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Chapter 500 The Shock of Purgatory

The Bloody Saber-Teethed Tiger immediately roared again and again as it saw the old man walking away. Its huge body spewed out waves of killing intent, with which it intended to intimidate Chen Xiang.

What made Chen Xiang amused was that he was even able to defeat the White Tiger, which was a divine beast in tiger species, let alone a tiger that had not completely evolved.

Ever since he arrived here, a pair of white boxing gloves had appeared on Chen Xiang's hands. This was very normal. Some of the martial artists had gloves on, so he didn't care about his hands that were possessed by the Hand of God of Slaughter!

"Today, I will use the White Tiger Divine Weapon to test the effects of fighting tigers." Chen Xiang's heart was filled with excitement. He clenched his fists tightly, waiting for the right moment to make his move.

The Bloody Saber-teethed Tiger roared, but Chen Xiang was not intimated, which made it feel that it was been underestimated. Immediately, the tiger flew into a rage and pounced towards Chen Xiang with an angry roar. At the same time, a stream of black air gushed out from its bloody mouth.

"Too slow!"

Just as the Bloody Saber-Teethed Tiger pounced, Chen Xiang dodged it in an instant. He arrived beside the gigantic tiger's body and punched towards its mountain-like abdomen.

At the moment Chen Xiang threw out his fist, the True Qi in his body was like a surging river, spewing out from his Dantian and entering his arms through all kinds of small and big meridians. It rushed into his fist and exploded with a strong impact, which was shot out through the Hand of God of Slaughter. The power could be said to be earth-shattering. After a quick explosion of air, it punched on the giant body of the tiger.

With a loud sound, the colosseum shook violently. The huge tiger body was sent flying by Chen Xiang's punch and crashed into the tall stone wall!

The strong impact created a shockwave that swept away the dust on the ground, forming a gale that blew against the stone wall, creating a majestic atmosphere.

As soon as Chen Xiang's feet touched the ground, he shot forward like an arrow towards the Bloody Saber-Teethed Tiger. This time, Chen Xiang's fists danced wildly, forming countless fist shadows that covered the sky. The fist shadows surged and the air cracked, creating bursts of explosive sounds as it hit the Bloody Saber-Teethed Tiger's body. The attack caused the Saber-Toothed Blood Tiger to constantly curl up into a ball. Although it let out a painful roar, the sound was hidden by the explosion from Chen Xiang's fist.

This shocking scene caused everyone to be dumbfounded. They suddenly suspected that the Bloody Saber-Teethed Blood Tiger had not eaten for many days and had become so weak. It was forced to the wall and crazily beaten up without any strength to fight back.

Currently, only the Bloody Saber-Teethed Tiger itself knew how much pain its was suffering, especially the power in Chen Xiang's fist that made it afraid. That power caused its soul to tremble. It could not retaliate, but undertaking the explosion-like fists.

The Bloody Saber Teethed Tiger was a tiger species, so it was most afraid of the White Tiger. While the gloves in Chen Xiang's hand was made from a White Tiger's body. It contained the unique power of the White Tiger, and after Chen Xiang used his Heaven and Earth True Qi, its strength increased even more.

Not long after, the Bloody Saber-Teethed Tiger was drenched in blood, which made its red fur become even redder. The toughness of the tiger's skin was completely covered in bloody holes from Chen Xiang's explosive fists.

"How boring. It is too scared to fight back." Chen Xiang was very unhappy in his heart, because he couldn't test out the might of the White Tiger Divine Weapon.

After fighting for a while, the Bloody Saber-Teethed Tiger let out waves of soft howls, whereas Chen Xiang suddenly retreated to the center of the colosseum!

The people who were still shocked by Chen Xiang's berserk fist techniques, but now they were still unable to understand. Chen Xiang could have continued on and killed the bloody creature.

However, Chen Xiang didn't think this way. If he were to continue, he didn't know how long he would be fighting. He just wanted to end it as quickly as possible.

"He …What is he doing!" A person screamed as he saw a pair of huge fire wings suddenly appear on Chen Xiang's back.

"These are his True Qi Fire Wings, I heard they can become very big!"

There was no need to hear anymore because everyone had seen with their own eyes how big Chen Xiang's fire wings were. It stretched out to a width of several hundred feet and enveloped the colosseum. This circular colosseum was clearly shocked by Chen Xiang's huge fire wings.

"Purgatory Tornado!" Chen Xiang's body suddenly began to spin crazily. The Bloody Saber-Teethed Tiger that had just obtained a chance to breathe was immediately swept up by the wild fire dragon.

Not to mention a giant Bloody Saber-Teethed Tiger, even a huge mountain would be swept away by this crazy tornado.

Chen Xiang's wings were like a reamer. As they rotated, they released a tornado at the same time!

The people on top of the high wall were all dumbstruck, because the circular colosseum in front of them was filled with flames. The violent and frenzied roars made it seem extremely terrifying when it rotated, as if it was a purgatory.

There were already quite a few people who slowly backed away. They were afraid of being caught in it. Although there was a formation to block it, some people couldn't help feeling fear. They knew they wouldn't feel good after being caught in it.

"This brat …" The old man with white beard also expressed a shock on his faces. He was pouring his energy into the formation to stabilize it.

"Go, right now!" The white mustached old man roared. His voice awakened those people who were still dazed and fled the colosseum with a face full of fear.

At present, Chen Xiang's flame was highly formidable. It was not the pure fire of the Vermillion Bird, but the Heaven and Earth Fire stimulated by the Heaven and Earth True Qi. This kind of flame was originally very violent, but now that Chen Xiang released it, the scorching heat eroded the foundation of the formation and slowly destroyed them.

"It can't hold on any longer!" The old man was sweating profusely. At the same time, a wildly spinning pillar of fire suddenly shot out from the colosseum and shot straight up into the sky. An incomparably terrifying heat spread in all directions, incinerating all the things around the colosseum into ashes.

At this moment, everyone in the Demon Subduing Academy could see the huge pillar of fire suddenly erupting and feel the whole school being enveloped in a terrible heat, which made them hard to breathe.

"You won! Stop it!" The old man with white beard shouted. He could not forcibly stop Chen Xiang because he did not want Chen Xiang to be injured.

Chen Xiang hurriedly withdrew his hand. The Bloody Sword Teethed Tiger that was swept up in the air also fell to the ground. Just as it was about to hit the ground, it was stopped by the old man with white beard.

"Why didn't you say so earlier? I have wasted so much True Qi?" Chen Xiang slowly descended as he giggled.

The old man with white beard looked at the ruins of colosseum and smiled bitterly, "how would I know that you are so savage, not knowing how to show any mercy!"

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