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Head of the Gargan company

The closest town to our home, Armesto.

Be that as it may, Dee and Noel said that it’s the town they come to for shopping, it’s also here that they used to sell Elena’s medicine. It’s a town that has been crucial in our daily lives.

Heaving left the house early in the morning, we finally arrived at Armesto, just before noon.
As soon as we reached the town, Dee parted from us, heading towards his customers’ side so as to secure a means of transport. As for the rest of us, after wandering leisurely through the town, we had merged in one of the town’s restaurants where we were currently eating lunch.

【”Come to think of it, this is your first time visiting a town, isn’t it?”】(Noel)

Wearing a hood low over her eyes, Noel questioned the siblings, who were wearing similar hoods. Naturally, they are keeping their hoods on so that the fact that they’re beastkins won’t be exposed, but when a group of three people does that, doesn’t it actually make them stand out even more?

【”No, it’s not our first time. We did several times when we were slaves. However, we weren’t able to see the streets because we were in a carriage all through the visits.”】(Emilia)

Even though they were speaking of painful times, I didn’t feel any sorrow in the brother and sister’s expressions, I guess that’s proof that their minds have strengthened.

【”I see. Then it wasn’t odd for you to look around restlessly like that.”】(Noel)

【”It was mysterious, the various people, the various smells blending together.”】(Emliia)

【”So even big sis Noel had such times, huh”】(Emilia)
【”It’s only natural, isn’t it? I mean, I noticed how you two have been holding Sirius-sama’s clothes.”】(Noel)

That’s right. Though the siblings are away from me right now due to our siting positions, they kept on holding onto my sleeves from the moment we arrived at the town. They might be somewhat distrustful of humans because of their time as slaves. That being the case, they’ve been completely stretching my sleeves, so I’d like them to get used to being in towns and all, as soon as possible.

【”That’s…. It’s filled with people so I can’t calm down. But when I’m wtih Sirius-sama, I can compose myself.”】(Emilia)

【”That’s experience, I’ve been to more populated towns.”】(Sirius)

After tasting the man avalanches that were the pedestrian scrambles in the cities of my previous life, a population density like this one feels light.

【”People are everywhere, you had better get used to it soon. Besides, you two could thoroughly win against any of the adventurers around here. Have some self-confidence.”】(Sirius)

【”Yeah, if that many people were like you and the old man, it would be scary. Anyway, this is…”】(Reus)

Extending his chopsticks to the meat and the fried vegetables we ordered, Reus was titling his head in confusion. He didn’t stop eating, but it certainly didn’t make it seem very tasty.

【”It’s completely different from the things that big brother and big bro Dee usually make.”】(Reus)

【”Ahaha… that’s not it you two. This isn’t bad, it’s just that Sirius-sama and Dee are amazing.”】(Noel)

I guess it’s because, besides the fact that the heating wasn’t done uniformly, the food wasn’t parboiled. They’ve cheated using salt and pepper to give taste to the vegetables, and they made the dish by putting forward the taste of the meat only. It was made sloppily, but it does have some taste to it so it isn’t bad. (TLN: Confession time: I have no idea what any of this means, I hope it makes some kind of sense)

【”I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.”】(Dee)

Around the time we finished eating our meals, Dee appeared accompanied by a certain man.
He has tawny short hair, a black eye-patch on his left eye, and tough he’s a little plump, his body build is that of a healthy looking man.

【”Sirius-sama, this is Gad, a former adventurer companion of mine.”】(Dee)

【”Nice to meet you, too. My name is Sirius.”】(Sirius)

I shook the hand he held out to me, and it was missing a little finger. Moreover, on that dominant hand of his, I felt traces that came from the continuous grasp of a weapon, judging from that, he’s probably an adventurer who retired because of an injury, just like Dee.

【”I’ve heard from Dee, you bought our medicine and you lent us some things we needed, too, right? Please allow me to thank you again.”】(Sirius)

【”Right? And that Yakisoba you spoke so highly of, it’s from Sirius-sama that I’ve learned it.”】(Dee)
【”For real!? For you to have the creativity to cook like that with such a thick and hard to use sauce, I dare say I want to associate with you for decades to come.”】(Gad)

His handshake suddenly strengthens, and he swings my arm up and down. This Gad person feels like the complete opposite of Dee, but since he seems close to him, who’s cautious and untalkative, It should be fine to trust him.

