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Chapter 572

After Chen Xiang put away the eight-armed gold ape's corpse, he set fire to it and quickly ran towards a mountain range in the distance, continuing to absorb the Power of giving.

He wasn't afraid of that God Child at all. After all, that was not a real God Child. If that God Child was truly powerful, there was no need for any Devil-suppressing blood.

It was said that only those who can learn the Devil-suppressing kungfu have the qualifications to rule over the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace. I think the current Palace Master of the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace has never learned the Devil-suppressing kungfu at all. " Su Meiyao said in disdain.

"If I'm not mistaken, the so called Demon Suppressing Divine Veins is inside the Sacred Dan Realm. The Fire Divine Palace has received the news, so they have to find a way to enter the Sacred Dan Realm as well. The Devil-subduing College and the Fire Divine Palace are probably waiting for the first profound Realm to open again." Bai Youyou laughed sinisterly: "If there is a chance, I must devour that God child!"

After devouring the God Children, Chen Xiang's heart started beating even faster. That was a good thing, just thinking about it made him excited.

Ten days had passed before Chen Xiang finally absorbed all of the Power of giving, and the thickness of his Innate Qi had more than doubled, there were eighty thousand of them. However, the five Beast statue s were still dim, and had only lit up a little bit in a small area.

"With my current physical body and true energy, fighting against the Hundred refining realm shouldn't be too difficult." Chen Xiang suddenly roared, his Qi spreading far and wide, resounding through the countless mountains, breaking through the clouds.

True energy gushed out from his body, forming a violent gale that turned into a tornado. The surrounding trees were instantly uprooted from the ground and blown over a large area.

"Hurry up and find the Diamond fruit Tree." Su Meiyao urged, she was really looking forward to getting this Diamond fruit. If Chen Xiang could really get it, then she would be able to get more resources from Heaven Realm. If she went to Sacred Dan Realm, maybe she could even make a good living there.

Chen Xiang had scouted the location of the Diamond fruit tree in the mind of the Eight-Armed Ape King earlier and found that it was not too far away from here. However, the place where it was hidden was extremely secretive, as it was actually located in a crevice in the middle of a huge mountain.

He was currently standing on top of that huge mountain, and that crevice was only enough for two people to go down, it was so deep that the bottom of the mountain could not be seen, and it was pitch black. Chen Xiang could not sense what kind of Diamond fruit tree was down there either, but it was usually very hard to sense anything, unless it was the outcome.

"How do we get down the eight-armed gold ape?" Chen Xiang was extremely confused. From the Eight-Armed Ape King's memories, it could not find the appearance of the Diamond fruit tree.

"There really is a tree down there, looks like it's the Diamond fruit tree. Hurry up and go down, there isn't anything powerful." Long Xueyi urged.

Not long later, he went down to the bottom and saw a tree that was four to five meters tall with a very small treetop. The tree was covered in sparkling and translucent energy, and Chen Xiang could clearly see that the tree did not directly absorb the Spirit Qi in the air, but rather, directly drew it out from the ground at a very fast speed.

"It really is a Diamond fruit tree. If we want to find this kind of tree, we have to find it through the flow of spirit energy in the soil." Su Meiyao came out from the storage ring and stood under the tree. She caressed it with her jade hands as her eyes shone with surprise and joy.

The danger in this area was unpredictable. When Su Meiyao came out, he jumped in fright, and immediately ran to Su Meiyao's side to protect her.

"The root of this Diamond fruit Tree is very deep, at least thirty meters deep. You just have to be careful and dig carefully so that it does not break the main root. Otherwise, it will be extremely difficult to grow it." Su Meiyao exhorted a few things before hastily entering the storage ring.

Although it was troublesome, it was a tree that could produce Heaven level Fruits, so Chen Xiang did not feel that it was troublesome at all. He dug excitedly and was extremely careful, because of these Heaven level herbs, as long as he could get one, he could get tens of thousands of them.

After busying himself for a long time, Chen Xiang finally reached the bottom of the tree and dug it up along with its roots. He placed it into his storage ring, letting Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou grow it.

"Dongfang Yao this guy is too shabby. He doesn't even have anything that can catch my eyes, yet he's still saying that he wants to marry You Lan." Chen Xiang looked through Dongfang Yao's storage ring, inside it were a few Spar, as well as a few pills, he did not really care about any of these things.

"What can I do? I cultivate in the Devil-subduing College all day and I don't go out much, so I'm not in the Alchemist either. Do you think everyone is like you?" Su Meiyao laughed.

If one were to compare their wealth with Chen Xiang's, forget about these young people from the Extreme realm, even some old fellows who had stepped into the Nirvana Stage would feel inferior in comparison.

"Sigh, if we were to fight face to face with him, it would definitely not be easy to deal with. However, this guy is too arrogant. Hur Hur." Chen Xiang crushed the storage ring and burned it to ashes, he stepped on the thunder-like parts of the ring and rampaged through the forest, his body spewing out a strong force that was as sharp as a shovel. Everything that obstructed him, would be sliced apart.

He had originally planned to ruthlessly trample Dongfang Yao a few times during the Demon Subduing Competition, but he didn't expect that he would die so miserably at his hands. Even he felt that Dongfang Yao wasn't worth it, after all, he was a young warrior of noble birth with extraordinary talent.

In a hall in Devil-subduing College, Chen Xiang threw the eight-armed gold ape on the ground. A few elders inside could not help but be moved when they saw the eight-armed gold ape's corpse, although Chen Xiang had been there for a while, it was still considered good to be able to complete the mission.

Just that, what they were worried about was Dongfang Yao, there were a few old things that had gone to Dongfang Yao to look for him, but now that he was able to return, Dongfang Yao did not.

"Where's the beast core?" An elder asked.

"I dug it out. The mission said that it was to kill the eight-armed gold ape, but it didn't say that the beast core had to be handed over." Chen Xiang said. If it was not to prove that he had killed the eight-armed gold ape, he would not even have brought it back.

A few of the elders looked as if they wanted to say something, but could not do so. They really wanted to ask Chen Xiang if he had met that Dongfang Yao.

"Can I enter the Compendium Pavilion now?" Chen Xiang asked: "The level that stores the most powerful demonic techniques!"

Man Futian nodded his head: "Of course, you have already learned the Devil Subduing Method, so the other ordinary Demon Fighting Techniques are unable to satisfy you, but you have to know, you cannot stay in that level for too long, only three days. After three days, you have to come out, and if you want to learn anything else in the future, you have to continue completing the mission!"

How could three days be enough? A powerful martial arts technique usually required a month or two to memorize. Some would even require a longer period of time.

"Alright, I'll take you there now." Chen Xiang had long thought that it would not be so easy for the Devil-subduing College to spread the news of his powerful Demon Subduing Fist.

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