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The summary of the previous chapter .

Everyone, long time no see . I am the idol of the town and Dee-san’s wife, Noel!

Now, this is the synopsis of the last chapter, Sirius-sama and others who helped Karen, a winged person, came to the village of the winged people .

They met a very strong tribe called the Dragonkin, and among them, there was a younger brother of a Dragonkin who Sirius-sama defeated in the past .

The younger brother, Mejisan, didn’t hate Sirius-sama in particular . However, it was tough for Sirius-sama to fight him in order to disperse the uncertain feeling within him .

At first, Mejisan fought Sirius-sama in his human form, but he finally recognize his abilities and transformed to the dragon form .

Will Sirius-sama win against a huge dragon?

…After that, Sirius-sama punished the Dragonkin, and he became their king while having the power to rule the world .

It’s a happy ending, happy–… ehh?

Only the ending is different?

The battle is still not over yet?

No… I guess it’s good to think that kind of ending, isn’t it?’

I tried to talk to Dee-san, because this was something expected of married couple .

“Gurururu!” (Hokuto)


I’m sorry for taking your role of doing this without permission!

Bu-but… since it was comfortable to be brushed by Sirius-sama, Hokuto-san also think of doing it–… Nyaa!?

Sirius-sama, save me!

“Uhm… What’s wrong, Noel?” (Sirius)

— — (TLN: Third Switch)

As the battle with the real Mejia, who had transformed to the dragon form, began, I turned on the ‘Switch’ at the same time as activating [Boost] and kicked the ground .

[Come at me, Sirius!] (Mejia)

It was the first time he spoke my name . I assumed he acknowledged me as a strong man .

To meet his expectation, I shot [Magnum] unsparingly .

[Ugh!? That level is…!] (Mejia)

Although three mana bullets simultaneously shot could penetrate an iron plate, it merely gave a little shake to Mejia’s body .

I had an expectation to a certain extent, but let alone the scales, it couldn’t make a splinter .

“Is this the real Dragonkin? Yet…!” (Sirius)

But, I wouldn’t stop advancing .

I approached from the front while constantly maintained the mana on the whole body . Mejia swung his arm at the speed that didn’t match his huge body, but I went to his side while activating [Mirage] again .

[…I will not fall to the same trick twice!] (Mejia)

Mejia flung his tail to mow me down, but I leaped up and avoided it while shooting [Magnum] again .

I tried aiming at the part without scales this time, but since it was only a small hole opened, the hole would soon close with a slight bleeding .

Not only the scales, the muscles and the skin were also sturdy, huh?

Unlike Goraon who could indefinitely regenerate even if his skin was soft, the one here was a truly nuisance opponent .

[Got you!] (Mejia)

He tried to knock me down as I leaped up, but I leaped further by using [Air Step] and avoided it .

[What!?] (Mejia)

“Are you surprised?” (Sirius)

Mejia probably didn’t expect that I could kick the air . Then, when he looked up while being surprised, I unleashed countless bullets at him .

Not only [Magnum], I also used [Launcher] and [Snipe] like rain, but there wasn’t a single scar on Mejia’s body .

[That’s magnificent, but it’s no use if it doesn’t penetrate my scales!] (Mejia)

As Mejia endured my magic while protecting his eyes, he looked up and released breath attack at the same time .

Since it was a thin heat ray rather than a fire breath that burned in a wide range, I made a huge leaped with [Air Step] .

Once I took a distance, I confirmed the consumption of mana and while predicting the difference in fighting power, I also arrange the information that I experienced from Mejia who was nearby .

“Just barely… isn’t it?” (Sirius)

I would probably defeated at the time I stopped my leg .

I definitely wouldn’t be able to fight even if one of Mejia’s attacks directly struck me… No, there was rather a high possibility of dying .

In order to win… or to survive, I had to continue avoiding all of his attacks, and I had no choice but to release a blow that could penetrate even those scales, and… that was [Anti Material] .