【”Excuse my rudeness, but what kind of relation do you have with Dee?”】(Sirius)”

【”When I  first came shopping  here, I was astonished. I never would have thought you’d be in this town.”】(Dee)
【”Same for me. I was quite surprised when you came shopping as an attendant. You’re my benefactor but I wasn’t expecting much from our trades, and yet, my profits actually did nothing but increase. To you and this mister right here, I’m indebted.”】(Gad)

He has been calling me mister and treating me like a superior. But I’m not an aristocrat anymore, and this is my first time meeting this person, isn’t it?

【”Well, the bottom line is that this fellow is my benefactor and we share an unbreakable bond. Now then, shall we get down to business? You want me to secure a safe carriage, was  that it?”】(Gad)

【”By the end of the day, huh… may I hear the reason? It’s very abrupt.”】(Gad)

Gad-shi is groaning with a bitter face, as expected, maybe going so soon is unreasonable? But we want to leave the town today if possible.
The thing is that we are planning on doing a moonlight flit (It doesn’t have to be at night though), so as to avoid being tailed by Baldomir. I don’t think he’ll come by today or even tomorrow, heck, there might be no  reason to worry at all, but just in case, I want to leave that person’s territory, and fast.

【”Gad-san, If today is impossible then we can do it tomorrow, it’s no problem. I know we’re asking for a big favor here.”】(Dee)

【”What are you blathering about, Gad-san? You’re just thinking of being taught by Sirius-sama or something like that, aren’t you?”】(Noel)

Noel answered him with great timing, as if snarling at him.  She always comes together with Dee to the town, and Gad-shi doesn’t behave like he dislikes beastkins, so I guess they’d  get along well enough to joke with each other.

【”Ahahaha, I’m no match for you, Noel-chan. I was sincere when I said that bidding farewell would feel lonely though. But Dee has been taught various things by him, so I want to be taught, too.”】(Gad)

【”You’re the one who changed Dee to his current self. I can’t possibly think of you as a child, mister, and now that I’ve actually met you, this belief of mine is getting stronger and stronger.”】(Gad)

【”About that, you’re in luck, Dee. I was planning to take a carriage to the east today. Though you’ll be going along with some luggage, I’ll give you a ride.”】(Gad)

【”Rest easy, I’ve got a solution for that too, you came at just the right time. For now, let us go to the carriage station.”】(Gad)

Leaving the restaurant, we headed to the town’s carriage station like Gad invited us to.

There were carriages of various sizes lined up, and among those, there was a carriage with the capacity to hold about eight people. Gad turned towards it.

【”Hey, Zack. You’re done with the preparations?”】(Gad)

At Gad’s voice, a man appeared from inside the carriage. The man was slightly younger than Gad, he didn’t have an eye-patch and his fingers were doing well too, but if one were to line them up next to each other, they would see nothing but siblings of different ages.

【”The preparations are complete, big brother. All that’s left before departing is to wait for the escort, but are we passing up on that? It’s risky, this time’s delivery is likely to get attacked by monsters.”】(Zack)

【”Huh? What’s with that?  Won’t the sales drop?”】(Zack)

【”It can’t be helped. Then you come help as well, big brother.”】(Zack)
【”Alright, alright. Oh, that’s right. Mister, you said you’re heading west, but may I hear where you’re going to?”】(Gad)

Looking over his shoulder, Gad asked me a question with an apologetic look. Though he said he wouldn’t inquire about my motives, I guess it would be difficult for him to explain to Zach where to go without knowing the location.

【”My destination is Elysium.”】(Sirius)

【”Sorry for making you unload your luggage.”】(Sirius)
【”No no no, I mean, it’s also a form of thanks for what you’ve made me earn so far. Well then, I’ll go do some explaining to that guy and help him with the carriage unloading, please wait in the area for a little while.”】(Gad)

With Gad’s departure, we settled down in a place at a slight distance from the carriage station. However, no one uttered a word and we just kept on watching the coming and going carriages for a while. Even so, maybe it’s only natural.

No good words came to mind. The one who made the first move was Dee, who took a pouch from his breast pocket.

【”Sirius-sama, before it’s too late, I want to return this to you.”】(Dee)

【”But still, you gave me too much. Even half of this is plenty enough for us.”】(Dee)

Dee’s pouch was full of gold coins.
Why does Dee have so much money?  That story goes back to last night.


We’re at yesterday evening. Following Baldomir’s leave, a party was held, and when said party ended, I gathered everyone together.

