh.” (Noel)

“Don’t you get carried away.” (Stella)

She hit Noel with exasperated expression, but the mother’s desire that firmly wish for her child’s happiness was displayed in her eyes. Regardless of the way they communicated, I think that they had good mother and daughter relationships by looking at those two who were laughing.

Stella-san was delighted even though she was countered by Noel, but she grumbled after looking sideways at the rest of her children.

“Haaa… for this foolish girl to bear a second child, what have you guys been doing down there? When will you show me grandchildren?” (Stella)

“Ooh, I have decided to be with cooking.” (Alad)

“…I have nothing to say, Okaa-san.” (Nokia)

Although Alad said he choose cooking, Noel told me the truth that he was secretly dating a girl in the town.

It seemed Nokia was longing for Dee, but she had given up after looking how he was being lovey-dovey with Noel. Since then, she had been pursuing an ideal man for herself.

Nonetheless, she will have meetings if she works as a waitress, and I’m sure she will be able to meet her ideal man one day… maybe.

“Now now, Nokia-chan is cute, so she absolutely can meet good man.” (Noel)

“Kuhh! I hate that smile on your whole face! I will definitely be happier than Onee-chan!” (Nokia)

“Fufufu, I wonder if you can win over Onee-chan’s happiness? Well then, I want another helping for the baby.” (Noel)

“Me too, another please.” (Reese)

“I also won’t lose. I want more!” (Reus)

“This not a match.” (Sirius)

I noticed Dee’s expression were stiffened when I served helpings while astounded with Reus’ words.

Could it be that, he was anxious like when we parted in Almest? When I wondered whether I should deliver the punch, I met Dee’s eyes.

“Is there anything on my face?” (Dee)

“No… I think you will have more difficulties from now on. Are you ready for it, Dee?” (Sirius)

“It’s… alright. Uhmm, there is no need for Sirius-sama to hit my belly anymore.” (Dee)

“Aren’t you going to say something? Protect the family strongly, Otou-san.” (Noir)

“Yes!” (Dee)

Despite of being married and able to have children, Dee’s eyes were still like a glare, but the expression he showed was completely like on the face of a father.

We continued working after the lunch, and the kitchen refurbishment was successfully completed within that day.

The heat adjustment became easier, the number of pots to be left on the stove increased and a big refrigerator that holds ingredients. Trivial things were eliminated, the space was widened on the whole and the burden of cooking in the future should have greatly decreased.

A big party was held on the evening to celebrate the completion of the kitchen and the Noel and Dee’s new child.

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Three days later… the day of our departure arrived.

We picked up our carriage from the Galgan Company, and then we stood up side by side in front of the Erina’s Dining Room and said goodbye.

Since the time was still too early to prepare ingredients in the morning, Dee, Noel, Noir and also Stella-san gathered to see us off.

I was wearing my usual long coat and Dee handed me a big basket when I was checking the equipment.

“Sirius-sama, here is the box lunches. Please have it in the middle of the trip.” (Dee)

“I’m sorry. It feels lonely when I think that I can’t eat Dee’s dishes for a while.” (Sirius)

“Have you forgotten anything? And won’t you stay a bit more?” (Noel)

“It’s a bit too late saying that now. And our preparation is complete.” (Sirius)

“Please don’t worry because I have double confirmed the preparation. Onee-chan… take care of yourself.” (Emilia)

“Thank you for your help. Noel…Onee-san, I pray for wonderful baby to be born.” (Reese)

“Of course! I will give birth to a healthy baby, so please come and treat the child like Noir next time.

“Yes, I’m looking forward to that.” (Reese)

I noticed that Reese, who made friend with Noel, shook their hands similar like between Noel and Emilia. After she finished shaking hands with everyone, she led Noir, who stood at a slightly distance away, to the front.

“Come, Noir-chan. If you don’t say it now, you will regret it.” (Noel)

“Yeah. Say… Reus-sama…” (Noir)

“What is it?” (Reus)

“I… will become stronger for Reus-sama. And I will make delicious meals! So… so… until I become your attendant, and grow bigger… please…” (Noir)

Maybe it was because she was shy, her voice was getting smaller and smaller. The last part was close to the hoarse voice and I could not catch it.

Since I had a habit of trying to listen to such things so that I won’t miss it, I instantly strengthened my hearing, but… how about Reus?

“I didn’t hear the last part well, but I’m looking forward to it. But, do not push yourself. I will be sad if Noir collapsed.” (Reus)

…Unfortunately, it looked like he didn’t hear it. After all, Reus is a tough opponent.

Nonetheless, Reus probably contented with Noir’s favor. He was smiling at us while caressing Noir’s head. Noir was depressed until then, but when Reus caressed her head, she displayed a smile.

I thought she was going to cry a lot, but with the encouragement from Reus and the fact that she would become an older sister seemed to strengthen her.

It was probably depressing, but this one also would grow well. You will become stronger after going through various experiences, so good luck at throwing everything out in your chest when you meet him again.

