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Chapter 583

Chen Xiang did not know how many benefits Devil-suppressing blood could bring, but since the God Child did not hesitate to come down on the Heaven Realm, making the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace make such a big move, it must not be something simple.

Right now, Chen Xiang only knew that the Devil-suppressing blood was inside the Sacred Dan Realm, and that he had the chance to come here, so he naturally went all out to find it. That would allow him to have the power to contend against forces at the level of the Fire Divine Palace in the future.

"The immortal energy here is indeed dense, but you can't absorb it." Su Meiyao said.

"Not necessarily. Maybe Devouring magic kungfu can help." Bai Youyou immediately retorted, "Try it!"

Chen Xiang felt the dense immortal energy around him, and immediately activated the Devouring magic kungfu. Very quickly, he felt a large amount of immortal energy entering his body, and what made him surprised was that the immortal energy was extremely tyrannical and turbid. Although it contained a very dense amount of energy, it was still very time-consuming to use the Fire Dan Tian to refine it.

"Forget it. You are not a Nirvana Stage, so you cannot directly purify it. It is not beneficial for you to absorb such tyrannical immortal energy into your body." Bai Youyou said.

At this time, the two girls were extremely excited, but they did not dare to come out. Although this was the Sacred Dan Realm, the Fan Yakun that warned Chen Xiang before, that this place was also very dangerous.

"Where should I start now? It seems like I have to go to a place with people to understand this world." Chen Xiang looked around, and did not know which direction to go.

"Wait, it's best if you don't let others know that you came from another world. Most of the Alchemist s look down on people from other worlds." Long Xueyi suddenly said.

"Oh, how do you know?" Chen Xiang was a little surprised. She had never mentioned this to him before.

"My inherited memories told me." Long Xueyi said proudly.

"Inherited memories, why didn't you tell me about the Sacred Dan Realm before?" Chen Xiang was pleasantly surprised, if Long Xueyi understood the Sacred Dan Realm, he would naturally not go around and ask so much about this world.

"As soon as I came to this world, my inherited memories popped out. These are memories hidden deep in my soul, only appear when necessary. Otherwise, if all my memories were gathered together, it would be a headache." Long Xueyi said with her charming voice.

Chen Xiang walked in the grassland and urged, "Tell me about this Sacred Dan Realm, where should I go now?"

"Sacred Dan Realm is a stair type place, it's like a stair, it's higher and higher, and the area you are in right now is the lowest, if you want to go higher, you will have to climb mountains, go through extremely dangerous places, and then be able to go up one level. This Sacred Dan Realm has a total of 18 levels, the highest level is the place where the strongest forces gather." Long Xueyi said.

"The people in this area have more strengths than the people in the Hundred refining realm, and the people in the Nirvana Stage have to go to a higher level. That place is more suitable for them to raise their strength, and if they mix into this level, then it will only make the people here laugh!"

Chen Xiang sighed: "In that case, all the good things are in those higher levelled places!"

"Of course not, the good things are all on the first floor, because the first floor is the largest and is very suitable for the growth of spiritual medicines, and you can even meet immortals here to find medicinal ingredients. There is a city here, and it is controlled by the strongest powers in the Sacred Dan Realm at the same time, in that city, no matter what kind of bad things you do, you will be protected, and no one can fight inside, otherwise you would be equivalent to becoming the enemy of the strongest powers in the Sacred Dan Realm." Long Xueyi said.

"And why is this? To protect the weak?" Chen Xiang asked doubtfully.

That city is a place where many factions use it to purchase medicinal ingredients. Since the first level is so large, there are many weaker people on the first level. It is the easiest for them to find the medicinal ingredients.

Shen Ji didn't expect that the biggest trading ground in Sacred Dan Realm would be on the first level. Of course, he was heading towards that city, where there were all sorts of different types of powerful warriors. Furthermore, it was completely safe inside.

Following Long Xueyi's guidance, Chen Xiang changed his direction and headed straight for the Sacred Dan City.

"Little Naughty Dragon, is this Sacred Dan Realm's memories your father?" Chen Xiang asked curiously.

"Of course, with how powerful my father is, it's not strange that he could come to this Sacred Dan Realm." Long Xueyi arrogantly said, "My father seemed to be looking for something all those years ago and he was also looking for something on the first level. He didn't tell me the specifics!"

It would consume a lot of time, so he might as well just buy it. In any case, he had a large amount of wealth in his possession, especially those medicinal ingredients that could refine Heaven level Pills, which were also very expensive in the Sacred Dan Realm.

"What does this Sacred Dan Realm normally trade for? I have quite a lot of Zhenyuan Dan on hand right now, if I don't want them, I would have to raise more." Chen Xiang said worriedly. In the Mortal Realm, Zhenyuan Dan and Spar are currency, and they have a lot of uses.

"There are only Spar here, but there are still a lot of people with low strength here. Your Zhenyuan Dan should be able to exchange for quite a few Spar, so it shouldn't be any cheaper than the Mortal Wu Realm, especially on the first floor where there are many people." Long Xueyi guessed.

Sacred Dan City was a huge city surrounded by tall stone walls. Furthermore, there was a very strong array formation, which was unable to fly in from the sky nor could it fly out. When entering and exiting, one would have to pass through the city gates.

After entering the city, Chen Xiang saw many pill stores, there were a lot of people here, on the road he could find some Nirvana Stage warriors.

Although this was the Sacred Dan Realm, not everyone refined pills here. It was just that the medicinal pills here were older and more refined, and compared to the other worlds, there were more high ranking Alchemist s here, and there were even some that were above the Dan King s.

The Dan Immortal was a Alchemist that was capable of refining immortal pills. This kind of Alchemist was extremely rare and did not even have a single individual in the billions, but in the case of the Heaven Realm, it was a very respected existence in many forces, only second to the person in charge.

"There is a strict Alchemist assessment in Sacred Dan City, but the ranking of Dan Fragrance Pagoda is different. I don't know the specifics, but this is the most authoritative proof of a Alchemist." Long Xueyi said.

Although it was extremely expensive, there were quite a few of them. This meant that the resources in the Sacred Dan Realm were very rich, which made him feel at ease, because from the medicine stores, he knew that there was a market for Zhenyuan Dan s, especially for the powerful forces, who needed this kind of pill.

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