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Chapter 526 Love in a Cave

Inside the cave that was illuminated by glowing stones, Chen Xiang was lying on the ground covered by a blanket. His body was twitching slightly. As the Thunder Soul slowly broke free from his suppression, his pain gradually intensified.

Seeing Chen Xiang endure such a kind of pain, Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan were both moved and suffered. But right now, they could do nothing but watch Chen Xiang enduring the pain.

Chen Xiang had fused with Fire Soul for two times. Even though he was in extreme pain, he was still able to bear it. He knew how to fuse with the Thunder Soul.

The Thunder Soul was very strong, but it was not as powerful as the Heavenly and Earth Fire Soul he had fused before. As Chen Xiang began to circulate his Black Tortoise Body Strengthening Technique, his pain lessened a lot, but it still hurt.

While Chen Xiang cultivated his flesh body, he also practiced the Nine Revolving Dragon Divine Technique to improve his soul, in a hope of maintaining the improvement of his physical body and soul in a same rate.

"Brother, what can I do to help you?" Leng Youlan was kneeling beside Chen Xiang and tightly hugged this struggling man. Her face was full of worry, so anxious that her eyes were bursting with tears. She was originally an extremely strong woman, but now she was crying from the pain Chen Xiang was suffering.

Leng Youlan did not know that Chen Xiang was fusing with a Thunder Soul, nor did she know how much pain he had to endure during the process. However, Xue Xianxian was very clear of that. She was biting her lip and said to Leng Youlan, "Youlan, he is fusing with a Thunder Soul. The process is extremely painful, and once he made it, he will become even stronger."

"Sister Xianxian, you're smarter than me. Please think of an idea! Big brother is about to die from pain." Leng Youlan got up and held onto Xue Xianxian's hand, tears rolling down her face.

Seeing the white-haired beauty crying, Chen Xiang clenched his teeth and said, "Youlan, don't worry about me. I'm fine. I can take it!"

Chen Xiang was telling the truth. Right now, he felt that the Thunder Soul was much easier to deal with than the two Fire Souls he fused earlier.

"But…when I see you in such pain, my heart hurts a lot as well." Leng Youlan said while wiping her tears.

Xue Xianxian sighed. She wiped the tears off Leng Youlan's face and softly said, "Youlan, you go guard the cave entrance. I have a plan."

"What plan?" Leng Youlan's face immediately lit up with joy as she asked in a hurry.

"Just do what I said. Go guard the entrance." Xue Xianxian' face suddenly flushed red, appearing extremely shy. Of course, Leng Youlan could see her current bashful posture.

Although Leng Youlan was curious, she knew that Xue Xianxian did not want her to see anything. However, to alleviate Chen Xiang's pain, she could only obediently go to the cave entrance. It was only a couple feet away.

"Xianxian….What are you going to do?" When Chen Xiang saw Xue Xianxian's bashful and charming appearance, his heart involuntarily trembled. He couldn't help but think of something that caused him to suddenly forget about the pain.

Xue Xianxian's face blushed even more. She slowly took off her snow-white dress. Chen Xiang, who was in an intense pain a moment ago, seemed suddenly to forget about the pain. He stared fixedly at her graceful posture of undressing!

Seeing Xue Xianxian's pair of snow-white "rabbits" suddenly jump out, Chen Xiang swallowed his saliva. Although it wasn't the first time he saw them, under this hazy light, Xue Xian took off her white dress slowly, appearing even more seductive and beautiful.

Very quickly, all of her snow-white dress was taken off. Her beautiful jade-like body was dazzling, as if it was releasing a white multicolored glow.

Under the dim light, her slender and delicate waist, plump and round chest, and delicate and beautiful body were fascinating landscapes, appearing to be holy and beautiful under the vague light.

Xue Xianxian smiled faintly at the stunned Chen Xiang. Her smile was just like a hundred flowers blooming at the same time!

"Is this my fairy wife?" Chen Xiang knew what Xue Xianxian was going to do. His heart was filled with anticipation, but he couldn't bear to blaspheme his fairy-like wife.

Observing Chen Xiang's fiery eyes and thinking about what would happen in a moment, Xue Xianxian's face turned shy. Her jade-like body turned red and seductive. Her hazy and charming actions played the watcher's mind.

Leng Youlan watched from not too far away, but she felt extremely puzzled. She never thought that Chen Xiang was no longer painstaking or exerting sounds of pain just as Xue Xianxian took off her clothes. She wasn't a man, so she definitely had no idea of that.

"Xianxian….you …" Although Chen Xiang really wanted to hug his beautiful and moving fairy wife, he knew that he was in a bad situation and might harm Xue Xianxian.

"Stop it, I'm your wife! I'm already yours." Xue Xianxian said softly. Her limpid eyes were filled with love for him.

She bent down and slowly untied Chen Xiang's clothes. Staring at the pair of "jade rabbits" hanging in front of his eyes, Chen Xiang really wanted to take a bite. At this moment, his evil flame suddenly rose up from his abdomen and ignited his entire body, suppressing the pain of fusing with the Thunder Soul.

It was not until then that Leng Youlan got aware of what Xue Xianxian's plan. Xue Xianxian had tell her something between men and women. At that time, she had only felt a little embarrassed and curious, but now that she could see with her own eyes, which made her extremely curious.

"Youlan is still watching!" Chen Xiang's clothes had already been taken off by Xue Xianxian. He didn't expect that the first time of his sexual contact with a girl was dominated by the girl.

"Does it matter?" Leng Youlan asked in confusion.

"Of course. Turn around, don't look!" Chen Xiang yelled. He suddenly felt that the malevolent part of his lower body was being held by Xue Xian's jade-like hand, which led him to let out a groan.

Chen Xiang sighed to himself. He was too useless. His first time was being led by a woman. He felt very humiliated of it.

Seeing Xue Xianxian holding that big cock, Leng Youlan was only curious as to why a man's lower part was different from hers that a man had such a big thing that was usually unexposed…

Xue Xianxian also didn't expect that she would be so bold as to take the initiative to do such a shameful thing. At this moment, her jade-like body also slightly heated up, and her face blushed and alluring. Her shy posture turned him on even more.

Chen Xiang brutally embraced the beauty into his arms. He ignored the pain on his body and crazily pressed the beautiful girl beneath him. Although he was already on the verge of losing his sanity, he knew that he had to give Xue Xianxian a beautiful memory. He suddenly became gentle, and used the back of his hand to gently caress Xue Xianxian's shy face before kissing her warmly.

Xue Xianxian was extremely happy as she found her act working. At this moment, she was also crazily sucking the liquid in Chen Xiang's mouth, and twisted her fragrant tongue with that of Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang kissed Xue Xianxian as he stroked her white breasts. When both of them reached an orgasm, they were already gasping for breath and became pretty turned on.

"Xianxian, I'm coming in!" Chen Xiang muttered to himself, his voice trembling with excitement.

"Yes!" Xue Xianxian's eyes blurred as she replied. She was filled with anticipation and a bit of fear; her mood was extremely complex.

It did not take long for Chen Xiang to find the right place to insert his cock.

"Ah, it hurts, easy!" Xue Xianxian let out a pained cry.

"Hmm …"

Leng Youlan was enchanted as she saw them making love. She now knew why Chen Xiang asked her to turn around. Even though she couldn't see anything clearly in the hazy light, it slowly made her feel a little shy, especially after observing Xue Xianxian snorted painfully following a beautiful moans, that she felt an indescribable feeling in her heart.

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