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Chapter 508 The Girl Got Defeated

Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian were both extremely surprised as they saw the flames coming out of Chen Xiang's body. Both of them possessed the the Ice and Fire Vein, so of course they also cultivated flames. Moreover, the fire and ice energy must be even, so they was very clear on how strong Chen Xiang's flame was.

"Youlan, don't think that only you keep improving, I won't be slower than you!" Chen Xiang laughed, "your cold energy is indeed very powerful. If it was a year ago, I would have already admitted defeat. But now …I'm totally fine!"

His explanation caused Leng Youlan to grit her teeth. She never thought that Chen Xiang's flame would be so strong that it surpassed common sense. In her opinion, it was at least at the Hundred Refinement Realm!

"So what?" She continued to use her ice fists to attack Chen Xiang at a much faster speed than before. Before Chen Xiang could even react, his entire body had been bombarded with several hundred blows. This time, the amount of cold energy was much less.

The place where Chen Xiang was hit was indeed very painful, but his body was very strong. Although suffering pains, he wasn't seriously injured and could even repair himself.

"Ah …" With a tiger's roar, the killing intent on Chen Xiang's body exploded out. His fist turned into a white tiger's head as he fiercely flew out and undertook Leng Youlan's fist.

Leng Youlan's speed was indeed so fast that even Chen Xiang was unable to keep up. However, his divine sense was very strong, that it allowed him to accurately determine the gap between Leng Youlan's movement, so he was able to use the White Tiger King Fist to hit Leng Youlan's body and bursted waves of tyrannical explosion and mournful tiger roar.

Chen Xiang's attacks were much more berserk than that of Leng Youlan. At this moment, Chen Xiang allowed his body to be attacked by Leng Youlan, but with her armor, she was able to offset a portion of her power. She also had her own defense, so Chen Xiang's attack didn't have much of an effect on her.

When Xue Xianxian saw this, the corners of her eyebrows twitched. These two siblings were currently using their strongest powers to attack each other!

Chen Xiang didn't use his dragon force because he could tell that Leng Youlan had a way to resist it. If he used it frequently, he would consume a lot of energy. At that time, not only would he fail to defeat Leng Youlan, he would also consume a lot of his strength.

Chen Xiang's White Tiger King Fist was created using his Heaven and Earth True Qi. It was extremely tyrannical, but it did not seem like anything to Leng Youlan!

"Could it be this armor?" Chen Xiang secretly suspected that among the people who fought with him before, only the White Tiger wasn't afraid of this kind of attack. However, Leng Youlan was a human but was actually able to withstand it as well.

Leng Youlan was secretly amazed at Chen Xiang's flesh body. Even after several thousand punches, he was still able to stand straight. However, when she saw the pain in Chen Xiang's eyes, she knew that Chen Xiang wouldn't be able to hold on for long.

This was a protracted war! Leng Youlan did not think Chen had any chance to win.

"Brother, you can't beat me in this aspect! The power of my body isn't something you can imagine." Leng Youlan smiled complacently. Even though her delicate body was constantly being hit by Chen Xiang's violent fists, her face did not show the slightest bit of pain.

"Even if you use your dragon force to hit me, I'm not afraid!" Leng Youlan supplemented. She could tell that Chen Xiang would consume a lot of power if he used the dragon force, so he could not use it for long periods of time. It was only suitable for quick attack and posing a heavy damage to the enemy.

Chen Xiang's body had also gone through countless tempering and had even been incinerated in the core of the earth. Even though it was very painful, his internal organs and meridians had not suffered any damage.

"Really?" Chen Xiang smiled furtively. His White Tiger Fist was not that simple. When he punched out, he infused the Icy Soul Devil Dominance into her body which would secretly affect Leng Youlan's spirit. Not long later, Leng Youlan would feel the cold and all aspects of her body would fall, and that would be the best time for him to attack.

Xue Xianxian also knew that Chen Xiang was not the one to suffer a loss. Now it seemed that Chen Xiang had suffered a huge loss in the fight with Leng Youlan, but she didn't believe that Chen Xiang would do such a stupid thing.

Indeed, Leng Youlan quickly discovered something. She actually felt a trace of cold. She cultivated the Frost Wind Divine Technique, so how could she feel cold? Naturally, she didn't know about the Icy Soul Devil Dominance, so she believed that Chen Xiang had secretly used an even more powerful ice-cold energy than hers and imbue it into her body.

However, Leng Youlan didn't think much of it. She immediately operated the Frost Wind Divine Technique in an attempt to get rid of this external coldness. However, after trying for a while, not only did she fail to get rid of it, the freezing power became even stronger.

"It's about time!" Chen Xiang was secretly pleased in his mind. He suddenly formed a palm with his fist, and condensed the dragon force in his Dantian. As he circulated his strength, the violent dragon force surged towards his arms, then rushed towards his palms. He slapped his palms twice, causing the entire martial field to shake, and at that moment, he even infused two strong Icy Soul Devil Dominance into his palms, which made Leng Youlan's soul completely fall into the valley of ice.

Once he unleashed the Heaven Shaking Palm, its power shook the sky and earth, not to mention that it was unleashed using the dragon force.

Leng Youlan vomited blood from the shock of those two palms. Her internal organs were all clenching together and her head was dizzy. What was even more frightening was the bone-piercing coldness. It made her feel extremely cold, causing her to shiver all over her body.

She knelt on one knee, trying to stand up, but her legs suddenly grew weak, because she felt too cold, so cold that she could not use her True Qi. At this moment, she suddenly realized that although she was cold, there were no marks of ice on her body!

For Leng Youlan to possess this kind of strength, she was definitely not stupid. Thus she quickly got aware that it was her spirit secretly attacked by Chen Xiang, which made her hallucinate!

After discovering that, Leng Youlan was ecstatic!

However, Chen Xiang didn't give her any chance to turn around. He flew up and used both of his palms like a tidal wave accompanied by wind and rain, then he directly unleashed his Heaven Shaking Palms that contained an incomparable dragon force. Just in a blink, he had conducted hundreds of attack. His palms were so fast that they almost landed on Leng Youlan's body simultaneously!

Boom! A humming sound suddenly exploded. The shaking wave penetrated the formation of the martial stage, turning the huge martial arts arena to vibrate crazily. The sound resounded across the sky and throughout the entire Demon Subduing Academy. Leng Youlan spat out a mouthful of blood mist and flew out of the martial arts arena!

Chen Xiang took a deep breath and expelled the pain from his body. Just a moment ago, he was heavily injured by Leng Youlan. He wiped off his sweat and slowly walked over.

"Hehe, you lost to me!" Chen Xiang smiled complacently as he took out a piece of Hell Ganoderma and stuffed it into Leng Youlan's mouth.

Leng Youlan was pretty angry and very reluctant to admit her failure. However, she knew that her strength was inferior to that of Chen Xiang and that she was forced off the stage by him, so she quickly let it go and ate Chen Xiang's Hell Ganoderma. Still, she pursed her lips and looked at Chen Xiang angrily.

"Hmph, big brother, you're so treacherous!" Leng Youlan snorted.

Xue Xianxian walked over. She wiped the cold sweat on Leng Youlan's face and the blood at the corner of her mouth, then said with a smile: "Youlan, later on I will take a revenge for you!"

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