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Sweet Heart in Honeyed Desire - C48

When he woke up the next day, he subconsciously stretched out his hand to his side.

He frowned slightly and opened his eyes.

The space beside him was empty. Only a tiny bit of warmth was left, proving that someone had once been lying here.

He lifted the covers and got out of bed.

There was a sound from the kitchen on the first floor, and he looked up from the stairs in the direction of the sound.

Tang Mi changed back into her clothes, holding the spatula in her right hand as she turned around.

Catching Yu Yi's eye, Tang Mi raised her head and smiled at him. "I'm making breakfast. Did I wake you up?"

The sun was falling through the small window, lighting up the smile on her lips. It was as beautiful as a painting.

Yu Yi's heart skipped a beat. He walked up and wrapped his arms around her waist. "No, I just couldn't see you after I woke up. I missed you a little."

Tang Mi turned her head and looked at him with some surprise. "You really know how to say such words of love. Who taught you?"

Yu Yi looked up at her and said, "From the bottom of my heart."

Tang Mi laughed lightly, trying to break away from his embrace. "If you hug me like this, I won't be able to cook."

He rubbed his hand against her gently before letting her go.

Tang Mi scooped the fried egg out of the pan and looked back at Yu. "I'm sorry, but I used your kitchen without asking you."

Yu Yi wrapped his arms around her waist again. "It doesn't matter. You can use everything in this room, including me."

Looking at Yu Yi that was sticking to her body like ointment, Tang Mi was surprised at that she had never noticed how sticky Boss Yu was before. She couldn't help but laugh and ask, "How should I use you?"

"You can use me however you want."

Yu Yi said these words in an extremely low voice, and his light breath brushed against Tang Mi's ears, causing her ears to quickly redden.

Why was it so flirting early in the morning!

She just wanted to make a quiet breakfast!

Looking at her reddened ears, which were as enticing as cherries, Yu Yi could not help licking it with his tongue.

Tang Mi trembled violently.

Yu Yi gave a few low laughs and finally let her go, "I'll go up to change clothes, you can take your time."

Tang Mi leaned against the table and let out a sigh of relief as Yu Yi's atmosphere gradually receded.

She decided to post a help post on the internet when she got home today. The title of the post would be "What if your boyfriend is too handsome?"

"Wanted to eat him anytime, anywhere, qaq."

When Yu Yi finished changing her clothes, Tang Mi had already placed breakfast on the table.

An omelette, two slices of bread, a glass of milk, and a plate of cucumbers and green vegetables.

"I've made a fruit cream pound cake, and I'll take it here if it's not enough."

Tang Mi pulled up a chair across from him and sat down, smiling at him.

Yu Yi picked up the knife and fork placed on both sides of the egg and said to her, "I really want to quickly marry you."

Tang Mi embarrassedly looked away and coughed dryly, "Hurry up and eat, you still need to go to work."

Yu Yi pursed his lips and ate his breakfast quietly.

On the way out, Yu Yi told the driver to take Tang Mi to the restaurant first.

Tang Mi looked at him and said hesitantly, "Isn't it good to be seen by a colleague?"

"I've already introduced you to my parents. Sooner or later, it's going to be public."

But early in the morning, Big Boss's car took me to the restaurant …

Tang Mi could have already imagined what would happen to her colleagues.

In the end, Yu Yi still gave consideration to her misgivings, so he asked the driver to stop the car at an intersection ahead of time. This made Tang Mi feel more at ease.

Before getting out of the car, Yu Yi stopped her and said, "Remember to take you to see the shop the next time you take a break."

"Okay, be careful."

Tang Mi waved at him, opened the door, and got out of the car.

He watched her turn the corner before he let his drive off to the office.

As the only employee who didn't work overtime at the Qixi festival, Tang Mi received unanimous scorn in the morning meeting.

However, she was still deep in love with Yu Yi, so she didn't take it seriously at all. It was just that she suddenly remembered that Fu Xin would definitely pursue her, because she didn't return last night.

All day she had been thinking about how to explain her whereabouts to Fu Xin, and before she got home, she had to go over the story she had made up in her mind before she opened the door.

Fu Xin collapsed weakly onto the sofa, looking as if she had nothing to live for.

Tang Mi put down her bag, walked to the sofa and looked down at her. "What's wrong?"

Fu Xin let out a long sigh. "I didn't expect the employment situation to be so serious right now."

Tang Mi blinked. "You went looking for a job today?"

"Well, after all, I've been singing the national anthem for so many years — Get up!"

"People who don't want to be slaves!" (Note: 'Get up, People who don't want to be slaves!' is part of the lyric of Chinese national anthem.)

Tang Mi: "…"

"Actually, Assistant Luo was good to you, right?"

Luo Hao had helped Tang Mi a lot, so she subconsciously wanted to speak up for Luo Hao.

Unexpectedly, Fu Xin popped up from the sofa like a corpse. "He's good to me?!"

If you have seen how he enslaved me, would you still say that?"

"Do you know how many dishes I washed yesterday?"

"My hands are almost crippled, I can't even make up for it even apply milk with them!"

Tang Mi: "…"

She pushed Fu Xin's legs aside and sat beside her. "Do you have any plans for a job today?"

