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Volume 20… starts .

A few days had passed since we departed from the village of winged people .

From then on, we didn’t head to the town we visited before, but we were aiming for Sandor which was our destination as it was .

Karen seemed to be sad just after departure, but since she was a very curious child, she regained her usual demeanor after two days and she started to smile naturally .

Every day was like a new day as we thought her knowledge that we didn’t teach when we were in the village, and that became practices that satisfied her curiosity .

Karen’s morning began with swinging sword with Reus .

She was still bad at getting up like always, but she was also improving a bit . While still sleepy, she swung the sword borrowed from me .

“Do not only swing with your arms . It is important to swing with the whole body . Like this…!” (Reus)

“Ei!” (Karen)

“And let out your fighting spirit as if you want to defeat me with that blow . Don’t shout ‘Ei’ . It’s probably better to let out a prolong shout . ” (Reus)

“Nyaa!” (Karen)

It might be because he put too much emphasis on the voice, it became a shout that somewhat reminded me of a married woman with cat ears .

However, no matter how much Karen used her strength, her swing was weak . From the view of veteran, it looked just like a play .

Of course, Karen was still young but in the first place, the tribe known as winged people was light in weight . They weren’t suitable for fighting with sword-like weapons .

If she wanted to be strong, she probably should practice magic rather than swinging, but the reason I didn’t say that was because I felt it was wrong to say it .

Everything could be an experience, and since it was possible to train the physical and mind by swinging, that wasn’t a waste of effort .

Karen herself would understand if that wasn’t suitable for her . Nonetheless, if she said that she wanted to keep swinging swords, it was better to consider the suitability together later .

In some cases, it seemed to be a disadvantage, but I wouldn’t like to dampen Karen’s curiosity if possible . At present, I wanted her to attempt anything and experienced various things .

While a voice reverberated as if it was an alarm clock in a sense, we also finished a moderate training in the morning and began to prepare the breakfast .

As I was preparing breakfast while asking Reese and Fia to help me, Karen was doing the washing with Emilia in a river located a bit away .

“If it’s that cloth, it is fine to scrub stronger . Not only using your hands, it is a trick to rub against each other with the cloth . ” (Emilia)

“Yes… is this alright?” (Karen)

“There is still dirt on the sleeve . You can’t leave that behind . ” (Emilia)

“Here too? It’s hard, EmiliOneechan . ” (Karen)

“It is alright if you scrub it intensely . Once this is over, I will prepare a bit honey for you, so work hard until the end . ” (Emilia)

“Yeah!” (Karen)

Basically, Karen washed the laundry of ours, but Karen was trying as much as possible for herself .

Even if she was an important daughter entrusted by Frenda, it would be awkward if I spoiled her too much . Plus, this was also a necessary experience for traveling .

I might not be qualified to say such a thing for having Emilia to wash my clothes, but in my case, she would be mad if I didn’t let her do it .

Emilia proudly declared that because she was an attendant, but there must be another reason for that . I had a hunch to a certain extent, but since she wanted to do it, I didn’t say anything .


“…That’s good . ” (Sirius)

“Yeah . Somehow, they looked like a mother and a daughter . ” (Reese)

“I remembered when Kasan was teaching washing to Emilia . While teaching her the severity of work, she enticed Emilia with the things she liked and kept her spirit up . ” (Sirius)

“But, I probably can’t do that . I just can’t look away, and would have help on the way . ” (Reese)

“Well . In your case, you are very kind . ” (Sirius)

“I also think so . If the children are spoiled too much, they probably become the opposite . ” (Fia)

“Isn’t that a bit harsh?” (Reese)

As I sooth both Fia and Reese, who pouted her mouth, Karen let out a loud voice .

Apparently, she rubbed too hard and the clothes she brought from her house as a sleep-wear was torn .

“Uuu… it’s my favorite one . ” (Karen)

“Since it’s a cloth that you have been using for long time, that may be unavoidable . Since it’s possible to repair if it is torn this much, I will teach you how to sew later . ” (Emilia)

“Yeah!” (Karen)

They hanged the laundries on a stick extended from the carriage in order to make it dry even while on the move, and the work was over .

After that, everyone ate the breakfast prepared, but Karen made a bitter expression when she ate a stir-fried vegetable .

