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The summary of the previous chapter .


Hokuto – Noel – Dee (Under Deliberation) (´・ω)(・ω・`)(ω ・` )

“…What are you suddenly deliberating on?” (Sirius)

“Somebody has already mentioned the summary, you know!” (Noel)

“No, I was just called out here…” (Dee)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

“Whoever it is, it is already started, right?” (Sirius)

“Haa!? Ththat is bad! Come on now, you too, my dear!” (Noel)

“I told you, I am not–…” (Dee)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

“Uhm… Sirius-sama challenged Mejisan, a Dragonkin . He managed to win while struggling, and managed to solve Mejisan’s agony . ” (Noir)

“No-noir-chan!? When did you…” (Noel)

“That’s why I told you…” (Dee)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

“Okasan doesn’t have to do this forever . ” (Noir)

“Hmm… that’s a fair argument . But, no matter how much cute is my daughter as my opponent, there is something that I can’t hand over . Let me tell you this! You are still early to pass through your mother!” (Noel)

“I…” (Dee)

“Woof…” (Hokuto)

“Can anyone… translate what Hokuto said?” ( Sirius)

The next morning after going against Mejia, I woke up a bit later than usual .

It was probably already the time to start the morning training by looking the brightness of the outside, and I was prohibited from intense training until the injured right arm completely healed, but I still had no reason to oversleep .

This time, I slept in Karen’s house because I was tired yesterday . When I slowly opened my eyes…

“Good morning, Sirius-sama . ” (Emilia)

Sitting by my bedside, there was Emilia with a smile full on her face .

I didn’t know how long she had been here, but it seemed that she was looking at my sleeping face as usual .

“…Good morning . You did great even today . ” (Sirius)

“There’s no such a thing . It is normal to wake up late since Sirius-sama was tired from yesterday’s battle . ” (Emilia)

“Even so, a win is a win . Come . ” (Sirius)

“Yes!” (Emilia)

At the moment, I didn’t give a hint of rising up to Emilia, so I was caressing her cheeks and her head as well as a reward .

After stroking Emilia’s head and cheeks while she got closer at me, I confirmed the condition of my body as soon as I raised my body .

The right arm remained fixed with bandages and a bar . I didn’t do anything last night and properly took a rest, but there seemed to be little fatigue left .

“Sirius-sama . Is your arm alright?” (Emilia)

“Aah, it doesn’t hurt anymore . So…” (Sirius)

“I refuse . If I can’t take care of you, what’s the point of me being an attendant? Plus, Sirius-sama is rarely becoming like this, so I can offer you my assistance to my heart content…” (Emilia)

“Can you at least suppress your rough breathing?” (Sirius)

It was possible to change clothes, but Emilia wouldn’t leave, saying that she would help .

Despite of such troubles, I washed my face at the outside well after changing clothes . Reese and Fia were running for  their morning training while Reus and the three dragons in their human form were also seen .

When I looked closely, Hokuto was also running… No, he was running with a movement like hunting Reus and the three dragons . When he noticed I was awake, he stopped .

Then, he ran to me while wagging tail, but I had a doubt at the appearance of Hokuto who was standing in front of me .

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

“Are you… really Hokuto?” (Sirius)

Surprisingly, there were wings growing on the back of Hokuto .

Although it was irregular wings, the shining pure white color could be seen . It made me think that a Hundred Wolves could fly into the sky in the future, but…

“Kuhh–…” (Karen)

“…She is comfortably sleeping, isn’t it?” (Emilia)

Karen was sleeping on the back of Hokuto .

It was full of occasions in the morning like why Karen, who was doing morning training, was sleeping there, or why Hokuto was chasing Reus and the three dragons in such a state…

When I stroked the head of Hokuto who was wagging his tail without knowing my bewilderment, Reese and Fia ran to me and explained it while wiping the sweat .

“They were running like normal until halfway, but after seeing Sirius-san yesterday, it feels like they were overwhelmed . ” (Reese)

“So, I thought of letting her going home on Hokuto, but that was a nice handicap…” (Fia)

Incidentally, it turned out to be full scale training for Karen, and she fell asleep like a switch being turned off when the fatigue reached to a certain extent .

Since she abruptly fell down, they felt amazed as they saw it happened for the first time .

