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Chapter 582

There was already a record of going to the Super Old Sacred Land in the Luo Tian Gate, so Chen Xiang could easily open a door to go in.

"As long as you step into this spatial gate, you will reach the Super Old Sacred Land. You must also deal with that dragon immediately. Chen Xiang asked.

"Just call me Elder Duan." Duan Lao also had a good impression of Chen Xiang, "Don't worry, I can deal with that guy anytime!"

Chen Xiang nodded, and then the three of them stepped through the spatial door together. After entering, they immediately felt a strong aura of a dragon, followed by the angry roar of a wild dragon, accompanied by a blade like astral wind that blew over.

Elder Duan immediately leaped into the air. Under the night sky, he was like a meteor that came from the ground as he charged towards the approaching dragon.

With a loud boom, the entire Super Old Sacred Land shook violently. Light radiated and dragon roars filled the air, all the ruins inside were turned to powder by the explosive force. That strong wave of power made Chen Xiang perspire profusely, as he felt extremely uncomfortable.

"Don't worry. With Old Man Duan forcing us, we'll get to the center as soon as possible." It was Fan Yakun's first time seeing a dragon, but this dragon was extremely weak in his eyes, otherwise, he would not have been held up by Elder Duan.

With Long Xueyi's guidance, Chen Xiang quickly confirmed the location of the center and rushed over with Fan Yakun.

Inside the Super Old Sacred Land, violent shaking and furious dragon roars continuously sounded. It was extremely shocking and caused Chen Xiang to feel slightly worried.

"This is the place." A stone platform that was the size of a washbasin appeared in Fan Yakun's hand. At the moment, the stone platform was emitting light, and following the flickering of the light, the stone platform slowly grew in size, quickly becoming as big as a few people.

"As long as I infuse enough energy, I can move this ancient formation plate and send us to the Sacred Dan Realm." Fan Yakun said, as he released his energy into the array disc.

Just as Chen Xiang had thought, this was indeed an array disc, and one that could change into smaller ones at that. This meant that the materials used to refine the array disc were extremely rare and magical, making it very easy to bring around.

"Do you need help?" Chen Xiang asked.

"No, this formation plate can only absorb my energy. Elder Duan, you have to hold on." Fan Yakun frowned. At this time, he and Chen Xiang were inside a huge battle between the strong, and was resisting the waves of berserk energy.

Chen Xiang released a water wall in front of him to protect himself. In that way, both he and Fan Yakun would not be hit by the Qi waves produced by the battle, but the water wall would be broken soon enough so he could only release it again.

No wonder we had to seal this dragon here, this is the weakest place in the Mortal Wu Realm, it is the place where people from other worlds can easily break through, this dragon is also equivalent to protecting this world, it has to be known that many people from the outside world have the ability to invade, for example the Fire Divine Palace and the Devil-subduing College, they are both uneasy and kind, it is just that they have extremely powerful Transmission array s, and can prevent them from teleporting here. Fan Yakun said.

"So that's how it is. No wonder there haven't been many forces from other worlds." Chen Xiang looked at the place in the distance where the great battle had erupted. There was originally a gigantic mountain, but it had now been razed to the ground.

As time passed, more and more Spirit grain s appeared on the formation plate under Chen Xiang's feet. Although the formation plate was not big, but it was densely packed with small, intersecting Spirit grain s, making him feel a headache. The more Spirit grain s, the more profound they were, meaning that the stronger the formation array was, and the more energy it required.

Very quickly, an hour had passed, the entire array disc had erupted with white light, Fan Yakun's face was also pale white.

"Elder Duan, use the Great Luo Golden Net." Fan Yakun shouted.

Chen Xiang only saw a golden light suddenly flash out at the place where the great battle was taking place, while the Super Old Sacred Land that was trembling violently also quieted down, only to see Elder Duan flying over and landing on the formation plate.

"Let's go." Fan Yakun bellowed, Chen Xiang only saw a patch of white in his surroundings, and the entire array disc was suddenly rising up quickly, its speed was extremely fast, causing him to feel a huge pressure, as though his body was being pressed down by ten thousand kilograms.

"Do I have to go to another world, Sacred Dan Realm?" Chen Xiang clenched his fist in excitement, he could not believe it, it made him feel like he was dreaming. The Sacred Dan Realm was a world that was even higher than the Heaven Realm, there were even immortals inside.

He never thought that he would be in contact with such a high level world so soon. Let alone the people in the Mortal Realm, even many people in the Heaven Realm yearned for this world.

Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, who were inside the ring, were also excited like Chen Xiang. If Chen Xiang could find a strong Alchemist here to refine pills for them, they might be able to recover their strength earlier. Although there was a possibility, the hope was very slim, because the pills they needed were very rare and the difficulty to refine them was very high.

Following a burst of white light, Chen Xiang suddenly breathed a fresh air that he had never breathed in before.

"Welcome to Sacred Dan Realm." Fan Yakun laughed.

Chen Xiang only saw himself on a prairie. It was still night time, but the starlight emitted by the countless stars in the sky illuminated this prairie that was releasing this bizarre fresh air.

"There's no spiritual energy here, what kind of power is that?" Chen Xiang asked puzzledly. He actually couldn't absorb that kind of energy.

"This is immortal qi, it's impossible to absorb before reaching Nirvana Stage. If you want to absorb it, you can only use an array formation to do so." Elder Duan said.

Although they had returned, Elder Duan and Fan Yakun did not look too good.

"Brother Shen, it's because I broke the clan rules that I decided to hide in Mortal Realm. However, my life in Mortal Realm is not suitable for me. Fan Yakun sighed, "The moment I appear here, I will quickly be discovered by my family members. In order to not implicate you, Elder Duan and I will first stay away from you, so take care Brother Shen. I believe that you will definitely be able to survive in this world.

"We'll meet again in the future. I won't stay here for too long, and with my current strength, it will definitely be difficult to get involved in this world. So, I've collected enough resources, so I'll immediately leave if I find a way to return." Chen Xiang said.

"We'll meet again. We'll compete then." Fan Yakun laughed and said, then quickly left with Fan Yakun.

Looking at the stars in the sky, Chen Xiang muttered: "This is a world that I'm completely unfamiliar with, how am I supposed to find the Devil-suppressing blood here?"

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