“This vegetable is bitter . ” (Karen)

“But, you must eat it, you know? Vegetable is good for your body, so you must eat them properly . ” (Sirius)

“Alright… uuh…” (Karen)

“That’s good . You just have to hold on a bit longer . ” (Emilia)

“…” (Karen)

“Hmm?” (Reese)

“Eh?” (Reus)

Karen stared at the remaining vegetables, and quietly put it on Reese’s and Rues’ plates .

It wasn’t a bad thing because these two would surely eat it . It seemed that she had already grasped some of our characteristics .

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As I expected, the gluttonous siblings seemed to give in and reached out the vegetables, but… I wouldn’t let them, of course .

“–!? Th-that’s not good, Karen . You have to eat them properly!” (Reese)

“Ye-yeah! Even if it’s bitter, you must eat it, alright!” (Reus)

With the silent pressure I released, the vegetable was put back on Karen’s plate, and she faced the vegetables once again .

As I kept watching Karen as if telling her to harden her heart, she took out a familiar container from her pocket .

“Wait a sec, that is not suitable for this dish . ” (Sirius)

“It’s my honey!” (Karen)

Whether honey was suitable for vegetables, her pocket was fully loaded with it . It seemed she had it before I knew it .

I promptly recovered the honey, and I decided to advice Karen, who looked at vegetables three times .

“I know the vegetable is bitter, but keep holding and chew it for a while . If you do that, something incredible will happen, you know?” (Sirius)

“Really? Uuh… alright… eh? It became sweet?” (Karen)

These vegetables contained a lot of bitterness, but if it kept chewed for a while, the sweetness contained in the deeper part would seep out and it would make the vegetables tasted sweet .

But since the vegetables needed to be chewed until the sweetness came out, it was normal for people to swallow it before that happened .

Whether the curiosity was stimulated by such mysterious vegetables, the earlier thought of didn’t want to eat it faded away, and she put it into her mouth one after another and started enjoying the change of taste .

When she quietly nodded as if she would have gotten used to it, the siblings, who were next to me, whispered secretly .

“Say, Aniki . Although the bitterness will disappears if it is boiled, why did you stir fry it this time?” (Reus)

“I also agree . Somehow, I have a feeling that this is not the kind of dishes Sirius-sama would usually make . ” (Emilia)

“I wanted to teach her that there is such a vegetable, but I also wanted to confirm her tendency of food . ” (Sirius)

It was different matter if it caused allergies, but it would be bad if she was unable to consume nutrition just because she disliked it .

I was planning to rectify the tendency gradually once I confirmed her preferences and dislikes .

“That reminds me . When Sirius-sama picked us up, you told us to drink that bitter juice made from medicinal herbs . ” (Emilia)

“All dishes prepared by Aniki are delicious, but that was the only unsavory…” (Reus)

“I wonder if it’s not tasty . Sure, it has various tastes mixed, but I didn’t dislike it . ” (Reese)

“Reese-ane is beyond special . ” (Reus)

In regards of the dishes, Reese was the ideal one because she wasn’t picky at all . Of course, that didn’t include being gluttony .

“Well, I said a lot, but she will get used to it eventually . She will be able to eat it naturally if she is free from the thought of the dishes that she disliked . ” (Sirius)

I also had an experience where I continued eating superbly unappetizing packed meals in the previous life . However, as long as they weren’t poisoned, I could eat it no matter how unsavory they were .

When I was in a conflict zone, I was in a really bad situation . Instead of learning the resistance to eat boiled and disinfected leather shoes, I felt that it was delicious .

“Anyway, I’d like people to enjoy meals without being bothered by the things you don’t like . If your belly is full, you can go through all kinds of situation . ” (Sirius)

“Yes, you will only feel hungry if you only find the things that you dislike . ” (Emilia)

Other than to live, I didn’t want her to miss eating them since it was necessary for growth .

I definitely would see this through as a part of my educational policy .

Thanks to that, the siblings and Reese grew up wonderfully .  When I nodded in satisfaction while watching them, Karen, who was my new disciple, held up her plate that became clean .

“Thanks for the meal!” (Karen)

“Hehe, you ate everything nicely . Good girl . ” (Fia)

“Ehe . ” (Karen)

Karen, who finished eating while we were secretly talking, seemed to be completely satisfied when Fia stroked her head .

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After that, we cleaned up the camp and resumed our trip . We were on the main road while being shaken by the carriage .

There were no bandit and monster raids in particular . In the sunny and relaxing atmosphere, Karen and I were sitting on the coach and carrying out magic training .

