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Since Karen had decided to accompany us on the trip, we began preparing to leave the village .

It would probably finish soon because it was just packing supplies such as food ingredients into the horse carriage, but since this involved Karen altogether, it wouldn’t be so .

Although we were going to protect her, the journey wasn’t going to be easy . As for the clothes, Emilia was currently sewing new clothes .

Using mana thread which was the same material used for the uniform worn in the Elysion school, we progressed with the work while discussing the design with Frenda and Debra .

In the meantime, I went to Asrad who was in the deeper part of the cave to inform him about bringing Karen along, but when he heard that, he asked me with a serious expression .

[I see… If Frenda and Karen decided this for themselves, I will not stop them . However, if you are not in a hurry, will you wait for about two days before the departure?] (Asrad)

Either way, Karen’s clothes hadn’t been completed yet, so I didn’t mind waiting .

Since I was exploring as usual, training Karen, crafting using bamboo, two days had passed quickly . After that, we visited Asrad again .

Karen was also told to come, so every one of us came here . In the cave’s hall, there weren’t only Asrad in his dragon from, but also Xenodora and Mejia .

However, what made me most interested was Asrad looked strangely tired . It seemed that he rarely came out of the cave for the last two days . I wonder what he was doing .

As I was wondering, Asrad was asking questions while approaching Karen .

[Karen . Let me ask you again . Are you really going with them?] (Asrad)

“Yes! I will see a lot of things together with Otou-san . When I come back, I will also tell you, As-jii . ” (Karen)

[Aah… I’ll be looking forward to that . But, if you go outside, it’s not going to be easy to depend on magic alone . Hey Sirius . Have you prepared weapons for this child already?] (Asrad)

“Not yet . When I arrive to the nearest town, I will find a weapon suitable for her . ” (Sirius)

[If that is so, you don’t have to do it . Karen, take this with you . ] (Asrad)

When Asrad said that, he handed a knife to Karen .

The black shining knife was seemed to be made of obsidian . From the state of the blade and the handle which were attached, it made me think that the knife was made by scrapping a lump of ore .

Anyhow, the knife looked nothing except like an unrefined knife, but it contained enormous mana .

What was with this unrefined knife made by scrapping a black ore?

[I made the knife with my horn . It may be a bit heavy for you since you are still young, but you’ll get used to it soon . ] (Asrad)

When I turned my sight after he said that, I noticed the horn that grew on Asrad’s head was slightly shorter .

It wasn’t a big loss from the whole part, but on top of that, it was considerable painful for Dragonkin to cut it . It might be because the horn was sturdy, so it was difficult to cut the horn . In other words, Asrad was tired because he was cutting the horn all the time .

“Thank you, As-jii!” (Karen)

[It is a knife that can easily pierce both people and monsters . Be careful when you want to use it . ] (Asrad)

“How about As-jii?” (Karen)

[Hmm… I wonder about that . I think it will not penetrate my sturdy scales, but even with the horn that contain my mana for so many years, it–… . ughh!?] (Asrad)

“Did it go through?” (Karen)

Karen stabbed Asrad’s arm which he was proud of with the knife she got .

It was only slightly bleeding because he was stabbed lightly, but anyhow, the knife seemed to have the sharpness that could penetrate even the dragon scales .

Although it was considerably naughty of Karen, it was a conduct after understanding the sturdiness of the Dragonkin, Asrad, so it didn’t seem she was doing indiscriminately .

Well, it was like a moxibustion to the Jii-san who was getting cocky .

“Karen . In such a time like this, you need to give warning first before you do that . If somebody suddenly does it on you, you will not like it, right?” (Sirius)

“I’m sorry . But I thought if it’s Ass-jii, he would be fine . This is strange… . ” (Karen)

[Hahaha, if it’s a scratch of this much, you don’t have to worry . Look, the wound is already closed, you know . ” (Asrad)

“I’m glad . Well then, I wonder where I shouldn’t prick . After all, As-jii’s scales are really tough . ” (Karen)

[Don’t you do that anymore, alright?” (Asrad)

Even if the appearances and the sizes were completely different, these two were existences who I didn’t get tired of watching .

