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Since the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace was looking for a way to get to the Sacred Dan Realm, then it would make sense for them to go all out, because the Alchemist s inside the Sacred Dan Realm were all top-notch existences, and there were many rare pills inside, not only the Alchemist s saw it as a sacred place, there were also many immortals, because they could easily find many rare immortal pills inside.

"They plan to go in the next time when the first profound Realm opens. It seems that they have made up their minds to look for that Sacred Dan Realm. Could it be that the pills in the Heaven Realm are really that lacking?" Long Xueyi said.

"Do they have anything else to say?" Chen Xiang asked.

Hehe, the way to enter the Sacred Dan Realm is in your hands, do you know how to give it to them? "Su Yun chuckled. Long Xueyi asked.

"Of course I won't give it to them. If they knew that I had the Transmission array to enter the Sacred Dan Realm, they would have definitely guessed that I had entered the first profound Realm." Chen Xiang shook his head.

"It seems that Dan King Li Tianjun has spread quite a bit of information on the Heaven Realm, and told the powers there to come down and search for the Sacred Dan Realm at all costs." Long Xueyi suddenly exclaimed, and said in shock: "They mentioned the Fire Divine Palace, he actually also sent many strong fellows, and also brought some Fire Divine Palace from other worlds!"

Fire Divine Palace's strength is similar to Devil-suppressing Divine Palace's, Fire Divine Palace definitely cannot let Devil-suppressing Divine Palace stand out in this Mortal Wu Realm.

"Is Fire Divine Palace also looking for him?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Hmm, looks like Fire Divine Palace wants to recruit Alchemist from the inside. No matter what, there will always be a lack of top-notch Alchemist." Long Xueyi said.

Long Xueyi did not have the patience to continue probing so he retracted his consciousness. The only thing he wanted to do now was to wait for Zuo Zhenxuan to return and see if he still had a chance to enter the Stellar Transposition Realm. He could still enter for eleven more days.

Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan were hatching eggs, and Chen Xiang did not disturb them. He sat in the courtyard during the evening, and only then did Zuo Zhenxuan hurry over.

"Principal Zuo, how is it? Can I still enter that Stellar Transposition Realm?" Chen Xiang asked anxiously.

"I'm afraid that won't do, all three Devil-subduing College s have been taken over, and like the other principals of Devil-subduing College, I can only be the Vice Principal. If I want to enter the Stellar Transposition Realm, I need the permission of the Principal." Zuo Zhenxuan shook his head helplessly.

Chen Xiang sighed: "Then what's the attitude of those fellows towards my matter?!"

"The other two Devil-subduing College s who have just moved over and the old fogey from Heaven Realm Headquarters all agreed that they wanted to catch you because, despite being students of the Devil-subduing College, you killed a Principal and this Principal isn't guilty of your crimes!"

"Of course, the reason they want to capture you is mainly to show you to the other powers, and can be considered as an act to establish your might. You have not stayed in the Devil-subduing College for long, but you should be able to see that although the Devil-subduing College has imparted powerful martial arts techniques to them, but they have secretly used extremely generous benefits to rope in outstanding talents!"

Chen Xiang nodded his head and asked again: "Since that old woman is dead, there's no point in pursuing the matter any further. If I were to use my things to exchange, would they let me off?!"

Chen Xiang thought that money could be used by the gods. He wanted to try and see if he could use some precious herbs to dissolve the hatred between him and the Devil-subduing College.

"Oh, what are you going to trade for?" Zuo Zhenxuan raised his brows, "The person in charge of the entire Devil-subduing College right now is someone who came down from above!"

Chen Xiang smiled slightly: "Nature fruit, he definitely won't think that there's too much of this, as long as he does not pursue this matter with me, he can obtain this Nature fruit, he doesn't need to pay for it, nor do I need to bear the burden, and can easily get a Nature fruit. I think he'll agree to it!"

The Nature fruit could refine the Manifestation Pill. Su Meiyao had said before that even immortals would be envious of the Manifestation Pill, let alone the Nirvana Stage.

Right now, Chen Xiang did not lack a single Nature fruit. Giving one was not even a big deal, it could avoid getting entangled by the Devil-subduing College, the strong power.

Zuo Zhenxuan was startled, he had of course heard of Chen Xiang winning against a Nature fruit in the Martial Contest of the King, but he did not expect Chen Xiang to give it up.

"I will communicate with the new dean. Wait for my news." Zuo Zhenxuan said.

Chen Xiang did not wait long before a tall middle-aged man who looked ordinary flew over. Seeing the imposing white robed middle aged man, Chen Xiang immediately stood up, he knew that this was the new Principal that had descended from the Heaven Realm, and the light immortal aura that coiled around his body made him look different from the masses.

"You are Chen Xiang." The middle aged man squinted his eyes and sized Chen Xiang up, making Chen Xiang feel as if his body was being stared at by something.

"Indeed, senior is..."

"Man Futian, it's the new Principal. Where's your Nature fruit?"

This man was very direct, it seemed like he was moved by Chen Xiang's conditions.

Chen Xiang smiled and immediately took out the Nature fruit. When he was able to condense the creation divine liquid, he had already brought out a few, and what he gave Man Futian was what he got from that Wang Quan.

The Nature fruit was a fist-sized, pure white fruit that emitted a faint, pure white light.

You will no longer be a student of the Devil-subduing College. Furthermore, I will publicly announce that you killed Liu Yufang because of a personal grudge between you and her, and in the future, the Devil-subduing College will definitely no longer pursue the matter of you killing Liu Yufang. "" Alright! Man Futian said.

Chen Xiang gently tossed the Nature fruit over, as if it was a normal fruit. He didn't mind at all and was completely straightforward, which surprised Man Futian and Zuo Zhenxuan, because even they found it hard to act like Chen Xiang, who casually gave the Nature fruit to him, without feeling any pain.

"Deal." chuckled. If he could avoid being entangled by the Devil-subduing College, he could at least avoid having to hide in the east.

"The Devil-subduing College will hold a tournament not only for the students of the Devil-subduing College, but also for the entire Mortal Wu Realm. If you can get a good rank, you will be able to enter the Stellar Transposition Realm." Man Futian also smiled slightly, he appreciated a straightforward person like Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang could guess that it was definitely because Zuo Zhenxuan asked him about the matter of letting him into the Stellar Transposition Realm.

"Hehe, because I'm famous, you want me to make a name for myself and attract a lot of people, right?" Chen Xiang laughed.

But when the time comes, the Fire Divine Palace will definitely send people too. You must be careful, as far as I know, you are their target. Man Futian's words made Chen Xiang's face turn serious.

Chen Xiang nodded his head, then flew away. Zuo Zhenxuan sighed: "This is great, to be able to get a Nature fruit so easily, if it was me, I would also be doing it!"

To these Nirvana Stage, rare medicinal pellets were even more attractive. Although they had powerful strength and a huge amount of wealth, they did not have these rare medicinal pellets just because they were there.

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