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Chapter 558

Chen Xiang didn't dare to run around recklessly right now, as the other Principal of the Devil-subduing College s weren't as easy to deal with as Zuo Zhenxuan. If the other Devil-subduing College s came over to capture him, his situation would be even more dangerous as well.

"This Devil-subduing College is the same as the Fire Divine Palace. They have many branches in many different mortal worlds. It seems that I have to be more careful in the future." Fortunately, Devil-suppressing Divine Palace only knew that he had killed Liu Yufang, the old granny Principal. In the future, he still had a chance to save her.

Long Xueyi said: "I'm going to use the Heaven tour method to see what those fellows are talking about. If it's about you, then you should leave this Devil-subduing College as soon as possible!"

Suddenly, Chen Xiang felt the ground shake slightly, a burst of majestic spatial energy attacking him, the entire sky changed color, a gust of wind blew, the darkness enveloped the entire ground, it looked extremely terrifying.

Chen Xiang stood at the door and watched the extremely huge whirlpool in the distance. It was a spatial passageway, and this was the scene of someone trying to teleport a whole other world's Devil-subduing College over. Chen Xiang also wanted to see what it was like right now.

Very quickly, Chen Xiang saw a large mountain in the middle of the cyclone in the sky. Amidst the encirclement of the mountain, there were many large buildings made of stone, which were even larger than the buildings that Chen Xiang was in, causing Chen Xiang to be extremely shocked.

Teleportation did not just teleport the Devil-subduing College over, it also included a large mountain range. This was truly amazing, as the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace possessed many powerful teleportation formations and abundant resources. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for him to teleport such a large thing over.

Immediately after, Chen Xiang felt a strong burst of spatial energy coming from another direction, he immediately looked over, only to see that in the sky above, an incomparably large cyclone had appeared, bringing about bursts of gales.

Not long after, an astonishing scene appeared. Another gigantic building descended along with a piece of land, and from afar, it looked like a gigantic palace descended from the Heaven Realm. It was extremely spectacular, shocking everyone's line of sight.

"Why did they so extravagantly teleport these two Devil-subduing College here from another world?" This was the question in Chen Xiang, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou's hearts. Anyone who had a slight understanding of formations would know, that the manpower and resources required for teleporting a formation would be incalculable.

They definitely did not believe that the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace was searching for Zheng Chu, and they definitely did not believe that the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace was protecting this Mortal Realm.

"Little Naughty Dragon, keep a close eye on these experts. As long as they gather together, you can find out what they are talking about." Chen Xiang said, he was extremely confident in Long Xueyi's Heaven tour method.

Mortal Wu Realm had suddenly gained two more Devil-subduing College s. Right now, they could be said to be the strongest power within the Mortal Wu Realm and even that Fire Divine Palace was far from being able to compare to them.

Of course, Chen Xiang believed that the Fire Divine Palace had the same goal as him. He guessed that the Fire Divine Palace would make a big move soon.

Among the three Devil-subduing College s, who exactly is going to be the Principal? The big shots in the three Devil-subduing College s probably won't be able to obey the other party, and there will still be people from the Heaven Realm s. If not for the appearance of a ruthless person with an iron fist, it will be hard to tame these big shots who have been in charge of the sect for a long time. Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang was also looking forward to it. Although he had killed more than thirty powerful Nirvana Stage warriors in the First profound Realm before, which had an impact on the overall strength of the Mortal Wu Realm, with so many powerful people here, the pressure on the Mortal Wu Realm would not be that great when the Great War between Three Realms first appeared.

"There's movement! Zuo Zhenxuan was called to one of the Devil-subduing College. That's the biggest one there." Long Xueyi said.

Of the current three Devil-subduing College s, Zuo Zhenxuan was in charge of the smallest one, and the one who teleported over along with the mountain range was the largest, the second largest formed by countless of huge halls and tall buildings.

"Keep an eye on him and see how many people are gathered for this meeting. This group of people must be the strongest amongst the three Devil-subduing College s." Chen Xiang said.

"Yup, Zuo Zhenxuan's speed is very fast, he arrived at the top of the conical shaped stone tower, there are so many people in the number one Devil-subduing College, looks like Devil-subduing College is nominally teaching martial arts to deal with demons, so it turns out that he is secretly trying to rope in the outstanding disciples from other sects." Long Xueyi snorted.

Everyone who entered the Devil-subduing College had outstanding talent, and upon entering, they would be attracted by Devil-subduing College's resources, and Devil-subduing College could also use their power to keep these students, leaving the other sects speechless.

"Isn't this digging at the foot of the wall? How insidious." Chen Xiang despised this method, the other sects had worked hard to cultivate their disciples, but Devil-subduing College had directly obtained the fruits of their work.

Long Xueyi continued to probe, and she said with a bit of surprise: "That old fellow Zuo Zhenxuan is also trembling in fear right now, they are all in a meeting, there are more than 50 of them, looks like all of them have passed through the Seventh and Eighth Tribulations of the Nirvana Tribulations, they are all very strong!"

"What did they say?" Chen Xiang asked anxiously.

"The meeting hasn't started yet. They are waiting for the person coming down from Heaven Realm." Long Xueyi said.

Not long after Long Xueyi finished speaking, a series of roars suddenly sounded out in the sky. Chen Xiang raised his head and looked, only to see a gold light suddenly shining down, a vortex appeared, followed by a sudden flash of golden light. Dozens of people dressed in white robes appeared, both male and female, old and young, all of them flying towards the gigantic stone building.

"So strong, the people coming down from Heaven Realm are really different, these guys are definitely rich." Chen Xiang remembered that Zheng Chu had been secretly drooling when he had stored the storage ring.

Long Xueyi said: "They are starting a meeting!"

"Zuo Zhenxuan told him what happened. How did that old woman persecute him … From the looks of the other old fellows, other than Zuo Zhenxuan, no one else would be able to learn the tenth floor! "

"I've begun to talk about how you killed that old woman … However, the others did not have much of a reaction, and only said that they will deal with you in order to establish their power! "

Chen Xiang groaned. Then he would be the one to establish his dominance, that was an extremely foolish thing to do.

"So that's the case, their goal in coming here, is actually to find a way to enter the Sacred Dan Realm, looks like the higher ups don't know how to go to the Sacred Dan Realm, huh." Long Xueyi said in shock.

Before, Su Meiyao had said that the Sacred Dan Realm was an extraordinary existence and she couldn't even go if she wanted to.

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