However, that magic requires a bit of time to compress the mana .

In addition, the bullet flying speed was slower than [Magnum] . It would be avoided if I did it in normal situation .

Since Mejia protected his eyes earlier, he seemed to properly judging that the attacks would inflict fatal injuries . Even if the body was enormous, the reflexes of the Dragonkin was very fast .

He would probably have hard time to hit me due to physical difference, but in term of physical abilities, Mejia was better than me .

Speaking of what I surpassed him were battle experience and instantaneous force .

In any case, this was a matter of hitting Mejia with [Anti Material] before he got used to my movement…

The path to victory was too small and too far, but now, there was no other options than to go through with everything I had .

[…I can’t imagine my attacks never hit you even until now . ] (Mejia)

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After that, the situation continued where I kept avoiding Mejia’s attack by making full use of [Air Step] and [String] hooked on nearby stone pillars .

Although it was more severe than I imagined, I still ran around his vicinity while shooting [Magnum] in between .

In addition, I threw magic stones engraved with the magic formation of [Create] to the ground, and made several pillars similar to the surrounding pillars .

The sturdy pillar was also a shield that hid me, so I made it one after another, but it was destroyed by Mejia in one blow .

The creation and the destruction of pillars were repeating, but I was still throwing it with the intention to use up every mana stone, and the surrounding area now was full of stone pillars .

Then, I wasn’t only using [Magnum] to attack, I also make use the surrounding rubbles as bullets . So, mana bullets were being shot from all sides of Mejia, but…

[What a crafty attack . But soon I…] (Mejia)

However, no matter where I shot, I couldn’t sense that Mejia was in pain . It was just making him feel annoyed .

Since the eyes which seemed to be his weak points, he definitely defended it with his arms . It was good to say that he was still intact .

I thought that I could find another fragile part, but… it seemed it didn’t go well .

By having this kind of struggle, I wonder if Mejia had gotten used to my movements . The precious of his attacks gradually began to increase, and it was getting harder to avoid .

[How long are you going to repeat such an attack? Don’t you realize that you already out of options?] (Mejia)

“Well . That same goes to you . Why don’t you fly in the sky?” (Sirius)

[I am considering about your abilities . I can’t fly easily without being aimed at the wings . ] (Mejia)

Even if I couldn’t penetrate the scales, he couldn’t prevent the impact .

I was thinking that I would shoot the wings and knock him down when Mejia flew in the sky, but Mejia seemed to be observing me calmly .

Then, when I avoided a breath of flames that mowed down in wide range by leaping sideways, Mejia’s tail was swung down as if it had been aimed there .

He began to attack with the anticipation of avoidance destination, but that was still within my expectation .

As I kicked the air and avoided the tail, I released [Impact] on the fragments of the stone pillar where the tail crushed . The rocks were shot like bullet and hit his face .

[Guh!? Such a way to use that!?] (Mejia)

His neck swayed greatly due to the direct hit of massive rocks, but apparently, it seemed that his nose was hit slightly . Even so, it looked like there was a limit as much as stopping his movement slightly .

I wonder if I could bring him down with [Anti Material] in this situation . Whether the disturbance gave way to negligence, I was slightly delayed to notice the claws were swung while splitting the fire breath .

I leaped and forcibly twisted my body to avoid it, but that gap was fatal .

My posture in the air was unstable, but I was still preparing magic now . However, it was difficult to avoid the tail blow that came after me .

Although this was a tough situation, it was still possible to recover .

“[Launcher]” (Sirius)

I reflexively shoot [Launcher] from the right arm, trying to divert the tail trajectory by the impact .

The impact of the bullet, which could crush rocks landed, swayed Mejia’s tail greatly, but…

[Haa—!] (Mejia)

Based on his might that I’d seen so far, I unleashed [Launcher] unsparingly .

However, Mejia exceeded my expectation . He forcibly rebuilt the posture of swayed tail by using his strength . Then, he swung it at me again .

