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Chapter 543 Carnage Chen Xiang turned into a small bird and quickly flew over. Liu Menger was surrounded and attacked, which was extremely dangerous. She could not use her True Qi or Frost Wind Divine Technique, which greatly compromised her strength and made Chen Xiang worried a lot. "Heaven Mending Stone. That is a good item for refining spatial type magical equipment. It can refine immortal artifacts and is extremely rare, even in the Heavenly Realm." Su Meiyao suddenly said. "Wherever there is a Heaven Mending Stone, there will be a Sumeru Stone. No wonder it affects my consciousness." At this time, Long Xueyi was also worried, "Chen Xiang, what are you planning to do?!" "What should we do? All the guys who attacked Menger must die." Chen Xiang furiously said, "how many are they?!" "About thirty!" Chen Xiang had some knowledge about the Sumeru Stone and Heaven Mending Stone. Heaven Mending Stone was a magical stone that could fill up the cracks in space. According to the legends, once there was a crack between Heavenly Realm and Mortal Realm, the Heaven Mending Stone must be used to fill it up. Whereas Sumeru Stone was a necessary ore to refine storage treasures. There was a small space inside each Sumeru Stone. Items such as storage bags and storage rings were all refined from it. Sumeru Stone was very rare, but there were still many people who had found them in the Mortal World. When refining a storage bag, one only needed one Sumeru Stone to create a room. The larger the volume of a storage equipment, the more Sumeru Stones it required, and the harder it was to concoct. "It seems like there is a Sumeru Stone vein here." Bai Youyou said. Liu Menger held a White Jade Dragon Bone Spear in her hands. Her face was as cold as ice, and her white clothes fluttered in the wind. Anger filled up her beautiful eyes as she stared at the experts surrounding her. All of them were male. "Hmph, you bunch of men are so shameless to deal with a woman like me." Liu Menger shouted coldly. She could not use True Qi but the strength of her flesh body, thus she could not win over them. However, she was not willing to hand over the Heaven Mending Stone, or gave up the Sumeru Stone vein she discovered. "Those who see it will get a share. Even though it is used to say that the one who find it get it all…" As an old man delivered his speech, a red light suddenly flashed over, following by a wave of overwhelming hot air suddenly enveloping the area, then a thick killing intent like countless vicious beasts swept over like a wave, causing everyone to shiver. "Bullshit." Following Chen Xiang's angry roar, the old man who had just spoken was instantly chopped into pieces by Chen Xiang's blade aura replete in the sky. Chen Xiang stood in front of Liu Menger and saw a few familiar faces. They wer e the hall master of Fire God Shrine, Wang Quan of Divine Martial Sect, Qin Zejun of Holy Light Sect, and Xiao Ziliang of the Free Immortal Sea. "These guys are all hoodlums. No wonder they're shameless." Chen Xiang's voice was filled with killing intent as he held onto his Divine Saber to protect Liu Menger. Chen Xiang's arrival with his majestic aura intimated the surrounding people to involuntarily take a few steps back. They could all tell that Chen Xiang just used his True Qi, and his strength seemed to have increased by a lot, since he could kill a Nirvana Realm martial artist in an instant. Since they weren't able to use their True Qi, all of these experts were unable to withstand Chen Xiang's berserk strength. Seeing Chen Xiang arrive, Liu Meng'er breathed a sigh of relief. She looked at Chen Xiang with tender affection, wishing that she could hug him. A middle-aged man angrily shouted at Chen Xiang, "Chen Xiang, how dare you kill an elder of our Flying Dragon Sect … " The middle-aged man was punctuated away by Chen Xiang's punch. A fire dragon bared its fangs and brandished its claws as it roared. It carried a threatening aura as it charged towards the middle-aged man like a bolt of lightning. "Pa!" A loud explosion rang out. In the blink of an eye, the fire dragon pierced through the middle-aged man's body and exploded fiercely, turning him into charred flesh that scattered in all directions and landed on everyone's bodies. The crowd trembled again because another Nirvana Realm warrior just died tragically in front of them. "Fire God Law." A middle-aged man with an extraordinary bearing and a cold expression shouted in anger, "Chen Xiang, where did you learn this from?!" It was Ying Jingkun, the hall master of the Fire God Shrine, a person who had passed the eighth Nirvana Tribulation. Chen Xiang, who was filled with killing intent, did not say a word. He just chopped down his blade in the air. The blade flashed with a fiery light and threatening heat. It was as if the blazing sun was bursting with light. Blade wind condensed from scorching flames charged toward Ying Jingkun like a torpedo with fire. Ying Jingkun was prepared. He quickly dodged as he saw Chen Xiang brandishing his blade. However, the two old men behind him were not as fast as him. They were hit by the hot blade wind from Chen Xiang's chop and instantly turned into ashes. Although everyone was enveloped by a scorching heat, they couldn't help but feel cold shiver. Unlike Chen Xiang, they couldn't use True Qi, so they could only use their bodies to fight against him, which seemed to be a mission impossible, since Chen Xiang could kill them all. Everyone quickly realized that they had no way to fight back Chen Xiang. They must run, otherwise they would definitely be killed by him. This group of high and mighty Nirvana Realm warriors were all terrified. Their hearts were filled with intense fear. They only had one thought, and that was to run for their lives. Otherwise, Chen Xiang would take their lives. After watching Chen Xiang's brutal methods, the crowd was convinced that as long as they were caught by Chen Xiang, they would die without a doubt. "Don't try to escape. You'll all have to die." After Chen Xiang let out a furious roar, a scorching wave of air with formidable killing intent exploded out from his body and spread in all directions. It was like a tidal wave, sweeping away everything in its path in an extremely fast speed. In just an instant, many trees were burnt to ashes, and the people running in all directions all suddenly stopped, because their bodies were entangled by fire. This made the over twenty experts feel despair. They could tell from Chen Xiang's incomparable killing intent that he wouldn't let them go. "Chen Xiang, the Great War of Three Realms War is about to start. If you kill us, the strength of the Mortal Martial Realm will be compromised, which might result in its falling." Xiao Ziliang hurriedly said. "You scum, you will only mess up the entire thing." Chen Xiang wielded his Azure Dragon Devil Slaughtering Slayer and suddenly arrived in front of Xiao Ziliang. "Liu Menger, you are the person in charge of a faction. You must consider the overall situation. It is indeed our fault to attack you, and we will bring a huge gift to apologize and compensate you. Please say a word to Chen Xiang." Qin Zejun spoke in a hurry. He was extremely terrified. He had almost taken control of the East Sea, and had survived the eighth Nirvana tribulations, just one step away from ascending to the Heavenly Realm, thus he was definitely not willing to die here. Liu Menger looked at Chen Xiang and sighed, "he will not listen to me!" "You're his wife's master and his elder. How come he doesn't listen to you?" Qin Zejun was raging. Death used to be something unreachable to these people. Perhaps this fear existed when they were young, but now that they stood on the peak of strength, they could control the lives and deaths of billions of people. As time passed, they forgot about this feeling. But now, Chen Xiang let them recall this incomparable fear. "Chen Xiang, if you let me go, I will ignore the matter of you learning the Fire God Law. Our Fire God Shrine will also apologize to Liu Menger. Please consider the big picture." Ying Jingkun's tone became softer. The stronger one was, the more afraid he would be of death, because it was extremely difficult for him to reach a high position. "Cut the crap. I have decided to slaughter you bastards a month ago." Chen Xiang raised his blade and chopped off Xiao Ziliang's head. He didn't even blink when he made his move.
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