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Chapter 474 Ambush by Heart Penetrating Demon Eyes

Chen Xiang took out the Luotian Door and asked Long Xueyi to investigate the location of the island underneath the sea. He would now enter the island in secret and kill all three of the Holy Light Sect martial artists who fought him.

He guessed that the three men must still wait there. They could wait down below even if the whirlpool didn't show up, so that they could enter the Profound Realm at the first possible moment when it opened.

Chen Xiang speculated that once the Profound Realm was closed, all people inside would have to come out, or they would be in danger. Otherwise, he wouldn't have seen three men from Holy Light Sect waiting outside the last time he reached there.

"Of the three people from the Holy Light Sect, that old man is quite powerful! So, you better get rid of those two middle age men quietly at first. " Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang nodded. It was hard to ambush a strong person. Now that his body and soul had risen, but not his True Qi, so he still had some pressure to deal with the old man.

Of course, he had the last dependence, which was the power of Long Xueyi. He didn't know what level of cultivation Long Xueyi was, but she was definitely stronger than him.

After the Space Gate opened, Chen Xiang performed his Seventy-Two Transformation Technique and turned into a stone in the size of a head. Then, he flew into the Space Gate and appeared again on the seabed island. Although it was very flat, there were quite a few rocks. No one would notice if there suddenly was one more of them.

Although Chen Xiang had turned to a rock, he could use his magic power to suspend himself and then move forward slowly.

The island was surrounded by a powerful formation technique that prevent one from getting inside from external space or reaching outside from in. If one wanted to enter or exit, he or she could only pass through the whirlpool, which opened periodically, and had to get in before the strong force rushed in.

Chen Xiang could see clearly under the dark seabed island. His current divine sense was much stronger. Very soon, he discovered the three Holy Light Sect martial artists who attacked him before.

"These guys did not sent extra people. Do they think that I need a very long time to heal my injuries?" Chen Xiang secretly smiled in his heart. His injuries had healed in the Earth's Core long ago.

The three martial artists of the Holy Light Sect separated into three different positions and they were very close to each other. Once someone came down, they could attack from three directions in the fastest rate.

All three of them were sitting with their legs crossed. It seems like they were cultivating, but it was obvious that they were constantly on high alert. However, they would never expect that someone would come in and quietly approach them in a figure of a rock.

Chen Xiang was so careless the last time that he was injured by these three jointly. He would never allow that to happen again.

"The Spiritual Aura is very dense here! I wonder what kind of resources there are in the White Tiger Profound Realm that make the Holy Light Sect to agree to the conditions of Carefree Immortal Sea. Now that the matter of the White Tiger Profound Realm is disclosed Let's see how they would handle it". Chen Xiang was secretly delighted. Long Xueyi just used the God Traveling in Nine Heavens to look at an island in the distance, where quite a few people had gathered.

In order to be more secretive, Chen Xiang turned himself into a smaller rock. It was only the size of a walnut, and it moved very slowly. No one would find him without strong divine sense, but he was still worried.

"If we get closer, this guy will observe me!" Chen Xiang noticed that the middle-aged man suddenly opened his eyes and looked over.

Chen Xiang had already experienced the strength of these three people. They were indeed very strong, especially the old man in the lead, and their strength was at the top level of Profound Martial Realm.

"Wait, wait for the whirlpool to open, and there will be quite a few movements. You can move quickly while the tyrannical aura comes in." Long Xueyi said.

When a tyrannical aura surged in, it would create a wave of air currents. It would indeed be very convenient for Chen Xiang to conduct his action at that time. However, when the time came, those strong martial artists that were waiting outside would also come.

So his time was very limited. He had to get rid of all three of them before the whirlpool appeared.

Chen Xiang waited for four days, until the island suddenly shook violently. Taking this opportunity, Chen Xiang used his magic power to levitate himself and moved towards the middle-aged man.

After the island shook, a large circular hole appeared above the center, which meant that the large whirlpool was about to opening and appearing on the surface of the sea. It would devour surrounding spiritual energy and opened the gate to the White Tiger Profound Realm.

Now that Chen Xiang had arrived behind the middle-aged martial artist, he was merely an unremarkable stone, and his aura was restrained. That middle-aged man wouldn't even notice him.

No one would believe that a person could transform into a small rock if he or she did not know that there were Seventy-Two Transformation Technique, like Chen Xiang did.

The middle aged man opened his eyes to look at the hole above and closed.

Chen Xiang quietly turned into a rectangular rock. Suddenly, two eyes appeared on the rock!

The best way to sneak was to use the Heart Penetrating Demon Eyes to straightly pierce through the enemy's vital parts, especially when the enemy had no guard, that the technique would succeed.

"Go to hell, you bastard!" The two eyes on the rock suddenly shot out two faint red lights, one of which entered the middle aged man's heart, while the other pierced through the skull, and the red light that entered the skull contained an extremely destructive power that destroyed the consciousness of the middle-aged man!

In just a moment, the Profound Realm martial artist died, but it seems like he still sat there cultivating with his eyes closed.

Of course, Chen Xiang needed to eliminate the corpse and traces. However, he was not able to do it now, so he quietly poured a flame into the middle aged man's body. The flame was very docile and had no temperature under his control, but it could burn the corpse to ash in a second once Chen Xiang operated his thought.

After easily succeeding, Chen Xiang moved towards the middle-aged man in the distance.

Chen Xiang felt that he could become the king amongst assassins, but he needed to keep this ability secret.

Several hours passed, and the first wave of tyrannical auras engulfed in the whirlpool surged into the room, causing a gust of wind. Chen Xiang also moved towards the other middle-aged man while the dust and dirt were flying on the ground.

Martial artists in the utmost level were precious to every sect, especially if they were young and had potential. These three utmost level martial artists must have high statuses in the Holy Light Sect, otherwise they would not be sent here, and the Holy Light Sect would definitely feel heartbroken if they were killed by Chen Xiang.

When Chen Xiang arrived behind the middle-aged martial artist like he did last time. All of his movements were exactly the same as before, and he easily killed the martial artist whose cultivation was higher than his.

As another wave of tyrannical aura gushed in, Chen Xiang moved behind the old man! However, he was not sure if he could make it, because the old man from the Holy Light Sect was more powerful than the two middle-aged men.

After he was prepared, Chen Xiang, who had turned into a rock, released two rays of red light. That was the Heart Penetrating Demon Eyes.

Just as he was about to succeeding, a faint golden light suddenly appeared on the old man's body and blocked out the evil lights released from the Demon Eyes.

The old man turned his head abruptly in an extremely fast speed. He immediately saw the pair of eyes on the rock. He remembered those eyes. They belonged to Chen Xiang!

This caused the old man to feel incomparably shocked. Chen Xiang's eyes could actually grow on a rock and sneaked up behind him to ambush!

The old man was shocked. He reached out his hand and grabbed it. His hawk-like hand held a very strong True Qi, but when he grabbed it, the stone suddenly exploded and Chen Xiang appeared before him.

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