Property management used to be my mother’s role, but I’ve taken over that so I’m the one who’s in charge of the management now. I count one by one the various coins which are arranged crowdedly on the desk.
After that, I add up their values for a few minutes, and at last, the whole family’s wealth has become clear.

【”Not counting the smallest currencies, there are 73 gold coins and 10 silver coins. Thence, we have to take in consideration what’s subtracted.”】(Sirius)

Assuming that 45 gold coins are going for the school’s entrance fee, there are 28 gold coins remaining. But even with living expenses of only one gold coin, the disciples and I would last for a while.

【”Sirius-sama. We’re sorry to bother you while you’re calculating, but would you mind lending us a little of your time?”】(Noel)

Noel and Dee called out to me in a troubled manner. I temporarily put the money aside and turned my head towards the two.

【”What is it? You look unusually serious, what’s wrong?”】(Sirius)
【”Here, please receive this.”】(Dee)

The thing Dee handed me was a gold coin. Though it’s only one piece, that must be a lot of money for the two. It’s not an amount they can pop out of nowhere.

【”And this is…?”】(Sirius)
【”Actually, it’s money we’ve received from Elena-san as salaries, though it’s not much.”】(Noel)

On top of thinking of the house’s food expenses and other miscellaneous expenses, mother actually took in consideration the youngsters’ wages when managing the family’s finances? She’d put expert housewives to shame.

【”We’ve saved it, and the total of what we chipped in is this gold coin. Will you receive it?”】(Noel)

【”It’s alright, we have a small share left for ourselves so there is no problem. Besides… we’ve learned so much from you, Sirius-sama. So, though it’s nothing big, please allow us to do at least this much.”】(Noel)
【”You’ve taught us many things, from how to cook to how to live. I’d like you to accept this as a tuition fee.”】(Dee)

The two strongly bowed their heads, they looked like they wouldn’t give up until I received the gold coin.
And even though they said it was a tuition fee, putting Emilia and Reus aside, I’ve never taught Noel anything, I just half-assedly look after her when I have some spare time, as for Dee, though I did teach him how to make food, that was simply because I wanted to eat that food.

【”Your feelings are good enough for me… is what I’d like to say, but I guess it’s no use. I understand, I’ll gratefully receive it then.】(Sirius)
【”【”Thank you very much!”】”】(Noel & Dee)

I’m being thanked for receiving money, that’s not how life works. Seriously, such honest and kind-hearted servants.
Oh that’s right, I also have something to hand to you guys.

【”Then, here is a salary from me. It’s not returnable.”】(Sirius)

As I passed a little pouch stuffed with 20 gold coins to Dee, the two froze with their eyes wide open.

【”I discussed it with mother and decided that the extra money would go to you two.”】(Sirius) 

【”Huuuh? That’s too much! Dear, return it, return it!”】(Noel) (TLN: When she says “Dear”,  she’s addressing Dee, which she never did before Chapter 20, but do note that she addresses Sirius the same way)

Though the couple gets into a panic, I’m not hearing any of it. I don’t care how long you guys are going to lay in shock, but Dee, I believe you have a certain objective.

【”Dee, do yo realize how much it costs to open a business?”】(Sirius)

Yes, Dee is planning to open a restaurant in Noel’s hometown. And I don’t think he’ll manage without, at least, a few gold coins.

【”Sorry, I could have given you more if I hadn’t paid back Baldomir and yet…”】(Sirius) 

【”That’s right! Anyway, we’d be troubled if we were to receive that much. Hey, Emi-chan, Reu-kun, say something!”】(Noel)

Though she sought help from the siblings who were collecting copper coins next to her, the two answered back to Noel while smiling.

【”I am of the same opinion as Sirius-sama, if it’s for Dee’s and big sister’s sake, I have no objection.”】(Emilia)


Those pure innocent smiles had Noel withdraw. Even so, the couple’s dissatisfied faces still subsist, so I guess I’ll reorient the conversation from here.

【”If you’re not convinced, then let’s make a trade. After graduating from school, we’ll go towards Dee and co’s location, therefore, at that time, allow us to eat to our hearts’ contents. Free of charge, of course.”】(Sirius)

【”Whaaat? Isn’t it said that hardships are valuable during one’s youth? If one has too much wealth, they won’t understand the value of money, don’t you think?”】(Sirius)

【”It’s fine since we’ll be by big brother’s side. And I’ll work hard to earn money, too.”】(Reus)

With our pushy persistence, some tears rise to the eyes of the couple, they bow down and… let alone bowing, they go down on their hands and knees on the floor.