Was this the result of failing to measure Mejia’s strength in addition to my own carelessness?

It was already impossible to completely avoid the blow of the tail any longer .

No, I could avoid it by giving up something, but if I did that, the possibility of winning against Mejia would be no more .

However, I had no more time to be hesitated . So, I unleashed [Launcher] by keeping its power through instinct .

“Guhh!?”” (Sirius)

The [Launcher] released from the right arm simultaneously exploded with the activation, and I received the shockwave and was able to escape the trajectory by hair’s breadth .

However, the right arm extended couldn’t completely escape the tail . When the tail grazed like a whip at my right hand, I was blown away together with a pain like being cut off .

The impact caused my body to rotate like a spinning top, but I was somehow able to land on the ground while taking a defensive posture .

[I finally got you . I’ve… your movement . ] (Mejia)

I immediately confirmed that my right hand was still intact, but the flesh was scoured by the scales, and it was in severe condition .

Just being grazed… I intensively reinforced my arm with mana . If it wasn’t due to the impact, my arm would have been torn apart .

As I was wary of the Mejia’s pursuit while bearing the pain of the right arm, he overlooked me for some reason .

[Sirius… you fought well . But, that’s it . ] (Mejia)

“…Are you already declaring victory?” (Sirius)

[You can’t fight well with that arm . I’m not fighting this battle to kill you, so just admit your defeat . ] (Mejia)

“Is that so…?” (Sirius)

Just now, it was really a paper-thin difference .

Preserving mana seemed to be interrupted by the severe pain, and since the right arm was completely broken, it was in a state that it couldn’t be moved .

The hint of defeat was getting stronger as Mejia had already grasped my movement, but… somehow, I seemed to be the one who should be in that situation .

The preparation was… all good .

“If that’s the case, this will be my last attack . If you can endure… you are the winner . ” (Sirius)

[Do you got something else? Fine, I’ll accept that!] (Mejia)

I ran around Mejia many times, and use manastones to produce a number of stone pillars . Even though [Magnum] didn’t get through, everything was for the sake of this time .

Numerous [String]s were produced on my left hand . These weren’t just for Mejia . It was fixed and entangled with the surrounding pillars and various rocks .

After recovering mana, I took out the last manastone . I loaded it with mana and dropped it on the ground .

“Activate!” (Sirius)

When the manastone carved with the [Create] magic formation activated, all the stone pillars that remained around it collapsed on its center together with a big earthquake .

Although Mejia was surprised by the earthquake, he calmly looked around, but he opened eyes wide due to what happen next .

[Wha!? Why the pillars!?] (Mejia)

The rubbles at the surrounding and the broken pillars suddenly flew toward Mejia all at once .

Since it was massive and approaching from all directions, Mejia . who gave up knocking all them down, tried to escape to the sky, but…

[What… my wings…? No, my whole body too! When is this!?] (Mejia)

Since the net-like [String]s were attached around his body as well as the wings, it was impossible to fly because he wasn’t able to spring the wings well .

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The stone pillars and the rubble flew around while he was disturbed, but Mejia’s movement was getting slower .

Eventually, walking also became difficult . Then, Mejia lost the balance and collapsed forward .

[What’s going!? How can this be happening!?] (Mejia)

“I prepared these for quite some time . It will be a problem if you don’t get caught . ” (Sirius)

The stone pillars and the rubble were flying around because I set the [String]s up while moving around .

I produced stone pillars by using manastones not because I wanted to use it as covers . It was to stop him and to hook with stretchable [String] that was as strong as rubber . If one looked down from the sky, it was like a countless stone pillars and [String]s stretched around like a spider’s nest .

When the stone pillar that had become the last stack destroyed, the [String] that extended like a net was the mechanism that attacked Mejia all at once .

In short, it put a countless of throwing nets with weights, and when it released all at once, it bound Mejia .

It was an extremely troublesome trap to make, but since it would be torn apart if the nets were sliced one by one, I had to make proper preparation .