Fu Xin pursed her lips. "Either I don't like the job, or the job doesn't like me."

"Then you can continue to be enslaved by Assistant Luo."

Tang Mi got up and went back to her bedroom to change clothes. After taking two steps, she suddenly remembered something. She turned around and asked Fu Xin, "What time did you come back yesterday?"

Fu Xin said, "It's getting faster. When I came back, the lights were all black. You've already gone to sleep, so I didn't disturb you."

Tang Mi's eyes moved. "What time did you leave this morning?"

"I was so tired yesterday. I didn't wake up until 11, then I went to the talent market to take a look. What do you want?"

"Nothing, nothing."

Tang Mi smiled. In other words, she thought that when she returned, she had already gone to sleep, and when she woke up, she had already left?

It was perfect!

Tang Mi secretly rejoiced for a while, and even said obediently after getting a bargain, "Why are you back so late?"

Speaking of this, Fu Xin put on a bitter face. "Yesterday, I worked overtime until 10: 30. After it was over, I finally found out from my big creditor Luo that he had the heart to invite me to a barbecue!"

Tang Mi made an "oh" sound. "It seems like he's treating you very well."

"Holy shit, he's just worried about his conscience!"

"Every conscientious creditor deserves to be treasured."

After Tang Mi finished, she said, "Oh, that's right. Let me tell you some good news. My dessert shop might open soon!"

Upon hearing this, Fu Xin finally regained some spirit. "Have you saved so much money already?"

"I didn't save enough money, but Yu Yi said he was going to buy a stake in my sweet shop!"

Fu Xin: "…"

The exalted king of the Gourmet Kingdom and CEO of Yu's came to invest in a small sweet shop …

"He also said that he was buying shares in his own name and would not interfere with my decisions."

"Next time I take a break, he'll take me to Starlight Park to check the store. "

Fu Xin could no longer control her surprised expression. "Starlight Park?"

"Your dessert shop is going to open in Starlight Park?"

"The rent there is very expensive!"

"That's right, that's why I need him to buy shares."

Fu Xin: "…"

It was good to hold a thick CEO's leg.

Why did she only have creditors?

She seemed to have thought of something, and her eyes suddenly lit up. She ran in front of Tang Mi and said, "TangTang, I'll open a sweet shop with you!"

Tang Mi was stunned. "You're going with me?"

Fu Xin quickly nodded. "You will be in charge of making the cake. Leave everything else to me!"

"With your craftsmanship and my business brain, we will soon be able to dominate A City's gourmet food industry!"

Tang Mi: "…"

"It is said that you just broke down a company and run out of money."

"I'm at least more reliable than an outsider!"

Tang Mi felt that what she said made sense. She looked at Fu Xin and said, "You're definitely more reliable than outsiders. But are you really willing to open a dessert shop with me?"

"This is just my dream. You have your dream too, don't you? "

Fu Xin was silent for a moment, then she spread out her hands and said, "My dream has been wiped out by the darkness of the workplace. It's better to be my own boss if I work for others. Although it's just a dessert shop, it might be able to be listed abroad if I grow up!"

Tang Mi: "…"

This dream was too great, she could not help but shout.

"How is it?"

"I can take out a sum of money and buy shares. You are the Great Master, I am the Second Master!"

Tang Mi looked at her. "Where do you get the money from?"

"I'm just asking Luo Hao to lend me some money. It doesn't matter how much I owe."

Tang Mi: "…"

It was not easy for Assistant Luo to get such a debtor.

She thought for a moment and said to Fu Xin, "Alright, if you have other things you want to do in the future, you can leave anytime you want."

Fu Xin hugged her emotionally as tears welled up in her eyes, "TangTang, you're so nice, I love you."

The corner of Tang Mi's mouth twitched. "Then I'll try my best to be as bad as possible to you in the future. Please don't love me."

Fu Xin: "…"

After finalizing this matter, Fu Xin excitedly planned out the future of the dessert shop: "There is still a lot to do!"

First, there must be a weibo ID, where any information about new products would be posted. Like Yu's, there are also store names, logos, and a membership system to design!

"Oh right, there must be an online store that can expand our business!"

Tang Mi thought for a moment and said, "If it was the online store, we can only sell some handmade cookies, pound cakes or jam which have a longer shelf life. There's no way you can sell cake."

Fu Xin said, "It doesn't matter. Online store can make special cake display. Customers can book them online, and consume it off line."

"And isn't there a company that runs errands in the same city?

"If you cooperate with them, you can send them off in the same city. Well, you have to figure out how much you can charge for the delivery."

Tang Mi looked at her with admiration. "I didn't expect you to know so much."

Fu Xin immediately snorted. "What a joke. No matter what, I am someone who has run a company!"

"And even though I've resigned now, the contacts I've accumulated in the past are still there. After opening the store, I'll find a few media friends to help spread the news! "


"Little star, this is the first time I've found you so reliable!"

"Hmph hmph, now you know that working with me is the right choice!"

"Once more time to say, you just make the cake and leave everything else to me! "

She extended her hand towards Tang Mi as she said in high spirits, "I hope we sweep A City and list it on the market ASAP!"

Tang Mi paused for a moment, but still held her hand. "I hope we sweep A City and list it on the market ASAP!"

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