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Chapter 546 Sacred Dan Realm Shen Xiang didn't immediately give chase, but stood beside Liu Meng'er. The black shadow earlier wasn't charging towards him, but towards Liu Meng'er. Therefore, he wanted to protect Liu Meng'er here. After the ball of fire was extinguished, Shen Xiang and Liu Meng'er saw a middle-aged man with wings on his back. He wore clothes made of animal skin and had an extremely ordinary appearance. "He really is a beast in human form, but he can't use true qi. How in the world did he get past the Nirvana Doom?" Shen Xiang said, puzzled. "His body is very strong. Your punch just now was not weak, but now he is completely fine." Liu Meng'er frowned and said. Shen Xiang also realized that if his punch were to land on the bodies of other Nirvana Stage, it would be enough to make them vomit blood, causing flames to seep into their bodies and burn their internal organs. "Bird Person, why did you attack us?" Shen Xiang asked loudly. The middle-aged man with wings clearly did not like this form of address. He immediately let out an angry roar like a falcon and his body became like an arrow. Once again, Shen Xiangfei pounced over. Although his speed was very fast, it was very slow in Shen Xiang's eyes. Although it was just a sound, it was extremely powerful. Furthermore, Shen Xiang did not only send out a punch this time, he had also sent out dozens of instantaneous punches, which were all produced by the berserk Devil Subduing Method. The fist shadows that covered the sky were like raging waves, and like a torrential storm, they submerged the 'birdman'. In just a few seconds, the monster's body felt as if it had been struck by lightning a few hundred times. The scorching pain was like dripping chili onto a wound, causing it to cry out in pain. The Devil Subduing Method that Shen Xiang used had a scorching heat to it, all the feathers on the wings of the materialized demon beast were burnt to ashes, the entire person was charred black. Beasts that could change their form had to pass through the Nirvana Doom, and if there were Nirvana Doom in the first profound Realm, then that meant that the first profound Realm had already evolved into a small world. With his last punch, Shen Xiang used the power of Devil Subduing Method Level 10, sending the beast in human form flying into the mountain wall not too far away with a splash of broken stones. His hands were like dragon claws as he fiercely stabbed into the belly of the beast. He took out a golden beast core, and dense life essence and energy gushed out. This was a Nirvana beast core, after Shen Xiang escaped, the beast immediately died. "The Devil Subduing Method is indeed powerful." Liu Meng'er lightly flew over. Seeing her man become so powerful, Liu Meng'er was very happy. Shen Xiang's rapid progress made her feel gratified. Shen Xiang took the beast core and swallowed it directly. This scared Liu Meng'er to the point that her face turned pale. This was a beast core that contained a very strong energy. She was worried that Shen Xiang wouldn't be able to take it if Shen Xiang swallowed it like that. "Don't worry, the energy in that beast core can't improve my zhen qi. It can strengthen my body and strengthen my soul." Shen Xiang waved his hand and said. Boundless and bizarre energy rushed into Shen Xiang's limbs and bones, merging into his meridians, bones, muscles, and blood, strengthening his internal organs, merging into every part of his body, and strengthening his body. After his physical body became stronger, his soul also became stronger. However, he needed a certain amount of time to digest that energy. "There's a cave on top of it. I've checked, there seems to be a box inside." This made Shen Xiang immediately raise his head to look at the mountainside. "Let's go up and take a look." Shen Xiang pulled Liu Meng'er and jumped fiercely into the cave halfway up the mountain. This cave was very dark. Shen Xiang took out a torch and lit it up. Liu Meng'er asked, "How did you know there was a cave here?" Shen Xiang said with a smile, "I just know. Let's go in and take a look. Maybe there's something good there!" This mountain was very big, and it was located in the middle of the First profound Realm. When they reached the end, Shen Xiang and Liu Meng'er saw a box placed on top of a stone table. It was a pitch black wooden box, but it looked like it was weathered. "It seems like this box has been fought over by many people before." Liu Meng'er said as she opened the black box. There was only one animal skin inside. Unfolding the beast skin, Shen Xiang held a torch and lit it up. He only saw a circular object on the beast skin with many patterns on it. With a single glance, he could tell that this was a spell. Liu Meng'er was obsessed with arrays. When she saw the arrays, her face was filled with joy. She excitedly said, "This is a transmission array, a cross-border transmission array!" Transboundary Teleportation Formations could allow one to travel to other worlds. It was no wonder that Liu Meng'er was so exc ited. Traveling to other worlds had always been something that she longed for. It was just that she couldn't find a good way. Now that Shen Xiang knew why so many people stole the box, he guessed that Li Tianjun left it there. "Sacred Dan Realm, the sacred ground of the legendary Alchemist." Liu Meng'er looked at the beast skin on its back. There were many small densely written words on it. With one look, Shen Xiang could tell that it was something that needed to be adjusted to move around when the Teleportation Formation was being set up. "This is to be sent to the Sacred Dan Realm." Liu Meng'er said in surprise, "When I was very young, my parents told me about this Sacred Dan Realm. I heard that it was as powerful as the Heaven Realm, and even many immortals from the Heaven Realm go there to request for pills!" Shen Xiang had also heard Su Meiyao say it before: "If there's a chance, you must go and take a look!" He brought the beast skin over and memorized the position of the Sacred Dan Realm. He realized that the Allheaven Gate could also be used to adjust its position and teleport to the Sacred Dan Realm. Although the spirit energy in the First profound Realm was dense, there was a certain power that restricted people from using their true qi. Shen Xiang himself did not know how Li Tianjun could have stayed here for so long. The time inside was different from the time outside. They rarely met, and naturally have to spend some time together. On the way, Shen Xiang also gained a lot of benefits and spent all day together with Liu Meng'er. Very quickly, Shen Xiang and Liu Meng'er walked out of the First profound Realm. It was still dark outside, and after walking over, Shen Xiang quickly took out the Allheaven Gate and opened a dimensional door, leaving the Sun Moon Island behind. "Elder Sister Meng'er, I'm going back to the Demon Subduing Academy. Are you going to check up on the deities and Leng You Lan?" Shen Xiang said as soon as he finished kissing Liu Meng'er. Liu Meng'er tidied up the white clothes that were messed up by Shen Xiang, and said while frowning: "If you really want to go back, then be careful, the Devil-suppressing Divine Palace will definitely send more people down, and the Fire Divine Palace's Palace Mistress will also take over, but there might be chaos in the Sacred Light Religious Sect!" "Alright, once I've settled my matters, I'll go find Dan Fragrance Pure Land to look for you." Shen Xiang kissed Liu Meng'er's cherry lips, then stepped into the Space Gate and left.
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