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Chapter 510 Demon Subduing Force

Leng Youlan dragged Xue Xiaxiann to take a bath while Chen Xiang sat in the courtyard. With the help of a weak light, Chen Xiang was reading a book of a martial art called Demon Subduing Force. Previously, Chen Xiang also heard Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian mention that this was the martial art that they were currently learning.

The more Chen Xiang read, the more familiar he felt about it, because he found the shadow of the Tai Chi Divine Technique and the Evil Suppression Divine Technique. His brows were tightly knitted together as he sank into a deep consideration.

The first feeling he got from this Demon Subduing Force was that it was very difficult to learn. It was a divine martial art, the kind that could evolve without being restricted by the level of martial arts but with the strength of cultivators.

The Extreme Martial Sect also had divine martial arts, but only in a small number. He couldn't find a suitable one to cultivate. Divine martial arts were very powerful martial arts that was superior to the Earth Rank and Heaven Rank martial arts.

They were even comparable with a godly technique because the power of this kind of martial art was limitless. The stronger the cultivator, the more powerful the martial art could be. However, some martial arts had bottlenecks, that cultivators could not overcome and keep improving even if they had a pretty formidable strength.

For example, Chen Xiang was learning the Heaven Shaking Palm and the Profound Dominance Finger. The power of these two techniques would decrease a lot as Chen Xiang further elevated his cultivation, so they were inferior to the divine martial arts.

"It seems like I've found a way to better use my Devil Suppression Qi. If I combine it with this Demon Subduing Force, I will definitely be able to display an even stronger might." Chen Xiang said with excitement.

Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan had already finished showering. They came to the courtyard and sat beside Chen Xiang, admiring the beautiful sea of stars in the sky.

"The Demon Subduing Force is the hardest to learn. There are a total of ten levels, and it is said that no one has ever practiced it to the tenth level, but to the ninth at most, which is done by the old hag dean." Leng Youlan said. She was also a martial arts practitioner, but now that she had a headache when she saw the Demon Subduing Force.

Xue Xianxian sighed, "I can't even learn the first level right now. It's said that all the top ten people on the Devil Subduing Board can learn the first level."

"Are you guys kidding? Even though this thing is difficult, it is impossible for it to be so ridiculous! " Chen Xiang was a little skeptical. He believed that if he were to seriously learn it, he would be able to reach the tenth level very quickly!

Of course, that was because he had cultivated the tyrannical godly techniques like that Tai Chi Dragon Subduing Technique, the Four Symbols Divine Technique, the Evil Suppression Divine Technique, and the Black Tortoise Body Strengthening Technique, therefore any martial arts would become an easy task for him no matter how hard the arts were.

"If you can use the Demon Subduing Force, not only can you double your attack on the demons, you can also easily dissipate the demon's attack! There will be an astonishing sound as someone use the Demon Subduing Force, just like a thunder. When he or she reaches the second level, there will be consecutively two sounds. The Demon Subduing Force would also double. " Chen Xiang said.

"Of course we know that. After reaching the tenth level, there will be ten consecutive thunders. The power is double that of the ninth level!" Leng Youlan complained. "The teacher who taught us the Demon Subduing Force said that we must learn at least one level of Demon Subduing Force in the Academy. Later, there will be many other martial arts that we need to learn to deal with demons. They are all equally difficult."

Chen Xiang spread out the book and began to explain some of the more difficult parts. After that, he combined it with the Tai Chi Divine Technique to explain some of the pretty obscure parts of the book, which made the two girl suddenly comprehend to essence and turn quiet exclaimed.

"So that's how it is. It seems that as long as we learn the Tai Chi Divine Technique well, it won't be difficult for us to learn the first or second level!" Xue Xianxian's eyes lit up as she said in pleasant surprise.

"Like I said, it's not difficult!" Chen Xiang laughed.

"Big brother is so powerful!" Leng Youlan praised and threw herself into Chen Xiang's embrace, rubbing his chest like a kitten.

