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Chapter 518 Arrogant Words

Seeing that Chen Xiang was going to have a life and death battle with Zhong Quan, many people showed disdain on their faces. Especially those students who wanted to befriend Zhong Quan, they mocked Chen Xiang even more.

"What does he think he is? He is just in the early stage of Spiritual Martial Realm. How dares he try to defeat Zhong Quan who is in the early stage of Soul Martial Realm? Zhong Quan was someone with an important Thunder Soul. That sort of thing is even rarer than a Fire Soul"

"Hmph, that's simply a self-overestimation. He is just courting his death. Zhong Quan will definitely kill this guy just like how he trampled Qian Liguang to death."

"I heard that the guy (Qian Liguang) was beaten to the ground by Zhong Quan in just on punch. How could he still dare to come? Zhong Quan is young, and he has cultivated his Demon Subduing Force to the second level. This fellow definitely comes here to terminate his life?"

"If it was me, I would prefer staying with the two beauties. I heard that he counts on women to get all the things he has today!"

Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan frowned as they heard those comments aside. If Xue Xianxian was not present, the few people who spoke would have been scolded to death by Leng Youlan.

Just as Chen Xiang was about to make his move, several powerful auras suddenly appeared. He saw the chancellor Zhao Tao came here with an old lady who had white hair and soft skin. Behind them were a few old men with white hair.

Chen Xiang clenched his fist. he knew that those people were summoned there by Yu Baixiang. The old lady was the principle of the Demon Subduing Academy. She was an extremely powerful person who even intimated the Fire God Shrine. The people who came with her were all old guys from the Academy, and all of them were at the seventh or eighth level of the Nirvana Tribulation.

Even Liao Shaoyun had come as well. With such a group of people, Chen Xiang knew that it would be much harder for him to kill Zhong Quan. Even if he had the strength to defeat Zhong Quan, with these experts watching from the side, he would definitely be stopped in a critical moment.

Zhong Quan was young and talented. A rare and powerful Thunder Soul allowed him to improve without any bottlenecks on his cultivation path. At the same time, it also allowed him to grasp an extremely terrifying power of lightning. He was an extraordinary genius in the Demon Subduing Academy. It was not a flatter to call him the strongest young martial artist in the world.

Zhong Quan indeed had the proficiency to be arrogant, but Chen Xiang couldn't understand why such a person would be so close to Liao Shaoyun. Furthermore, he was even willing to follow Liao Shaoyun's orders. It seemed to him that there must be some secrets between them.

"Well, it seems like I cannot kill you today!" Zhong Quan was also very unhappy at that moment. He really wanted to kill Chen Xiang, but such a group of people might stop him when he acted.

The principle and chancellor came over. They did not say anything, only standing and watching with serious expressions.

When he saw the flesh on Zhong Quan's boots, Chen Xiang's heart of slaughter suddenly jumped up. His fury soared, burning his blood and causing his entire body to boil with endless anger. The wild and violent Heaven and Earth Flame surged out from his body and hair. Hot and tyrannical air waves with killing intent spread to all the direction, scorching people extremely in fear. However, these people also shivered from the cold killing intent!

"Whatever, I am going to kill you today. Whoever stops me will be the enemy for the rest of my life. As long as I, Chen Xiang, still have a breath left, I will not rest until he or I die!" Chen Xiang's rampant and furious words reverberated throughout the martial field, causing everyone to be dumbstruck, because he undoubtedly said that to those old fellows from the Academy.

He actually dared to threaten the principle! How arrogant he was!

Anger appeared on the white and elastic face of the principle. She would not look like an elder person if without a head of snow-white hair, but would only look like a middle-aged person.

"Haha …What a reckless guy!" Zhong Quan felt like he had just heard the funniest joke. His laughter suddenly stopped, while his body disappeared.

The crowd immediately held their breaths as they stared at the blazing Chen Xiang. They knew that Zhong Quan had started attacking. Zhong Quan moved fast and his attacks were tyrannical. This was something that many people saw.

"Pa!" An explosive sound rang out, and the space seemed to ripple. It was actually a Demon Subduing Force that suddenly flew towards Chen Xiang, and as it passed through, it caused the air to vibrate, as if the entire space had received a ripple. That kind of force was also extremely shocking, and it even brought a violent lightning aura, causing one's heart to beat wildly, as if they were about to be bombarded by that power.

Zhong Quan used the Demon Subduing Force in the very beginning. Just as many people thought that Chen Xiang's body would explode out a bloody hole, another "pa" sound rang out. Out of everyone's expectation, it was also the Demon Subduing Force!

Chen Xiang used his Demon Subduing Force to block the incoming Demon Subduing Force, and his power was much stronger than that of his foe, causing two invisible forces to collide with each other, then forming a shockwave of air force. However, this shockwave blew towards Zhong Quan who was beside Chen Xiang.

Many people were speechless with their mouths agape! They all knew that Chen Xiang had only been in the Demon Subduing Academy for more than a month, and he was imprisoned in a cave for a month. At that time, he was even injured by Zhong Quan, but now he had actually learned the first level of the Demon Subduing Force.

From the way Chen Xiang instantly released his Demon Subduing Force, he must have already mastered the technique!

Yu Baixiang also opened his eyes wide as he stared at Chen Xiang in disbelief. He remembered that Chen Xiang only attended one of his classes, but now he had already mastered the Demon Subduing Force!

Those old guys from the Demon Subduing Academy had been studying the Demon Subduing Power for many years, but it was the first time they saw someone learning it so fast like what Chen Xiang did!

To be able to possess such a powerful strength, Chen Xiang could be either very lucky or born with gifts, but no one was born to be able to learn such a profound and difficult martial art. For example, Zhong Quan was pretty talented, but just like the others, he had been learning the Demon Subduing Force for many years, while the furthest point he could reach was merely the second level.

Of course, when Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan told their teacher that they had learned the second level a few days earlier, it also caused a sensation among the management of the Demon Subduing Academy. The people in the management were not able to make heads or tails of it.

Zhong Quan sneered, "so it turns out that you just happened to learn the Demon Subduing Power, and that's why you dare to act arrogantly." Although he said that, Zhong Quan was also astonished and jealous. He understood the pain of learning the Demon Subduing Force. If it wasn't for the fact that he could use this martial art to deal with demons and goblin, he would not have bothered to learn it. He had also spent a lot of time on it, otherwise he believed that he would have at least reached the Hundred Refinement Realm.

As he spoke, Zhong Quan waved his hand as fast as lightning. With another "pa" sound, he released his Demon Subduing Force again. At the same time, he moved at an extremely fast speed, making people feel as if he had disappeared.

As the Demon Subduing Force stroke towards Chen Xiang, he did not release another Demon Subduing Force to dock it, but directly took it with his hands. Right now, he had a very thorough understanding of this martial art. Even those old guys from the Demon Fighter Academy were not as proficient in it as he was, so he used the mysterious features of Tai Chi Dragon Subduing Technique to easily dissolve the power of the Demon Subduing Force.

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