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Chapter 507 A Match Between the Brother and Sister

It was not even dawn yet, and it was also a holiday, so the martial field was very deserted. Yesterday was bustling with noise and excitement because Leng Youlan was there to fight someone, which attracted many people to watch.

"I want the biggest battling platform." Leng Youlan pointed at the round martial stage in the middle of the martial field and then walked over. She put a lot of crystals in several places. Chen Xiang estimated that there were at least two hundred thousand or so.

There were formations on these battling platforms, but they took energy, so those who wanted to use them had to put in their own crystals.

Without the protection of a formation, even a fight between True Martial Realm warriors could destroy the entire martial field, let alone a battle between the Extreme Realm warriors.

"No use of weapon. If you drop off the stage, or get knocked unconscious, you lose." Leng Youlan jumped onto the stage, clenched her jade fists and said with excitement.

Chen Xiang also walked over and smiled, "alright. Xianxian, you can call for the start!"

Because he was competing with Leng Youlan, Chen Xiang wouldn't use the three Divine Weapons on him, or borrow Long Xueyi's strength, because that would be very unfair to Leng Youlan.

"Brother, you promised me that you would fight me with all your strength right from the start! Don't eat your words. " Leng Youlan enjoined. She was worried that Chen Xiang would show mercy to her. At that time, even if she won, she wouldn't feel happy at all.

Chen Xiang nodded. His expression became serious. Seeing such an expression, a charming smile appeared on Leng Youlan's cold face.

Xue Youlan was not worried. Although Chen Xiang and Leng Youlan were siblings, she knew that Chen Xiang was a playboy, and he would definitely develop a fair with Leng Youlan. Moreover, Leng Youlan also liked Chen Xiang a lot, so Xue Xianxian had already tacitly agreed to it.

"Begin!" Xue Xianxian snorted. She was also looking forward to this match because her strength was on par with that of Leng Youlan. She didn't need to compete with Chen Xiang to know the distance between him and hers.

As soon as Xue Xianxian's voice fell, Leng Youlan disappeared. Chen Xiang had watched Leng Youlan's battle back in the mortal world. At that time, Leng Youlan won with speed.

Chen Xiang continued to spin on the stage, because Leng Youlan was currently on the stage at a speed so fast that no one could catch her. She ran in a circle. Her footsteps were very light and there was almost no sound. What made Chen Xiang surprised the most was that Leng Youlan was even able to hold her breath.

To be able to prevent her aura from leaking out under such intense movements, Leng Youlan must have a great control over the True Qi in her body.

"Hey, stop hiding!" A loud explosion rang out, and the energy beneath Chen Xiang's feet exploded, causing his body to be catapulted out. The dragon force in his hand condensed and caused the entire martial stage to tremble slightly. As the dragon force released by Chen Xiang became stronger, the scope of the trembling became wider.

This was the power of the dragon force. Chen Xiang had heard from Long Xueyi that if a very strong dragon released its power in the Mortal Realm, it could cause the space of the entire world to collapse!

Chen Xiang could the techniques he used in refining Dan to fight in this battle. He had calculated the position of Leng Youlan when he punched her just now.

"Ah …"

The moment Chen Xiang's fist struck out, Leng Youlan's face was ruthlessly struck. Her head suffered a huge and intense impact, causing her body to flip over abruptly. Her head heavily hit the ground and then bounced a few times on the ground.

Fortunately, the competition stage was very big and Leng Youlan did not fall out. However, her head was very heavy and her beautiful cheeks were swollen and red. Blood dripped out from the corner of her mouth.

"Pah!" Leng Youlan spat out the blood. She was satisfied now because Chen Xiang did not show any mercy and used such powerful dragon force from the very begining. If she wasn't so strong, she would definitely not be able to eliminate that terrifying and tyrannical dragon force and should have flown off the stage long ago.

Seeing that Leng Youlan would be able to stand up so quickly, Chen Xiang's eyebrows tightly knitted together. He had used the strongest dragon force in the strike, but Leng Youlan was not affected!

"Although her White Dragon Bloodline is very weak, it is enough to make her body strong. If her White Dragon Bloodline awakens, it won't be worse than you with Black Tortoise Armament Armor. This is the strength of our White Dragon Family. We, White Dragons, are very strong within the Royal Dragon Clan." Long Xueyi said with a smug tone.

A bone-chilling power suddenly burst out from Leng Youlan's body, causing Chen Xiang to shiver. The Heaven and Earth Fire Soul in his body immediately ignited into flames as he encountered such a freezing wave to expell this cold.

"Youlan, I will make you accept your loss!" Chen Xiang revealed a cruel smile. His word left Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian furrowing their brows. They knew of Chen Xiang's brutal methods.

Leng Youlan suddenly disappeared. Just in the blink of an eye, she appeared beside Chen Xiang. At the same time, her jade-like fist was like a streak of white lightning as it struck toward Chen Xiang's face.

The jade fist violently landed on Chen Xiang's face and even caused a wave of ice crystals. Judging from the ice crystals that shot out, it was clear that Leng Youlan must use an extremely powerful cold energy to attack him.

Leng Youlan's Ice Fist was extremely tyrannical. The cold, accompanied by a berserk feeling, struck into Chen Xiang's body and quickly froze him, stiffing half of his face.

"Don't underestimate me!" Leng Youlan snorted. Her fists were like winds, crazily attacking on Chen Xiang's head. It was so fast that there was not even a shadow of a fist. Her extremely fast speed made it seem as if both of her hands had disappeared.

In a split-second, she had unleashed hundreds of attacks, all of which were filled with a biting cold, causing ice crystals to continuously shoot out from Chen Xiang's head. His entire body was also filled with ice-cold energy and frozen to stiff. There were a span of ice crystals falling down to the ground.

Chen Xiang now knew why Leng Youlan dared to say that she could defeat the Bloody Saber-Teethed Tiger. She could definitely do that with that strength, especially her speed. The Bloody Saber-Teethed Tiger might not even be able to see her face before it was entirely frozen.

"Is this the power of the Frost Wind Divine Technique? If you don't have the Heaven and Earth Flames, you would have long been confused!" Bai Youyou exclaimed in surprise. The terrifying cold made her feel shocked and excited.

In just a few seconds, Chen Xiang could not react at all and his entire body became stiff. Fortunately, his Heaven and Earth Fire Soul was able to automatically absorb his own True Qi and produce flames to expel the cold.

One of Chen Xiang's arms started to regain consciousness. He abruptly grabbed Leng Youlan's wrist and threw her away.

After Leng Youlan was thrown away, she stood firmly at the edge of the stage with astonishment in her fascinating eyes. Chen Xiang could actually move and use so much strength. This meant that her previous attack didn't have much of an impact on him.

Chen Xiang took a deep breath. His entire body was set ablaze, and the ice on his body instantly turned into mist. His face was swollen and bruised, which meant that Leng Youlan's attack was not light either.

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