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Chapter 553

Right now, Chen Xiang had already learned how to refine three types of middle grade Profound Rank pills, and the next was the profound level Shangping Dan s. However, the ingredients were not ready yet, because the God liquids were all used to make the Broken soul tree juice.

"Since the Yanlong furnace will need to soak in it for a period of time, you should rest and properly condense and create the divine liquid. I can use this time to teach you some things regarding the profound level Shangping Dan's alchemy." Chen Xiang said in a gentle voice. Chen Xiang was now her lover, and the way she and Chen Xiang spoke was completely different from before. It made Chen Xiang's heart warm.

When refining pills, as long as it was not a restriction of medicinal herbs, one would first learn to refine more practical pills. Most of the unorthodox pills were just for practice.

The Mystical Sun Fire Pill that Chen Xiang was currently preparing to refine was something that he had refined a long time ago. He had the Flaming Nine Suns Fruit and the Fire Soul Grass, these pills were what people who cultivated the fire attribute would need the most to strengthen their flames. However, Su Meiyao had said that this was the best pill to feed the fire spirit, and it was said that it could even help the fire spirit evolve.

Of course, Chen Xiang's current flames and soul flames were extremely strong, if they were strengthened any further, it would be unknown just how powerful they would be, but he felt that he did not really need them.

There were only twenty to thirty sets of Profound Yang Fire Pills, which was not enough for Chen Xiang, so he still had to make more, and even if he succeeded, he would need to make at least ten more sets to familiarize himself with the next type.

I think it would be best for you to use your time in the Stellar Transposition Realm to cultivate. From the way you are learning how to refine pills, your learning speed is very fast, you only need a large number of ingredients to fail you. But if you want to refine an Earth Level pill, not only will you need medicinal ingredients, your strength will also have to keep up. Bai Youyou suddenly said.

Chen Xiang frowned, he was planning to refine an Earth Level pill in one go.

Su Meiyao said: "Senior Sister is not without reason, with your current speed, you will definitely be able to learn how to refine an Earth Level pill within two to three years. How about this, change your plans, your main goal here is to cultivate and condense the God Creation Liquid, this way, after you leave, you will have enough strength and create the God's Liquid, at that time, you can even fail to refine a type of pill a few hundred times!"

Now that Chen Xiang had learned the Fire god method, through the tempering method in the Raging Inferno Dantian and Fire god method, even if he increased his strength quickly, there would not be any problems. This way, he wouldn't need to find trouble with Huang Jintian.

The last time he participated in the Martial Contest of the King, he entered the Evil Demon and obtained over a hundred demon hearts, as well as a few beast core and Beast core above them. Although these things were not as many as the Black Rock Jiao's Beast core previously, with such a large number, he would still be able to increase his strength by a large margin.

Right now, he was already at the middle stage of the Spiritual kungfu realm, and was extremely eager to obtain strong power as soon as possible.

There were hundreds of these things and they contained a lot more energy than Pure Yuan pills. Previously, he didn't find a good way to swallow them, so he never used them to cultivate and only used them to concoct pills.

And these Demon Heart Beast core that contained pure energy would be instantly refined by the power of refinement that was released by the raging fire in his Dantian as soon as it entered his Dantian.

Chen Xiang's body was now like a furnace. As long as it contained the mind consciousness left behind by dregs or some demon beast Evil Demon s, once it touched the melting power, it would be completely melted away.

"Is this the Body Refinement Realm of the Fire god method? It looks like it's going to be very painful, I wonder what it will be like when you combine it with the profoundwu physical exercise!"

Chen Xiang was not only training his Innate Qi, he was also training his physical body. He was planning to cultivate his Innate Qi for a month and then train his physical body for another month in order to balance and build a firm foundation.

When he started to refine according to the body tempering manual on the Fire god method, he saw that the Raging Inferno Dantian had suddenly absorbed a large amount of his true energy and ignited a raging fire in his Dantian. At this time, he suddenly felt a burning pain all over his body.

In just an instant, every part of his body was being burned by that strange flame, making him feel incomparable pain. In the past, when he used this method to cultivate, pain would always come from the outside, but now, it would burst out from the inside. Although it was also very painful, it was just that he was unable to adapt to the pain for a while.

The thing that surprised him the most was that after he had cultivated the body tempering technique, his zhen qi had been drained very quickly. In just half a day, more than half of it had been drained.

But now, it was being consumed so quickly. Of course, Chen Xiang quickly found the reason, because when he was cultivating this technique, he would create an indescribable pressure that rushed forth and clashed against his body, acting as a tempering force.

Fortunately, he had a solid foundation. Otherwise, he would not be able to hold on for so long.

A day had passed, and he was completely exhausted. All his true qi had been used up, and his body had been tormented to the point where he had no strength left. However, as his amazing recovery rate recovered, he felt that this method of body tempering was very effective.

He rested for a good half a day, waiting for his true qi to recover before continuing. He wanted to continue like this for a month.

Now, he knew that no matter how much he trained, he would never be able to avoid the torture of pain. However, in order to obtain strength and not be oppressed by others, he had to endure it.

Every time he came out, he would unavoidably entangle himself with Chen Xiang and let Chen Xiang take advantage of him. Even though Chen Xiang did not completely get Su Meiyao, he was extremely satisfied with himself now, because he had already thought of this a long time ago. During the dry and arduous process of cultivation, there was a woman who consoled him, which allowed him to be filled with motivation.

Eight years passed in the blink of an eye, and Chen Xiang had long since entered the late stage of Spiritual kungfu realm.

After entering the late stage of the Spiritual kungfu realm, he had condensed a total of 1000 true essence grains, and obtained a total of nine times the Power of giving, which caused the five beast statues in his dantian to light up a total of 20,000 true essence grains. At the moment, his true qi was extremely dense, but compared to the five giant ancient beast statues, these 20,000 true essence grains seemed insignificant, which would constantly remind him of how insignificant his power was.

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