As I was watching while thinking that the chief of the Dragonkin wasn’t scary to children, Asrad, who finally able to stop Karen, reached out to me .

In his palm spread out before me, there was a knife larger than Karen’s .

[As for you, I’m giving you this as thanks for everything you had done and also for Karen . This is a knife made by sharpening my fang . ] (Asrad)

According to Asrad, he had been consulting with Frenda about the returning the favor to us for a long time .

She couldn’t repay the favor for saving Karen as well as herself, and I didn’t think she should feel sorry for asking me to take care of Karen, but it seemed that she was worried that she had nothing to give back .

Even if I told her not to worry about it because we actually wanted to take care of Karen, I guessed I couldn’t convince her since she was a kind hearted one .

This was why Asrad, who had been watching over this situation like a parent, prepared this present in exchange .

“If that was the case, I will not hesitate to accept it . ” (Sirius)

[Hmm, since this is also to support the girl, you may sell it if you have troubles with money . ] (Asrad)

“About money, I will have no problem for the time being because I have the magic stones and the gems . ” (Sirius)

The knife was made of the fangs of a Dragonkin… no, the chief of the Dragonkin that had lived for so long, so it seemed to be a reliable knife .

However, I had enough weapons . I got the sword from Dee, and knives from Fia and Shishou .

While worrying about what I was going to do with the knife, I received it and when I removed the cloth that wrapped around it, a magnificent knife blade with black color on the whole thing .

“Ooh… somehow, it looks amazing . ” (Reus)

“Yeah, I can feel a great deal of difference from Karen’s knife . ” (Emilia)

“It is a knife blade that seems sucking us just by looking at it . It’s better than the knife I had . ” (Fia)

“This is outside of my area of expertise, but I can see it as a very good weapon . With that, even steel can be cut easily . ” (Reese)

“In that case, do you want to use it, Emilia?” (Sirius)

“Are you sure?” (Emilia)

Emilia wasn’t lacking of anything, but she had the lowest attack power among us .

Besides, the knife wasn’t suitable for Reus while Reese and Fia had powerful spirit magic . Other than me, Emilia was good with the knife handling .

[Since it is already yours, you may do it as you like . I’m fine as long as your battle prowess increases . ] (Asrad)

We could protect Karen if the overall battle prowess went up .

But, Emilia looked slightly hesitated .

“I’m glad that you allow me to use it, but if it is a knife at this degree, I think it’s better for Sirius-sama to use it…” (Emilia)

“Then, will it be alright if Nee-chan uses the mithril knife Aniki has?” (Reus)

“That may be a good idea, but let’s stop discussing this . I’ve been using the mithril knife until now, so it’s like my partner . ” (Sirius)

I was already getting used to it and it was also an item with precious memories . I wanted to keep using it until I reached my limit .

By the way, I also didn’t want other people to use the knife I got from Shishou . Truthfully, it was a knife which I could talk to Shishou, and I also didn’t want her to teach her weird things behind my back .

“Hehe . If it is that important, it is worth to give it to you . ” (Fia)

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“I was saved many times because of it . So, don’t hesitate to use it, Emilia . ” (Sirius)

“…I understand . I will handle it with great care . ” (Emilia)

Emilia, who carefully received the knife from me, was smiling with pride . Perhaps, it was a proof of trust for an attendant to receive things from the Master .

While Emilia’s tail was wagging with joy, Fia nodded as if she remembered something when she looked at the knife .

“That remind me… in some cultures, I heard that a man gives a knife as a proposal for a woman . ” (Fia)

“What is that? Is it pleasing to receive weapons?” (Sirius)

“It seems to be for self determination to protect honor from people other than the husband . It is not as serious as it sounds though . It’s just that to give a sense to the woman that she belongs to you . ” (Fia)

“Ehehe . All of me are already belong to Sirius-sama . ” (Emilia)

Since I didn’t know when the speed of the wagging tail going to stop, I would like her to stop it right now .

