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Chapter 571

"Chen Xiang, if it weren't for that person's permission, I would have definitely killed you just now. If you had agreed to two conditions, not only would you not die, I can guarantee that you will not only live, you will also enjoy great fortune. You will also have an honorable position in the Devil-subduing College, just like me." Dongfang Yao stood in front of Chen Xiang and looked down at him.

"Two conditions, this is too much right?" Chen Xiang thought for a while and replied.

He did not expect that it was not Dongfang Yao who arranged for him to be killed, but someone who had asked Dongfang Yao to come and have a secret discussion with him.

"You have no choice. The first condition is to sign a contract, to be loyal to a person. The second condition is to have Leng Youlan marry me." Dongfang Yao's tone was filled with threat, causing Chen Xiang to be furious. He hated it when people around him threatened him the most.

But he was sure that Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian were safe as long as they stayed in Icy Wind Valley or Divine Weapons Heavenly Country. Even if Devil-subduing College wanted to provoke Liu Meng'er, he would need to consider carefully since even if they were not destroyed, it was certain that they would suffer heavy losses.

"To whom? I don't want to lower my head to someone I don't understand. I think you understand my situation, so you should know how difficult it is for me to lower my head." Chen Xiang deliberately caused his face to turn pale, as if he was really holding onto something.

In the end, Dongfang Yao still underestimated Chen Xiang, because he felt that it would be difficult for him to defeat the eight-armed gold ape, and Chen Xiang who was weaker than him was even more difficult.

So when he saw the eight-armed gold ape's corpse lying there, he was extremely shocked, he never thought that Chen Xiang would actually kill the eight-armed gold ape.

Of course, he did not know about the existence of five eight-armed gold ape, nor did he know about the matter regarding the Diamond fruit tree.

Dongfang Yao's expression suddenly changed, and said with a serious face: "The person you want to be loyal to, will become someone that can shake the entire Three Realms in the future, I think you should know about the matter of the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace, right? That person is the creator of the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace, the person that the Devil-suppressing Heavenly Venerable is waiting for, we call him God's Son, now that he is in charge of the entire Devil-subduing College, all the old fellows of the Nirvana Stage will be respectful to him!"

"According to the internal rules of Devil-subduing College, you probably won't be able to see the sun for a long time, but the Son of God appreciates you, and he wants to use you highly. This is a blessing that you will never be able to get in your entire life!"

"In other words, the condition of letting Youlan marry you was your idea." Chen Xiang sneered.

"Chen Xiang, I'm not afraid to tell you that your recognized sister possesses the dragon's bloodline's inheritance, which is extremely rare among humans. However, she needs the awakening of her bloodline to obtain the strongest power, which is what the God Child told me. If you want her to become strong, marry her to me. Dongfang Yao's eyes were filled with excitement, because he thought that Chen Xiang would agree to it very soon.

"Does he want to kill me?" Chen Xiang asked coldly.

"Hmph, you are just an ant in his eyes. Not only you, the God Child has a lot of resources. No matter how many fortuitous encounters you get, you will only be like an egg striking a stone." Dongfang Yao laughed in disdain.

"So what? I don't want to be controlled all my life, and I don't want to live like a dog. The God Child that you speak of is so strong, I don't want to be killed by him for doing something wrong." Chen Xiang mocked.

"Chen Xiang, this is for your own good." Not only was Dongfang Yao not angry, he said lightly, "If you are not willing, your wife and recognized sister will be in trouble. Do you believe that when they return to the academy, I will immediately act, hahaha …"

"Do you believe that I will kill you right now?" Chen Xiang said angrily. He knew that this wasn't just a threat from Dongfang Yao, it was also a threat from the God Child.

Dongfang Yao's eyes flashed with a ruthless light: "Chen Xiang, who do you think you are? I admit that it was outside of my expectations that you could kill this eight-armed gold ape, but compared to me, you are still far behind in terms of strength, at most, you are just at the peak of the Soul Martial Realm, and I am at the peak of the Hundred refining realm. Even if you can reach the tenth level of the Devil Subduing Method, I will still crush you to death with one hand.

Chen Xiang was thoroughly angered by Dongfang Yao, but he was very calm now: "Bullshit God Son, the more you threaten me, the more I look down on him, don't think that this is the Heaven Realm, the more powerful he is, don't think that this is the Mortal Realm, I want to see if he will make a move on the people around me, or be destroyed by me first!"

"Haha …" You talk big, but now you know too much. If you don't follow the God's Son, I have no choice but to kill you. " After Dongfang Yao finished speaking, he raised his head and started laughing. His laughter was extremely sinister, it seemed like he wanted to kill Chen Xiang no matter what.

Just then, Chen Xiang suddenly moved.

At the same time, he was also slowly adapting and absorbing the Power of giving as he operated the powerful Genuine qi of universe. When Dongfang Yao was feeling most proud, he sat on the ground with his legs crossed, looking like a poisonous snake that was about to bite its prey.

His hand was like a dragon's claw, and with the speed of a lightning bolt, he clawed at Dongfang Yao's Rumbling Dragon. The berserk and strong Dragon Power crazily surged, causing his claws to become even more like dragon's claws, and his power to increase.

The complacent Dongfang Yao was not on guard at all, but when he felt the terrifying Dragon Power that Chen Xiang had released, it was already too late. Chen Xiang pierced his dantian with one hand, and used the other to grab onto his neck.

"You … You. Aaaah!" Dongfang Yao's eyes almost squeezed out of Dongfang Yao's throat after getting grabbed so hard by him, and his face was full of pain, fear, anger, and despair.

He did not expect that not only was Chen Xiang not injured, his strength was even stronger than before. In merely an instant, his dantian was destroyed.

"I heard that your father is an emperor who rules over the entire world and your grandfather is an immortal. How incomparably glorious was that? "Haha." Chen Xiang laughed, causing his face to turn ashen.

"Chen Xiang... You are despicable! "

"Haha, you actually know the word 'despicable', don't worry, sooner or later I'll send your master to accompany you, some bullshit God, God's inheritance, I don't believe that this kind of damn thing, the real God relied on himself to walk step by step, you're really an idiot, it's not good to grow up properly under the protection of father, you really have to listen to the God's words, from the looks of you, I already know what kind of guy he is, probably he's the same kind of guy as you guys, you don't know the thickness of heaven and earth, you think too much, go to hell with yourself!"

With a palm, Chen Xiang smashed Dongfang Yao's head, and with extremely strong mental power, he wiped off Dongfang Yao's soul.

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