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Chapter 562

Seeing how brutal Chen Xiang's attacks were, all the other students of the Eastern Lie Hall were moved, but they were all furious. Because Chen Xiang was too ruthless in his attacks, he crippled the man in just a few breaths of time, completely wiping out the man's Dantian, shattering all the meridians and internal organs in his body.

Shua! Chen Xiang was suddenly surrounded by five men.

Not only did Chen Xiang insult their Hall Master, he even severely injured one of their people in front of them. This made them feel incomparably humiliated, and they felt that this was Chen Xiang provoking the dignity of their Eastern Lie Sun Hall.

Chen Xiang frowned, he wanted to check the strength of the five men, they all had dense True Qi and were within the Soul Martial Realm's range of attack, but he was not afraid at all, even if it was against the Hundred refining realm, he would still dare to fight.

A monstrous killing intent suddenly surged out from Chen Xiang's body, enveloping the entire small mountain, this tragic killing intent was ice cold and terrifying, bringing a bone-piercing coldness and an extremely strong mental pressure to envelop the small hill, while Chen Xiang's eyes were slightly red, the dense black killing intent continuously surged out from his body, he looked like a ruthless god of death, in his eyes, it was only slaughter.

The students of Dongfang Lie's Day Hall were suddenly filled with fear. They now knew that the person in front of them was extraordinary. Judging from this level of killing intent, one had to kill millions of people to accumulate such killing intent.

Chen Xiang had accumulated the killing intent of several dozens of Nirvana Stage Warriors. With such a level of killing intent, even the Nirvana Stage would be terrified of him.

"Chen Xiang, hold back a little." A cold, yet gentle, clear voice came from inside the house.

It was actually Liu Meng'er's voice. Liu Meng'er, who was present, was relieved as well, his eyes flashed with a terrifying killing intent. He swept his gaze over the students of the Alchemy Hall, and only then did he retract his overflowing killing intent.

"You guys are lucky. Otherwise, you hundred people would have already died." Chen Xiang said coldly.

If it was before, these hundred over people would definitely scoff at Chen Xiang's words, but they couldn't help but believe it now.

"What happened?" Liu Meng'er who was inside the house asked.

I just wanted to go in, but these people wouldn't let me. They also said that as long as I go in, they will kill me without question. This is my residence, so why wouldn't they let me in? Chen Xiang's voice carried a bit of anger, although his tone was calm, his words carried an incomparable killing intent, as though he wanted to kill all of these hundred people.

At this time, Chen Xiang asked again, "Elder Sister Meng'er, you know, I'm Youlan's sworn brother. I heard that someone wants to marry her, I want to see how that guy looks like, what ability does he have to actually be so powerful, and not put me in his eyes!"

They could only grit their teeth and glare at Chen Xiang, wishing that they could immediately pounce and fight to the death with Chen Xiang, daring to provoke their hall master so loudly, not putting them in their eyes at all.

"Oh, this is Youlan's sworn brother, Chen Xiang." A voice exploded beside Chen Xiang's ears like thunder: "As expected, he's as savage as the rumors say, although his talent isn't bad, he is too proud. Senior Liu, please don't stop me from teaching him a lesson, I'm doing this for his own good!"

As he spoke, Chen Xiang felt waves of pressure coming from the top of his head, bringing along a scorching heat. This kind of Innate Qi appeared immediately, and it was so strong, as though it could tear through space itself, forming a huge fist above his head. This fist was flickering with a light as glaring as the sun, it was extremely hot, bringing with it an extremely threatening pressure, causing the ground beneath Chen Xiang's feet to crack and shatter.

This was the first time he had met an expert that could use Zhen Qi in such a way, and Chen Xiang did not even see that person.

If you want to marry her, you won't even deserve to be his slave. If you want to marry her, you have to get through me first, and if you have the guts, don't cower inside, and come out and fight me. Otherwise, get lost and don't dirty my sister's eyeballs. Chen Xiang was immediately furious, clenching his fists, he stamped his feet fiercely, causing the ground to shake, the incomparably vigorous Dragon Power collided with the inside of his Dantian, causing waves of berserk Qi to surge out from his body.

"An insignificant skill!"

Chen Xiang faced the golden fist that was condensed with dense true energy, and punched with all his might. The power of the fist that was condensed with Dragon Power, suddenly exploded out. Ten consecutive explosions rang out, and these ten thunderclaps that shook the heavens caused the expressions of the students of the Eastern Lie Hall to change drastically. Their faces were filled with disbelief, but they had no choice but to believe after seeing Chen Xiang's fist force dissipate that golden fist.

The ten continuous sounds of the tenth layer of Devil-suppressing power was the best proof.

They had only heard that, in the Heaven Realm, there were very few people who could reach this stage, and in the Mortal Realm, only Zuo Zhenxuan was able to reach it. But now, Chen Xiang could, for a young man to actually cultivate to the tenth layer of Devil-suppressing power, they now knew why Chen Xiang was so arrogant and arrogant, because he had the means.

"Hmph." He could not hide his surprise at all as a small bell suddenly flew out, as if it had appeared above Chen Xiang's head, becoming as tall as a person. The bell suddenly pressed down, enveloping Chen Xiang within.

Liu Meng'er said coldly: "This is nothing, teaching others a lesson requires you to rely on your own treasures, and this is even a ninth phase artifact." She was a grandmaster blacksmith, so she could tell at a glance.

If not, he will not know that there is someone stronger than him. I am doing this to make him realize his insignificance, my bell is called the Mysterious Sky Purple Thunder Bell, it can imprison people inside, and the person inside will not be harmed. Dongfang Yao said indifferently. This was a stage nine treasure, something that was close to the level of a Divine Equipment.

Liu Meng'er laughed coldly in her heart, even if Chen Xiang deserved to be taught a lesson, it was still not Dongfang Yao's turn. In Liu Meng'er's eyes, Dongfang Yao deserved to be lectured the most, and he should know what it meant to be someone stronger than others.

"Don't worry, I will only keep him locked up for four hours. After four hours, I will naturally take back the Profound Sky Purple Thunder Bell. Let's continue discussing the marriage between Leng Youlan and me." Dongfang Yao laughed faintly.

Liu Meng'er did not worry at all. Chen Xiang had three divine tools on him, and those were existences that surpassed Saint Artifacts, it would be weird if they could injure him. She was actually worried about Dongfang Yao's Mysterious Heaven Purple Thunder Bell, as it was an extremely precious treasure to Dongfang Yao, and was considered a top-notch treasure in the Mortal Realm.

Just as Dongfang Yao was about to leave, suddenly.

"You are not qualified to marry Youlan." Chen Xiang, who was trapped, was furious. A pair of tiger skin gloves suddenly appeared on his fist and he held the Green dragon demon-slain broadsword.

The Mysterious Heaven Purple Thunder Bell that was protecting Chen Xiang suddenly exploded, transforming into countless pieces that stormed forward like a storm towards the hundred over students of the Eastern Lie Hall. In that moment, all of the students let out hissing sounds, their bodies were struck by the pieces of the Mysterious Heaven Purple Thunder Bell, as though they had been cut into a thousand pieces, their bodies drenched in blood.

As for Chen Xiang, he held onto the divine blade, and stood there like a god of death.

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