“Let’s depart, Hokuto.” (Sirius)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

The carriage advanced with my order, and the[ Erina’s Dining Room] became more distant.

It was a short period of time, but the days we spent with Noel and Dee in that dining room were as if they had returned home.

I do not have a home to return, but the place where those guys are reminding me the place where I can return.

When I looked back, Noel and Noir kept waving their hands even until our figure disappeared.

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We were going out from the Aurum town and heading to the main road, but as I expected, the mood was a bit gloomy after the parting.

I thought that I would be better to have some time before starting the training while moving. When I was looking at the scenery while sitting on the coachman seat, Hokuto turned his head to me while pulling the carriage. Apparently, he seemed to worry about me, so I put up a smile to reassure him.

“It’s alright, Hokuto. You know me too well, don’t you?” (Sirius)

“Woof…” (Hokuto)

“Good grief, you don’t have to worry so much.” (Sirius)

I was smiling bitter at the worried faithful dog, and Emilia and Reese, who were resting inside the carriage, came and sat next to me. Although they were smiling, they were not able to hide the loneliness due to parting.

It was a quiet moment for quite a while and not a single word was spoken… and when the town became completely disappeared, they began to talk bit by bit.

“…As expected, being apart is lonely.” (Emilia)

“That’s right. It became more lonely when Noel-san, Dee-san, and everyone else was good people.” (Reese)

“Sirius-sama… don’t you miss them?” (Emilia)

Emilia asked while looking at my face, but I didn’t mind being asked with such a matter.

“What are you saying, do you think I miss them?” (Sirius)

“Yeah, that’s right, isn’t it? And, you look fine…” (Emilia)

“Although I am looking fine on the surface, I surely miss them, you know? Besides, this is a farewell that we can meet them again. It is not an eternal farewell. Therefore, there is no need to feel lonely that far.” (Sirius)

“Oh, that’s true. It will be fine if we see them again, right?” (Emilia)

“Yeah. In the first place, Aurum is a peaceful town. Noel and Dee can take on if the opponent is at the level of intermediate adventurer. So, there’s no point worrying.” (Sirius)

I looked around while I was staying there, and I didn’t hear such matters like underworld organization sneaked in, plot from dark organization and anyone targeting Noel and others. I also infiltrated the lord that govern the town to confirm it with my own eyes, but he turned out to be a decent person as rumored.

[Erina’s Dining Room] would be safe unless a major incident happens that involves the whole town of Aurum.

“Leaving that matter aside, now it is about us. Noel will be safe, but for us, it is regrettable if something happen. We will start the training in the afternoon, so please rearrange your feelings.” (Sirius)

“Yes. Aniki is right, Nee-chan.” (Reus)

Reus, who was maintaining the sword in the carriage, was the first one to agree. You’re switching fast… No, are you saying you are resembling me?

“Reus is amazing. I still can’t stand looking when Noir was crying…” (Reus)

“No no, I really miss Noel-nee and Dee-nii after departing from them, you know? It is because Aniki and Nee-chan are next to me. So, I won’t miss them that much.” (Reus)

“Haa… I’m happy, but be a little more sorry. Noir-chan is a child who likes you.” (Emilia)

“Eh? Noir is still a child, so she is only yearning, not liking, Onee-chan. The present feelings will disappear when she grows up, isn’t it?” (Reus)

“You’re taking it lightly, Reus. Since she is a child, the degree of the feeling that girls can hide is amazing. Look at me.” (Emilia)

The reply uttered by Emilia was extraordinarily persuasive. She was gradually looking at me. For the time being, I brushed her head, and that made her swung her tail.

“Haha, that’s because it is Nee-chan, right? Besides, the other person is Aniki, isn’t that normal?” (Reus)

“…He still has long way to go.” (Sirius)

“…Yeah.” (Emilia)

“We must do something about him.” (Reese)

While sighing at Reus who smiled heartily, the carriage which we rode went on the main road.

The plan from now on is to drop by at the town where Reese was born. And the reason is to visit the grave of Reese’s mother, Laura.

My business is down, and next is for Emilia and Reus. Thus, it would be unfair if Reese is not visiting the grave.

After that, we headed to a port town in the vicinity, and finally leaving for our aim, the Aldrodo Continent.

Later… let’s think about after arriving at the continent.

For us, the main thing to do is to leisurely look around for a village of silver wolf tribe.

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And then, when the time already became noon, we stopped the carriage and had a lunch.

The lunch we were eating were of course handed by Dee, but I noticed something contained when Emilia prepared it.

“Sirius-sama, please look at this.” (Emilia)

There were three letters written with short sentences that were handed to me.

