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Chapter 513 A Brutal Young Man

Liao Shaoyun was at the Hundred Refinement Realm, the pinnacle of the Extreme Martial Realm. Furthermore, he was very young, so it wouldn't be strange for him to appear here.

Behind Liao Shaoyun was a short, skinny, and vigorous youth who looked to be around sixteen or seventeen years old. Although his appearance was ordinary, the True Qi fluctuations emitted by him were extremely threatening.

"Zhong Quan, some people are fighting here, hurry up go and take them down!" Liao Shaoyun smiled coldly and said to the youth behind him.

The youth Zhong Quan suddenly disappeared as he flashed his eyesights. Chen Xiang, who had been on alert, suddenly felt a heavy blow on his back and a wave of violent energy surged into his body before exploding. At this moment, he only felt thunder and lightning in his body. It was the first he saw such a horrible power of thunder.

Chen Xiang felt a sweet taste in his throat as blood gushed out from his mouth. The moment he was stroke heavily, he felt as if all the meridians in his body were exploding. All of his organs were serious injured, just like being attacked by thunders.

It should be noted that he had the Black Tortoise Armament Armor to protect his body and his body was very strong. However, he was severely injured by someone's fist right now. This showed how terrifying the person who attacked him was!

Although the youth called Zhong Quan was expressionless, he was secretly shocked in his heart. He predicted that his fist would be able to knock Chen Xiang half to death and make him faint on the ground, but Chen Xiang was still able to stand.

Seeing that scene, Zhong Quan's palm was like a blade as it chopped down like lightning. His strength was extremely violent, and it seemed like he was about to kill Chen Xiang!

In that split-second, a white light shot out and struck Zhong Quan's body, causing him to take a few steps back, and his violent strike also missed.

"Young man, don't be so ruthless!" This voice was from the hunchbacked teacher, Yu Baixiang. His hawk-like eyes stared at Zhong Quan, while his face was filled with rage.

Chen Xiang hurriedly took out a Hell Ganoderma and ate it. At the same time, he angrily glared at Liao Shaoyun and Zhong Quan!

"Go to the chancellor and explain everything clearly!" Yu Baixiang turned and walked out.

Liao Shaoyun coldly looked at Chen Xiang with a face full of complacency. While Zhong Quan sneered at Chen Xiang and said, "with such strength, how dare you call yourself the number one expert of the Mortal Martial Realm?!"

Chen Xiang frowned and suddenly wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth. His heart was burning with anger!

"Zhong Quan, I will remember your punch!" Chen Xiang said in a deep voice as he lifted the unconscious Lu Xiong and followed behind Yu Baixiang.

Zhong Quan looked like a young man, but his strength was such formidable. Chen Xiang guessed that Zhong Quan was at least at the Soul Martial Realm, but he was not afraid. As long as he was given the time, he would be able to step on Zhong Quan and ruthlessly ravage him.

On their way to the chancellor, Chen Xiang learned from other passersby that Liao Shaoyun had quite a high position in the Academy and was responsible for managing some trivial matters. For example, if someone was discovered to violate the academy's rules, he would have the right to intervene.

"Chancellor, Chen Xiang and Lu Xiong violated the academy's rules. They fought in a forbidden area, and after Chen Xiang injured Lu Xiong, he even planned on killing Lu Xiong with hatred! That's why I let Zhong Quan injure him. This is my responsibility! " Liao Shaoyun spoke with a clear voice.

Chen Xiang clenched his fist and shouted, "that's not the truth. Lu Xiong attacked me first, so I had no choice but to retaliate in order to protect myself. After I did not plan to kill after knocking him out!"

Liao Shaoyun only sneered, "do you think I would lie to the chancellor?"

As the chancellor, Zhao Tao was most annoyed by such issues. He stroked his long beard and said, "Chen Xiang, since you took a too heavy action, I punish you to stay in the cave in the back mountain to think for a month. After Lu Xiong recovers, I will definitely punish him heavily!"

Discontented, Chen Xiang angrily asked, "what about him? He also attacked me a heavily. If not for Teacher Yu's help, you would probably only be able to see my corpse!"

After finishing his words, his eyes flashed with killing intent as he glared at Liao Shaoyun and Zhong Quan. He swore in his heart that if he didn't kill these two, he wouldn't be a man!

Following the fury in Chen Xiang's heart, his killing intent crazily vibrated. Waves of killing intent surged out from his body and filled the entire hall, making people feel as if they were in a place of death. The cold killing intent made even old fellows like Zhao Tao and Yu Baixiang feel fear.

Chen Xiang's killing intent was extremely heavy!

Liao Shaoyun frowned. He couldn't understand why Chen Xiang would have such a strong killing intent. This made him feel threatened! Zhong Quan was the same. He tightly clenched his fists and waited to take actions.

"Stay humble!" Zhao Tao shouted.

Chen Xiang lightly sucked in a breath to calm himself down. He had already decided that once he had enough strength, he would first kill Zhong Quan and then escape from the Demon Subduing Academy. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to swallow his anger!

"Come with me!"

Yu Baixiang knew how Chen Xiang was feeling. As a teacher, he knew Lu Xiong very well. Chen Xiang was right, but Liao Shaoyun had his reasons. Beside, Lu Xiong was the first to act, and the chancellor had already given his words to grant a severe punishment.

Chen Xiang was extremely grateful of this hunchbacked old man. If the old man did not take in, he would definitely have been injured even more severely.

Now he knew that only by making his fists harder would he not be bullied.

Chen Xiang followed Yu Baixiang to a mountain behind the Demon Subduing Academy. There were some caves on it.

"Get inside those caves. After you get in, I will activate the formation so that no one can get in or out!" Yu Baixiang said coldly.

Chen Xiang nodded, "thank you for saving me, Mr. Yu!"

"There's no need to thank me. I'm a teacher, so I naturally have to stop students from fighting!" Yu Baixiang said.

Chen Xiang did not enter the cave. Instead, he continued to ask, "Mr. Yu, how can I defeat Zhong Quan within a month?"

Hearing Chen Xiang's question, Yu Baixiang didn't find it strange. He immediately replied, "that's impossible, Zhong Quan is 17 years old now. He is born with a Thunder Soul, which is as rare as Fire Soul. With the Thunder Soul in his body, Zhong Quan could cultivate his True Qi quickly and release very powerful lightning attributed force. He is already in the early stage of the Soul Martial Realm! You are only at the Early Stage of the Spiritual Martial Realm, ain't you!"

Thunder Soul! Chen Xiang had also heard of such a thing. It was a type of martial soul like Fire Soul. It was something that could make a martial artist extremely strong.

Chen Xiang now understood why Zhong Quan's lightning energy was so formidable!

"It is actually impossible but theoretically possible. You just need to learn the Demon Subduing Force within a month and train it to the tenth level. Well, I've been cultivating the Demon Subduing Force for thousands of years, but I still can't reach the tenth level, so you won't be able to reach it even within a month! "

Chen Xiang clenched his fist. He was excited in his heart. Others could not do that, but he could, because he had a very solid foundation.

With a leap, he jumped into the cave above. Yu Baixiang waved his hand to activate the formation and left.

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