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Chapter 548 Stellar Transposition Realm

Chen Xiang followed Zuo Zhenxuan to the top of a tall building in the middle of the Demon Subduing Academy. This building was located in the middle of the other five high grounds and one could tell that it was a formation to create a formation.

In a huge stone room on the roof of the building, Zuo Zhenxuan was resting his hand on a giant pillar. He released waves of power from his body and poured it into the stone pillar. The stone pillar started to slowly rotate, emitting a white glow.

Zuo Zhen Xuan said, "This is the entrance to the Stellar Transposition Realm. After you enter, you will appear in a room, and everyone that enters will have a separate room. This is to avoid disturbing others!"

Chen Xiang said, "What if I want to come out!?"

"You can only stay inside for a maximum of twenty days, at that time I will release you. If you want to come out early, you can use the crystal ball inside it to send a message through your spiritual sense, and I will be able to receive it." Zuo Zhen Xuan said.

Chen Xiang walked through the stone pillar's door and stood inside a small room that was surrounded by white clouds and slowly closed the door. At this time, he felt that he was inside a small room that was quickly starting to spin, but not long later, the white light around him suddenly disappeared and he appeared in a stone room that was filled with warm yellow light. The stone room was quite large and had a clean bed, chairs, and a bathing pool filled with hot water.

"What a pity. If only the deities and orchids were here as well." Chen Xiang took off his clothes and jumped into the bath, soaking in the hot water.

"If you want to stay here for twenty years, I have already arranged a cultivation plan for you. Every day, you have to cultivate using the Fire god method, and at the same time, you also need to condense God's Liquid. Of course, most of your time is spent on refining pills!"

Su Meiyao suddenly flashed out and sat beside Chen Xiang. She lifted up the pants on her body and placed a pair of exquisite jade feet into the bath, causing Chen Xiang to be unable to resist grabbing onto her tender jade feet and gently pinching them.

"Hmph. Little Scoundrel, you're truly too daring." Bai Youyou scolded and pinched Chen Xiang's ears. At this time, Bai Youyou also came out from the ring, sat at Chen Xiang's other side and also soaked his beautiful jade sculpture-like feet in the bath.

But now, Chen Xiang was completely immersed in it. With these two beauties by his side, it made him involuntarily indulge in his imagination, wishing that he could strip them off and have them help rub his back.

Chen Xiang's current guts were indeed very big. He was originally touching Su Meiyao's jade feet, but now, slowly moving his hand from her calves up, up Su Meiyao's big white legs. However, it was still ruthlessly slapped away by Su Meiyao.

"Little Scoundrel, I'm not your Elder Sister Meng'er. Don't do anything bad to me." Su Meiyao scoffed.

"Since I've already kissed her and seen her, it's fine if I touch her." Chen Xiang said as she curled her lips, causing a touch of scarlet to surface on her charming face as she gently spat out.

At this time, Chen Xiang looked at Bai Youyou who was dressed in a pure white dress. Although she was a devil, she looked like a holy goddess at this moment, causing Chen Xiang to stare foolishly at her. Bai Youyou only wore her unique cold smile, undodging the fiery gaze of Chen Xiang.

Looking at it, Chen Xiang's hand also seemed to be controlled by some kind of power as she fearlessly reached out and grabbed that ice-cold tender jade foot of hers from the water. This made Bai Youyou slightly frown, and Su Meiyao, who was at the side, had a strange light flash in her eyes.

Bai Youyou did not object, but seeing this, Chen Xiang's hand also slowly slid up her leg. When it brushed past her smooth and firm calves, he could not help but pinch her.

Very quickly, Chen Xiang's large hand reached under Bai Youyou's snow-white skirt, and rested on her ice-cold thighs that were as exquisite as jade.

She didn't think that Bai Youyou would actually be more tolerant towards Chen Xiang than she was, letting Chen Xiang touch her white legs like this.

At the moment, Chen Xiang's heart was in turmoil, the Evil Fire was soaring, and there was something underwater that was already becoming sinister.

"Sister You You … Come down and bathe together. " Chen Xiang said while laughing.

"Don't push yourself too far." Bai Youyou looked at him coldly, causing him to quickly withdraw his hand, but the feeling of touching Bai Youyou's thigh, had never left his mind.

Chen Xiang sighed in enjoyment, and laughed while looking at Su Meiyao: "Your senior sister is so much more generous than you, you miser!"

"Hmph, little scoundrel." Su Meiyao was very unhappy. She never thought that Bai Youyou would actually be so generous as to touch Chen Xiang's thighs.

and Bai Youyou dared to come out, and they stayed inside the storage ring for a long time. To be able to come out and chat with Chen Xiang, the little guy, was a very happy thing.

After he finished relaxing, Chen Xiang took out the Yanlong furnace. He already understood how to refine a middle grade Profound Rank pellet, Chunyuan gold Dan. Generally speaking, he would need to learn how to refine about three pellets of the same level, and only with a solid foundation would he be able to get another level up. Only then would he be able to refine higher tier pellets.

"Right now, I can still refine Sky Thunder Pills and God Eroding Powder. They are offensive pills, probably even that Dan King Li Tianjun from back then did not know how to refine them." Chen Xiang took out the materials for the Heaven Thunder Pill.

The Profound Thunder Grass Seeds and the Thunder Origin Fruit were the ingredients used to refine the Heavenly Thunder Pills, and also the first time Chen Xiang had refined such an aggressive pill. The difficulty of the pill's refinement was extremely high, because the power of the pill's explosion was extremely hard to control.

As Chen Xiang processed the ingredients, he listened to Su Meiyao explain the main points of refining the Heavenly Thunder Pills.

He recalled what Su Meiyao had told him before he started to put the herbs in the furnace. He used the Foreseeing Alchemy, and when he refined the Heaven Thunder Pill, it was just like the Chunyuan gold Dan that he refined last time.

Especially the Thunder Source Fruit, one needed to be extremely careful in controlling the flames and gently burn the fruit to dust, allowing the tyrannical power of thunder to be released. If the control was not good, the entire Thunder Origin Fruit would explode.

Now that he had the rich experience of refining Chunyuan gold Dan, it was relatively easy to control when dealing with the Thunder Origin Fruit. It was just that he did not expect the berserk lightning energy from the Thunder Origin Fruit, which resulted in the Foreseeing Alchemy making a huge mistake.

"You can only produce one Thunder Yuan Fruit at a time. Moreover, you will need to pour a large amount of thunder-attribute true essence into the fruit in order to produce even more violent energy. Therefore, condensing a pill is the key." Su Meiyao said.

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