The contents were…

[Please take care. I am praying for your safety] (Dee)

[Please come back anytime. We’ll be waiting.] (Noel)

“Isn’t it a quite smart thing to do?” (Sirius)

“Aah, please look at this, Sirius-san. This one is from Noir-chan.” (Reese)

“That’s true. Come and read this, Reus. It is for you.” (Emilia)

“From Noir? What is it?” (Reus)

[When I grow up, please make me to be your bride.] (Noel)

It was the part that couldn’t be heard during the parting.

It could be because of Noel’s suggestion, but it was a sentence which she properly understood Reus’ nature that he won’t understand unless it was clearly conveyed.

Well, how is Reus’s reaction, who knew the confession from Noir?

“…Bride? Isn’t she going to make meals?” (Reus)

It goes without saying that he was beaten quite seriously by the two sisters.

I am confident about the education of fighting, but how did I make mistakes in the education on the opposite sex?

I was reconsidering about Reus’ educational objective while picking up Erina’s sandwich in the boxed lunch which was the main menu of [Erina’s Dining Room].




Sirius-sama had left.

I asked you to stay at that time… but to be honest, I want you to stay by, same way as Noel.

However, Sirius-sama is a great existence who will play an active role in the world, and he is not the person who want to seclude himself with us. Noel and I don’t have strength like Emilia and Reus, and we certainly will become a burden.

In the past, I decided that that person and me were two different existences, and I thought that when he grew up, he would leave me if my assistance were no longer needed.

However, Erina said to me that I was the one who loss his way.

[Even if we don’t have strength, there surely will be a time when we will be needed by Sirius-sama. Even if you feel miserable or become a burden, I want you to fully prepared for that time. That’s what it mean of being an attendant.] (Erina)

So… I will wait until now.

And if that person wants it, I am determined to come running at any time.

Then, Stella-san, Nokia and Alad quickly returned to work, but surely they must have disappeared for us.

I confirmed that there was nobody in the vicinity, and then I tap Noel’s and Noir’s shoulders, who still kept waving their hands.

“Dear. …It is fine already, right?” (Noel)

“Otou-san…” (Noir)

“Yes…” (Dee)

And then, I hugged my wife and daughter who jumped into my chest and started crying.

I will definitely protect these lovely existence.

That is the gratitude to that person who thinks that we are family members, and because it is my desire.

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A while after Sirius left, there was one big shadow approaching Erina’s Dining Room.


The magic of Noel is rising up! (Program)

Dee’s cooking kitchen knife cuts the darkness! (Maybe)

As for Noir’s bride training, wrinkles are gathered between Dee’s eyebrows. (Not much related)


(Author: Next time… [G] will appears in Erina’s Dining Room. )



Extra/Bonus 1


“Another please.” (Reese) (TLN: Okawari onegaishimasu)

“I want more, Aniki!” (Reus)

“Another please.” (Reese) (TLN: Okawari onegaishimasu)

“Dee-nii, give me more.” (Reus)

“Another (getting shorter).” (Noel) (TLN: Okawari)

“Fuu… it was delicious. I’m full.” (Reus)

“Ano-..(and shorter)” (Noel) (TLN: Okawa)

“…” (Reus)

“A-..(and shorter)” (Noel) (TLN: O)

“Reese-nee, by the way, it is because of a beastkin, not a baby, isn’t it?” (Reus)

“Eh? It isn’t like that. Look, I have no ears and tails, right?” (Reese)

“But why can you eat so much?” (Reus)

“Hmm… I’m not sure. Aah, Tou-sama eat more than me. I usually keep it down, but Nee-sama was lamenting that all ingredients in the kitchen at the castle had disappeared when we were eating all out. Therefore, we were forbid from eating like that.” (Reese)

“Is it because Reese’ inherent…?” (Sirius?)



Extra/Bonus 2


Emilia and Reese finally snapped out at Reus who read Noir’s letter and his bursting natural airhead.

“Act properly! Becoming a bride is very important for a girl!” (Emilia)

“If you don’t understand… I make you understand!” (Reese)

“Err… Nee-chan? Reese-nee? You both are somehow amazingly scary… gyaaaahhh!” (Reus)


One hour later…

“BRIDE IS IMPORTANT…. NOIR IS IMPORTANT… MAKE HER… A BRIDE” (Reus) (TLN: It was all written in katakana)

“He was splendidly brainwashed again. With this… is it?” (Emilia)


“…” (Emilia)

“…” (Emilia)

“…You guys, why are you turning away? Look here.” (Sirius)


By the way, Reus was recovered on the next day.

It seemed he had no memory on the brainwashing.


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(Author: It is a sequel, but with slight setting.)


The oven which Sirius used to back cakes is not used every day, and the calorific value is maintain since it is not used for long time.

Since one has to pour mana to bake it to cover the mana insufficiency, cakes can’t be mass-produced.

In the case of Sirius, he makes it for disciples and individuals, and not for mass produced, but since the person himself has an inexhaustible mana, the oven can be used forever.

Rodwell and Magna are helping with the mana at Elysion’s Galgan Company, and they have to do it in order to have their own share of cakes.

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