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“Labyrinth Country” is a country where only those who explore labyrinths and those support them live.

In other words, the world revolves around labyrinths. There are many entrances to the labyrinth around town. The difficulty of each respective labyrinth corresponds with the demons that spawn inside of it, and they are further divided into ranks.

It seems that there is about 30 people who came to this place with me. If it was an accident of this size, it would be major news. I’m a lonely, lonely person though, so I guess it is kind of a salvation that I would not have to feel sad about the non-existent family that I’ve left behind.

My colleagues may grief for me. It pains me to know that but I can’t say anything but sorry. I have to think about living in this world from now on.

We seem to have gone out from that tunnel to various different places in the Labyrinth Country after that, but as per instructed, we headed to the guild after gathering information from various places.

I came out to the square near the guild building. I was able to come here without any particular hesitation, but it wasn’t the first thing I did. When entering the conspicuous building, I could already see some people that were the so called “Seekers” who were clearly geared to go on adventures.

“Hey, you’re a newcomer right? If I was you, I wouldn’t enter the beginner labyrinth alone. It’ll be instant death for you without one or two of you.”

“T-That.. instant death.. how can that be …”

There was a group of three men who looked like they were at their prime of their lives. They were calling out to a man in the guild. It seemed like solid advice judging from the contents of their conversation. It seems that the newcomers aren’t treated that harshly in this environment.

“Do you want to die to goblin arrows? They will certainly be hostile towards you, so they will shoot without bothering whether you are ready or not. Their arrow tips are smudged with their excrement, a hit from that poisoned arrow is lethal towards beginners.”

“One hit… Okay I understand..”

“So for the beginner-level labyrinth… …”

“I see, could you show me around later on? You can have the earnings for my first day as compensation. Don’t worry, I will distribute the reward equally among you three.”

“Thank you!”

Are those perhaps explorers who are living as guides for the new labyrinth seekers? I hope the guys at the company are doing okay.

I feel that all the former employees of the same company should join together as a party, but there seems to be many people who also think that it is better to work with an experienced explorer.

The employees are quick to form their party, while some were left out. Among those who have not yet been invited, there were those unpopular guys. The gals on the bus seemed to have been invited by a party led by a young male adventurer.

I wonder if they were still friends but since the guys do not appear to be particularly upset, it seems likely that they had already anticipated the actions of the gals.

I want to feel relief as soon as possible by finding a friend or join up with a party before they are all snagged up. If possible, someone form the same world.

“Suzuna Shinomiya, thank you for filling in the information. The job you wanted is…Shrine Maiden.”

“Congratulations. The requested ability has been judged to be a proper one, it was accepted.” 

“Oh, thank you… “

Looks like you have to take the card to the guild for registration, then write your desired occupation on it. It seems that if you have the aptitude for it, you can take the job you wrote.

A female swordsman of a similar age approached the girl who took the job of “Shrine Maiden”. She wore blue under a silver breastplate and a sheathed sword on a leather belt. Her platinum hair which shimmered under the light, and eyes with looks that could kill attracted everyone in the vicinity. Adventurers who were rattling on stopped chatting and began to eye her every move.

“…. That’s just about right I guess?”

“Ah, hello.. may I help you.. I just came to this town so…uhm… “

“I know you’re registering here as a novice beginner.”

Suzuna seemed nervous for being called out. 

The blond girl spoke in a small voice, but it remained audible through the quiet space.

“I am looking for a rearguard. Actually I am a little special for a vanguard… I think you may have a hard time but… but if you party with me, you will level up quickly. If you have any problems, you can leave any time you want!”

From my impression, the female swordsman seems to be a considerable expert. She seems to be persuading Suzuna desperately because of a lack of partners.

“Elicia is soliciting again.”

“How many times has it been again?”

“Someone as strong as her would be wanted anywhere as long she is willing to. She wouldn’t even need to ask.”

That swordsman named Elicia looks like a guild celebrity. I think that a strong female swordsman like her is very attractive to pull in a party, but there seems to be a reason for not doing so.

As I thought about what Suzuna would do, she looked like she was aware of the negative rep the surrounding people were giving Elicia. She held out her hand to Elicia who was hiding her face with her bangs, and grasped hers back.

“I am an inexperienced person, but I will do my best to serve as a guardian…”
“Wait… really, is that okay …?” 

“I was actually trying to party up with my friend, but she had gone to another person … So, I’m really happy you came to me. Even if there is something ‘bad’ about you from the rumors, I definitely want you in my party.”

“… Thank you. My name is Elicia Ven Trial, and you?”
” I am Shiratori …… No, Suzuna Shinomiya.” 

 They casually talked for a bit and went out of the guild together. There are people who are still watching from behind, but what was so serious about Elicia’s ‘bad’ rumors?

I am curious, but I still have to decide on a job first. Turning to the registration counter, there was another reincarnated man who seemed troubled somehow.

“I am sorry, you are ineligible for “Holy Knight”. There are other alternatives you can choose from “Warrior”, “Thief”, “Fighter” … …”

“I want to work with a braver occupation! Keep quiet and change my job obediently!”

A man with a huge and bulky body is quarrelling with the receptionist behind the counter window.

It was seen as an intimidation attempt towards the receptionist, and soon armed soldiers quickly arrived and caught him.

“Woah, what are you doing?! I’ll remember this, don’t think you can get away with this …! “

“Sorry, your actions are judged to be a threat in this country. Your karma has dropped to 0, and thus you will be imprisoned.”

“I will not… ….ugh… Stop it, okay I apologize, I apologize … I’m sorry!”

Although the specifics of our reincarnation were never mentioned, I am certain now that they have said it. It is ruled that everyone should act orderly within the guild. Otherwise, those violent actions will be irreparable and you would be sent to prison once a person’s karma becomes zero.

Anyway, I’d like to finish my job decision quickly and make preparations to relax myself. Whether you’re bent on capturing a labyrinth first, or acquiring commodities in this world first, one should always think about stabilizing their lifestyle.

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