Other than that, on top of the fangs and scales I got from Mejia and Zenodora, I could make a lot of things if I could make it well .

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After that, we told him that we would leave by tomorrow . When we returned to the house, Karen wasn’t with us .

Frenda and Debra weren’t particularly involved when we had discussion with Asrad again, but I asked them to go outside .

“Why do you bring us to such a place?” (Debra)

“Yeah . I haven’t prepared Karen’s clothes yet . ” (Frenda)

“Actually, there is something I would like you both to see . ” (Sirius)

Together with them who were wondering because I suddenly brought them out, we came to the place where the cave Asrad stayed was visible .

The entrance to the cave was high enough for us to look up . No one could go enter unless they could fly in the sky, but there was a girl of winged people standing alone in the front of the big opening entrance now .

“Is that… Karen? Is she going to play with Asrad-sama again?” (Debra)

“I wonder if she is going to say goodbye to Asrad-sama? Well, she is going to leave soon . ” (Frenda)

“Please wait a minute . Karen is there because she wants to show something to both of you . ” (Sirius)

Since I had Hokuto nearby just in case, I didn’t ask him to do anything unless something bad happened .

Karen took a deep breath in front the two of them, who didn’t know the reason, and she suddenly jumped out from the spot toward the sky .

There was no need to be impatient because they could fly if they were winged people, but since Karen wouldn’t be able to fly satisfactorily due to one of the wings was irregular, that action itself was equivalent to suicide .

Frenda and Debra tried to spread the wings in a hurry in order to help the fallen Karen, but they stopped halfway .

“Eh… Karen?” (Debra)

“What is the meaning of this? To do it at ease…” (Frenda)

“That is the result of the training Karen had secretly done for both of you . ” (Sirius)

The reason was Karen’s falling speed was very slow .

Karen spread her wings and glided like birds . They looked up in surprise at Karen who slowly descended while drawing an arc .

“Although she can’t fly yet from that spot, she will be fine even if she jumps off from a high position . ” (Sirius)

“Kasan, Karen is…” (Frenda)

“Aah . It is more or less giddy, but it is stunning . Even children of the same age can’t do it without being scared like her . ” (Debra)

“But… how? With Karen’s wing, she…” (Frenda)

“Please look closely at Karen’s wings . ” (Sirius)

They were in doubt, but because of my words, they seemed to notice Karen’s shorter wing was slightly shining .

“If she compresses mana, she can hold her body mass . She is skillful at handling mana, so she is making the left and right wings to be in the same size . ” (Sirius)

In the first place, winged people couldn’t fly just by flapping their wings .

Buoyancy could be obtained by putting mana on the wings . It was the mechanism to fly while balancing with the wings . This was merely my opinion, but it made me think that it was in their genes by many years of evolution .

In the case of Karen, rather than not able to fly straight because of her irregular wing, it was actually impossible for her to fly in the first place .

However, Karen learned the technique to control mana, so she covered her wing with mana and temporarily enlarged it .

Of course, that would exhaust mana accordingly, but since she must do more precise mana control, she could only glide for the time being and she couldn’t keep it long . If another winged person used a portion of mana to fly in the sky, in the case of Karen, she required to use four times of the amount .

Even so… Karen had certainly taken the first step to fly .

“Haa… haa… Okasan! Obachan! Did you see that?” (Karen)

Although it was a dangerous spectacle played along the way, Karen, who succeeded in landing in front of Frenda, was proudly smiling even with her disturbed breathing .

Frenda looked happy when she embraced Karen, but she seemed wondering as if there was something to worry about .

“It was really incredible, Karen . But why did you try to fly?” (Frenda)

“You’re right . Even though other children still haven’t…” (Debra)

Apparently, practicing flying at Karen’s age now was deemed too early . Together with the danger, her body and wings still hadn’t matured yet .

For that reason, they would be called winged people if they were able to fly freely in the sky .

Karen was aware of it though, but people might ask why she asked me to train her in order to show the result to her mother .

“It’s just that if I grow up, Okasan and Obachan will be relieved, right?” (Karen)

That was… to make her mother and grandmother felt at ease even a little .