【”Wai-?! Prostrating yourselves is way too much! Just, listen up and raise your heads… Wait, why is everyone doing it?! Huh?… Prostrating before a leader? I’m no such thing so raise your heads already!”(Sirius)


…That’s the gist of it, and though this matter should have come to a close yesterday, is this fellow still worrying about it?

【”You’re still on with that story? What on earth are you dissatisfied with? We don’t need it, and you need it, Dee. There should be no problem, right?”】(Sirius)
【”But, although I’ve received such a large amount of money, will I be able to live up to your expectations? Will I be able to realize my dreams?… I don’t know…”】(Dee)

Is that so? Dee… you’re anxious, huh.

Therefore, he’s unbearably anxious. He’s probably afraid of being a disappointment by not putting out any results despite receiving a large amount of money.

【”Yes… UGH!?”】(Dee)

First of all, a belly punch.
I was holding back, but by no means did he expect to be attacked all of a sudden, and having not put himself on guard, Dee completely received the hit and staggered.

【”W, what… is it?”】(Dee)
【”Man up, Dee!”】(Sirius)

I grabbed Dee’s collar, and drawing him near me, I scolded him.

【”You’re an adult already, a husband who protects Noel. And you’re going to become the father of a child who’ll be born sooner or later, too. As such a man, don’t be flustered over something of this level!”】(Sirius)

【”I get that you’d become uneasy. However, you know how to stay strong now. Don’t be afraid, live with some confidence.”】(Sirius)

【”Thank you very much, Sirius-sama. Dear, I’m sorry for failing to notice.”】(Noel)


Yeeees, they’ve entered their love bubble.
It happened at last, with this, they’ll receive the money without any problems. Although I’m the one who did the scolding this time, it seems like Noel will be taking over from here on.

【”Hey, Dee, misteeer. I want to introduce this guy here he’s…… Uooh?! What the hell?!”】(Gad)

Ah, bad timing Gad. Please wait for a little while.


The couple finally returned, and the man we saw not long ago was introduced to us.

【”This fellow is Zack, my younger-brother. Since he’s in charge of the delivery to Elysium, he’ll serve as the coachman for the carriage that will transport you, mister, and your friends.”】(Gad)
【”As was introduced, my name is Zack. I’m but a novice who was taken as an apprentice by my big brother Gad, but please treat me well.”】(Zach)

These two really look alike when they’re next to each other. Assuming that Gad is in his thirties, Zack should be about 20 years old, I guess?

【”He says he’s a novice, but this fellow has been to Elysium many times. I’ve hired two people from the guild as escorts, so I guarantee you a safe trip.”】(Gad)

【”You’re an anxious one, huh. No, perhaps that’s only the case when your important people are involved? Rest assured, this fellow is trustworthy. He’s my younger brother after all!”】(Gad)

Since he answered full of confidence, Dee seems to have been convinced. As the two held a conversation somewhere else, Zack came to my position and asked for a handshake.

【”I have heard from my big brother Gad. Though Elysium is a while from here, I look forward to working with you.”】(Zack)

【”Hahaha, I’ll teach you as much as you like as long as you’re satisfied with what’s within the scope of my knowledge. Leaving that aside, I heard from big brother that you’ve contributed to the sales of our company together with Dee. Is it alright if I also call you “mister”?”】(Zack)

【”Got it, mister. Since the people who’ll escort us arrived a little while ago, we can leave any time. Please call me once you’re ready.”】(Zack)

Not only their appearances, their characters are similar as well. However, given that he’s a man who’s easy to talk to, things probably won’t get awkward during the travel. As I saw off Zack, who returned to the carriage, the siblings were exchanging farewell greetings with Noel and Dee at the side.

【”Big sister, thank you  for everything until now.”】(Emilia)

【”But still. Big sis, I’ll be supporting Sirius-sama, so you take care of Dee-san too, alright?”】(Emilia)
【”Oh come on, you’re so cheeky.”】(Noel)

While she said so, tears started building up in Noel’s eyes, and she closely hugged Emilia in a loving manner. And then, Emilia snuggled to Noel’s arm and lightly bit her shoulder.

【”Ah?! This,  could it be….”】(Noel)
【”Yes. It’s because I like you very much, big sister.”】(Emilia)

Biting shoulders is a proof of affection for those of the silver-wolf tribe. Perhaps because she’s glad from being bitten, Noel puts all her strength into her embrace.