When Emilia carried Karen down, Reus and the three dragons, who finally released from the pursuit, came close to me while tumbling down .

“Haa…haa… we’re saved, Sirius-dono . ” (Eye)

“We’ve been… chased forever since then… my breathing…” (Kuva)

“If you don’t come out… we would have been beaten to the ground…” (Rai)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

“Hmm… regardless of the Dragonkin sturdy body and endurance, you just get tired if you can’t manage your body well . That fatigue is the best proof… that’s why Hokuto-san is getting excited . ” (Reus)

“““Ye-yes…””” (Eye/Kuva/Rai)

I just came here, but I was deeply thanked by the three dragons .

On the other hand, Reus was calmly translating even though his breathing was rough . Well, he was used to it since he trained with Hokuto for almost a year .

“Even so, you are great since you continuously run without dropping Karen . ” (Sirius)

“Aren’t you surprised that didn’t wake Karen?” (Emilia)

“Do you think that girl will wake up with that level of shake?” (Sirius)

“…Yeah, you’re right . ” (Emilia)

It seemed that she could sleep anywhere . I knew that well since she wouldn’t wake up unless I used honey .

Anyhow, while training everyone, Hokuto also trained himself firmly .

I understood this, but somehow it made me feel frustrated when looking at everyone working hard .

If I could train my legs without using arms…

“…You can’t . ” (Emilia)

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“Not good” (Reese)

“Yup, you can’t . ” (Fia)

“…Fine . ” (Sirius)

I had no choice to abandon the intention due to the ladies’ reprove . They had no intention of putting up such an expression, but I understood it well .

When I told them so, Reese had a bitter smile when looking at Emilia who had the confidence while Fia nodded with one eye closed .

“It is also an attendant job to know the thoughts of the Master . ” (Emilia)

“I wonder… But, that didn’t go out, so today is about the training… right?” (Reese)

“Yes . If it’s you, I think you can take care of yourself, but isn’t also necessary to have a rest?” (Fia)

The disciples were looking at me again when I looked at them .

I had to raise both arms to show that I had given up since I could feel their worries .

“Everyone, the meals are ready!” (Debra)

Incidentally, Debra called us with a loud voice at the same time I admitted defeat . Then, we went back to Karen’s house .

After having breakfast, we came to a place together with Karen who had woken up .

Since the place was a bit far from the village, we were brought by Zenodora . After arriving at the destination, he changed to his human form and asked me .

“You are really a mysterious man . What is your business in this forest?” (Zenodora)

“If my prediction is correct, there is an ingredient here . ” (Sirius)

Here was the place I found when moving to the place where I fought Mejia . The bamboo forest that existed in the previous life was spreading at where I pointed .

For me, this was about finding new ingredients, but since it was an ordinary forest for the Dragonkin and winged people, who lived around this area, Zenodora and Karen were tilted their heads altogether .

“Something that can be eaten… isn’t this very hard?” (Karen)

“It’s hard to eat this with a human body, you know? Let alone the winged people, they are probably a few of us Dragonkin who can eat this with ease . ” (Zenodora)

This was mere side information, but… the Dragonkin were omnivores . They were basically a tribe who could eat anything .

It seemed that they had broad preferences such as meat and vegetables, and those weren’t cooked .

In addition, the winged people, who weren’t omnivorous, didn’t seem to have adherence to food so far, so there were only few dish variations in this village . The tastes weren’t bad, but if we as outsiders looked at it, we would get bored sooner or later .

There was also another reason . The croquettes that we made yesterday seemed to be quiet shocking for Zenodora and Asrad .

Zenodora cut out one of such bamboo which I would use as a new ingredient and started eating it, but the disciples began to wonder every time dull sound echoed for every bite .

“Hmm… I don’t think I can like this . Besides, the fine part of the bamboo remains in the mouth, so I don’t like it . Is this really an ingredient?” (Zenodora)

“I certainly don’t want to eat that . ” (Reus)

“I wonder if it will dramatically change if you bake or boil it . ” (Reese)

“It is true that you have to bake or cook it, but that is not the part you should eat . ” (Sirius)

When I looked to the bottom while replying their questions, Hokuto, who understood the meaning, started digging the ground around the bamboo next to me .

Then, Hokuto returned after digging a hole to a certain extent . I looked at it and cut the thing that I wanted with a knife, and I showed it to everyone .

