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Chapter 541 Raging Inferno Dantian On his way to the medicine garden at the bottom of the lake, Chen Xiang spent one month understanding a small part of the Fire God Law. After reading the mantra in some early pages, he realized that the Fire God Law was very suitable for him. He had long been worried about not being able to fully exploit his Fire Soul Martial Arts. Although the Vermilion Bird Divine Art was powerful, it was only a type of offensive martial art that enabled him to perform his fire attribute a little better. However, the Fire God Law was different. It was a mental cultivation method that allowed him to cultivate his fire soul to a deeper level and use it skillfully. Chen Xiang felt that the most powerful part was that a person with a fire soul could cultivate a furnace in his dantian when cultivating this Fire God Law. It was a furnace in his body that could refine the tyrannical spiritual energy, dissolving the impurities and leaving only the pure parts. As long as he generated this Raging Inferno Dantian in his body which would produce mysterious flames as he absorbed spiritual energy in the future. The flame would flow to every part of his body and refine spiritual energy immediately once it touched the flame. After spiritual energy was transformed into pure spiritual energy, he could then circulated it in his body with Tai Chi Dragon Subduing Technique to refine it into True Qi and strengthen himself. "I heard it can refine anything. Is that true? Would it be even more formidable if I combine it with my Devouring Demonic Technique?" Chen Xiang gasped for breath. The downside of using the Devouring Demonic Technique laid on the insufficient purity of True Qi refined from it. As time passed, the accumulated impure True Qi would cause problems for his body. However, with this Raging Inferno Dantian, no matter how tyrannical or turbid the True Qi was, once it was smelted, it would become extremely pure. "If it really does work like what the Fire God Law says, then you don't have to worry too much when using the Devouring Demonic Technique." Bai Youyou said. Now Chen Xiang understood why the middle-aged man from Fire God Shrine he killed proclaimed the power of Fire God Law. He said it was a treasure to those who possessed the fire souls. Now it seemed that even without the Devouring Demonic Technique, it could still be of great use in cultivation. During a martial contest, the most dangerous thing was to have your enemy infilled some violent and turbid True Qi into your body to wreak havoc. Once he learned this Raging Inferno Dantian, he could release this that of strange flame which could melt all the energy that entered his body. "Is there anything else that's amazing about it?" Su Meiyao asked curiously. Even though she did not have a fire soul, she knew that there would be pl enty of opportunity for her to fuse with fire souls as long as she stayed with Chen Xiang, the person who possessed the Fire Soul King. "The other thing is that you can use it to temper your body. In other words, you can make flames in Raging Inferno Dantian even stronger through some of the mental cultivation methods in the Fire God Law. You can also temper your body from the inside, which seems much better than cultivating your body from the outside." Chen Xiang's brows tightly knitted together, "but it consumes a lot of True Qi. Because a person who trains in the flame is resistant to fire, he or she need a lot of energy to produce a stronger flame!" "Your body could bear even flames in the core of the earth, so which kind of flame can temper you?" Bai Youyou asked. Chen Xiang's body could bear fire not because he was excessively strong, but because he possessed a Heaven and Earth Fire Soul. There were pros and cons to this. For instance, flames, in this way, was unable to refine his body It was the best way to refine a body with flame, and most times the Black Tortoise Body Strengthening Technique that Chen Xiang practiced required fire as stimulus. Of course, thunder was fine as well, but that energy was too tyrannical and one would be easily killed if not controlling it well. "No, the Body Refinement Flame of Fire God Law can ignore the resistance of fire sould, and the heat it produces can make me feel pain. Who on earth created this Fire God Law? That guy must have been so distressed of having a fire soul that he created the Fire God Law." Chen Xiang was extremely excited at this moment. Doubtlessly, the Fire God Law could resolve the problems generated as he cultivated too fast. This way, he didn't need to worry about his foundation being unstable when he cultivated it. When he cultivated it together with the Fire God Law, it was the same as having been tempered a thousand times, which could be both fast and stable. "It's not that difficult. The basics are to train the Raging Inferno Dantian well. Many of the wondrous techniques of using fire souls are based on the Raging Inferno Dantian." Chen Xiang started to cultivate. He chanted the mantra so that Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou could remember it as well. Even if they didn't cultivate, it would still benefit them greatly to understand and delve deeper into these martial arts. This was the same as reading a book, since they would still be idle anyway. They were certain that once they recovered their peak strength, their cultivation would improve substantially. After comprehending the difficult points of Fire God Law, Chen Xiang's cultivation was extremely smooth. He had built a solid foundation after cultivating many powerful divine martial arts, so the moment he obtained a martial art, he could comprehend it in a very short period of time. Af ter a day passed, Chen Xiang had attempted for many times. Suddenly, the flames that had fused into his body moved. Chen Xiang could not tell that strange feeling. He only felt that his dantian was slightly hot, and the Tai Chi Yin Yang Diagram in his dantian suddenly began to spin at high speed. Five Elements Beast Statue was illuminated by a fiery light. The Tai Chi Yin Yang Diagram in his dantian was enveloped by a fireball, while five element True Qi continuously came out of the Five Elements Beast Statue and gathered into a wave of Heaven and Earth Force which then fused into a fireball. Chen Xiang only felt that his entire body was hot right now. He suddenly opened his eyes and let out an angry bellow as flames spewed out from his body. These flames came from the Raging Inferno Furnace in his dantian and were different from other flames. "I can't use True Qi here, but after cultivating the Fire God Law, I can control my fire soul and absorb the Five Elements Heaven and Earth Force with it, which allows me to release flames. Although it's also the Heaven and Earth Fire, there are some other mysterious powers within it. That should be the strange power of smelting." Chen Xiang never thought that he would be able to master the Fire God Law in one day, and he could also use a powerful flames with it. These flames were all Heaven and Earth Fire that had been ignited by absorbing the Heaven and Earth Force, similar to Chen Xiang's own True Qi, with an only difference that he was unable to use dragon force or other attribute True Qi. "Haha …I am invincible in here. Qin Ze Jun of Holy Light Sect, Wang Quan of Divine Martial Sect, the hall master of the Fire God Shrine, and many old fellows from the East Sea are all here. You better not appear in front of me or I won't be polite with you guys." Chen Xiang's heart boiled with excitement. "I want to find them. This is a good opportunity. If I don't kill them, they would try to kill me in the future." Chen Xiang's heart skipped a beat as he hastily stood up. "Calm down, you will kill him, but you'd better increase your True Qi first. The Raging Inferno Dantian consumes a lot of True Qi, doesn't it? It will be truly troublesome ff you get attacked now. Besides, there are many powerful beasts hidden here." Bai Youyou said quietly. Chen Xiang nodded his head. "That's right. Anyway, they will not leave soon. Time inside the top one profound realm is different from the time outside. I can also buy some time here!" After learning that, he circulated Fire God Law and ignited the Raging Inferno Dantian, then swallowed a Black Stone Dragon Dan that he had obtained earlier. That Dan was instantly smelted into pure True Qi after entering the Raging Inferno Dantian, after which it was greedily absorbed by the five beast statues and compressed into a True Essence Pill.
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