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Chapter 561

Chen Xiang was so frightened that his entire body broke out in cold sweat, but he was secretly happy. With such a powerful master like him, if he was bullied, and hid inside the Sky Cavern, no one would dare to find trouble with him.

"Dragon Subduing Returning Essence, it can be used inside the Taiji Dragon-suppressed kungfu, but it's too difficult to learn." Chen Xiang shook his head and said.

"Hehe, of course it's hard. It's a very strong Dragon Slaying Supreme Technique. If I personally teach you, it would be a lot simpler." Long Xueyi laughed.

Speaking of martial arts, Chen Xiang immediately headed towards the Devil-subduing College. He guessed that the majority of the martial arts in the Devil-subduing College were created anxiously using the Devil-suppressing kungfu, no matter how hard it was to learn, it would be easy in his hands. He wanted to go and see what other powerful Demon Fighting Techniques were there.

After arriving at the Continent of the King, Chen Xiang immediately left the city. He hid in the forest outside the city and used the Luo Tianmen to open a spatial door, but he encountered a problem.

"Strange, why can't I open it? It seems to be blocked." Chen Xiang said suspiciously. He could only change the route and open the door to the forest outside of Devil-subduing College.

Stepping through the spatial door, he instantly crossed the distance of almost half of the Continent of the King. As he walked out of the forest, he looked up from afar at the countless gigantic tall buildings and enormous grand buildings that formed the campus.

"I never thought that it would take only a month for the Devil-subduing College to set up such a powerful array. Not only does it protect the entire academy from being invaded by outsiders, even space itself has been cut off, and it should be the work of those who came down from the top of the Heaven Realm." Chen Xiang said as he walked towards the door.

He was a student of the Devil-subduing College in the first place, so naturally, he could enter as long as he had the command medallion in his hands.

In front of the towering gate, many handsome men and beautiful women were discussing softly. All of them were here to register and prepare for the examination, all of them wanted to enter the Devil-subduing College to learn. All of them came from some powerful sects or powers, but Chen Xiang knew that most of them would stay in the Devil-subduing College.

The students of the Devil-subduing College got used to it very quickly. In just a month's time, they had gotten along with the students of the two Devil-subduing College s who had suddenly arrived.

Inside the new Devil-subduing College, there were still many small circles, and there were also quite a few powers formed with strong figures. Chen Xiang had walked around the crowded areas of the academy, and was able to discover some things in this regard.

"I never thought that the quality of the students sent over from the two academies would be so high. It seems that they are elites that the Devil-subduing College has plundered from numerous Mortal Realm s." Chen Xiang thought and headed towards the forest where the students resided.

Arriving at the foot of the mountain where Xue Xianxian and the rest were staying at, Chen Xiang suddenly felt that something was amiss. He hastened his footsteps and walked up the mountain, only to see that there was an additional large platform outside the house.

These hundred people were dressed in uniform. They were all red, and on their backs, there was a dazzling design of the sun.

These people were naturally from the Devil-subduing College, they lined up neatly and stood outside the small house, all of them had an imposing manner, with towering eyebrows, their entire bodies emitted a threatening and profound Qi, all of their cultivation was not ordinary, the True Qi in their bodies were surging and surging, as though they could enter into battle at any time.

"This should be one of the superior students in the Eastern Lie Hall." Thinking about what he heard on the way here, Chen Xiang quickly understood the origins of this group of people.

"Halt." When the few of them saw Chen Xiang walking over, they suddenly shouted loudly, the sound was like a thunderclap, as if it was trying to intimidate Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang frowned, obviously displeased: "Why!"

After he finished speaking, he only saw two figures flash by like red lights. With a 'sou' sound, two men stood in front of him with a stern expression.

"Who are you? Do you know that our hall master, Dongfang Yao, is inside discussing important matters with Lady Leng? No matter who you are, you are not to be disturbed. Otherwise, you will be killed without question." A man said coldly, his eyes flashed with contempt when he saw the weak Innate Qi across Chen Xiang's entire body.

Chen Xiang clenched his fists tightly. He never thought that the current Devil-subduing College would have such no rules, a hall master actually had such power, he didn't know what kind of trash Dongfang Yao was, but he was extremely worried about Leng Youlan. Such a fellow definitely had nothing good to do with Leng Youlan.

"This is my residence. Leng Youlan is my sister and I have not violated the rules, what right do you have to stop me from entering and even kill me? This is the Devil-subduing College. Chen Xiang frowned and said expressionlessly.

"How bold, how dare you contradict our Eastern Lie Hall, we are only talking about rules, our hall master is discussing the marriage with Leng Youlan, this is related to the hall master's marriage, the hall master has said that anyone who dares to barge in, will be killed without discussion." The man shouted, he did not think that Chen Xiang was Leng Youlan's brother.

After discussing about the marriage, Chen Xiang suddenly felt that it was funny, but he was extremely furious. As for why, even he did not know.

"Hmph, where did this country bumpkin come from? He doesn't know his place in the world and wants to propose to my sister, but he also doesn't know his own worth. If you want to marry my sister, then you must at least get through me." Chen Xiang sneered.

In their eyes, their Hall Master was an incomparably sacred existence. Sometimes, they would rather listen to their Hall Master than listen to the Principal, because they could not believe that someone had actually insulted their Hall Master.

The two men in front of Chen Xiang were immediately furious, their bodies released waves after bursts of hot air, their faces filled with a sinister look. In their fury, their bodies were burning with extremely hot flames, and the light they emitted were like scorching suns.

"If the one who insulted the pavilion master dies, lay down!" One of the man roared, he waved his hand, and his entire arm surged with a destructive force of flames, ferociously chopping down, as though he was a gigantic axe that could split the mountains and break the rivers, he slashed at Chen Xiang's head, the hot air shot out in all directions, the scorching True Qi rippled out in all directions, instantly drying up the grass and trees.

Using flames to deal with Chen Xiang was simply courting death. Chen Xiang was very calm, his hands moved like lightning as he welcomed the huge palm that was chopping down. The Dragon Power gushed out of his hands and the aura that he released was berserk and savage, that kind of destructive force seemed to be able to destroy everything in the world.

An incomparably surging aura surged through the air and shook the earth. Once the Dragon Power appeared, no one dared to contend against it.

"Kacha!" With a crisp sound, Chen Xiang's palm struck the man's wrist as if meeting a strike, and instantly broke it. The man didn't even have time to scream when Chen Xiang's other hand immediately turned into a fist that tore through the air and smashed into the man's abdomen with an explosive sound at the same time.

It was actually the first level of Devil Subduing Method, the man's body was like an arrow released from the profound, flying out of Chen Xiang's body, his clothes were already being torn apart by Chen Xiang's terrifying Dragon Power, blood continuously gushed out from his mouth, and he fainted.

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