I was wondering when Karen asked me that she wanted to fly with a serious look that I had never seen before, but I agreed when I looked at the book she showed me at that time .

By the way, the book was handed down from Frenda after it was decided that she would go on a journey . It seemed to be the last part left by Beat .

The book contained the knowledge and skills necessary for the journey, but since it was written that Frenda would feel relieved if she grew stronger, she decided to practice it .

“I… see . If you grow up, I surely can rest assured . ” (Frenda)

“Yes!” (Karen)

Frenda, who understood her daughter’s feelings, affectionately stroke Karen’s head while desperately trying to suppress the complicated feelings .

The next day… many winged people and Dragonkin to see us off to a journey .

We were avoided at the beginning, but this situation was thanks to teaching them cooking and the matters related to Karen and Frenda .

While we received farewell from the villagers, we were waiting for Karen to come out of the house because she was saying goodbye to her family as for the last preparations .

“…She’s late . ” (Emilia)

“Perhaps, it’s because she will not be able to meet her mother for a while . Let’s wait without being impatient . ” (Sirius)

“Karen is still in there? I’m about to reach my limit!” (Reus)

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When I thought why I heard a strangely pitiful voice, the children living in the village were flocking Reus .

On top of having personality that didn’t reflect the inside, it felt nostalgic because they were playing well during training .

“Reus-oniichan! You can’t go!” (??)

“Yeah! Let’s play some more!” (??)

“I told you, I can’t do that . I have to go with Aniki . ” (Reus)

“You can’t!” (??)

While their parents desperately trying to calm their children, they weren’t able to pull them off since the children were clinging hard on Reus’ arms and legs . Then, Karen finally came out of the house with Frenda .

Since I told her to bring her personal things, she was holding a bag made of leather which looked heavy…

“It’s bulging huh… eh?” (Reus)

“The changing clothes and daily items have been already loaded on the carriage, so what’s in it?” (Emilia)

“Otou-san, I’m ready!” (Karen)

“Ahaha…” (Frenda)

Frenda had a bitter smile when she looked at us who had questions, but I didn’t feel bad at all .

“Karen . Why are you bringing so much? Didn’t I say to bring only necessary things?” (Sirius)

“Yes, they are . ” (Karen)

“Then, can you show me what’s in there?” (Sirius)

“…They are necessary things!” (Karen)

She tried to hide the bag with her body in order to avoid the question, but something fell down from the bag due to that action, and that thing rolled on the ground .

After confirming that, we nodded at once and silently surrounded her .

“…Performing a compulsory investigation . ” (Fia)

“No, no, you can’t! These are my… aah!” (Karen)

“…It’s honey . ” (Reus)

“Only honey…” (Reese)

The bag was packed tightly with containers filled with honey .

I went to collect honey couple of times because I was asked by Karen, but apparently, she secretly secured it for herself without my knowledge . I didn’t expect she was hiding it that much .

The result was… about 80% of the contents were honey .

It was clearly excessive even though it was considered preserved food, so I decided to leave all the rest except the necessary things .

“My honey…” (Karen)

“Even if we don’t carry around that much, we can still get it during the travel . ” (Fia)

“Fia is right . Local procurement is the basis of a journey, you know . ” (Sirius)

“Yes . But…” (Karen)

Since she still had a lingering attachment, we might as well depart early . If I left her along, she would return when there was a chance .

After Reus had also settled down, Frenda stood in front of us and bowed deeply .

“Everyone . She is such a gluttonous girl, so please somehow tolerate her . ” (Frenda)

“Please leave her to me, because I’m used to such things . ” (Sirius)

After all, we had two more gluttonous in the house . Besides, even if she was gluttonous, it was cute if it was limited to honey .

I’d told Frenda that we would return to this village once in a while, but since I couldn’t wipe the anxiousness as I expected, I told her as if declaring .

“Frendsan . I will take care of your daughter . Therefore, please also keep your promise with me . ” (Sirius)

“…Yes . I will work hard in order not to lose to you . ” (Frenda)

Frenda’s eyes were red probably because he cried while hugging her daughter in the house .