"I'm certainly very powerful." Chen Xiang smiled complacently.

Now that Leng Youlan had solved one of her headaches, she was extremely happy. She knew that as long as she could learn the Tai Chi Divine Technique, she would be able to easily learn the first or second level of the Demon Subduing Force.

Right now, Xue Xianxian was urging Chen Xiang to continue passing on the Tai Chi Divine Technique to them. In order to not be so bored, Chen Xiang was in bed when he transmitted the technique, hugging the two girls' delicate bodies.

After daybreak, Chen Xiang first went to find Xiao Chou. Xiao Chou lived quite far away on a relatively small mountain. His house was also built casually.

"Master!" After Xiao Chou opened the door, he saw Chen Xiang standing there smiling.

"Brat, why are you hiding in such a broken place?" Chen Xiang immediately knew that he was avoiding the violent woman, Leng Youlan.

"Definitely to avoid your white-haired girl!" Xiao Chou humped, "master, I heard that when you came in, you fought with that Bloody Saber-Teethed Tiger. You're quite impressive!"

Chen Xiang laughed, "Not only did I fight with the Bloody Saber-Teethed Tiger, I also fought with Youlan."

When Xiao Chou heard that, he hurriedly asked, "who won?"

"Of course I won!" Chen Xiang stroked Xiao Chou's bald head and smiled, "if there's a chance, I'll compete with you again."

Xiao Chou's eyes glimmered as he replied casually.

Chen Xiang had heard from Leng Youlan that Xiao Chou's strength was inferior to Leng Youlan's. Now that he knew that Leng Youlan had been defeated by Chen Xiang, he knew that it would be extremely difficult for him to defeat Chen Xiang.

"Take me to the college. We are in the same campus." Chen Xiang said.

"Master…You can go on your own. I'm leaving the Demon Subduing Academy. I told the chancellor yesterday that the martial arts here aren't suitable for me. I can just read the knowledge of the demon world! I want to find the elders of my Great Strength Clan."

Xiao Chou's words surprised Chen Xiang. He sighed and said, "sorry, as your master, I did not teach you anything!"

Xiao Chou was from the Great Strength Clan, and Chen Xiang had no way to teach him because he was unable to learn many powerful martial arts.

"It doesn't matter. You, master is the one who led me on the right path. That's enough!" Xiao Chou smiled, "I am leaving now. The college is easy to find. It is the tenth highest hall among those tall buildings."

Xiao Chou left. He went to look for his clan members, but he would be back in the future. Chen Xiang followed Xiao Chou's instructions and found the college. He did not understand what was on the buildings that were as tall as mountains. There were not many students even if the building was built quiet high.

It was a room that could accommodate more than a hundred people. Although there were over a hundred tables, it did not appear crowded. Currently, there were several dozens of people sitting inside. When they saw Chen Xiang coming in, the hubbub suddenly died down and became extremely quiet.
This was because these people recognized Chen Xiang. Some of them used gazes of reverence to look at him, because in their eyes, Chen Xiang was an expert. Of course, there were also some people whose eyes were filled with jealousy and disdain.

Chen Xiang randomly sat on a seat on the last raw. At this moment, no one spoke to him. Even if there were people who wanted to, they would not dare to, because Chen Xiang had many enemies, especially those bloodline warriors on the King's Continent; most of them hated Chen Xiang a lot.

The bloodline warriors were the most in the room. Because their strengths were all so powerful that they could pass the small entrance test to get in the Demon Subduing Academy. Moreover, when they entered, they would immediately form their own factions and establish their own small circle. When they found out that Chen Xiang had entered the Academy, there was an order to isolate Chen Xiang!

"Wow, Chen Xiang, you're here too. You're Xiao Chou's master, right? Xiao Chou is also in this college, but he told me yesterday that he's leaving! " A man wearing a blue robe walked in. With a glance, he was captivated by the extraordinary appearance of Chen Xiang, then he hurriedly walked over to him.

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