“Well then, let’s try using [Light] today . ” (Sirius)

“If it’s [Light], I already can use it . ” (Karen)

“No, the [Light] you are going to use today is the hardest one . ” (Sirius)

First off, I invoked [Light] as an example . Then, I controlled my mana and the palm-sized ball of light was dispersed in five, and it freely flew around me .

Karen looked at it with her mouth opened at the flying balls of light as it revolved around a planet .

“This is an applied version of the knowledge I’ve taught you so far . If you become able to imagine a profound image and also can freely manipulate mana, you should be able to do that . ” (Sirius)

“Why do you make it into five balls? If it’s only one, it will be brighter . ” (Karen)

“This is also as a practice to handle mana . If you can do this, you can easily activate the usual [Light] . If you can continue activate [Light] without thinking about anything, you can read the book even at night . ” (Sirius)

“I will do my best!” (Karen)

Karen loved to read books, but I told her not to read at night .

The magic tool of illumination found in inns was different, but since the campground bonfire was poor in light intensity, it would make the eyes got worse .

However, if she used [Light] around it, that could solve the problem . Recently, the opportunity to read books had decreased, and that was the reason I taught her this .

First off, I asked her to start with create two balls of light at the same time, but…

“I can read more books with these!” (Karen)

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“No, that would be difficult, you know?” (Sirius)

As I brought a book from the carriage, I asked her to activate the magic while reading the letters . Karen, who was motivated, was trying her best from the start .

However, the current Karen couldn’t unconsciously invoke magic . So, of course, the magic wouldn’t go on smoothly . The [Light] disappeared at the same time when she opened the book .

“…Karen . The magic has disappeared, you know?” (Sirius)

“…” (Karen)

“The magic has disappeared, but are you listening, Karen?” (Sirius)

“…” (Karen)

“You are just going to read it, aren’t you?” (Sirius)

That was no good . She was fully immersed in the world of books now .

As one could see, the ability to concentrate was one thing that was difficult for children . She couldn’t do it unless her body could maintain the magic unconsciously .

Since there was no reaction no matter how many times I called her, I prepared honey and brought it closer to Karen .

Karen, who noticed that smell and came back to reality, realized that the magic had finally gone there .

“…Eh?” (Karen)

“Don’t you ‘Eh’ me . ” (Sirius)

Perhaps, it was a mistake to tell her that she could read books even at night .

While sighing inside, I put away the honey to resume the training…

“Do not read it again!” (Sirius)

“I want to read this page only!” (Karen)

There was a grim prospect there .

Well, it wasn’t easy to raise a disciple . So, it was interesting because I could see a different kind of growth compared to the siblings and Reese .

“It’s going to tough, isn’t it?” (Fia)

“However, to say something willful like that means it is a sign that she wanted to be trusted . ” (Reese)

“There is no need to be impatient . We just have to support Sirius-sama . ” (Emilia)

While being watched attentively by the wives, I had to rethink the education plan for Karen .

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The plan consisted of running to train her body, learned various things by not only from books but also from the actual experience, and scold her sometimes when snitched honey .

Together with such noisy moments, this fulfilling journey lasted for several days and then, we arrived at a village .

Although it was a small village with no specialty products and distinct features, adventurers and merchants often stopped by the village because it was near the main road . It seemed there was a big building that operated as an inn in this village .

Since it was already evening by the time we secured a room in that inn, we went to eat dinner at the dining hall in the inn .

“Unyaa… this meat is a bit hard . ” (Karen)

“Really? Well, it feels tasty when you chew it . ” (Sirius)

“Don’t give up chewing it, Karen . It can make your tooth stronger, so work hard . ” (Reus)

“It’s the jaw, not the tooth . ” (Reese)

“You don’t have to eat like those two . You can take your own time . ” (Sirius)

The gluttonous siblings gave their view to Karen who was struggling to chew the meat .

It might be a bit hard for children, but the taste wasn’t bad . It was fine if she slowly chewed it without rushing . At least, the jaw would get stronger .

Perhaps, this wasn’t due to the cooking skill, but it was the kind of meat . Since I was interested, I planned to ask the employees of the inn later .

However… I could understand that Reus had sturdy teeth because he was a Silver Wolfkin, but why Reese, who was from human family, could easily bite the meat? As usual, Reese was full of mysteries .

As I was eating while looking at Karen, who was trying hard to chew the meat, Fia, who was drinking wine next to me, muttered while overlooking the surroundings .