There was no need for further explanation . It was a bamboo shoot that was seen in the previous life . (TLN: Takenoko is bamboo shoot . )

“What can be eaten was this sprout part . Since it is soft, you should be able to eat if you take appropriate measures . ” (Sirius)

“Heh… Oh yes . If this is the ingredient, our teeth will be fine . ” (Emilia)

“It seems to give a good feeling if we chew it . ” (Reese)

“Although it’s quite large, it won’t be enough with just one . Let’s split up and gather it . ” (Sirius)

“Alright! I’m going to dig in!” (Reus)

“Hmm, if you dig like that, you will get hurt, right?” (Fia)

Then, all of us kept digging the bamboo shoots, and I called everyone after gathering some .

“This should be good enough . Well then, let’s go back and prepare this quickly . ” (Sirius)

“Haven’t we just eaten the breakfast?” (Emilia)

“This ingredient requires a lot of treatment . Besides, there’s also a possibility that it can’t be eaten . ” (Sirius)

The shape was similar to the bamboo shoots, but since this was produced in a different world, it might be somehow different .

It seemed that there was no poison based on Hokuto’s reaction, so I was thinking on treating it like normal…

“Ooh? I found out that I could eat it after peeling the skin off . ” (Reus)

“Hmm, this is not likely to be good . And the taste is…” (Zenodora)

“Aah, wait a sec…” (Sirius)

It might be because I was thinking of various things, I was too late to notice Reus’ and Zenodora’s reactions .

Before they heard me, they took the skin of bamboo shoots and bit it .

At that moment…

““Guhaa!?”” (Reus/Zenodora)

They intensely spewed out .

Let alone Reus, for the Dragonkin to spew that out… I guessed the taste was terrible .

By the way, the bamboo shoots would start to produce bitter taste the moment it was cut, and that was why those two spit out .

In order to remove the bitter taste, it was necessary to put it in the water and boiled it .

However, it should be fine to eat immediately after harvest in most cases, but this bamboo shoot might contain a sharp and bitter taste from the beginning .

“I wonder if it would be fine to eat it even if we remove the bitter taste . ” (Sirius)

“Aah, is that what you mean with such a treatment?” (Emilia)

“So, you can’t eat as it is… right? It seems going to take some time, but I’m interested with the taste . ” (Reese)

I felt uneasy when looking at the reactions of the two who just ate it, but I tried it just to make sure .

Then, the two who were agonized with the bamboo shoots bitter taste, asking help from Reese… .

“Re-reese… give… me… water . ” (Fia)

“Gohuu! Gunuu… me too, please . ” (Emilia)

“Yup… this is certainly a terrible taste . But, without the taste of bitterness, it would be a delicious dish . ” (Reese)

““Eh!?”” (Emilia/Fia)

It seemed going to be alright if the two became speechless when looking at Reese casually bit the bamboo shoot .

After that, we returned to Karen’s house . I prepared a simple stove outside the house to remove the bitter taste of the bamboo shoots .

The bamboo shoots were put in a large pot and boiled only with water . I only had to adjust the temperature and since I had prepared other labors, I remained still in front of the stove .

There were many hotpots . One of them continued to simmer with only monster bones and water inside it . Incidentally, this bone was the bone that Emilia got when dealing with monsters that looked like pigs .

At a place a bit away from me…

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“Yup! Eii! Yaah!” (Karen)

“Keep going . Although it’s only a bit, I can feel that mana is gathering on the soles of your feet . ” (Reus)

“Just a bit more, Karen! It’s almost there . ” (Frenda)

Karen was practicing [Air Step] while being watched by Reus and Frenda .

But, no matter how many times I taught her how to do it, there was no way that it was easy to kick things produced by mana . So, there were many times where Karen was only jumping on the spot .

However, the appearance that was trying so hard was pleasant to look . It was a sight that somehow relieved the heart .

“Kuh… when I tried to fly quickly, I could feel there was something on the feet…” (Karen)

“That’s because you jump too nimbly, guh! That’s why, Karen!” (Reus)

“Nimbly? Guh?” (Karen)

“…First off, you need to remember the feeling of stepping on mana with your body . If you think that you have stepped on something in the air, that mean you almost got it, so remember that feeling well . ” (Reus)

“Got it!” (Karen)

It seemed that Reus’ intuitive explanation wasn’t really thorough, but it worked well on Karen .

