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Chapter 519 Frightening the Whole Field

Seeing how easily Chen Xiang was able to disperse the powerful Demon Subduing Force, those old guys immediately learnt that Chen Xiang might have grasped the knack of Demon Subduing Force.

Even though Chen Xiang was only at the Spiritual Martial Realm, the various things that Chen Xiang did in the Mortal Martial Realm made it impossible for them to ignore him, so they had some understanding of Chen Xiang. Moreover, Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan lived together with him. They could learn to the second level of Demon Subduing Force within only two months, which meant that there must be a connection between them …

Zhong Quan originally planned to quickly move around and continuously release his Demon Subduing Force towards Chen Xiang. He wanted to see how Chen Xiang would block it, but he didn't expect Chen Xiang to be able to destroy his formidable Demon Subduing Force with a single palm!

However, Zhong Quan did not stop just because of this. Instead, he continued to release his Demon Subduing Force in the distance, causing it to rain down on Chen Xiang. The series of explosive "pa pa" sounds caused many of the students who had not learned the Demon Subduing Force to be pretty envious.

Chen Xiang sneered as many arms suddenly appeared behind his back. It was as if he had three heads and six arms as he blocked the flying Demon Subduing Force.

He now discovered one of Zhong Quan's weaknesses, that was, Zhong Quan didn't possess many formidable martial arts!

It took a long time to master a powerful martial skill, not to mention many of them. Chen Xiang's martial arts were all taught by Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao via divine sense, allowing him to immediately master them with ease. So his had a solid foundation in martial arts and later he learned the Nine Revolving Dragon Divine Technique, Tai Chi Dragon Subduing Technique, Black Tortoise Body Strengthening Technique, and Devil Suppression Divine Technique, which made his foundation even more solid.

He had already learned the tenth level of Demon Subduing Force. Moreover, he even approached the Perfection Stage of the Demon Subduing Force. Thus he was least afraid of this martial art. He laughed furtively as Zhong Quan used it to attack him.

"Even though your cultivation is at the early stage of the Soul Martial Realm, your True Qi is not strong enough and your foundation is not solid. You only have strong explosive power, but if you keep it up, hmph! What's more, you don't have any powerful martial arts to support you!" Chen Xiang was only injured by Zhong Quan because he wasn't paying attention last time. But now that he was prepared, he could see Zhong Quan's weak point!

Even though Chen Xiang was furious and wanted nothing more than to kill Zhong Quan, he could still remain calm! Anger and hatred can stimulate a person's power, but they can make people lose their sanity. As for Chen Xiang, although his strength had been stimulated by anger and hatred, he had not lost his rationality! This was the scariest part of it.

Seeing that Chen Xiang was able to calmly analyze Zhong Quan's weaknesses, those who thought that Chen Xiang overestimated himself just now were unable to say anything!

Instead, it was Zhong Quan who became angry, because his attack did not work and he did not dare to approach Chen Xiang. This made him extremely anxious, and Chen Xiang's words even strongly struck his heart.

If Chen Xiang didn't have any concerns, he could take some Dan and quickly break through to the Hundred Refinement Realm. However, he would need more time to stabilize his foundation, or he might never be able to stabilize it if he pushed that fast.

"Enough for you!" Zhong Quan let out a cold shout and a flash appeared behind Chen Xiang, then threw a heavy punch at him. The fist flashed with lightning in all directions, brightening up the dark martial field. This wild and violent lightning punch even changed the color of the sky and earth.

The crowd held their breaths as they watched. They could imagine that Chen Xiang was beaten with his blood and flesh splattering everywhere!

The fist violently smashed into Chen Xiang's chest. However, his body did not explode. Instead, Chen Xiang turned into a mist of air. The violent fist power surged out from the fist like a peerless bolt of lightning striking on the ground of the martial.

Water Mirror Technique! It was a supreme movement technique in the Black Tortoise Divine Technique. When a cultivator tried to escape, he or she could instantly condense an illusionary image that is exactly the same as his own using the water vapor!