Before the preparation over, it was a bet whether I could handle the fight against Mejia .

The reason I kept shooting [Magnum] even though I knew it didn’t work well on his body was to misled the uncomfortable feeling of the [String]s that were attached to Mejia’s body .

Since I made the casting net with hooked [String] as a landmark, it might be the hardest to maintain this without being noticed . It was torn apart several times on the way, so it was hard to redo the trap .

Although it was strange that he didn’t notice, the figure of the dragon was big and powerful, so it didn’t matter much if he was somewhat pulled .

This was also a possible trap because as a Dragonkin, he could received a huge blow from the front which was why I had to distract him with [Magnum] .

[Kuh… the restraint with that degree…!] (Mejia)

Even though it was a solid [String], it still couldn’t last against the claws of the Dragonkin .

However, he couldn’t swing his claws enough when he was captured by countless nets . In order to escape, he had no choice but to finely moved his claws and cut the nets one by one .

He would probably escape the moment he was set free, but this was already a huge opening .

I already started compressing mass of mana when I crushed the last manastone… so the preparation for launching [Anti Material] was already in place .

“It’s the same state as his brother…” (Sirius)

Although the method was different, the movement of Goraon was sealed with numerous [String]s .

As my left hand was used to maintain [String]s, I directed the injured right arm toward Mejia and released [Anti Material] at the same time .

The mana cannonball slit the air, penetrating the distant mountain with big hole… It also grazed Mejia’s head and he lose one of his two horns .

[…Why? Are you a man who miss the target in this kind of situation?] (Mejia)

“I am the same with you . I do this not for killing . So, are you confident that you can survive with that blow?” (Sirius)

[That would be… impossible . ] (Mejia)

“Then, do you understand what I am trying to say?” (Sirius)

[Aah, I have to admit it . ] (Mejia)

When I put off the [String] at the same time with those words, Mejia slowly got up and declared while letting out a sigh as if he had gave up .

[It’s… my lost . ] (Mejia)

— Sirius —

Once I confirmed that Mejia acknowledged his defeat, I relieved my battle posture and sat there .

I repeatedly recovered and exhausted mana many times, so as I already closed to the limit of physical and mind, it was really hard to stand up .

As I expected, it was intense to have Dragonkin as opponents . To begin with, it was also strange to challenge them alone .

If I did this with my comrades, it wouldn’t be a close fight .

I could entrust Hokuto and Reus to stop them and I could end it with [Anti Material] while having them protected me .

[Hmm, is your arm still hurting?] (Mejia)

“Of course . ” (Sirius)

Mejia asked with worried voice, but since I was already exhausted, I didn’t hesitate to reply .

It might be because I was relieved that the battle had ended, the pain of the right arm was starting to get worse . I was trying to anesthetize by putting mana, but since I was consuming mana more than expected, my consciousness was about to disappear .

The strength all over the bodies also disappeared all at once . This might look unsavory, but the moment I began to fall on my back…

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

“Sirius-sama!” (Emilia)

When I turned around at the familiar voices, Hokuto supported me who was about to fall with his forefoot .

At the same time, Emilia and Reese who were on Hokuto’s back sat by my sides and looked into my eyes anxiously .

“Please wait, I will heal you immediately!” (Reese)

“Reese . While you are at it, please keep this cloth wet at the same time . ” (Emilia)

While having a serious look, Reese used her magic and the when the injured right arm wrapped in water, the pain subsided .

After all, it was simply due to mana exhaustion and fatigue, so it would be fine if she closed the wound on the arm and let me rest .

While having the treatment, Hokuto lied down and had me lean against his body . Emilia wide off the dirt on my body and my face with a wet towel . She earnestly took care of me while having me drink water .

Although it was a bit late, another face came together riding behind Zenodora and Asrad who were in their dragon forms . When they came near me, they began to make a big noise .