【”Nyahehe, you may bite harder if you want.”】(Noel)

【”Oh my, as expected, love is a great thing.”】(Noel)

The stronger the bite, the deeper the affection. Or so I assume, but if the current Emilia bites my shoulder, she just might chomp it clean off.

【”I’ll bite too! Big sis Noel, lend me your shoulder!”】(Reus)

【”I’ll hold back properly.”】(Reus)

Reus also bit Noel’s shoulder, and hands in hands, the beastkins continued their exchange to ascertain it.

【”Emi-chan, Reu-kun, please take care of Sirius-sama for me.”】(Noel)

【”I’ll protect big brother and big sister!”】(Reus)

【”I’ll see what I can do as I follow Sirius-sama.”】(Emilia)

【”…Will it really be alright?”】(Noel)

I’m of the same opinion. Though I’d like them to become a little bit more flexible when it comes to me, there is nothing I can do but gradually change them in the future.

【”Emilia, Reus. I’ve showed a shameful sight earlier.”】(Dee)

Though Dee, who bent down to match their gazes, spoke while scratching his head, the siblings said that they didn’t mind it while shaking theirs.

【”I tried hard to act the part of an elder  brother for you two, but I guess your competences are already above mine.”】(Dee)

【”It is. And though I’m such a weak elder brother, I have request for you. I’m asking as your big brother, and as your senior in attendance… please take care of Sirius-sama.”】(Dee) (TLN: I wrote senior but he said senpai, as in, he has more experience at being an attendant)
【”【”Yes!”】”】(Reus & Emilia)

With that alone, the poor talker Dee seems to be done. Having finished their farewells with the siblings, the couple bowed their heads while stranding before me.

【”… So that’s where we part.”】(Dee)

【”That’s so long. If you hadn’t said that you’d be going to school, I’d have liked to take you to my hometown.”】(Noel)

【”In your case, you could easily build a house or two, Sirius-sama.”】(Noel)
【”That’s a little excessive, don’t you think?”】(Sirius)

Even if she speaks of building a house, as expected that’s… Oh wait, I think I could manage it somehow. I feel like, If I imitate Lior’s house or something like that, it’ll probably go well.

【”We’ll come to meet the two of you once we graduate. No, perhaps you’ll be three at that time?”】(Sirius)

【”Huh? What the hell are you saying?”】(Sirius)

【”Big sister! You can’t decide that of your own accord!”】(Emilia)

Emilia interrupted Noel who kept talking as she pleased. That’s right, even if you’re his parent, don’t go arbitrarily setting up the life of a child who’s not born yet. You tell her, Emilia.

【”It’s alright, Emi-chan, the first one will always be you, so don’t worry.”】(Noel)
【”… It’s all good, then.”】(Emilia)

So you’re already backing down! I shouldn’t even have to ask but, are you really alright with that? To begin with, the first one is the Elf, Fia, who put a reservation and-… Wait, no. How could she decide that on her own without my permission?  The women in this world are too aggressive.

【”It’s okay,  there is no way I’m gonna force him! I will entrust it all to the child’s free will.”】(Noel)

【”Which means that it’ll be alright if I brainwash him and induce him to do it, right?”】(Noel)

For some reason, I’m tired already. With the way things are going, it seems like this talk will never end, so let’s get going soon.
As I thought of heading to our carriage, Noel put her hand on my cheek and kissed me on my forehead.

【”I wish you a very fortunate life. We’ll always be praying for your happiness.”】(Noel)

Separating from my forehead, Noel faced me with a wide smile. Really… You never miss a chance for a sweet scene, you’re the best.

【”So will I. I’ll absolutely find happiness… elder sister”】(Sirius) (TLN: He said Nee-san while the others say Nee-chan, afterwards, he says he just can’t call her Nee-chan because of.. his pride as a man I suppose)

As expected, I’ll have to pass on calling you big sister, sorry about that. Having turned our backs to the attendants who were sobbing behind us, we boarded the carriage.
As I was about to ask Zack to depart, Gad appeared in front of us and handed me a rather big bag.

【”Mister, I took the liberty of choosing a few things you’ll need in your journey, please make use of them.”】(Gad)

【”Like I said to Dee, don’t worry about it.”】(Gad) 
【”Even so. Though it’s not much, here, this is…”】(Sirius)

I tried taking a gold coin out of  my pocket to pass it to him, but Gad shook his head, refusing to receive it.

