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Chapter 520 A Fortuitous Encounter in the Dungeon

All sorts of shock rushed into people's hearts at the same time, making it difficult to breathe! Chen Xiang actually defied the principal and even learned the tenth level of Demon Subduing Force. He instantly released ten echoes of Demon Subduing Force, causing the world's strongest expert to shatter after a single stomp!

The crowd couldn't help but shiver as they looked at the bloody flesh falling down. The people who mocked and ridiculed Chen Xiang earlier now had a bad taste in their hearts. Not only did Chen Xiang kill Zhong Quan, he also trained his Demon Subduing Force to the tenth level!

Of course, just like what he did just now, even if he didn't use the power of the tenth level of Demon Subduing Force, he could still kill Zhong Quan. He did this to show off and let others know that he was even more of a genius than Zhong Quan!

Yu Baixiang was very clear that he had never explained more than the second level, but Chen Xiang had learned the tenth, which meant that Chen Xiang was self-taught without an instructor, which was the most shocking thing to those old guys in the Academy. Even they were able to learn it back then through careful guidance from others!

However, not only did Chen Xiang learn it in a short one month, he also reached to the highest level. The power released by Chen Xiang who was merely at the early stage of Spiritual Martial Realm was stronger than that by a worrier at Soul Martial Realm.

The principle clenched her fists because Chen Xiang disobeyed her orders and even killed Zhong Quan in front of her. She was the principle here and was in charge of the entire academy. After the Demon Subduing Academy came to the Mortal Martial World, her strength alone could help the Academy intimidate everyone, but now her majesty was challenged by a little brat.

"Arrest him!" The principle could not care how Chen Xiang learned the tenth level of Demon Subduing Force. She only thought that she had been slapped in the face. There were some people who viewed their face more important than their lives.

After the principle gave the order, Yu Baixiang and Zhao Tao appeared behind Chen Xiang and grabbed his arms, preventing him from moving.

However, Chen Xiang had a calm expression as he fearlessly said, "how come you do that?"

"You killed someone. That's a violation to the rules of the Academy." The principle was even more furious. Even at this moment, Chen Xiang was still unwilling to lower his head to her.

"It is a life and death battle, and he agreed to it on himself. Many people here have seen it! I seem to recall that the Demon Subduing Academy has a rule saying that if there was a great enmity, ones could engage in a life and death battle." Chen Xiang lightly said.

"Cut the crap, arrest him and put him in the dungeon!" The principle bellowed.

"Hmph, the principle of Demon Subduing Academy is just like this. I was still praising the strictness of the rules of this Academy, but now it seems like the rules her all depend on one's mood. Don't forget, I just said that if someone stops me from killing Zhong Quan, then that person will be my biggest enemy, and I will fight him to the death!" Chen Xiang's gaze turned cold as he solemnly said.

The principle frowned. She could not help but killing Chen Xiang with her palm, but she could not do that. According to her understanding of Chen Xiang, he was Huang Jintian's disciple and the junior master of the three giants of Extreme Martial. If Chen Xiang were to die, then Demon Subduing Academy would be disregarded by the Extreme Martial Sect to seek revenge, and that would not make up for the losses!

"Pa!" Two explosions rang out as Liao Shaoyun suddenly appeared in front of Chen Xiang, landing a punch on his abdomen, causing two explosions of Demon Subduing Force. Although it was only the first level of Demon Subduing Force, with Liao Shaoyun's strength, it was still extremely powerful.

"You …" Chen Xiang felt a sweetness in his throat as he swallowed the blood that was gushing out. Thankfully, he understood the Demon Subduing Force very well and was able to instantly dissolve the energy that entered his body. Otherwise, he would have been lying down already.

"He has contradict the principle for many time! This is disrespect towards the principle and a violation to the Academy's rules!" Liao Shaoyun coldly looked at Chen Xiang and sinisterly said, "as the person who keeps order with the school, I have the authority to put you down!"

"Well done! Put Chen Xiang in the dungeon!" The principle was very appreciative of Liao Shaoyun's actions. He gave a loud praise and shouted.

"Old granny, I, Chen Xiang, will not rest until you die. Don't look down a young man!" Even though Chen Xiang's voice was calm, his fury and killing intent could still be felt by others.

He knew that Chen Xiang was a very big threat. Previously, he hadn't been worried, but after seeing Chen Xiang's strength increasing day by day and gradually approaching him, he couldn't sit still. He had to get rid of Chen Xiang, regardless of everything!

Although the principle was furious, she knew that she would have many opportunities to punish Chen Xiang in the future, so she endured. What made her unhappy was that Chen Xiang had learned the tenth level of Demon Subduing Force, but she only reached the ninth after so many years of cultivation.

Chen Xiang was taken away and locked in a dungeon. There was a powerful array inside it, making it very difficult for him to escape.

"Little bro, how did you end up in here?" An old man from the cage next to Chen Xiang asked.

"I defied the old woman, scolded her, contradicted her, and threatened her. That should be enough." Chen Xiang grunted.

"The old woman is always that. She always violates the Academy's rules, but she always uses the those rules to punish the people she doesn't like. This is how I was imprisoned by her for three hundred years." The old man said bitterly.

Three hundred years! Chen Xiang was secretly surprised. He looked at the people in the cage and saw that most of them were rather strong. There were even some in the Nirvana Realm.

This caused Chen Xiang to have the thought that he was going to let out all of the people in this dungeon!

Even though there were no guards, there were many powerful formations inside. It would difficult for those who had entered the Nirvana Realm break out of the formations, not to mention Chen Xiang,

However, Chen Xiang knew that a formation could not be broken by forceful attacks. If one was proficient in formations, then no matter how weak he was, he would still be able to break out of it.

"Grandpa, who is the strongest person locked up here? How did they get in here?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Hmph, I am the most powerful one, and I was the former principle. That old woman teamed up with those old fellows to restrain me and then locked me in here, just because I violated the rules by killing a student." The old man who was talking to Chen Xiang earlier said angrily.

Chen Xiang was given a fright by the old man. Even the former principle was imprisoned here, so he knew how powerful that old woman was.

"What's the old woman's name? Her name doesn't seem to be disclosed. " Chen Xiang asked.

"Her name is Liu Yufang. She's just a bitch. I wonder how she managed to get on good terms with the Demon Suppression Divine Shrine in the Heavenly Realm. She is very powerful." The old man said.

Chen Xiang did not believe him. Seeing the suspicious look in his eyes, the old man struck out with his palm, striking the iron cage and exploding out with consecutive ten echoes. That was the tenth level of the Demon Subduing Force!

"Even that old woman has not reached to the tenth level of Demon Subduing Force, has she?" The old man said proudly. This made many people in the cage look at him with envy and respect. The tenth level of Demon Subduing Force was a dream for them.

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