[It was brilliant, Sirius . Despite being a human, you boldly attack him . I also don’t expect that you can use magic that is likely to injure even Dragonkin . ] (Asrad)

[Yes, it is . I thought it would be a draw, but I didn’t expect that you would win . Although I have lived for many years, this was considerably interesting fight . ] (Zenodora)

“That’s Aniki for you! I hope that I can win against Dragonkin alone someday!” (Reus)

“You are in front of an injured person . Can you be quiet for a bit?” (Emilia)

[[“Yes…”]] (Asrad/Zenodora/Reus)

Although they were smiling, they simultaneously shut their mouths when they felt Emilia’s anger .

That was to be expected from Reus, but I didn’t think that the Dragonkin would nodded obediently . It was terrifying even though she was my attendant .

As the situation was bad, the two Dragonkin went to Mejia . Then, Fia came next while looking amazed .

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“Goodness . I thought that it would be alright . Please don’t make us worry too much . Everyone was about to scream when you almost lost one arm, you know . ” (Fia)

“Hmm… I can say nothing but sorry . ” (Sirius)

“I understand that you have to fight, but please be very careful . We want you to hold us tightly with both hands . ” (Fia)

Emilia and Reese nodded several times, agreeing to those words .

After that, Fia lightly rubbed my forehead as if scolding her little baby, but she immediately smiled, and happily caressed my cheeks .

“Anyhow, I’m glad that you are safe . But you are forbid from doing any intense training for a while . ” (Fia)

“I got it . The bone is broken, so I have to refrain from exercising for a while . ” (Sirius)

“Now is my turn! As Sirius-sama’s attendant, I will take care from your meal to bath, and also that!” (Emilia)

“She is as usual… isn’t it?” (Fia)

Reese’ healing magic was slightly ineffective against bones . Furthermore, instead of crack, the bone was completely broken . So, it would be good to improve her healing capability and to do it carefully .

Originally, it was an injury that required several months for complete recovery, but if the healing capability was enhanced with mana, I would be able to move the arm to a certain extent in a couple of days .

Anyway, looking at the expression of the ladies, I guessed I would just accept it for some time .

Then, after the arm treatment ended,  when they fixed my right arm with a bandage and a branch, Karen and his mother, Frenda, who were waiting, came closer .

“…Are you alright?” (Karen)

“Aah, it will take some time for my arm, but I’ll be fine . Leaving that aside, did you watch the magic I used, Karen?” (Sirius)

“Yes! It was amazing!” (Karen)

At first, she was looking at my wounds with painful expression, but after confirming that I was fine, she had her wings flapping with shining eyes .

However, she was tilting the neck at the same time when the flapping wings stopped moving . She might have questions in her mind .

“But, can I do it? The last magic was really scary…” (Karen)

“You don’t really have to learn everything . The magic that I showed mean that I wanted to tell Karen that you could fight against Dragonkin if you do your best even if with your non attribute . ” (Sirius)

In this world, it was said that non attribute was an unfavorable aptitude attribute, and that was true even among the winged people .

Although she understood to a certain degree about the non attribute magic, [Impact] that I showed on the way to this village, it should had been engraved firmly in her mind through this battle .

“Among the magic that I showed earlier, is there any magic that Karen wants to use?” (Sirius)

“Uhmm… I want to use magic that fly in the sky!” (Karen)

She was probably talking about [Air Step] .

However, the mana consumption was intense and there was a high possibility of falling even after creating a half-baked scaffold . In addition, it was still too early for Karen because she needed to train her legs too .

Even when I explained that, Karen moved both hands and wings in high spirits . It might be because she was still too excited .

“Karen . Sirius-kun is tired, so be a good girl . ” (Frenda)

“Uhh… I’m sorry . But…” (Karen)

“I understand . I also looking forward to Karen to be able to fly in the sky . ” (Frenda)

“Yes!” (Karen)

It seemed that only the mother could understand Karen’s feelings after all .