【”That won’t be necessary. I can’t receive money from that guy’s benefactor.”】(Gad)
【”Then, I’ll give you this.”】(Sirius)

From my backpack, I took out a board made by shaving wood, a Reversi board. I was thinking of playing it during the breaks of our travel, but after bringing it, I realized that playing Reversi would be impossible with the swaying of the carriage. This is a world of few entertainments, so if I sell it as a game it should be somewhat profitable, right? That’s what I was thinking, but…

【”What is this?  A wooden board and some black and white… wooden coins?”】(Gad)

【”Heeh…. it’s my first time seeing this. I’ll gratefully receive it. And so, will you be leaving now?”】(Gad)

【”Understood. Hey Zack, get going.”】(Gad)
【”Alright,  big brother. I’m off!”】(Zack)

The carriage starts moving, and the figures of Noel and Dee gradually fade away.
The two kept widely waving their hands while shedding tears, and we bid them farewell while waving back until they both went completely out of sight.


It seems like the school’s location, Elysium, is five days by carriage from here. (TLN: Not edited at all from here, I’ll check it later on)
The highway to Elysium is well developed, its soil has been tamped firm to the point where it’s almost like a straight road. It seems like monsters rarely show up there, too. Zack laughingly said that the hardest thing on that road is fighting the boredom. (TLN: Changed that sentence, sounded way too uptight otherwise)

At present, we had taken off our robes, and we were chatting with Zack who was sitting on the box-seat. My three companions are dressed in clothes suitable for adventuring, as I am, and Emilia has tied her long hair into a ponytail so that it doesn’t disturb her.
Just like his big brother Gad, Zack doesn’t hold any prejudice against beastkins, even when he saw the two’s wolf tails and ears, he wasn’t disturbed. Rather, looking at their beautiful silvery hair, he complimented them for being well-bred children. Therefore, we immediately befriended each other, and the ones got along the most were…

【”And that’s when big brother said it. The hell you’re doing to my little brother?! Gee, at that time, he was shining.”】(Zack)
【”I get what you’re saying, big bro Zack. My big brother always shines, too. He’s my aim.”】(Reus)

Perhaps due to a big-brother-link, these two got on strangely well with each other. They’re talking about their mutual elder brothers’ splendid parts, and their conversation is getting lively as if they were long-time friends.

【”However, will Reus be alright? Almost an hour has passed and yet…”】(Zack)
【”There is no problem. This is a form of training.”】(Sirius)

The only one not riding the carriage was Reus, who was running on foot alongside it. That served as practice, and he started doing it on his own initiative, so I didn’t stop him. I want him to preserve his strength in case some enemies come, but given that this speed is half of his usual and that I’m here as well, there won’t be any problems.

【”By the way, this highway is safe, right? And yet you employed guards regardless, why is that?”】(Emilia)

Emilia shifted her attention to the two people escorting us who were siting at the back of the carriage. They’re wearing hoods low over their eyes, just like the siblings were earlier, and whenever they get some spare time, they take care of the maintenance of the big sword and spear that they’re holding. However, ever since we departed, they never talked, and honestly, they’re extremely suspicious.

【”Recently, thieves have been frequently appearing in this area. That is why I employed adventurers like from the guild.”】(Zack)

I see. However, there is something I’ve been worrying about for a little while. I drew my mouth near Zack’s ear, and muttered to him in a voice that they couldn’t hear.

【”How are their competences? I’ll have to be blunt, the weapons they’re holding are strangely new, and that has been bothering me.”】(Sirius)

Adventurers are never far from conflict. When they fight, they naturally chip their blades and stain their weapons with blood, but these guys’ weapons are oddly new and the way they’re maintaining them is crude. It looks to me like they’re handling weapons which they aren’t accustomed to using.

【”Didn’t they just buy replacements? I hired them through the guild so they should be reliable people.”】(Zack)

Hmm, I don’t know the guild well so I have no clue. Following my intuition, I use my 【(Search)】spell on a wide range and… there were a lot of reactions.

【”Big Brother!”】(Reus)

In but a moment, Reus, who was running outside, shouted towards me, pulled out the sword that was hanging from his back, and became alert of his surroundings. Good, his intuition has become quite sharp.
Surprised by Reus’ action, Zack panicked and hurriedly pulled the reins which stopped the carriage.

【”Wha, what is it, mister?!”】(Zack)

【”That’s bad. Hey, you! Some thieves came out so― Wha-?”】(Zack)

When I turned my head to Zack’s voice, I was faced by a dangerous situation occurring in the carriage.

【”You, don’t you dare move.”】(???)

With her neck caught by an adventurer, Emilia has become a hostage.

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