I gave a follow up advice of Reus to Karen while adjusting the temperature and stirring the contents of the pot .

The strangely warm-hearted training continued for a while . Then, it became a break when Karen got tired .

Karen drank the water she got from Emilia as she arranged her breathing . Nevertheless, she got close to me since she was interested with my work .

“Uhmm, why are you stirring the bones? Is it edible?” (Karen)

“You mean this? It can be eaten depending on what I’m doing now, but if I continue doing this for a while, I can make a thick soup out of it . ” (Sirius)

“Soup… is it delicious?” (Karen)

“It might be too thick to some, but it’s delicious . How is it?” (Sirius)

Since it was fine to leave the bamboo shoots for a while, I scooped out the lye that came out of the bones and talked to Emilia and Fia who were working next to me .

Before the two of them, there were numerous bamboo shoots cut thin which had been boiled arranged on a net .

“Yes . Our work is done . ” (Emilia)

“Based on what you told us, we left it for a while to dry it . But, is it safe to eat?” (Fia)

“By doing so, the good taste will be concentrated . By asking the spirits at the same time, I would like you to circulate the air around it to speed up the drying . ” (Sirius)

“I can’t imagine asking the Wind Spirits to help drying these . It’s really you to think of such a way . ” (Fia)

“I know that it is less preferable to have them outside the battle, but is it really no good?” (Sirius)

“Well… it’s not really a problem, I think? These children don’t complain, and it seems that they want to join in . ” (Fia)

“Is that alright, Spirits?” (Sirius)

Well, I asked them for such things mostly . Let me say this for the time being . I wasn’t really make fun of the Spirits .

Reese, who had been handling the meat nearby, was bitterly smiling by listening to our interaction .

“The Spirits don’t like the environment which is opposite to them, but apparently, those who let me use their power usually get pleased . Anyhow, they are existences who easily succumbs to loneliness . ” (Reese)

“Yeah There are times they are not in good mood, and in some cases, I feel like they behave like children . ” (Fia)

“It is a kind of conversation that I can’t tell to those who believe in Spirits, huh?” (Sirius)

I guessed I could leave it to Fia since there was no need to worry .

After the bamboo shoots had fully cooked, I took off the pot out of the fire . I noticed Karen was coming closer with chopsticks in hand .

That made me remember . I hadn’t explain them about bamboo shoots .

“Can it be eaten now?” (Karen)

“Not yet . We have to leave it until it cool down like this . ” (Sirius)

Preparing bamboo shoots weren’t only through boiling . It was because the astringent taste would disappear when it was cold down through hot steam .

It was bad for Karen who was looking forward to eat it, but it would probably dinner by the time we could eat it .

“Then, how about the soup?” (Karen)

“Sorry, this one will take longer time . It is important to keep it like this for some time, just like with your training . Please wait for a while . ” (Sirius)

“Yeah… alright . ” (Karen)

“That’s too bad…” (Frenda)

Not only Karen, I also feel sorry to Frenda who was nearby .

It seemed the mother and child became depressed side by side, but it was a sight that made me remembered a certain wife with cat ears .

It seemed that various elements were starting to appear . This might be because we were begin to be accepted here .

So, the dinner of that day were dishes made with bamboo shoots .

The variety of dishes was smaller such as eating the boiled bamboo shoots as it was and preparing it with the seasonings that we had . However, the bamboo shoots itself seemed to be popular .

The ingredient seemed to fit the preference of the winged people as their hands reached the bamboo shoots one after another .

“Is this coming from the long and thin tree? Isn’t this delicious?” (Debra)

“It has a subtle feeling when chewing it . I have to tell everyone soon . ” (Frenda)

“It’s delicious!” (Karen)

Although they did farming, the Dragonkin gathered ingredients from the surrounding forests . So, they only thought bamboo as a strange tree .

On the other hand, Zenodora was puzzled with the eating . That might due to him eating the bamboo shoots before treatment . However, looking at the situation of everyone, his expression change and he ate a bite .

“Ooh… the bitterness has changed this much, huh? You should eat this too, Jii-san . ” (Zenodora)

“…I don’t want!” (Asrad)

Next to Zenodora was Asrad . He came here too because he heard that there was a new ingredient, but the moment he knew that the ingredient was the bamboo shoots… he began to refuse immediately .

