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Chapter 544 Fall of the Strong Xiao Ziliang had previously cooperated with Holy Light Sect and almost killed Chen Xiang. He had always remembered this grudge, and he also knew that Xiao Ziliang hated him. "Don't you remember we have a grudge?" Chen Xiang had a sneer on his face as he walked towards Ying Jingkun, the hall master of Fire God Shrine. The fire vine he released was now even stronger than before. He definitely couldn't let anyone of the crowd escape. Every time he killed a person, Chen Xiang's Heat of Slaughter would completely absorb that person's killing intent, causing his to become even stronger. Right now, his killing intent was the sum of that of several Nirvana Realm experts, and it was extremely intense. Anyone without sufficient strength could not eve stand stably in front of him. "Chen Xiang, aren't you afraid that the Fire God Shrine in the Heavenly Realm will know it? Don't think that no one will know what you're doing here." Ying Jingkun frowned as sweat dropped from his face. His body trembled even more when he saw Chen Xiang walk over. Although he was tangled by torching fire vines, he still felt as if he was inside an ice cave. Chen Xiang laughed heartily, "I was not afraid of you when I killed the elder of your Fire God Shrine. From the time you come down to the Mortal Martial World, I have made up my mind to eliminate you guys! Now take it!" His blade flashed like lightning and hacked down on Ying Jingkun's head. Seeing the haunted man's head falling off, the other Nirvana Realm warriors became even more desperate and terrified. Among this group of people, Ying Jingkun was the strongest and the most powerful. They dared to siege Liu Menger also due to his presence. Death of Ying Jingkun of Fire God Shrine indicated that Chen Xiang would not leave any survivors. Once the matter was exposed, no matter what they said, they would ultimately be killed by Chen Xiang. "Let me take some job for you." Liu Menger's face was expressionless as she walked towards an old man. After she stabbed out her Jade Dragon's Kiss stabbed fiercely a few times in an instant into the old man's body, several bloody holes appeared on his throat. Liu Menger, the empress of the Divine Weapon Heavenly Kingdom, aside from showing the coyness and tenderness of a woman in front of Chen Xiang, expressed an imposing aura of a ruler in front of everyone else. Her actions shew no mercy, and when faced with the pleas and pleas from many people, she completely ignored them and decisively took out her spear, stabbing them to death one by one. Chen Xiang did not kill Qin Zejun and Wang Quan first, but killed the rest of them. He wanted Wang Quan and Qin Zejun to experience the incomparable fear of death, which was even worse than death. Very quickly, the ground was filled with heads and corpses. The killing intent accumulated on Chen Xiang's body grew more and more intense, which made even Liu Menger extremely uncomfortable. Now there were only Qin Zejun and Wang Quan left. When they saw the god-like Chen Xiang walking towards them, they were immediately frightened to the point that their faces turned pale and their bodies trembled. "I've already said this before. Don't bully a poor youth. When you wanted to kill me back then, did you ever expect about this moment?" Chen Xiang looked at Wang Quan. Wang Quan never thought that after he lost to Huang Jintian, he would be killed by Huang Jintian's disciple. What made him even more frustrated was that he, a Nirvana Realm warrior, would die at the hands of a kid who only had the strength of the Extreme Realm. This was also the mood of many experts. In the instant before they died, they all regretted to enter this top one Profound Realm. Not only had they not found anything, they had even lost their lives here. A black wave of killing intent gushed out from Chen Xiang's body and rushed into the sky like a pillar. As he slashed down his slayer which was replete of killing intent, Wang Quan and Qin Zejun were beheaded simultaneously and died reluctantly. "Phew…" Chen Xiang closed his eyes and released his magic power to suppressing the unrestrained killing intent within his body. Liu Menger walked over and hugged Chen Xiang from behind. She pressed her cheek against Chen Xiang's back and softly said, "thank you, you little rascal!" Chen Xiang lightly held her hand and faintly smiled, "you do not need to be polite with me. Hurry and clean up. Seal all these corpses with forbidden seals. Don't let any energy leak out. The corpses will be useful for me in the future!" After Chen Xiang claimed that the corpses were useful, Liu Menger frowned and asked, "what's the use?" "For practice, of course. Haha …" Chen Xiang smiled evilly as he recalled the last time he practiced with Liu Menger. "Hmph." Liu Menger let out a soft snort and took out some materials for placing forbidden seals on the ground. She could not use True Qi right now, so she could only rely on these materials. Thirty-two corpses were in the Nirvana Realm. Three of them were previously from Fire God Shrine and possessed fire souls. After burning this place down, Chen Xiang held Liu Menger's hand and brought the beauty with him to a nearby mountain forest, then arrived at a quiet valley. "Sister Menger, why are you here? Aren't you in seclusion with Hua Xiangyue in the forbidden site of Danxiang Taoyuan?" Chen Xiang carried Liu Menger in his arms and sat on a large tree. "When I came out to get some fresh air, I heard the news about the top one Profound Realm. I knew that you would definitely come. I was worried about you, so I came here for you." Liu Menger pinched Chen Xiang's perverted hand, "you do have the gut to come here and slaughter all those fellows!" "Heh heh, why wouldn't I?" Chen Xiang kissed her head, "they are so shameless to surround my sister Menger. That's the compensation." "Haha, although it's a bit cruel, I like it." Liu Menger lay in Chen Xiang's arms, looking up at his handsome face. "How did you get the Heaven Mending Stone? Quick, let me see. I've never seen something like that before!" Liu Menger took out a huge colorful stone which was as tall as a person. Every inch of it was multicolored. Under the sunlight, it was extremely beautiful. "No wonder those people sieged her shamelessly. The Heaven Mending Stone is too big. Those that are found in the Heavenly Realm are only as big as a person's head. Your Luotian Gate contains these stones, and that's why it can open a spatial gate." Su Meiyao sucked in a breath of cold air. Chen Xiang stroked the Heaven Mending Stone and widened his eyes, "sister Menger, how did you manage to get this?!" "After I came in, I looked for you everywhere. Then I mistakenly entered a dangerous place. After I killed the demon beasts there and entered a mountain range, I immediately sensed a Sumeru Stone mine, which is the site where you killed those people. There are a lot of Sumeru Stones there, about a size of a small mountain. I merely sensed it with my divine sense, then the Heaven Mending Stone just came out, raised up to the sky and bursted colorful lights!" "I used a lot of power to collect it, but it attracted those guys. They signed me, and you already know what happened after that." Liu Menger helplessly said and then put away the Heaven Mending Stone. Chen Xiang rubbed his chin and said, "so, let's go back and get the Sumeru Stone. That's a good item!" "Let's go. When I have the time, I will refine a pretty spacious storage ring for you." Liu Menger intimately hugged Chen Xiang's arm and walked out of the valley with him.
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