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Chapter 580

Although it was daytime, the red light emitted by the Magic method furnace was still extremely dazzling. The red light emitted by the Magic method furnace enveloped a large area, and it was obvious how strong the energy contained within was when the spirit medicine was being burned.

"This kid is always full of different kinds of people." Hua Xiangyue chuckled, laughing extremely happily.

"Yes." Liu Meng'er smiled sweetly and nodded. She was very proud of her little man's beautiful performance.

Although the Pill Refining Furnace was destroyed, everything was still there. Therefore, Chen Xiang's batch of pills was not finished, this was not considered a violation of the rules.

However, this did not mean that Chen Xiang could succeed. Fan Yakun still had a lot of hope, but he suddenly realized that placing the chance of winning at the hands of others was just a way to lower his own level. He could not help but sigh in his heart.

Fan Yakun, who was born in the Sacred Dan Realm at his age, had never heard of this kind of consummate skill, nor had he seen it before. Now that he was able to see it with his own eyes, it could be considered an eye-opener to him. One must know that the Sacred Dan Realm he was in was the place where pills originated from.

As a result, most Alchemist who came out of it did not think that there was any kind of Alchemist that could defeat them in any other world, but Fan Yakun found that Chen Xiang was using a profound technique to display the beautiful process of refining pills, and he would succeed very soon.

The current Chen Xiang was much more relaxed, but he could not relax because the profoundyang fire Dan he refined was not yet complete and there were still many complicated processes. If he relaxed even a little, his efforts would be wasted.

As his strength increased, his mana and spirit became stronger and stronger. Now, he could easily control the Magic method furnace, unlike in the past, where he would need to split up a lot of focus to control the Magic method furnace, he could now focus more on refining pills. The consumption and effects of releasing the Magic method furnace would be negligible.

Using Magic method furnace to refine pills had one benefit, and that was stability. This was because the entire pill furnace was condensed with Fa Li.

The process was very long, because the Nine Yang Blazing Fruit and the Fire Soul Grass contained a large amount of energy, requiring a large amount of time to be burned, in order to make the Medicine aura inside even more powerful.

The reason why spirit medicines had to be burned with special and powerful flames was that under the burning of these flames, they could produce changes and their medicinal strength would become even better. It was the same as tempering one's body with thousands of times.

Everyone held their breaths as they watched the changes in the Magic method furnace, especially the Alchemist.

Unknowingly, it was already night. The light from the pill furnace dyed the night red and covered the entire field. Looking down from above, it was as if a giant ruby was emitting a beautiful red glow, causing people to feel intoxicated.

had only just finished incinerating all of the medicinal ingredients. The Medicine aura and the medicinal powder had started to enter a state of fusion, with all different Medicine aura fusing, fusing all different medicinal powders, and finally fusing the two ingredients once more.

Reaching this stage, the pressure on Chen Xiang lessened a lot. This was because he had the help of magic power, using magic power to suppress the Medicine aura and medicinal powder seemed very easy, and would not make any mistakes, but it was only in normal situations. If he met with any special Medicine aura or medicinal powder, he would have to be cautious.

Very quickly, the time to condense the pill was approaching, and everyone could see a ball of Qi at the top of the pill furnace, spinning very quickly, it was the state of the Medicine aura and the medicinal powder intertwined together, if he continued condensing it, it would condense into a pill.

At this stage, he would have to decide on how to condense the majority of the pellets. According to Chen Xiang's understanding, under normal circumstances, profoundyang fire Dan would usually condense three pellets, but now Chen Xiang felt that he could split them into five.

He felt that the profoundyang fire Dan's ability to refine four of them was already its limit, not to mention the fact that Chen Xiang had refined them under such circumstances. If it wasn't for the Truth Stone, Fan Yakun would have thought that he had refined this profoundyang fire Dan before.

"Even Master only has a limit of four pills. He can actually refine five pills, looks like I must take him to Sacred Dan Realm and let him compete against those geniuses in Sacred Dan Realm. Maybe he will be able to sweep across the entire Sacred Dan Realm." Fan Yakun knew that since Chen Xiang could cultivate it to this stage, it could be considered a success. Even if he lost, he could only agree to Chen Xiang's request.

As Chen Xiang's five balls of carefully compressed air, the eye-piercing red light also slowly faded. The five pills that were formed looked like carefully polished rubies, and flickered with red moisture, appearing extremely beautiful.

"I've lost." Fan Yakun let out a long sigh. He knew that Chen Xiang's talent in alchemy was much higher than his.

"The quality is good, and it can even produce five pills. This evil master of mine is truly amazing." Hua Xiangyue licked her lips and laughed.

"Little demoness, although you made an appointment with him in Master-servant Contract, you know that he would never treat you as a servant." Liu Meng'er scoffed.

"Of course, but no matter what, I am still his maid. In the future, I might be the only maid by his side, but as a wife, maybe there will be many of them. Hehe …" Hua Xiangyue laughed tenderly: "It's also possible that there will be quite a few younger sisters or older sisters!"

Liu Meng'er snorted as she clenched her teeth and rolled her eyes at Hua Xiangyue.

Fan Yakun walked in front of Chen Xiang, picked up the profoundyang fire Dan and looked, sighing: "Seems like you are the one who is qualified to own that pill concocting furnace!"

"I believe you are not one to fail your appointment." Chen Xiang smiled faintly and swallowed a Chunyuan gold Dan, recovering the consumed Innate Qi in his body.

Fan Yakun looked around, and suddenly, an old man appeared behind him. When the old man looked at Chen Xiang, his eyes were filled with respect, it was a sign of respect towards the Alchemist, and not everyone in the Sacred Dan Realm was a Alchemist, but that was a world ruled by the Alchemist, where many of the powerful people relied on the Alchemist to raise their strength, so they were extremely respectful to the Alchemist.

"Come with me, it's not convenient to talk here." Fan Yakun said softly as he flew up into the air and out of the plaza. Chen Xiang and the old man followed closely behind.

"Damn it, someone is following us. Do you have a safe place to stay?" Fan Yakun asked.

"Why didn't you say so earlier? Of course I have one." Chen Xiang laughed.

The Dan Fragrance Pure Land was the safest place. It was a profound Realm and there was only one entrance.

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