“I thought that this was a quiet village, but there are quite a few people here . ” (Fia)

“Looks like it . It’s a nice place to take a break and it seems they are earning money thanks to the adventurers . ” (Sirius)

Adventurers and merchants seemed to be welcomed because they weren’t only spending their money, but also provided supplies .

When I looked at another tables in the dining hall, there were several parties who were eating or drinking, but…

“Those who are looking at us are pretty obvious . Well, I guess they don’t want to get involved . ” (Sirius)

“Leaving that aside, don’t you want to drink this wine, Sirius? The taste is not bad at all . ” (Fia)

“Alright, let me have a little . ” (Sirius)

“I also want to drink it!” (Karen)

“You have to grow up first . ” (Fia)

The frequent gazes that I could feel from the surroundings were definitely aiming for the ladies in the house .

Incidentally, not only Elves, the winged people were also easily targeted by bad guys However, since Karen’s wings were hidden under a robe in places where there were people around, nobody would know that she was a winged person if they couldn’t see the wings . I planned to keep her wings hidden until she could decently protect herself .

After the dinner ended, three people of men and woman came closer to us while we were enjoying after meal tea and wine .

“Ooh… I didn’t think that I could meet an Elf . You are beautiful as rumored!” (??)

“Wait a sec! You are being abruptly rude . I’m sorry, this guy is weak against beautiful women . ” (??)

“There is no need to apologize . Are you all adventurers? In fact, we are also adventurers…” (Sirius)

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They were a party of a young man with a gentle smile, a large body size man, who scratched his nose while looking at Fia, and a short hair woman who hit that man’s stomach with her elbow .

Since these three seemed to be not much different from us, they probably came to us because they thought it was easy to strike a conversation .

While being wary of them, we got to introduce ourselves to each other . It seemed alright to judge that these three were approaching with genuine interest .

I thought it would be a good experience for Karen if she talked to them, but the person herself was hiding behind Fia’s back . It might be because she was looked with cruelty and being enslaved, she was still scared of strangers .

“I-I’m sorry . Did we scare you?” (Woman)

“Don’t mind it because she is a shy girl . Look, they aren’t scary, so you can come out . ” (Fia)

“Alright…” (Karen)

“Karen . Do you know that encounters during traveling are a normal thing? And giving greetings are important . ” (Sirius)

Even if she was alone, I wanted her to have courage as we were .

Since it was inevitable to engage with people on top of traveling around the world, right now, I would like her experience even a little in order to overcome such a thought .

Whether Karen remembered the contents of the book her father left behind due to my words, she came in front of the female adventurer and slowly bowed .

“…My name is Karen . ” (Karen)

“Aha, nice to meet you, Karen-chan . ” (Woman)

The short hair woman probably liked children . She shook hand with Karen with a smile full on her face, and the other two also touched Karen gently .

I was glad that the first party we encountered was good natured people . With this, the wariness of someone was up for something would also fade a little .

We talked about each other’s recent situation, and then, it became a talk about our relationship

“Haa?” (Big Man)

“These three ladies are…” (Young Man)

“Is he your husband?” (Woman)

“Yes, he is . ” (Fia)

“Ehehe, I’ve recently become a wife . ” (Reese)

“I’m also Sirius-sama’s wife and his attendant . ” (Emilia)

The three were surprised because I had three wives even though I wasn’t a noble .

While the three were looking at me drinking a tea Emilia brewed, the only one who had envy look was the large build man . If it was possible to shed tears of blood, I seemed going to be drowned by the flood of tears .

“Damn it, I’m so jealous at you for having these beautiful ladies as wives . Even so, why nobody falls in love with me no matter how hard I train myself!?” (Big Man)

“That’s why I’ve been telling you to stop doing that many times . ” (Young Man)

“Yeah . Stop thinking that possessing strength is a cool thing . ” (Woman)

“Ooh, I am confident if it’s about strength . Do you want to have a match?” (Reus)

“Heh, you have some nerve to challenge me after looking at my muscles, huh!? Interesting!” (Big Man)

The large build man was probably someone who got carried away easily since this had become an arm wrestling match with Reus .