Nevertheless, she nodded with eyes full of vitality looking towards the promise . Thus, I would be able to travel at ease .

After that, when we got on the back of the three dragons and had Zenodora carried our carriage, Karen shouted at Frenda when we tried to leave the village .

“Okasan, I will do my best!” (Karen)

“Karen, I don’t think that is the case, you know . Besides… are you forgetting that?” (Sirius)

“Aah, yes . Well… I’m going . Okasan!” (Karen) (TLN: Before this, Karen called her mother おかーさん, but in this sentence, it is お母さん . I’m not sure the difference other than the long vowel sound in おかーさん)

Finally, Karen firmly managed to call her mother without stuttering and that made Frenda stunned, but she quickly waved to see her daughter and us off .

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[Well, that is clever . When you come to visit us next time, you should signal with something to the sky . I will pick you soon . ] (Zenodora)

[I’ve learned a lot of things . ] (Eye)

[If you have any troubles, please call me anytime . ] (Kuva)

[Hokuto-san, and Reus too, take care!] (Rai)

After having them put us down at the front of the forest which was also the entrance to the Dragon’s Nest, we parted with Zenodora . Then, we rode our carriage toward the next destination, Sandor .

While moving on a path without proper road toward a nearby main road, we were talking as we looked at the Dragon’s Nest which was getting further away from inside of the carriage .

“It is a bit remote place, but it was a relaxed village . ” (Emilia)

“Yes . With different races respect each other, it was calm and nice to spend time there . ” (Reese)

“It had a similar feeling to the village where Jii-chan and I lived . ” (Reus)

“Yes, it is . Once we have settled down, I would like to live in a place like that . ” (Sirius)

I had no plan to keep traveling forever . Someday, I would reach the end of it and that would be the time to settle down .

I would probably have many children with these three as my wives, and I would like to take my time raising my own children and disciples .

Well, leaving the talk about the future, now it was for Karen .

“She was fine just before leaving that village . But, she is lonely after all . ” (Fia)

Even if Karen was looking forward to travel, she was sitting at the rear of the carriage, and absentmindedly looking at the scenery .

She might be unconcerned until now because of the admiration for the outside world and the curiosity, but she probably realized it after leaving the hometown, and the loneliness came in all at once .

A very young child would act more on instinct, so this might also be unavoidable .

Such a sorrow floating from her back, but… this situation was somehow strange .

Thereupon, Emilia, who had the same question as I was, moved his nose, and she suddenly noticed a box carrying supplies for the travel .

“…Sirius-sama . The honey has decreased by one portion . ” (Emilia)

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“Oh, it’s not me, alright!?” (Reus)

“Not me too! Ah, that remind me, I had a feeling that Karen was there earlier…” (Reese)

“That was a splendid skill of deceiving our eyes . But it is probably limited to honey . ” (Sirius)

“Whatever it is, a child can’t eat the stockpile of the trip without permission . I want to scold her, but is it too much to do that now?” (Fia)

“Well, this time is a bit special . Sorry, but can’t you leave her to me after this?” (Sirius)

While being watched by the wives, who nodded and quietly watched over, I scooped honey with my fingers and sat next to Karen who was eating .

Although Karen always ate honey with full smile on her face, she was currently eating it without expression .

“Is it delicious?” (Sirius)

“–!? I’m not eating, you know?” (Karen)

She hurriedly hid the honey behind her back, but that made it visible to Emilia and others .

We pretended not to notice it for the time being, but I looked up to the sky to show that I didn’t notice it even though I sat next to her .

She was probably trying to deceive as if she wasn’t eating it, but I had to tell her this firmly .

“Karen . For now, you can still return to your mother’s place, you know? It may be embarrassing but with your current age, it is obvious that you want to go home . ” (Sirius)

“…Yes . In Papa’s book… he wrote that I must not become a crybaby . ” (Karen)

“Is that so?” (Sirius)

Since she started calling me Otou-san, she began to call Beat as Papa .