“I don’t need it! I’m sorry because you have prepared this, but I don’t like it . ” (Asrad)

“Why are you talking like a child? Just endure and eat it–…” (Zenodora)

“Don’t want!” (Asrad)

“As-Jii, it’s delicious, you know?” (Karen)

“Kuhh… even so, it’s impossible . I’m good enough if there is a croquette . ” (Asrad)

“Asrad-san, what’s wrong?” (Fia)

While talking about croquettes made with great relish, Asrad started talking about the past while having distant eyes .

Long time ago, Asrad found the bamboo shoots by chance when he was still young . Then, he ate the whole thing out of curiosity, but it seemed he experience suffering as he became scared of meal for a while due to too much bitterness taste .

This might be exaggerated, but Reus and Zenodora suffered because they only ate a single bite . It was obvious not to like if one ate the whole thing .

“Is there no more croquette left? I would like to eat more . ” (Asrad)

“What a selfish Jii-san . Where’s your manner while having the meal?” (Zenodora)

“I also want to eat croquette!” (Karen)

“Look, Karen also wants it . I’ll prepare the reward later, so can you make more of this?” (Asrad)

“Where is your pride as the chief?” (Zenodora)

“Now, now . If it is croquette, there are still more . Please calm down . Emilia . ” (Sirius)

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“Yes . I will prepare it soon . ” (Emilia)

I was planning to use them for tomorrow breakfast, but it couldn’t be helped since he demanded .

Besides… I wanted to offer Asrad favor even a little .

Several days had passed as I taught Karen magic and working on new dishes .

At that time, other winged people began to get used to us . Although it was only a bit, they were somewhat able to talk with us naturally . In addition to being recognized by Asrad by rescuing Karen, the spreading of new ingredients with Frenda and Debra as the intermediaries proved successful .

Since my right arm had already completely healed, I finished the morning training at the same time of resting . Then, I went to a small hut built next to Karen’s house .

“…Alright . I wonder if it would be enough to cook it together with only these?” (Sirius)

When I open the lid of a pot that kept boiling a variety of ingredients including bones over a day, a thick smell spread to the surroundings . As the disciples were drawn to the smell, they came to me and curiously looked into the pot .

“Ooh… what an amazing smell . ” (Reus)

“Sirius-sama . Has it been completed?” (Emilia)

“The soup is now complete . After this, it depend on the outside situation . ” (Sirius)

Then, I also confirmed the net on the outside of the hut, and the things here had dried as well .

I forgot how to prepare fermented sliced bamboo shoots, but I finally succeeded by repeating various trial and errors . (TLN: Menma is fermented bamboo shoots)

Now that everything was prepared, I declared to the disciples .

“Everyone, sorry to keep you waiting . ” (Sirius)

“Finally…!” (Emilia)

“It’s a new cuisine, Aniki!” (Reus)

“Yes . With this, I can make a Tonkotsu Ramen!” (Sirius) (TLN: Pork bones ramen)

It was a bit awkward to call it Tonkotsu because the bones were coming from the monsters that looked like a pig, but… the taste was close, so it was all good .

I had made various noodle dishes until now, but this was my first time trying to make a genuine Tonkotsu Ramen .

I was also lacking with other ingredients, but all of that solved after coming to this village .

“It’s dry and thick, isn’t it? Are you going to dry up the bamboo shoots with this?” (Fia)

“I will soak it in hot water and the soup and put ramen inside it . I will make it for today’s lunch, so we have to start preparing immediately . ” (Sirius)

“Put it in the hot water? I don’t really get it, but will the change so much after drying?” (Fia)

“Well, look forward to it . Incidentally, the name of the dishes is set because of the fermented bamboo shoots and this condition . ” (Sirius)

I didn’t want to call it Ramen without the fermented bamboo shoots .

Although this was my personal fixation, I wasn’t only reproducing the dishes in my previous life that resembled the taste as much as possible, I was also put the ingredients used into consideration .

There was also a possibility that the bamboo shoots weren’t suitable to be fermented, but that was an unfounded worry .

Since other ingredients such as roasted pork fillet had already been prepared, I would be on time for lunch if I started making it now .

