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Chapter 581

Chen Xiang got Hua Xiangyue to arrange a secret location for him, but Hua Xiangyue didn't ask what Chen Xiang wanted to talk about with Fan Yakun.

It was a very deep cave. Only after Fan Yakun and the old man confirmed that it was very safe in this place did they relax and sit on the chairs.

"Don't worry, it won't be easy for the God Child to enter this profound Realm." Chen Xiang guessed that the God Child of the Devil-subduing College had sent someone to follow Fan Yakun.

"He sent for you." Fan Yakun frowned. It could be seen that he really hated that God Child.

He wanted to use this to please you. He seemed to have something that he wanted to go to the Sacred Dan Realm for, but I did not agree to it. He is currently the owner of the Devil-subduing College, so I'm afraid that I will be expelled this time. laughed bitterly, luckily he had remembered all of the powerful Demon Fighting Techniques in the Devil-subduing College, but he was regretful that he could not use them.

"A person like him is not even worthy of entering the Sacred Dan Realm. He abandoned the excellent environment of the Heaven Realm to come here, and I'm afraid the reason he came here is to find a way to enter the Sacred Dan Realm. Although there is a way to enter the Sacred Dan Realm, it's very secretive, and the method is also very troublesome." Fan Yakun said, Chen Xiang did not think that he would know so many things.

"Can you still go back from Sacred Dan Realm?" Chen Xiang suddenly felt that Fan Yakun was a good person, and wanted to be friends with him.

"Of course you can, Sacred Dan Realm is different from Heaven Realm, it's a world where transcendent existences exist. The quality of space is the same as Heaven Realm, it can withstand the most powerful dragons, and it won't crumble just because of the appearance of powerful dragons. However, if I want to return, I have to go to the center of Mortal Wu Realm!"

In the center of Mortal Wu Realm, isn't that the Super Old Sacred Land? There's a dragon sealed there, Chen Xiang took a deep breath, "In the center of the Mortal Wu Realm, there's a very powerful dragon. Furthermore, that place is sealed by a formation, making it very difficult to enter!"

"No wonder Elder Duan and I were unable to find it no matter how hard we searched." Fan Yakun looked at the old man behind him, which was the Elder Duan that he had mentioned before. This old man spoke very little, and was very strong, but he looked like he was Fan Yakun's follower. Fan Yakun's strength was also only at the level of the Hundred refining realm, but he had a very strong Nirvana Stage warrior as his follower.

At this moment, Old Duan spoke up.

"If it's just an ordinary dragon, I still have a way to deal with it. But, I can only delay it a bit. I think it should give the Young Lord some time to open the space channel!"

"One hour." Fan Yakun thought for a while and said.

"No problem!"

Chen Xiang was secretly happy, because he would be going to the Sacred Dan Realm soon.

To be honest, it is very difficult to return from Sacred Dan Realm to this world. I just happened to be lucky and opened an ancient Transmission array, and came here, and also, I cannot promise that you will bring anyone else with you. If you are discovered by the old man from Sacred Dan Realm, I will be punished. Fan Yakun said seriously, his expression extremely serious.

Of course, Chen Xiang was not afraid of not being able to come back. He had the Luo Tianmen, and as long as he had enough energy, he could open a spatial tunnel.

"Alright, let's go when it's time." Chen Xiang immediately nodded his head. Not only was he going to the Sacred Dan Realm to see this Sacred Ground for himself, he was also going there to look for the Devil-suppressing blood.

"If you are ready, you can set off immediately." Fan Yakun added, "You must promise me, don't tell anyone that you are going to the Sacred Dan Realm. This matter must be kept a secret!"

"That's easy. Ten days later, we'll meet at the biggest tree in the middle of the forest outside the city. At night." Chen Xiang said: "You should get rid of that God Child's tail in the next ten days. I still have some things I need to do!"

What I promise you, I will definitely do. Furthermore, you yourself have the qualifications to enter the Sacred Dan Realm, so I will not let you go contrary to the rules of the Sacred Dan Realm! "Su Yun said in a low voice.

Fan Yakun brought his followers and left. Chen Xiang anxiously went to look for Liu Meng'er and Hua Xiangyue, he did not tell them that he was going to Sacred Dan Realm, he only hinted to them that he might need to leave for a period of time.

In these ten days, Chen Xiang taught Liu Meng'er and Hua Xiangyue how to learn Devil Subduing Method as much as possible, because he did not know when he would return. It was rare for him to go to that Sacred Dan Realm, so of course he would have to stay for a while inside, and it would be extremely difficult to return as well.

In the blink of an eye, ten days had passed. Chen Xiang left the Dan Fragrance Pure Land quietly and arrived in the forest outside the city. Looking at the Fragrance City, he sighed: "Elder Dan, I might not be able to compete with you in pill refining anymore.

Going to the Sacred Dan Realm was a rare opportunity, and Chen Xiang definitely couldn't miss it. Right now, there were only around two years worth of time before the agreement he had with the Elder Dan back then.

Arriving beside the biggest tree, Chen Xiang asked Long Xueyi to inspect his surroundings, so that the God Child's men wouldn't follow him over.

Deep into the night, Fan Yakun and his followers arrived. When they arrived, they were extremely hidden, so much so that even Long Xueyi would have trouble detecting them.

"Brother Shen, you're in trouble." These past ten days, Fan Yakun had done an extremely careful investigation of Chen Xiang, and discovered that Chen Xiang was becoming more and more compatible with his taste.

"Brother Fan, why do you say that?" Chen Xiang had stayed in the Dan Fragrance Pure Land for the past ten days and trained with Liu Meng'er and Hua Xiangyue all day, so he naturally did not know about what was happening outside.

"You were kicked out of the Devil-subduing College, they suspected that you had killed Dongfang Yao, and they even secretly gave you a bounty of one hundred million Spar for your life." While Fan Yakun was speaking, he saw Chen Xiang's calm face and could not help but laugh: "I think brother Shen is not putting this in his eyes!"

Chen Xiang laughed: "I've already gotten used to it, it's up to them!"

"If you go to the Sacred Dan Realm, you can raise your strength here and then come back. The time there is different from here, and the spirit energy and resources there are better than here. I know that you still have many things that you cannot let go of, so you will not stay in the Sacred Dan Realm for long." Fan Yakun laughed.

"One month here is the equivalent of two years there. This is the advantage of a high level world!"

Chen Xiang was overjoyed. He then took out the Luo Tianmen and opened a spatial door, which was the spatial door that led to the Super Old Sacred Land.

and Elder Duan were both extremely shocked to see Chen Xiang create a spatial gate. They could also imagine that this spatial gate would lead to the center of Mortal Wu Realm.

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