In the last book left by Beat, not only the necessary skills and knowledge for travel, thing like preparedness was also written .

A journey wasn’t only about finding new encounters and strange things; there were also things like fears and sorrows such as harsh reality and losing close friends .

In order not to be overwhelmed by such negativity, self control and perseverance… were also written .

Perhaps, that was left in order to let her grow up satisfactorily . It might be hard for Karen to understand because she was still very young, but it seemed that she understood it was pointless to cry or give up easily .

That wasn’t a wrong way to react, but…

“But, although it says that crybaby is not good, there’s nothing wrong if you want to cry . ” (Sirius)

“I’m not a crybaby if I cry?” (Karen)

“Yes . It’s not a bad thing to cry for your hometown or mother . The important thing is not to cry forever, and look forward to see them again . ” (Sirius)

“Seeing them again… is it?” (Karen)

“I’m not sure when it will be, but we definitely will come back to your house . So, you shouldn’t be a crybaby until then . You should learn self control, so now… is the right time for that . ” (Sirius)

“…Yes… uhh . ” (Karen)

It was probably best to cry at the time like this without holding back .

That was especially for young children . They were likely to become emotionally unstable if the stress was accumulating too much .

In addition, the preparedness written in that book was for when she had grown up, so it would be fine if I slowly told her since we would be together from now on .

It was a matter of obligation, so when I stroked the head of the daughter and pulled her slowly to my chest, she wept trying to hold the tears .

Karen… even though she said she didn’t want to be a crybaby, she was a strong girl who wouldn’t return even if she missed her mother or her hometown .

I wanted to see how far she would grow up .

As her teacher, as her father… I would do my best to watch over her .

This day… the girl grew a bit after saying farewell, and she started to go out to the outside world .

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— Frenda —

“Are you really sure?” (Debra?)

“…Isn’t it obvious? I believed Beat also would accept him as Karen’s teacher . ” (Frenda)

“No, I didn’t mean Karen . What I meant was actually you . Can you bear the life without that girl?” (Debra)

I thought that it wasn’t unreasonable for Kasan to worry .

She had seen me having low spirits after losing Beat in the past, no matter how much she did for me .

Furthermore, she knew that I relied on my daughter, Karen, to relieve the grive of losing husband .

“To be honest… I don’t know . ” (Frenda)

The more I thought about it, only unpleasant thoughts came out .

In the end, I probably wouldn’t be able to see Karen again and to see the appearance of her calling me as Okasan .

“But, even if I stay together with Karen, I know that I can’t do anything much . ” (Frenda)

When I met those people, they weren’t only teaching Karen, but they also taught me about growing up .

I didn’t want to stand in their way .

“Besides, I promised this with Sirius-kun . I will work hard to improve myself, and let her eat delicious meals . ” (Frenda)

As a condition of asking them to take care of Karen, Sirius-kun had become the replacement of the father, but he also said other things .

[There is another condition . With the ingredients written here, I want you to use it to create dishes . It will be necessary for Karen . ] (Sirius)

Sirius-kun handed a small book which was written in details with recipes and the steps of making ingredients .

[These are the recipes of the dishes I wrote during the trip and how to make the necessary ingredients for those dishes . Since it requires aging and fermentation for a long time, it is difficult to do it during travel…] (Sirius)

[Is this a condition? It doesn’t seem anything to do with Karen…] (Frenda)

[When we return here again, please make Karen the dishes written on this . ] (Sirius)

I doubted my ears for a while when I heard it for the first time .

I didn’t dislike making dishes in particular, but on top of knowing the taste of the dishes Sirius-kun made, I thought that it would be pretty hard .

In the future, I was told by Sirius-kun that it would be delicious and to let Karen to eat it… it was going to be difficult .

“However, that’s because it’s difficult… right?” (Debra)

With this, I surely thought that I had new goal even though I had no one but my daughter .

Since there were various dishes in the book, I began to think that I wanted to let that girl to eat these delicious meals when I was reading it .

Besides, I would try as much as I could since Zenodorsama and others would help me to procure necessary ingredients .