Everyone was stunned because they saw Chen Xiang appearing behind Zhong Quan!

Chen Xiang's fist rushed forward and with a "pa" sound. True Qi in his body surged and gathered into the power of a dragon. In the end, it turned into a Demon Subduing Force that shot out and landed on Zhong Quan's back.

"Puff!" The blood in Zhong Quan's body churned and an arrow of blood shot out from his mouth. The Demon Subduing Force had entered his body and created a powerful explosion. However, his body contained an even more violent thunder attribute True Qi, which instantly suppressed the terrifying Demon Subduing Force.

Zhong Quan vomited blood from Chen Xiang's blows! No one could ever believe it, but they had just witnessed it with their own eyes!

Just as Chen Xiang said, Zhong Quan did not learn any powerful martial arts. Although his attack power and speed were very formidable, his defense was extremely bad. Once he exposed an opening, he would be dealt a fatal blow!

Chen Xiang had been trained by Huang Jintian and had experienced hundreds of battles. He had fought with Huang Jintian in all sorts of battles and had always been beaten to the point of suffering a fate worse than death. Therefore, his battle experience was very instructive. He could conduct calm analysis and make accurate judgment during battles, then granted a fetal strike to the enemies.

Zhong Quan just circulated the True Qi in his body to quickly dodge Chen Xiang's attack, but Chen Xiang didn't give him the chance. He threw out another punch!

"Pa Pa!" Another two consecutive explosive sounds caused everyone to be tongue-tied, as if they were carved from stone, because that was the consecutive explosion of the second level of Demon Subduing Force!

These two echoes were twice as powerful as one! Zhong Quan's True Qi was instantly dispersed by the impact of this Demon Subduing Power.

Chen Xiang sneered. The Demon Fighting Force was released through his Hand of Slaughter and became even more powerful.

Zhong Quan had just vomited out a large pool of blood, but three more popping sounds came again!

It was actually three echoes! Other than Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian, everyone else believed that they had misheard. They did not expect that Chen Xiang had cultivated his Demon Subduing Power to the third level that was featured by three sounds as he released it!

Zhong Quan's back was currently facing Chen Xiang, but his back had already been shattered by Chen Xiang's Demon Subduing Force. His internal organs had been shattered to the point that they could no longer be broken.

Only now did Chen Xiang know how powerful the Demon Subduing Force was. However, Zhong Quan's body was so weak that he frowned on it, because he could not try out how powerful the Demon Subduing Force was.

Just as everyone was stunned by Chen Xiang's three sounds of Demon Subduing Power, another series of explosions "Pa Pa Pa Pa" rang out, causing people to feel as if they were struck by lightning, and their entire body trembled!

That was the fourth level of Demon Subduing Force!

There were only a few people on the Demon Subduing Board who could reach the third level of Demon Subduing Force, but Chen Xiang had already reached the fourth level!

Zhong Quan had been knocked to the ground by the four echoes of the Demon Subduing Force. His entire back was shattered.

"Enough!" The principle took a deep breath. As of Chen Xiang was able to cultivate to the fourth layer, he must have grasped the trick. This made her extremely surprised. At the same time, she wanted to know what the trick was.

Chen Xiang looked at the old woman and frowned. He said earlier that he would kill Zhong Quan today!

"Don't test me!" The old woman's voice was cold. She was the principle of the Demon Subduing Academy, the ruler of this place. No one could resist her.

Chen Xiang looked at Zhong Quan who was lying on the ground. He clenched his fists and stomped on Zhong Quan's body. At the same time, he circulated the Demon Subduing Force!

"Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa Pa …" Ten consecutive thunderbolts suddenly exploded out. This was the tenth level of Demon Subduing Force. Even the principle could not make it, but Chen Xiang had already reached the point!

As Chen Xiang trampled Zhong Quan's body with his tenth level of Demon Subduing Force. The tyrannical power infilled into Zhong Quan's body, causing his body to explode immediately!

The dispersing blood mist and falling flesh deeply shocked everyone's heart!

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