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Chapter 524 Seizing the Soul (Part One)

Even though Chen Xiang borrowed Long Xueyi's strength, he still felt his strength somewhat inferior to that of Liao Shaoyun. During the shock wave, the two of them couldn't help but retreat in order to avoid the recoil.

The mountain instantly vanished, razed to plain ground.

After landing on the ground, Chen Xiang only saw Liao Shaoyun's messy hair and his face filled with shock, since from the fight earlier, he saw that Chen Xiang's strength was not much inferior to his.

The last time he saw Chen Xiang getting injured by Zhong Quan, he also gave Chen Xiang a punch. At that time, Chen Xiang's strength was not that terrifying, but it had only been a few days, yet Chen Xiang's strength had already leapt to an unfathomable level.

Liao Shaoyun's attacks were extremely vicious and swift. Although he was shocked in his heart, his attacks became even sharper, and he punched at Chen Xiang from a distance. The electric light of his fist was like a huge flying knife, constantly shooting out like thousands of horses with stunning aura, generating waves of thunders rushing toward Chen Xiang.

Looking at the huge wave of lightning blades coming at him, Chen Xiang's heart trembled. He immediately circulated the dragon force in his body and fiercely slashed forward with his blade, causing a blade light condensed from dragon force meeting the violent lightning, which avoided Chen Xiang from being hit by the heavy rain-like bolts.

When the two equally powerful forces collided with each other, another wave of forces swept out in all directions. However, the battle of the Nirvana Realm warriors in a distance were much more brutal, as if it was going to destroy the world.

The entire sky was shrouded by dark clouds. Booming sounds and thunderclaps rang out continuously. The mountains shook and the clouds billowed. The majestic aura brought with it an intimidating pressure, causing everyone's hearts to be shrouded in a dark haze of fear.

After a short exchange, Liao Shaoyun was certain that Chen Xiang possessed the strength to match his own. This made him even more puzzled and surprised. However, it was not the time to clarify this matter. The most important thing for him was to put Chen Xiang down.

Liao Shaoyun was extremely spirited. He could see that Chen Xiang's condition was extremely exhausting. If he persisted for a longer while, he might easily be able to defeat Chen Xiang. While he did not dare to approach Chen Xiang since he was intensely worried of Chen Xiang's Azure Dragon Devil Slayer.

Most of the people who fought against Chen Xiang before had died. Even though they knew how terrifying Chen Xiang's Azure Dragon Devil Slayer was, they were still unable to voice it out loud.

Liao Shaoyun could only stay far away and use his powerful thunder attribute True Qi to continuously release lightning strikes at Chen Xian in a distance. This was equivalent to constantly releasing the True Qi in his body. It was a very consuming method, but he did not care about it.

Because he had just merged with a Thunder Soul, he possessed an extremely dense amount of lightning energy. Thus he was pretty sure that his dense True Qi would definitely allow him to over-perform Chen Xiang.

Facing Liao Shaoyun's violent and fast lightning attack, Chen Xiang had no way to dodge. He could only block and counterattack at the same time. Right now, he really couldn't afford to delay any longer, because his fusion state would not last too long.

"You can't continue to fight with him. You'll definitely be dragged down if not finishing it quickly!" Long Xueyi spoke seriously.

Chen Xiang frowned as the energy in his body surged. He then shouted out a loud cry that shook the sky, then his Azure Dragon Devil Slayer suddenly blazed with a bright light while carrying a strange aura. This was the famous Devil Suppression Essence Qi.

Liao Shaoyun once again released lightning that covered the sky. Chen Xiang then suddenly chopped down his divine saber that contained a powerful force.

"Pa Pa Pa …" Ten consecutive thunderous rumbles suddenly rang out. It was as if the clouds had split into pieces and rocks pierced through the sky. The sound rumbled in all directions, and the Azure Dragon Devil Slayer itself was shaken to vibrate out a slight sound.

Chen Xiang used Long Xueyi's dragon force combined with his Devil Suppression Essence Qi to unleash the power of the tenth level of Demon Subduing Force, causing ten echoes to erupt. That kind of power was extremely terrifying. It shook the space, penetrated the earth, and burst out like furious dragons, rushing towards Liao Shaoyun without any resistance, then instantly wiping out Liao Shaoyun's violent lightning and passing through his body like a hot knife cutting through bamboo.

This heart-wrenching injury caused Liao Shaoyun to cry out miserably as blood spurted out from his mouth. He never thought that he would be forced to such a state by Chen Xiang. This was an incomparable humiliation to him.

Chen Xiang took a step forward. His hand was like a dragon's claw, and the tip of his claw was filled with formidable dragon force as it slashed towards Liao Shaoyun's abdomen. His five fingers pierced through Liao Shaoyun's stomach, causing him to let out another painful roar. In the meanwhile, Liao Shaoyun also attacked Chen Xiang's back fiercely. As his thunder fist hit on Chen Xiang's back, a wave of blazing electrical light was generated, and Chen Xiang also spitted out a mouth of blood.

"Liao Shaoyun…I told I won't let you rest! Back then, it was you who first trampled on my dignity!" Chen Xiang let out a loud shout as he fiercely circulated the Demon Devouring Technique.

Liao Shaoyun felt the Thunder Soul in his body gradually leaving his body, which shocked him a lot. He never thought that Chen Xiang would know how to absorb Martial Souls from others' bodies!

"What are you doing!" Liao Shaoyun was absolutely terrified. His hideous face was full of terror.

"Nothing important. I am just taking something that doesn't belong to you!" Chen Xiang sneered. He knew that Liao Shaoyun must suffer a lot when he merged with his Thunder Soul, thus he would also suffer extreme pains as pain as the Thunder Soul left his body.

Furthermore, Chen Xiang devoured his Thunder Soul in an extremely fast rate. The pain of his Thunder Soul being sucked out caused Liao Shaoyun to fall to mad. The True Qi within his body was surging around wildly, as if it was about to explode.

Chen Xiang was suffering as well. Not only did he have to endure Liao Shaoyun's fierce attacks, he also had to endure the pain of the Thunder Soul entering his body. Right now, he could only temporarily suppress the berserk Thunder Soul inside his body, which was barely achieved with his and Long Xueyi's magic power.

In just a short moment, Liao Shaoyun's handsome face was distorted by pain and became extremely ugly. Chen Xiang's five fingers had already left his body. Looking at the five bloody holes in his stomach, Liao Shaoyun's eyes were bloodshot as he roared ferociously at Chen Xiang, "Chen Xiang, you demon! You devoured my Thunder Soul, you demon …"

Liao Shaoyun's entire body was in intense pain, but there was still a powerful surge of thunder attribute True Qi within his body. Right now, he was even more berserk. This crazy man ferociously struck at Chen Xiang a few more times, and the lightning he released became even thicker and more berserk.

Chen Xiang only devoured Liao Shaoyun's Thunder Soul. He was still unable to take Liao Shaoyun's power. If he forced to do it, it would only result in his body exploding and his death.

But now, even if he devoured merely the Thunder Soul, he was almost unable to bear it. Beside, he borrowed Long Xueyi's power to launched the series of fierce attacks, and her power was almost used up. If he did not stop, he would return to his original strength. If so, he would definitely be blown to pieces by Liao Shaoyun's berserk thunder.

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