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Chapter 549 Heavenly Thunder Pill

At first, he thought that it would be easier to refine using the Foreseeing Alchemy because he had made some improvements in the Foreseeing Alchemy. He was able to slow down the process of the refining process, but now, when he was refining the Heaven Thunder Pill, it was extremely tricky.

Just as Su Meiyao had said, it was very crucial to condense the core, and the progress was very slow, because he was not proficient in it yet, so he could only inject a bit of thunder-attribute true qi into it. However, his thunder-attribute true qi was in conflict with the thunder-attribute energy released by the Thunder Origin Fruit and the Profound Lightning Grass Seed.

One must know that this Heavenly Thunder Pill was a martial artist that could cause injuries to the Extreme realm, thus one could see how powerful it was. To suppress the tyrannical thunder attributed energy, it was truly not easy, and it had to be compressed into a small pellet.

Just like with his cultivation of Innate Qi, after being compressed by a high concentration, the energy would change and the quality would become very high. Once detonated, the power would be very strong, so Chen Xiang did not doubt the power of the Heaven Thunder Pill at all.

With a "honglong" sound, the Yanlong furnace suddenly trembled, and Chen Xiang once again announced his failure by exploding the furnace.

Chen Xiang had already failed to enter for more than twenty batches. He frantically scratched his head, "It's only a middle grade Profound Rank pill, and I've already failed so many times. What if I fail to refine an Earth Stage pill or a Heaven Stage pill in the future?!"

He spent a lot of time concocting the Heaven Thunder Pill because he needed to inject a large amount of thunder attributed true energy. The time he needed to inject the pill would be slow, and it would take him an entire day to recover from that.

"When Hua Xiangyue refined the Life Recovery Pill, I saw that when she used the Foreseeing Alchemy, she had basically succeeded in one furnace, that is because she has a solid foundation, and she understood all kinds of medicinal herbs very well. Even if she met some unfamiliar herbs, she could use the Foreseeing Alchemy to quickly become familiar with them, and in order for you to reach her realm, this kind of experience is necessary, it also means that you have to improve and perfect your Foreseeing Alchemy." Su Meiyao walked over, caressed Chen Xiang's cheeks and comforted her.

Bai Youyou said: "You have a lot of medicinal ingredients, you should be a bit patient!"

Chen Xiang took a deep breath. With these two beauties encouraging him, he would definitely work hard. He placed the medicinal ingredients that Su Meiyao had processed into the Yanlong furnace and continued refining the Heavenly Thunder Pills.

Su Meiyao had said that the medicinal ingredients for these Pure Yuan pills and the Heavenly Thunder Pills were rather special, they were both the type that could easily explode easily. If one could master these two types of pills well, then when they met this type of high levelled pills in the future, they wouldn't feel that it was difficult.

He could only concoct one batch a day, spending the rest of the time concocting God's Elixir. At the moment, he had a lot of herbs to concoct in bulk, and even though he did not need some, it looked very satisfying. For example, the Soaring Nine-Deadly Flower and various Earth Grade herbs …

Using his Fa Li to suppress others made Chen Xiang feel at ease. At least, he didn't need to be like the other Alchemist s, unable to continue suppressing Chen Xiang because his consciousness was not strong enough. His Fa Li was very strong and his use was much more efficient than his consciousness.

It was already the forty-seventh day. Chen Xiang looked at the electric pill inside the Yanlong furnace, and now, he had successfully mixed the thunder attribute true energy that he had poured into it with the thunder attribute energy from the medicinal ingredients into the pill, condensing it into a pill. What he needed to do now was to make this pill smaller.

Right now, the pill was the size of a thumb, but Chen Xiang had to compress it to be the size of a soybean, in order to make the thunder attributed energy inside have a higher density and quality, and a stronger power. It was the same with compressing his true energy into true essence particles.

When he cultivated, the final step of compressing true essence was about the same as this. So at this time, he could be considered very relaxed. After he continuously released all sorts of uniform pressure, that rapidly spinning pill slowly shrank until it was the size of a bean.

"Done." Chen Xiang heaved a sigh of relief and shouted in surprise.

Opening the lid of the pill furnace, Chen Xiang placed a light blue pill in his hands and sighed: "It's been so long, and it's only this little, and also just one pill. It's not worth it!"

When you become proficient, it will be very easy for you to refine it. When that time comes, you can imbue it with even stronger thunder-attribute true qi, which will be even more powerful, and it will not be difficult to deal with people in the middle and late stages of the Spiritual kungfu realm. Although you can't heavily injure them, it's still possible to affect them.

"This pellet of yours can only be considered to be of low quality. There is one benefit of this pellet of heavenly thunder, it can increase one's power, and when you become proficient in the future, you can use several batches of medicinal ingredients to refine it at the same time. The amount of thunder-attribute true energy that you can pour in is even more, and you can also compress it to such a large extent.

Chen Xiang did not dare to underestimate this Heavenly Thunder Pill anymore, but he was unable to test it now.

"If it was suddenly thrown into someone's mouth and detonated during a battle …" Bai Youyou let out a cold laugh. That beautiful face was filled with cruelty, and couldn't help but shiver.

If someone else could swallow it and detonate it, then that person would definitely explode, causing their belly to bloom. The inside of a person was the weakest, and this kind of thing was truly sinister.

"Make another ten or so pills. After you get familiar with them, you can then refine something even more powerful, the Spirit Erosion Powder." Su Meiyao returned the Sky Thunder Pill to Chen Xiang.

This caused Chen Xiang to be secretly excited and he continued to refine the Heavenly Thunder Pills. Even though he had successfully refined one pill, it did not mean that he had become completely familiar with it.

After he finished condensing it, he gave it to Su Meiyao to create a large amount of medicinal ingredients. Of course, he would need to refine more Heaven Thunder Pills, and when necessary, these would be good for his self-defense.

It only took him four hours to make one. In a month, he had managed to make fifty pills. At first, he had failed several times, but later on, he had improved a lot.

"There are so many materials for the Corrosive Divine Powder." Chen Xiang took a small breath.

The ingredients for the God Eroding Powder came from the Broken soul tree s, they needed to refine the flowers, fruits, leaves, roots and branches of the Broken soul tree into fine powder. When sprinkled on a person's body, it could quickly dissolve the person's flesh, it was extremely vicious, and belonged to a forbidden being.

Of course, if Chen Xiang wanted to use it, he had to be extremely careful.

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