“Alright, I suppose we will finish it from here at once . Emilia!” (Sirius)

“Yes!” (Emilia)

It was worth going all the trouble to build a hut next to Karen’s house in order not to fill their kitchen .

When I was hitting noodles with the flour prepared by Emilia, Karen, who came together with Frenda, was tilting the head while looking at me .

“Onii-san looks somehow happy, isn’t it?” (Karen)

“Hmm? This is a happiness . If it is possible to make it on your own, anyone would be happy, right?” (Sirius)

“…Yeah . ” (Karen)

However, Karen’s expression was a bit dark .

She had been training for several days, but she still hadn’t succeed doing the [Air Step] .

It was possible for her to create a foothold and slightly stay in the air, but she couldn’t leaped forward . The lacking part wasn’t the magic, but the techniques related to physical strength . For that reason, Karen couldn’t easily doing it because she hadn’t do any intense physical training until now .

In short, Karen was hitting a slight wall .

It was too early to worry since she could use the [Impact] and [String] magic I taught her in a very short time .

I stopped hitting the noodles at once . I looked at Karen who was somewhat impatient that could be seen in the eyes .

“Karen . I’ve said this earlier, but the dishes I thought were going to be mode a bit more complete . ” (Sirius)

“That is why you were happy, right?” (Karen)

“Yes . By the way, do you remember how many times I failed to complete this dish?” (Sirius)

“Uhm… three times . The taste was strange, or it didn’t have good smell… Onii-san, I’m very sorry . ” (Karen)

Yes… I had failed three times already before this soup was completed .

The taste was too strong, and there was a fishy smell that I couldn’t removed . I repeatedly trying while having bitter thoughts . It was because I had confidence with this incomplete dish .

Looking at such a sight next to me, I told Karen so that she could remember the details firmly .

“In other words, I also make mistakes . But even so, I keep repeating without giving up, and this is the result of grasping the trick of doing it . Isn’t this matter also applicable to magic?” (Sirius)

“…Yeah . ” (Karen)

“Reus also had it similar . It took him quite some time before he could use [Air Step] . So, you don’t have to be impatient, Karen . Look, don’t think of this as a bad thing . We’ll eat this and you will feel better . ” (Sirius)

When I fed her a piece of fermented bamboo shoots that had been soaked in hot water, she  begged to have more while having glittering eyes .

She became dispirited when I told her to wait until lunchtime, but if I did that, the kids in the house wouldn’t shut their mouths .

Since they were lining up side by up with Reese as the leader, I ended up feeding everyone with a piece of fermented bamboo shoots .

“This is almost similar to bamboo shoots but different… what a mysterious texture . ” (Reese)

“Ramen is delicious, but this is also delicious!” (Reus)

“It’s a taste that also goes well with rice . Perhaps, I should eat more…” (Emilia)

“Yeah, it’s just a mere change of the name . Isn’t this pretty tasty?” (Fia)

“The size become a bit smaller, but the taste is acceptable, right? Aah, Frendsan, do you want it?” (Sirius)

“Eh, yes . Well, let me have it please . ” (Frenda)

Although Frenda looked somehow absentminded, her eyes glittered like Karen as she ate the fermented bamboo shoots .

She listened to me while watching Karen whose expression was a little softened . Then, I resume the preparation of the noodles again .

With the help from everyone, we prepared noodles and ingredients in large quantity . Not only Zenodora and Asrad, we also called Mejia and the three dragons and this became the debut of the Tonkotsu Ramen .

I hadn’t met Mejia for a while, but the harsh look he had when we met at the beginning had disappeared, and he looked calm .

Because of the sudden calling, the Dragonkin were curiously looking the Ramen put in front of them, but when they had a sip of the soup, they closed their eyes, and let out a deep sigh .

“This is… good!” (Mejia)

“Yes . It feels like eating a good amount of meat . ” (Zenodora)

“““It’s delicious . ””” (Eye/Kuva/Rai)

“Hmm… it’s brilliant . Croquettes were delicious, but this is no less than that!” (Asrad)

It might be because they were the Dragonkin, I thought that it was expected of their tongue to casually drink the hot soup .


“You should eat the ramen together with the soup, alright . ” (Sirius)

“Even if it’s thin? It’s hard, but there is no help . ” (Mejia)

“I want more please . ” (Reese)

“Aniki, I want more!” (Reus)

“Onii-san, me too!” (Karen)

“Yes, yes . Please wait until it is completely boiled . ” (Sirius)

Since this was an experiment, there was a limited amount of the soup . For that reason, I would like them to eat the another servings of the noodles .

