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Chapter 498 Demon Subduing Academy

To deal with demons and monsters, Chen Xiang already had the Demon Suppression Technique. He felt that there was no need to learn more of them.

"This Demon Subduing Academy is not simple. I've seen the dean before. He is a very powerful guy. After this academy arrived, those men from the Fire God Shrine didn't even dare to make a sound! There seems to be a force in the Heavenly Realm called the Demon Suppression Shrine."

Gu Dongchen's words caused Chen Xiang to ponder deeply. This was because the Demon Suppression Technique he cultivated was most likely related to the Demon Suppression Shrine!

"I suggest you go there, if it is really related to the forces of the Heavenly Realm, perhaps you can learn the latest knowledge about the Demon World from the School. Don't take the Demon World too simply, it will benefit you if you have a deeper understanding of them! Junior sister and I only know about the Demon World a long time ago." Bai Youyou said quietly.

Thinking of that both Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan had been there, no matter how busy Chen Xiang was now, he still had to join in the fun in order to prevent them from being bullied inside.

"I'll see. Little hair, are you interested in my Pure Essence Golden Dan?" Chen Xiang asked with a smile.

"Of course, but if you offer too high a price, you might let me not." Gu Dongchen smiled bitterly.

"Three million crystals per pellet, I can sell it to you for a hundred pellets!" Chen Xiang said firmly with his hands behind his back. Judging from his expression, there was no room for negotiation.

This was three hundred million crystals. Gu Dongchen had no choice but to bear with the pain in buying them in order to strengthen his sect.

Chen Xiang knew that the headmaster had traveled across many continents and lived for over ten thousand years. He controlled many huge crystal mines and was extremely wealthy. Thus, Chen Xiang did not show mercy.

"Now I have 1.8 billion crystals! However, I can't afford a lot of Earth Rank elixirs." Chen Xiang shook his head and sighed. The reason why he earned so many crystals was so that he would have a greater chance of winning when he comes across precious spiritual medicines.

The Demon Subduing Academy was established on the King's Continent, which was the largest continent in the Mortal Martial World. However, the Academy was moved here entirely, so of course they would choose the largest continent, so did the Fire God Shrine.

As the ruler of the King's Continent, the Royal Family couldn't say anything about it. Last time when they did something to Chen Xiang, they received a heavy punishment. Thus, they didn't dare to do anything to Chen Xiang in the future.

"Master, are you going to Demon Subduing Academy?" The voice of a child could be heard. Chen Xiang immediately knew that this was Xiao Chou's voice.

"Of course, kid, you can't have also stepped into the Extreme Realm, are you?" Chen Xiang rubbed his small bald head as he asked in astonishment.

"Ever since my power awakened, my speed of improvement has been very quick. About ten days ago, I entered the Extreme Realm. Right now, it's the early stage of the Spiritual Martial Realm." Xiao Chou smiled complacently, "master, I feel that I can defeat you now. Don't worry, even if I can defeat you, I am still your disciple, because you are the one who made me understand that it takes a current attitude to increase my strength."

Chen Xiang slapped his little baldy and said with a smile, "little brat, you still haven't changed your arrogant habits! Now, if you fight me again, I can also beat you until you cry and piss off."

"No way." Xiao Chou was full of confidence now because after he had stepped into the Extreme Realm, he felt his strength had increased by many times.

"I will have a chance to convince you. Let's not talk about this for now …You also studied at the Demon Subduing Academy?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Yeah. The guys there are all very strong. Right now it's a holiday, so I come back to take a look." Xiao Chou said, but there was something hidden in his eyes.

"Hehe, were you bullied inside?" Chen Xiang laughed.

"No, not at all. I was just pestered by Big Sister Leng who wants to fight with me …Master, you know that she is your little sister. If I would be injured by her if I were to lightly beat her, while I would hurt her if I took so bad, so I could only avoid her." Xiao Chou sighed.

Chen Xiang laughed, "that's the girl."

"Right, are there any uses for what you learned in the school?" Chen Xiang asked curiously.

"It's a little useful. It contains a lot of knowledge about fiendish demons. For example, the types of fiendish demons, as well as some weaknesses of fiendish demons, and so on …There are also some martial arts techniques that can deal with fiendish demons, but those are very difficult to learn."

"Is that because you are so stupid?" Chen Xiang laughed.

"Of course not, Big Sister Leng and Mistress won't be able to learn it even if they entered ten days earlier than me. If I was stupid, they would be even more stupid than me." Xiao Chou grunted. It could be seen that he had been thoroughly bullied by Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan.

Xue Xianxian had been following Chen Xiang around in the wild since she was very young, so she was also a mischievous master. Now that she was with a girl who only wished to stir up chaos in the world, one could imagine it!

"The academy is on for five days and then rest for another two. I will first be quiet and peaceful, then after two days, I will go to the academy and ask teachers to give me some points." Xiao Chou clenched his small fists, he couldn't wait to have a match with Chen Xiang right now.

Chen Xiang patted his head and said with a smile, "Then you'd better enjoy yourself for the next two days."

Xiao Chou was from the Huge Strength Clan. He was born to be with a big strength, while his divine power in later age would be more powerful. However, Chen Xiang was not afraid of him. Even though his cultivation level did not increase, his physical body, divine sense, and flames was far beyond that before!

Through the teleportation formation, Chen Xiang arrived at the King's continent. Then, he used the teleportation formation on the King's continent to teleport himself to the entrance of the Demon Subduing Academy.

The Academy was built in a dangerous mountain range on the King's Continent. It took up a lot of space and its buildings were very grand. A tall stone building was as big as a mountain. From afar, it looked like a castle lived in by a giant. The majestic feelings made Chen Xiang afraid in a look.

This incomparably large academy was surrounded by high walls. Chen Xiang could feel the terrifying formation power from the entrance. He was certain that even someone of Huang Jintian's level wouldn't be able to force his way in.

The entrance of the academy was very large. It was a huge iron gate that was open, and on both sides of the gate were several tens of armored guards with sharp blades in their hands.

Chen Xiang directly walked in, but was stopped in his tracks, while caused him to feel a little suspicious since others weren't stopped.

"Where's your school medallion?" A guard asked. His voice was cold and filled with a terrifying killing intent. It could be seen that these guards were no ordinary people. Furthermore, they were all decisive killing individuals.

Now, Chen Xiang felt more and more that this school was not simple. From the looks of things, it was more powerful than any other faction in the Mortal Martial Realm.

"I want to enter the Demon Fighter Academy to study. I only heard the news recently." Chen Xiang explained.

"Go over there, there is a special passage at the city wall. If you can pass through that passage, you will have the right to study in the Demon Subduing Academy." One of the guards pointed in a direction.

Chen Xiang retreated a few steps and saw that there were many small doors on one wall. However, there was only one that was open.

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