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Chapter 567

Chen Xiang had already known that he would face the methods of Dongfang Yao and the rest today, but he was not afraid. He possessed immense power, and these schemes were simply useless in front of him.

Anyone who knew a little about Leng Youlan would know that she would definitely not be willing to marry him. Dongfang Yao was not stupid, and was naturally able to see that he had some sort of motive behind his persistence.

This Devil-subduing College was a Devil-suppressing Divine Palace from the Heaven Realm, and he had a large power as well as a lot of knowledge. Chen Xiang suspected that the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace could tell that Leng Youlan had the White Dragon Vein, so once the bloodline awakened, Leng Youlan would become even more powerful.

Chen Xiang learnt from Long Xueyi that humans like Leng Youlan were not common, and people with dragon blood would be as strong as dragons, and could even find some strong dragons.

In the Heaven Realm, hunting some low level dragons was something many immortals loved. This was because the whole body of a dragon was a treasure.

Chen Xiang had already told Long Xueyi to send out the message and pass it down to Gu Dongchen so that he could find Liu Meng'er as soon as possible. He definitely could not let Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan return to the Devil-subduing College.

"No problem, but it's not easy to beat me." Chen Xiang looked around, only to see that all the clan elders had calm expressions. It could be seen that they did not care too much about the competition, as they had already been bribed.

If he did not have someone to rely on, Chen Xiang would definitely be extremely nervous and terrified, because he felt that he was inside the tiger cave right now.

"The martial arts sparring is an exchange, so there's nothing wrong with sparring." An Elder said. A barrier formed, enveloping an open area in the middle of the Martial Stage.

Just at this moment, Chen Xiang suddenly realised that beside him stood a man dressed in black. This man looked ordinary, with no other expressions on his face, and no trace of aura from his body. He looked like an ordinary person left on the street, someone who would be forgotten with just a glance.

This made Chen Xiang's hair stand on end, because he did not know what this person meant by coming to his side, nor did Long Xueyi feel anything from him, and this person's first impression on Chen Xiang was that of a top tier assassin, one who was proficient in assassination.

But now was not the time for assassination, but a competition. Chen Xiang was naturally not afraid.

"Begin." an old man shouted. was infuriated that he did not mention what the rules were either.

"What's your name?" Chen Xiang asked.

"You don't need to remember my name. Dead people don't need to know my name." While the man was talking, he immediately threw out his fists, in a blink of an eye, his fists created wind, thunder and fire intertwined, the waves of air surged, just like a wave that was ignited with flames, bringing along waves of lightning as it swept towards Chen Xiang.

His attacks were fast, violent, fierce, and, most importantly, his true qi was extremely thick.

However, Chen Xiang who was already prepared, had already used his water mirror techniques to dodge in that split second. That wave of violent fists only dispersed the afterimages formed by the mist.

Since the opponent was so rude, Chen Xiang did not need to hold back. He originally thought that this was just an ordinary spar, and it would end just like that.

Chen Xiang dodged for a moment, then clawed with the white tiger glove, causing a burst of white light to flash out, it was actually a tiger claw with killing intent from the forest, in a blink of an eye, it flew towards the man, bringing with it a strong killing intent that caused people to have difficulty breathing.

Everyone was stunned, because the tiger claw released by Chen Xiang, was actually condensed from the killing intent.

Chen Xiang's hands were the God Slaughtering Hand, refined from the body of the White Tiger God. With the profound mysteries of the White Tiger, it was able to condense the murderous aura into a terrifying power that was able to attack. This kind of power was very strong, even on par with the Dragon Power, but it wasn't able to cause the entire world to collapse like the Dragon Power.

The Dragon Power could destroy matter, but the killing power could destroy the mind. It could destroy life.

Normally, when Chen Xiang released his killing intent, it would envelop the entire sky, covering a large area of heaven and earth. But now, he had condensed that terrifying killing intent into a ball of energy to attack.

The moment the killing tiger claw flew over, an incomparable fear surged in the man's heart. It was a type of fear that made him feel that death was right in front of him, but he was indeed a powerful assassin who reacted in the blink of an eye, dodging the death tiger claw that was filled with destructive attacks.

This was the first time Chen Xiang used such a terrifying attack, and furthermore, his entire body was currently being affected by the Killing heart.


After Chen Xiang's claw did not land, his hands grabbed at the air again. It was as if he had grabbed out two endless waves of killing intent from the air, forming two small dragons that swept across.

In just an instant, the destructive power of the tornado Chen Xiang had released had sucked that person into it, causing him to sink into a bottomless abyss of fear. Death, despair, regret, fear, and many other emotions enveloped his heart, making him feel as if he was being judged from hell.

When the elders and the people from the four great martial halls saw this, they were aghast. This was the first time they had seen such a method, and it could actually turn a spiritual energy into a material power. At the same time, it could attack an enemy's spirit and destroy their own.

Everyone could only see the wind formed by hundreds of white fist shadows, like a raging storm or ten thousand horses galloping, as they violently twined together. Indistinctly, they formed into a sinister and mighty white dragon that attacked the air and shook the space, ruthlessly smashing against the person's body, and even exploded out ten times in a row. This terrifying force had forcefully turned the person into a pile of flesh and blood.

The incomparably berserk Dragon Power, in addition to the power of the tenth layer of Devil-suppressing power, made Chen Xiang's power even more powerful.

"Hmph, overestimating yourself. If you told me your name, at least I wouldn't kill a nameless newbie." Chen Xiang said disdainfully, his cold eyes sweeping across the place, his body still brimming with killing intent, his eyes full of killing intent looking at Dongfang Yao.

Dongfang Yao clenched his fists tightly, gritted his teeth and said: "Chen Xiang, you actually dared to kill my people!"

"So what? If he didn't treat me so ruthlessly in the beginning, I would have definitely shown mercy. What, you want to avenge your lackey? If you have the guts, come up and die. How long are you planning to hide for?" After Chen Xiang saw that this Devil-subduing College had an earth-shattering conspiracy, he no longer had any feelings for this Devil-subduing College anymore. He planned to make a big scene and then leave.

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