It seemed hard to eat with fork except for the disciples, but since everyone was asking another helpings one after another, it became difficult even to boil the noodles .

Meanwhile, the one who like the most Tonkotsu Ramen among the Dragonkin, Asrad, asked for another helping .

“The noodles are good but this small and chewy ingredient is also delicious . Can you put more of this?” (Asrad)

“I’m fine with it, but are you sure?” (Sirius)

“What do you mean?” (Asrad)

“It is called fermented bamboo shoots, and of course it is made from the bamboo shoots that Asrad-dono dislikes . ” (Sirius)

“…” (Asrad)

At that time, Asrad had a difficult expression, but he seemed to be fine because let alone the soup, he beautifully finished eating the fermented bamboo shoots too .

In this way, the new dish was accepted by everyone, and it was a satisfying result .

However, as the story continued…

[By the way, Sirius . I would like you to teach the way to make Tonkotsu Ramen to these dragons . ] (Asrad)

“…” (Sirius)

In the morning next day, when I was wondering why I was called by Asrad, not only Zenodora and Mejia, who were in their dragon from, stood in front of me, there were many young Dragonkin who I met for the first time .

[Hmm… I do understand your feeling by looking at such a subtle expression on your face . But, this morning, I had no choice but to tell them that you are the main person who know the way to make Tonkotsu Ramen . Indeed I was also amazed, but it’s not that I don’t understand your feeling, alright . ] (Asrad)

[I feel bad, but I also have to agree . After all, I want to eat it again . ] (Zenodora)

[[[[Please treat us well!]]]] (Dragonkin)

Yesterday, it was Asrad who returned home in a complex feeling, but it seemed he became fond to Ramen in spite of that .

The duration of stay in this village was likely to be longer .

The morning of Hokuto

“““Hiii-hiiiii—!?””” (Eye/Kuva/Rai)

“Run if you have time to cry! If you fail to run away from Hokuto-san’s good mood, you’ll be knocked down immediately!” (Reus)

On that day, Hokuto-kun was chasing Reus-kun and the three dragons in the morning training .

No… he wasn’t chasing them, but this was totally hunting them . If they got caught up, they would become prey to Hokuto-kun’s paw pressure .

“He-hey, Karen-chan! Don’t fall asleep in such a place!” (Reese)

“Yeah… that’s not good . She is not going to wake up in this situation, isn’t it? Hey, Hokuto . Can you come here for a bit?” (Fia)

“Woof?” (Hokuto)

With that, Hokuto suddenly stop hunting (while still looking at Reus and the three dragons), and he ran toward Fisan .

By the way, Hokuto-kun acknowledged Fisan as a person who supported the Master . It seemed that he trusted her like a comrade in arms .

“Since Karen is unable to continue training, could you bring her to her house? We are still in the middle of training and we’re a bit away from the house . ” (Fia)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

When Hokuto-san barked as if to leave the matter to him, the sight where Reus-kun and the three dragons resting could be seen .

Apparently, the training was temporarily stopped because he had to bring Karen home .

Hokuto-kun didn’t remember telling them that it was a break time, so while having soft heart…

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

“Eh!? No… but that…” (Reus)

“Wh-what!?” (Eye)

“He looks somewhat angry…” (Kuva)

“What did Hokuto-sama said!?” (Rai)

“He said this is good handicap! He won’t let Karen fall, and he will go at us with full power…” (Reus)

“““He’s coming!?””” (Eye/Kuva/Rai)

With a fearless smile, Hokuto-kun was charging ahead .

“Nuoooaahh–!?” (Eye)

“Wh-why he’s doing it while carrying Karen–!?” (Kuva)

“He become faster… aargghh–!” (Rai)

“Listen, we need to run! Even if he is in that state, he will show no mercy!” (Reus)

In this way, the hunting (which seemed to be true from other people view) continued until the Master arrived .


Oh my… how is Hokuto?

Congratulations, Hokuto had evolved into Hokuto (with wings) .

The attack power and maneuverability had gone down .

The appearance and the male adventurous spirit had gone up .

Although the (Karen’s) wings attached, it cost him more food .

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