All the things on the table were put away, and the two were going against each other’s strength, and…

“Uuu…ooh! You can do it, huh? Say, while having that kind of prowess, isn’t frustrating that you can’t have these beautiful ladies?” (Big Man)

“That’s because they are my Aniki and Nee-chans . Besides, I already have women who I must have in the future–…” (Reus)

“Damn it! I absolutely can’t be defeated by you!” (Big Man)

“Got it! I’m going for real this time!” (Reus)

“N-no! If I lose to this guy, I… I… aarghh!?” (Big Man)

As expected, Reus seemed to be stronger . The big was defeated and he collapsed on the floor with an intense noise .

It looked like he wasn’t injured but that smashed his spirit . I probably should apologize to him .

“Sorry, I didn’t think this would happen . ” (Sirius)

“You don’t have to worry . This guy got into a match without thinking anything, and it’s always like that . ” (Young Man)

For these guys, the large sized man’s recklessness was a daily occurrence, and the young man merely looked at him with an astounded expression .

And then, the man was raised up by the hand extended by Reus, and they both shook hand as if praising that was a good match…

“Hehe… he got him!” (Young Man)

“Oh, it’s a grip strength match this time! I won’t lose to you!” (Big Man)

“I am swinging sword every day, so my grip strength is… ou-ouchh!?” (Reus)

They seemed to be having fun there . I guessed it would be alright to leave them alone .

On the contrary, Karen probably had started to open her heart to the female adventurers, and she was currently sitting next to Fia and talking .

“I see . You’re amazing, for being separated from your mother in this age . ” (Woman)

“Really?” (Karen)

“I think I want to separate from my mother especially when I was at your age . ” (Woman)

“But, there are Otou-san and Onee-chans . Besides, there are Hokuto, and Reus-Oniichan . ” (Karen)

“You’re really a good girl . I also want to have this kind of child someday . ” (Woman)

I was worried about her being afraid of people other than us and not able to talk to someone else, but if it was like this, she was going to be alright .

She would expand her view by knowing the world in those circumstances .

Then, we kept talking until Karen became sleepy .

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Extra/Bonus – Act 1

Karen’s Diary .

Today, Otou-san taught me magic .

I was already able to use magic, but I’d failed many times because it became more difficult .

But, I will do my best because this will allow me to read books .

In addition, EmiliOneechan taught me how to wash and sew clothes .

It was difficult . Sometimes, she put her nose on Otou-san’s clothes, but anyhow, she is an Onee-chan who tells a lot of things that I don’t know .

I was hurt because a needle stuck my finger while sewing, but I’m fine now because Reese-Oneechan healed me immediately after that .

The vegetable served during breakfast was really bitter, but FiOneechan praised me when I ate all of them .

Although it was bitter, it was also sweet . What a mysterious vegetable .

Reus-Oniichan was beaten up by Hokuto .

And the next morning also, Reus-Oniichan was beaten up by Otou-san .

“…Say, Karen . Am I only about being beaten up?” (Reus)

“Is it wrong?” (Karen)

“That’s not it… I mean, I taught you how to swing sword, right?” (Reus)

“Aah, I see . Uhm… Reus-Oniichan taught me how to swing sowrd, and after that, he was beaten up by Hokuto…” (Karen)

“Stop writing about me being beaten up!” (Reus)

Extra/Bonus – Act 2

Cooking Lesson for Karen .

“Today, I was taught by Otou-san, so I’ll cook stir-fried vegetables, alright . ” (Karen)

“Cut it by making your hands like a cat . ” (Sirius)

“Leave it to me! Uhm, first, cut the vegetables small, then put honey in the middle of frying–…” (Karen)

“No, people don’t put honey on stir-fried vegetables . In this case, it can be seasoned with salt and pepper . ” (Sirius)

“That is also delicious . But I like it with honey . ” (Karen)

“What!? And, why are you putting large amount of it!?” (Sirius)

The cooking lesson for Karen… no, it was a cooking lesson of putting honey on anything… The End .

Extra/Bonus – Act 3

Drawing Hokuto .

Karen went on a journey and tried new things . On that day, she came in front of Hokuto with paper and drawing materials .

“Today, I’m going to draw, so I will draw Hokuto . Remember, you can’t move . ” (Karen)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

“…Hmm, something is wrong . ” (Reus)

“Since a picture requires a sense of dynamism, you can also draw a moving figure, you know . ” (Sirius)

“I see . So, Hokuto, please run . ” (Karen)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

“…Aah stop there! Flying in the air is the coolest thing . ” (Karen)

“Woof…” (Hokuto)

“No, it is impossible for him to stop in the air . ” (Sirius)


I guess you can really eat boiled and disinfected leather shoes .
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