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Chapter 542 Heaven Mending Stone Even in such an environment that one could not use True Qi, Chen Xiang could still cultivate. Moreover, he could also use powerful flames with Fire God Law. He killed a total of thirty Black Stone Dragon. Now he got plenty of time, thus he planned to swallow them all to cultivate his True Qi. Within a few breaths, the beast cores of the Black Stone Dragon entered his dantian and were all refined into pure True Qi, then automatically absorbed by the five beast statues and compressed into True Essence Pills. When he entered the early stage of Spirit Martial Realm, a total of five thousands True Essence Pills within his Five Elements Beast Statues lit up, 1,000 for each statue. If he wanted to step into the middle stage of Spirit Martial Realm, he would have to light up another 500 of them, which was an increase of 100 pills per statue. At this stage, it was very difficult for him to condense more True Qi to light up more True Essence Pills, but now that he had learned the Fire God Law and obtained a large amount of Pure Essence Golden Dan, he had great confidence in his speed of cultivation. Those Black Stone Dragons were all profound beasts, thus their beast cores contained a considerable amount of energy. Even though Chen Xiang could only obtain a portion of the energy after devouring these beast cores, the total of thirty pellets accumulated to a substantial amount. "This is troublesome. Right now, I can't control my True Qi as I wish. Although it can be smelted into True Qi, it is still very difficult to make the five beast statues compress these True Qi." Chen Xiang frowned. He initially thought that as long as he could control his True Qi, he could quickly condense it into True Essence Pills, then increase the density of his True Qi and lit up these pills. Long Xueyi told him, "it's simple. Use your magic power. It's definitely better than when you were controlling True Qi. After you learn how to control True Qi with magic power, you will no longer be constrained by this environment!" Chen Xiang hurriedly released his magic power into his dantian. After entrance, these magic power transformed into an invisible energy that enveloped True Qi that was unable to enter his dantian. Very quickly, the True Qi was gradually pressed into True Essence Pills following the control of Chen Xiang's magic power. This was indeed much better than when he was training normally, because True Qi was not easy to compress, especially when it still had to be highly compressed. Time slowly passed, and Chen Xiang progressed extremely fast. His Qi spewed out, and his body was emitting a sco rching hot True Qi, accompanied by his True Qi which was increasing rapidly. After half a day, Chen Xiang's body started to emit a rumbling sound. As he performed the Devouring Demonic Technique, dense Spirit Qi streamed into his body through the Spirit Gathering Array, and once it entered his meridians, the Spirit Qi was instantly refined by the fire from the Raging Inferno Dantian. A large amount of Spirit Qi was then purified and turned into True Qi, which was then compressed into True Essence Pill through Chen Xiang's magic power. An unending stream of Spirit Qi flowed into his body, just like an endless stream of True Qi. His refining process only lasted for a short moment. Right now, he further realized that the Fire God Law was a good thing, and he didn't need to go through that long process of refining Spirit Qi into True Qi. "I'm about to break through. The last one of the five hundred True Essence Pill is going to light up." Chen Xiang said excitedly. At this moment, his body was constantly emitting waves of air currents that passed through the array and charged towards the bottom of the lake, causing the lake to surge up and down. He had been cultivating at the bottom of the lake for a month. If it wasn't for the thirty beast cores, his progress wouldn't have been so fast. "Done." Chen Xiang's heart skipped a beat. One hundred more lit True Essence Pills were present in each beast statue. "What's going on?" Chen Xiang was shocked because after he stopped cultivating, there was still a lot of energy that entered his body from nowhere and entered his dantian following with spontaneous compression. Very quickly, he exclaimed out loud, "Just how much power does the Martial Path bestow upon me?!" Huang Jintian had told him that those who cultivated the Martial Path would receive this sort of power every time they made a breakthrough. However, it wasn't obvious if a cultivator was below Extreme Martial Realm, while it would be extremely obvious after he or she entered Extreme Realm. When he entered the Spiritual Martial Force, he received almost ten times the power as his own. "Sister Meiyao, did you obtain the same power when you cultivated back then?" Chen Xiang asked. "Yes. Enjoy it slowly. Right now, no one can understand why there is such a power." Su Meiyao giggled and said, "I got an eight-time improvement when I entered Spiritual Martial Realm; sister got a bit more than me!" "When you entered the Spiritual Martial Realm Realm, you only got 500 pills. After receiving the power of bestowal, you got five thousands pills, increasing by nine times. This is the basic standard for what you can get from bestowal in the future. You will definitely not get less than the standard." Bai Youyou said. Chen Xiang sucked in a breath of cold air. He felt that the standard of bestowal had something to do with personal aptitude. However, he felt that he was more talented and qualified than those two beauties. Last time when he entered the Spiritual Martial Realm, it took him more than twenty days to compress the power of bestowal. But now, it only took him 15 days. It was still nine times, which rendered another 4,500 True Essence Pill for him. Thus there was a total of 10,000 True Essence Pills lit up in his Five Elementals Beast Statue and even he himself was shocked by how dense the True Qi was. "Nine times is quite high. Many people get no more than five times. Therefore, sometimes you can't judge a person's strength by his cultivation, but you should also concern the thickness of his True Qi." Su Meiyao said. Right now, his True Qi had been much thicker, which allowed him to use dragon force for a longer time. Moreover, as his True Qi became stronger, his dragon power would also become more terrifying. He drilled out of the formation, turned into a fish, and rapidly swam towards the surface of the lake. Due to the Fire God Law, he was able to commit attack with with Heaven and Earth Fire. His Heaven and Earth Fire came out of the Heaven and Earth Force, and was even stronger. Chen Xiang came to a mountaintop, waiting for Long Xueyi finding preys with her God Traveling in Nine Heavens Technique. He starred at his fist. Just with a thought, he activated the Fire God Law, after which raging flames immediately blazed in his Dantian, and a strong flame gushed out from his fist. The burning heat enveloped the entire mountain. "Look likes there is a group of people over there, but there seems to be something there as well. My consciousness becomes very unstable as it gets close there." Long Xueyi claimed curiously. "What direction?" Chen Xiang asked without hesitation. They were probably those Nirvana Realm folks. He wasn't afraid of them at all. "Over there." Long Xueyi pointed out a direction. Chen Xiang immediately jumped down from the top of the mountain and started running towards that direction. Not long later, Chen Xiang heard a faint sound coming from far ahead. "Liu Menger, hand over the Heaven Mending Stone, or you will never leave alive!" Hearing these words, Chen Xiang's heart skipped a beat. Raging flames of anger instantly rose in his heart. Liu Menger was sieged and attacked. He never thought that Liu Menger who was preparing for her tribulation, would come to the top one Profound Realm.
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