Yes, since Asrad-sama prepared goods to return the favor for us, I would treat him with a lot of new dishes as a repayment .

The quickest one still required things that were necessary to age for one month, so it seemed better to do it as soon as possible .

While looking at the direction where the girl went away, I murmured to promise .

“Take care, Karen . Your mother also… will do her best . ” (Frenda)

— A passage in the last book —

To my child .

What kind of child are you?

Are you a boy?

Are you a girl?

No, that doesn’t really matter . It’s because I’m happy that you were born safely .

And you’re probably reading this because you decided to go on a journey .

I think you’ll be lonely to leave your hometown and mother, but don’t cry easily .

There are loneliness and sad things when you go on a journey, and there are also many times you need to be patience .

You can rely on your friends if you have one .

When you are going through difficulties, know your ability and keep calm .

But, if you read this and become scared of the journey, or if you miss being separated from your mother, I don’t mind if you stop, you know?

It’s up to you what you want to do .

I just want you to live the way you like .

But, if there is only one thing I could say… You have to have strong mind, and also body .

Strong enough to be alright even if you are attacked by people and monsters . After all, I want your mother to feel relieve .

Although I am a father who can’t even call your name, or even hold you, I will always love you .

If you find something you want to do, please do it the best you can .

Live freely and grow up well, but more than anything else, be happy .

Extra/Bonus – Act 1

At that time, G was…

In the one of the harbor towns of the Hypne continent, there were an old man carrying a huge sword and a young man holding two swords got off from a ship .

“Is this the Hypne continent? It’s my first time to be here, and it’s cold, isn’t it?” (Beowulf)

“Hmm… it’s been a long time feeling this coldness . ” (Lior)

“When you said that, does that mean you came from this continent?” (Beowulf)

“That’s not it . I stayed here for a long time before I retired . “There are monsters that give considerable good feeling when I slice them . So, shall we?” (Lior)

“Please stop it . ” (Beowulf)

We would surely surrounded by monsters, and I could also expect that I would suffer another close to death experience .

Anyhow, to change the mood, the young man talked about the topic heard while he was on board of a ship .

“By the way, I heard that there is a mountain where the Dragonkin live somewhere on this continent . Have you been there?” (Beowulf)

“There is something like that, but even if I tried to go there, I gave up because I got lost . There was a couple of times lizards several time bigger than me and only weak dragons came out . ” (Lior)

“Got lost, huh…” (Beowulf)

“That’s right! I won’t get lost because I have you now . Which way… wait a sec-…” (Lior)

“Please stop it . ” (Beowulf)

After that, the young man experienced a new hell…

Extra/Bonus – Act 2

Revenge of Valentine (Although it’s been over for a day, please don’t mind it – Author) (TLN: The release of this raw chapter was February 15, 2017)

※Please see past activity records for the details . (Author)

Last year… the ladies and Reus knew the plan of Valentine .

The ladies made a lot for Sirius, but it was Reus who made the most gorgeous chocolate .

For that reason, this year…

“Let’s make something better than Reus this year . ” (Emilia)

“You’re right . The important thing is the feeling, but I am sorry for the last year’s frustration . ” (Reese)

“It is miserable as a woman to lose to Reus . Let’s do our best . ” (Fia)

The ladies were confident because they had a secret plan for this year .

Since they were taught some information from Shishou, they were able to make new kind of chocolate .

The ladies, who used various chocolate, nuts and fruits to make Gâteau Opéra, told Reus who saw them in the middle of making it .

“Chocolate? I was thinking whether I should make it or not, but since Aniki showed a subtle face last year, I wonder if I should stop making it… what’s wrong Nee-chan? Even though you are smiling… somehow, it feels scary… aah!?” (Reus)

At that time…

“…This year is from you, huh?” (Sirius)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

Hokuto had a triangular kerchief with seemed meaningless, but he brought chocolate in the shape of a meatball to Sirius .

“No, I am happy and I think it’s amazing, but… how did you make it?” (Sirius)

“…Woof . ” (Hokuto)

Translation… It is a trade secret .

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