As Frenda stroked and calmed her daughter, she sat in front of me and looked a bit aggravated .

“I’m glad Sirius-kun is alright . But, I don’t really want to see my benefactor got hurt . ” (Frenda)

“It’s fine . However, since I got the permission to educate your daughter, it is important to properly display my strength . ” (Sirius)

“Yes, I’m glad when Sirius-kun asked that . This is also the reason why the girl admires your strength . ” (Frenda)

However, she put a smile at once . She wasn’t blaming me, but I guessed she worried about myself .

I was a bit touched when given such a deep affection . Then, I slowly got up and headed toward Mejia . Aside from that, Emilia and Hokuto were also worried . It was hard to walk since they were tightly clinging at me .

[Your arm seems to be alright . ] (Mejia)

“Thanks to everyone, I managed somehow . More importantly, do you feel a bit better after fighting me?” (Sirius)

[Yes, it is . At least, I knew why my brother lost to you . ] (Mejia)

Since the current Mejia was in his dragon form, it was hard to understand the change in expression .

However, from the way he sounded, I sensed that his hesitation still remained somehow .

“… I guess you still have something else to say, right?” (Sirius)

[No, it’s just that…] (Mejia)

[Mejia . In this situation, just spit everything out . ] (Asrad)

[Yes, since you have lost, you should answer his questions . ] (Zenodora)

Whether Mejia gave up due to Zenodora’s and Asrad’s pushing, he muttered while looking up at the mountain where I opened a hole .

[I certainly concern about something, but that is a private matter . Rather than asking for it, this may make you uncomfortable . ] (Mejia)

“It’s fine . Sometimes talking make you feel better, right?” (Mejia)

[…Alright . I understand that it can be helped to think even until now, but I was wondering why brother… broke the taboo by killing my father . ] (Mejia)

That question seemed remain in his mind since Goraon ceased to exist, but even if he temporarily forgot it, he seemed frustrated if he suddenly remembered .

He profoundly remembered it by the time he fought with me .

[Brother was a trash who sacrificed his family for the sake of gaining strength . I was thinking what I should call that my brother even though he only played with me once…] (Mejia)

“…I don’t have right to say this, but I think Mejia’s view is a bit wrong . ” (Sirius)

[What did you say?] (Mejia)

“When I heard about Goraon from you guys, it felt like I actually met him, so I have a feeling that he was thinking of Mejia as a younger brother . ” (Sirius)

Rather than embracing the feeling of fighting strong men, Goraon was just a murder who enjoyed killing .

That was why at that time, he didn’t aimed Mejia who was a child, but he aimed his father because he thought of the father as an adult .

“Although he wanted the crystal to become stronger, it was strange to aim at the father first . ” (Sirius)

[He probably wanted to obtain my father’s strength . Regardless of getting surprised attack, my father held strength to be the top five in the village . ] (Mejia)

“That’s it . He was a person who liked surprised attack or sudden attack, but isn’t weird that he didn’t aiming Mejia at that time . ” (Sirius)

Since he was a person who knew that eating same tribe was a taboo, I didn’t think that he would be satisfied with a crystal .

If one thought normally, it would be much easier to take it away from Mejia compared to the father who was a strong man .

In case of the family member, it should be easy enough to invite Mejia who was a child at that time, to a place where no one was present and secretly killed him . Even if Mejia was a Dragonkin, but as a child, he would be attacked by monsters when Goraon took eyes off him .

However… Mejia was still alive .

The disciples probably noticed what I wanted to say . Then, Emilia muttered to represent me .

“Could it be that… he thought you as a younger brother, and that was why he didn’t aim you?” (Emilia)

“There is only one possibility . Even though he played with you only once, he might tried to avoid the change of feeling . ” (Sirius)

There was a possibility that Goraon had a shallow discretion .

However, since the person himself was no more, the truth remained unknown .


