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Chapter 477 Combat

As Gu Dongchen saw Xiao Ziliang and Qin Zejun standing together, he sneered, "You two want to come together? I'm not afraid of you! Although I don't wish to initiate any internal conflicts before the Great War of the Three Realms, if there is any potential threat against our Extreme Martial Sect , I will not hesitate to kill it to prevent it from being ambushed by these guys when the Three Realms War approaches!"

Xiao Ziliang had only passed the seven Nirvana Tribulations, hence Gu Dongchen could defeat him easily. Although Qin Zejun also passed the eight Nirvana Tribulations, he could only reach a standstill if combating with Gu Dongchen to a standstill.

At that time, Qin Zejun was the sole ruler of the East Sea. Now, there were many great Nirvana Realm practitioners from the East Sea. If a conflict really occurred, then there would definitely be a tsunami, and the entire Carefree Islands would eventually be drown.

Lian Yingxiao smiled as he played with the fan in his hand. He looked at Liu Menger and asked: "Aren't you going to help?"

Seeing the expression in Lian Yingxiao's eyes, Liu Menger was secretly shocked. She felt that Lian Yingxiao had seen through the relationship between her and Chen Xiang, but she coldly said: "If this brat's master becomes crazy, the entire East Sea will be stirred up. He doesn't need my help!"

Liu Menger purposely raised her voice so that Qin Zejun and Xiao Ziliang could hear! Huang Jintian's strength was unfathomable. Although there were many martial artists that had passed through the eight Nirvana Tribulations, the status of Huang Jintian still hadn't dropped. At present, Huang Jintian could be called the strongest martial artist in the Mortal Martial world!

Superficially, Huang Jintian was imprisoned in the forbidden area, but he could come out if necessary!

"It's still the same word. Your people can kill Chen Xiang and he can also kill your people. It is a grudge between them, while we should not interfere! What's more, your strength is so much stronger than that of Chen Xiang. Don't you feel ashamed to fight him all together? There are rules in the Mortal Martial Realm!" Gu Dongchen claimed that he was not afraid of fighting with two more martial artists by himself alone. He became the headmaster of the Extreme Martial Sect, and his master was a figure ascending into the sky. His strength was naturally not simple, and even Chen Xiang had never seen Gu Dongchen using his strongest strength.

Chen Xiang glanced at the strong practitioners not far away and saw several people wearing a kind of fiery-red soft armor. They were very eye-catching and looked as if their clothes were emitting a red glow.

While those people were watching indifferently, as if they didn't care about what happened at all.

"What a nostalgic costume! I didn't expect that the people from the Fire God Shrine still wore such idiotic clothes." Su Meiyao's sigh was filled with vicissitudes of life. It could be known that she and Bai Youyou were both antique level characters.

The Fire God Shrine had arrived at the Mortal Martial World! The speculation of Chen Xiang and his folks were basically the truth, but what would the Fire God Shrine do in the Mortal Martial World?

At this moment, a middle-aged man from Fire God Shrine said indifferently, "The old generation should not interfere with the grudges between juniors!"

Hearing the Fire God Shrine man's words, Qin Zejun and Xiao Ziliang immediately retreated, which made Chen Xiang extremely astonished. He could tell that the Fire God Shrine's people held a lot of weight in the eyes of these powerful men.

Chen Xiang suddenly thought of the reason why the Fire God Shrine came here. Was it because they wanted to rule the entire Mortal Martial World? If that was the case, then once the Fire God Shrine expanded, all the people in the Mortal Martial World would have to do as they said, and they could do whatever they wanted.

This was a force that specialized in stealing other people's Fire Souls. Chen Xiang didn't have any good feelings towards the Fire God Shrine!

" Is that Chen Xiang, the strongest young man in the Mortal Martial Realm?" A handsome young man with delicate features from the Fire God Shrine walked towards Chen Xiang.

"That's right, what can I do for you?" When Chen Xiang saw the young man's arrogant attitude, he secretly felt displeased.

"Just as the Hall Master said, that this is a matter between juniors. Now, I want to avenge for these two seniors!" The young man from the Fire God Shrine said indifferently.

Chen Xiang could tell that all of those strong practitioners had interacted with the Fire God Shrine before, and the Fire God Shrine must have displayed their strength to them and made these practitioners fear them. At this moment, the surrounding practitioners were secretly happy as they saw the young man from the Fire God Shrine calming to challenge Chen Xiang.

The door to the Profound realm had not opened yet, so there was nothing wrong with watching the younger generation fighting. Moreover, it was a showdown between Chen Xiang and the Fire God Shrine.

"How come do you think you deserve to challenge me? Do I know you? What's your relationship with the three dead men? They wanted to kill me first, so it's right for me to seek them out for revenge." Chen Xiang's tone was filled with disdain. The posturing of this young man from the Fire God Shrine was something he extremely disliked.

The middle-aged "Hall Master" of Fire God Shrine frowned slightly. However, he did not consider it serious as he thought that Chen Xiang didn't know the Fire God Shrine's strength. It was normal for the young man to be arrogant, especially the person who was ranked the first in the entire Mortal Martial World.

However, those who knew Chen Xiang well knew that he was definitely not an arrogant person. Moreover, he was indeed very strong, and people who shew arrogance in front of him usually suffer losses.

Chen Xiang didn't want to fight anymore because he had the Heaven-Earth Fire Soul. It would be troublesome if the Fire God Shrine found out.

"Humph, it seems that you are just so-so. I have traveled with the Hall Master dozens of worlds, including many worlds that are stronger than the Mortal Martial World. In those worlds, the so called strongest young martial artist has just gotten a tough mouth. All of them were defeated by me in the end." The young man from the Fire God Shrine sneered.

When they heard the young man mentioning the he had travelled in dozens of worlds, those strong Nirvana Realm practitioners were moved again. They had only traveled in a few dozen of "continents", at most, but this young man traveled in dozens of "world" !

"Oh!" Chen Xiang responded with indifference. He did not take the words seriously. He already had a Luotian Door, so he could take the revenge later if he had the power, let alone the young man of the Fire God Shrine got an entire Fire God Shrine behind him. It was not him strength, but just good luck.

When the young man saw the envious gazes of those experts, he was elated. However, Chen Xiang's indifferent reaction made him feel annoyed.

Chen Xiang did not pretend to show that. He simply didn't take it seriously.

"It seems that your esteemed is already the number one martial artist in the world. I really don't dare to compete with you in case my life would be taken! I don't think anyone in this world will be able to defeat you. It is better for you to ascend to the Heavenly Realm as soon as possible." Chen Xiang sarcastically said.

Chen Xiang intended to tell him that those who could not ascend into the sky had nothing to brag about. This also caused some of the strong practitioners to be extremely embarrassed, because many of them were suppressing their cultivation and did not dare to rise in order to avoid the Nirvana Tribulation.

Even though it was said that to live maliciously was better than die with nobleness, living a life that was sometimes too stifled was not a good thing either!

"Chen Xiang, it seems like you're nothing more than a despicable and shameless villain. It seems to me that you must have used some extremely vicious and sinister tactics to win those martial art contests!" The young man said in a loud voice and he was slightly angry.

Chen Xiang frowned and his eyes flashed with killing intent. He looked at the youth and said, "Fuck you!"

His fist was as fast as lightning, wrapped in a layer of white mist, and directly hit the young man's face. The youth who was caught off guard was instantly sent flying after being attacked by a fist full of dragon force. Blood and teeth gushed out of his mouth. Actually many teeth of him were shattered off by a single punch!

Who would dare to challenge the dragon force?

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