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Chapter 545 Transformative Demonic Beast Chen Xiang and Liu Menger returned to the place where the experts were killed. "Below there is a Sumeru Stone as big as a small hill. Dig it out." Liu Menger gently jumped onto a tree and sat down. Chen Xiang shrugged his shoulders as he furiously blasted towards the ground. Soon, he saw a corner of the Sumeru Stone. It seemed to be an extremely dark rock, and the entire thing was even a whole piece. At first, he thought to find some small fragments, but in fact it was a complete piece, so he could easily take it out. He placed one hand on the Sumeru Stone and instantly put it into his storage ring before throwing it to Liu Menger. "Hurry up and get out of here. If others find out that you killed those guys, we'll be in trouble." Liu Menger said as she accepted the storage ring, then giggled and flew to Chen Xiang's side. Chen Xiang kissed Liu Menger's face. "Let's leave this place. I'll give you something along the way!" "What is it?" While Liu Menger was speaking, Chen Xiang had already wrapped his arms around her waist and they quickly flew through the forest. It did not take long for them to get far away from the place where the experts were killed. After arriving at the foot of a small mountain, Chen Xiang put Liu Menger down and smiled, "the Fire God Law is very suitable for those with fire souls to cultivate. You should learn it, Menger!" "So it is. The Fire God Shrine used to solicit me with this Fire God Law, but I rejected. How did you get it?" Liu Menger's beautiful eyes shone with a bright light. Before she could receive Chen Xiang's reply, her small mouth was blocked by Chen Xiang. Her jade teeth were pried open by Chen Xiang's tongue. They hadn't kissed for a long time, so she actively responded to him. The two kissed with their tongues entangled. While kissing, Chen Xiang extended a perverted hand into Liu Menger's clothes, gently massaging her delicate and round "jade peaks". This caused Liu Menger to gasp for breath, and her eyes became misty. The two passionately embraced each other, then hugged. While Liu Meng'er tidied up her clothes with one hand, she humphed with a blush on her face, "you little rascal, you are getting more and more dishonest. It hurts to squeeze!" "Sorry, allow me to help." Chen Xiang smiled mischievously. He was about to extend his hand over when Liu Menger slapped him away. "Enough." Liu Menger rolled her eyes at him. "Then how exactly did you get the Fire God Law?!" "I forced. I wa nt to teach you the Fire God Law and another powerful martial art." Chen Xiang stroked Liu Menger's cheek as he laughed. Bai Youyou once promised to have Chen Xiang teach the Ice Soul Devil Dominance to Liu Menger as an appreciation of her for Frost Wind Divine Technique. When Chen Xiang was cultivating the Fire God Law, he asked Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou to make a copy. Now, he took out a few thick books. "That's too much." Liu Menger couldn't help but ask in surprise as she stared at the six thick books. After she opened the first book and saw the contents, she frowned slightly. "What a delicate character. It doesn't look like a man's handwriting at all!" Chen Xiang coughed a few times but didn't say anything. Yes, this was Su Meiyao's calligraphy. Last time when she was at the White Tiger Profound Realm, Liu Menger learned Tai Chi Divine Technique from Su Meiyao. Since that she knew that Chen Xiang had a mysterious and very powerful woman by his side. "Also the Demon Subduing Force. I learnt it from Demon Subduing Academy. It's very powerful, especially if you cultivate to the tenth level." As Chen Xiang spoke, he threw a punch at a large tree in the distance. "Pa Pa Pa Pa …" After ten consecutive explosions, the Demon Subduing Force flew out and hit the tree, turning the trunk into dust. Liu Menger exclaimed. "That's so powerful. You didn't use True Qi on it, did you?" "No, but it's hard to learn up to the tenth level. There are only two men within the Academy who have done it, the principal and me!" "I heard that you killed a principal of the Demon Subduing Academy and are currently being pursued by people from the Heavenly Realm. Is that true?" Liu Menger asked worriedly. Chen Xiang briefed the process to Liu Menger. "I've already slaughtered that guy from the Heavenly Realm right here. That's fine, since no one knows I'm here except you. Besides, the hall master of Fire God Shrine and some other powerful sects have all died here. No one won't find it strange." Chen Xiang stroked Liu Menger's long hair as he lightly smiled. Liu Menger let out a snort. Once the things that Chen Xiang did were revealed, he would completely offend two of the strongest powers in the Heavenly Realm. Fortunately, Chen Xiang did it in secret. "Let's go. There are still a few months until the entrance closes. We can walk out slowly. I still have a powerful martial art to teach you along the way." Chen Xiang stretched lazily as he held onto Liu Menger's hand and walked towards a directi on. "Well, how can I learn so much?" Even though Liu Menger said this, her face was still filled with joy. She coyly stuck out her tongue, making Chen Xiang could not help but to bite it. They walked slowly like normal times. Ice Soul Devil Dominance was not elaborate in content, but it was pretty abstruse, even Liu Menger had a hard time understanding it. Chen Xiang understood it fast only because Bai Youyou taught him via divine sense, so that he inherited both the knowledge and comprehension. At this time, he had to spend a lot of time explaining the Ice Soul Devil Dominance to Liu Menger. "You used it to defeat Youlan last time. No wonder Youlan was unable to defend against it. That White Tiger also lost to you like this, right?" After Liu Menger learned it from Chen Xiang for a couple of days, she was thoroughly stunned by this formidable devil art. "You can learn it when you get back. By the way, you don't mind teaching Fire God Law to Xiangyue, do you?" Chen Xiang asked quietly. "How could I? She's already your maid. Last time I went to find her at Danxiang Taoyuan, this little demoness always call me 'Ma'am'. I really can't stand her." Liu Menger protested coquettishly, "it seems that this little demoness is really willing to be your maid. When I get back, I will go find her and learn the Fire God Law together with her!" Knowing that Hua Xiangyue was so obedient, Chen Xiang smiled mischievously. Chen Xiang and Liu Menger were both very cautious as they walked through the forest, because they couldn't let others know that Chen Xiang was there. Along the way, Chen Xiang also told Liu Menger about the difficult points of Demon Subduing Force, which would be helpful for her to cultivate it later. Liu Menger never expected that she would need Chen Xiang the rascal to teach her martial arts. "What is that sound?" Chen Xiang suddenly stopped and looked at the huge mountain that rose up from the ground in the forest in front of him. "It's the aura of a demon beast called Transformative Demonic Beast." Liu Menger was surprised. Suddenly, a gust of wind blew over and a black shadow flew over. Chen Xiang's reaction was extremely fast. He leaped out, then his fist that was spewing flames like a meteorite charged forward, dragging a red shadow behind it as it struck the black shadow that was flying towards him. With a muffled bang, Chen Xiang's fist hit the black shadow and produced flames. The black shadow was wrapped in flames and flew out, then crashed a few large trees.
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