[…That is a very convenient way of thinking . ] (Mejia)

“I am aware of that . But, what’s wrong with that kind of circumstances?” (Sirius)

Even if he didn’t hear this from me, he had already assumed that Goraon was dead .

I didn’t know how many years ago that incident happened, but it would be far better to come to a clean decision if he still concerned about it until now .

It was also one way of thinking learned in the previous life .

“I think that sometimes it is better to renew the feeling and it is also necessary to look forward . Besides, you can’t say my thought is wrong, am I right?” (Sirius)

[…I guess such a thinking is also possible . ] (Mejia)

“I think that it would be impossible to do it immediately, but you may think thoroughly from now on . You needs some space to reconsider for now . ” (Sirius)

Without giving space to the mind, things wouldn’t progress well .

Besides, even if Goraon was a criminal, I thought that it was alright to call that person alone as his brother and supporter . At the same time, he might noticed this rather than as a bad example .

I had no plan to forgive that man, but the only thing I appreciated for him was the huge growth of my disciples’ spirits .

After listening to my words, Mejia returned to the human form from the dragon form, and he looked calmer than before the fight .

“…It is strange to be consoled by the one who killed his brother . ” (Zenodora)

[But, it’s not that bad, isn’t it? I can tell by looking at his expression . ] (Zenodora)

“Aah… you got that right . ” (Mejia)

Nodding at Zenodora, Mejia looked bright as if he found a light in the maze of darkness .

Presenting Hokuto – Karen and the Secret Training

On the evening of the day when the Master fought with Mejikun, Karen-chan was out alone facing Hokuto-kun .

Karen was scared of Hokuto-kun until a while ago, but she seemed not afraid at all now . Now, she stood in front of Hokuto-kun who was a bit wondering .

“From now, I will think this as a secret training . ” (Karen)

“…Woof . ” (Hokuto)

When Hokuto-kun heard such a declaration, what came into his mind was how Karen knew the term secret training .

Apparently, she saw Reus waving his sword in the middle of the knight, and when she asked, he seemed to be telling her that it was a secret training .

Hokuto-kun decided to hit Reus, who engraved unnecessary wisdom, later .

This wasn’t only limited to women, but lack of sleep was a big enemy to children .

Incidentally, the Master and Frendsan were watching from the window of the house, but again, this was a secret training .

“I was told that I couldn’t fly in the sky yet, so first, I want to create threads that can’t be broken even by As-Jii . ” (Karen)

“…Woof . ” (Hokuto)

“If I can do that, Onii-san and Okasan will praise me . ” (Karen)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

Hokuto-kun understood well the feeling of wanting to be praised by the Master .

Moreover, since there was no way to stop this situation even with the Master and her mother, Hokuto-kun decided to go all out for a while .

“…I did it! Try pulling it, Hokuto . ” (Karen)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

Then, the magical thread Karen-chan made with utmost effort tied both Hokuto-kun’s forefeet like a handcuff, but when he put a bit strength, it was easily torn apart .

If it was done poorly, that consequence was normal because Hokuto-kun was stronger than the Dragonkin, but there was no way he could tell that .

“One more time!” (Karen)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

This time, she did it threefold, but the thread was easily torn .

“Then, I will make it thick and twisted!” (Karen)

“…Woof!” (Hokuto)

…The thread was torn again .

“Hmm… I will increase even more!” (Karen)

“Woof!” (Hokuto)

Although Hokuto-kun already had a strength which was already impossible to people, he did it without holding back .

Since the opponent was a child, it might be a good idea to act thoroughly on purpose, but Hokuto-kun didn’t go easy .

It was because she would be satisfied with current situation if he was going easy on her, so she might not have enough strength during emergency situation . This was done in order to prevent her from doing mistakes .

Moreover, since Karen-chan was the disciple of the Master, it would be tough as a Senpai to…

“Uuh… why…” (Karen)

“…Woof . ” (Hokuto)

“Eh… it didn’t break? I did it!” (Karen)

…It seemed Hokuto couldn’t win against a crying child .

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